I have been wanting to write, but could not get to my computer.   My friend Foto Freak made some changes on the site in my absence.  I want to thank her and my friend Burt for helping me get though the last 16-17 days.  I have been unable to walk and have been stuck in a lousy hotel where I could stay off my feet.  My office is upstairs and I could not negotiate the stairs.

It started when I had a doctors appointment in the US. Because my diabetes has been under control so long, he asked me to drop all medication for a week.  He felt like my medication was causing my kidneys to under perform.  After taking blood he called me the next day and asked if I used Ibuprofenno (Spanish spelling) and told me to cut that as well.  Two days later I could not walk and I thought I had another episode with the gout.  As it turned out I never had gout and instead I had another infection in my feet…cellulitis…and it hurts like a son of a bitch.  I am only walking with the aid of crutches now but have improved a lot over the last 15 days.  I am hoping to catch up on my interviewing and hiring.   Thanks to all those folks that send their well wishes…It was much appreciated.


I have had some less that great performances from some chicas, and a few are very much YMMV which I absolutely hate.

Here are chicas I can recommend without reservation.

Nicole…the franchise.  I hear you can score Greek with her too

Divina…once our most popular

Carolina….great oral, great body and super nice Milf, cim

Angelica…million dollar mouth, cim

Yovana…does great work and super attitude.

Abril…always service with a smile and great English

Charley….always high scores and great English..cim seem to be available always

Sarahi…..quietly gets the job done and cim…sometimes offers Greek.

Kenia R…the squirter and can go all night.

Jocelyn, the queen and is currently out of town

Kya….has limited hours but everyone wants her again.

Nina…one of my favorites and off the chart reviews.

Valeria…gets the job done and guys rave about her.

Sofia…spinner Milf that had one complaint and in checking with my clients everyone says she is great.  One thing the client that complained said is that her smoke breath was overbearing…..and she does not smoke so he had another issue.

Vanessa comes and goes but always leaves my clients happy.

Katia is back and that spinner did real well before.

Aaron has left and she was one of the best as was Ana Lucia when she was here.  My apologies if I left out someone but that is a good list you can pick from with confidence.

Hope to be back soon as we are planning a busy weekend on the 5th and 6th.

Be careful out there.  We will be waiting for you!

Posted on: April 29, 2017Lindo Barre

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  1. I will be coming to San Diego again later this month and hope to set up at least a few dates. I noticed all three that I saw last time are not recommended. Angeles, Griselda, and Dani. I thought all three were sweet. Beautiful bodies, and very much “girlfriend” experience. Curious if they are getting bad reviews from others or just not superstars?

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