History of Team Juanita

Team Juanita’s journey began in September of 1997.  I set out to help a young lady get clients to visit Tijuana from the United States.  That young lady was Alejandra Ruiz and she was from Guadalajara, Jalisco.  Guadalajara is the home to many pretty young ladies and Alejandra was no exception.  Now at that time, I had no idea of the concept of GFE (girlfriend experience), but soon that concept would be the hallmark of our business.

I found clients for her in Yahoo adult chat rooms, and it was fun.  First, I used the profile of a woman and chatted with various men. When interest became serious, I identified myself as Juanita who was translating for Alejandra.  Soon I was scheduling dates and she became quite popular in Tijuana.  I sent up the e-mail account for Alejandra and always responded as Juanita.  I was afraid to let clients know I was a man because I believed many clients would be scared of dealing with a man. This is also where the “Team Juanita” name came from.

Alejandra moved on and a friend of hers asked for the same help.  I accepted the challenge with Yolanda and our small customer base was quite content with her.  I was not checking e-mail daily and things moved along quite slowly.  She probably only had two dates a week and there was nothing to be had like the selection we offer on our site today.

But as time went on, our customer base continued to grow and we hired more talent into our ranks.  By 2004, we were seeing enough business that I was able to quit my day job and go into the escort business full-time.

We began to run ads in the local papers for new chicas between the ages of 18-24 that wanted to earn money escorting Americans in Tijuana.  The response was terrific, however many ladies were north of 40 years old.  It was not my original intention to add older ladies to our site, but I did.  And when I did that, I found there are many tastes and preferences for all my customers.  Some wanted a date with the older ladies.  This proved to be a turning point in our business.  We stopped focusing on only bringing on young ladies and started bringing on girls of all types, shapes, sizes, and ages.  Today, we have a roster with so much depth, there is a girl for everyone somewhere in our ranks.  I am proud to say we can cater to more clients than the average escort agency because of this.

Getting back to the story, soon we had 15 chicas (including the famous Tania).  We used Craigslist to advertise and although it was good, we did meet some resistance.  The anonymous nature of Craigslist lent itself to spammers and unfair attacks from our competitors. Our saving grace was that Tania brought street credibility to our company that allowed our reputation to shine. We ultimately decided to pull away from Craigslist and begin marketing our services on our own website; so we developed one.

Kamala became our first #1 rated provider by TER (The Erotic Review).  She was bi-lingual, bi-sexual, and a Greek provider.  As if that was not enough, she was also a US citizen living in Tijuana.  Kamala started the trend that was continued on for 11 years now.  Dulce came upon the scene and quickly became #1.  After Dulce came Nahomy, then Jocelyn, Monique, Perla, Michel, and finally Luz.  These chicas have held and traded the top TER rating for 11 years now.  At one time we had 7 of the top 8 on that site in Tijuana (I am still proud of that accomplishment).  We have never been a team of one-trick-ponies and we continue to offer a variety of skilled companions that will keep your bucket list long.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement keep our service and our girls high in the rankings at TER.  If you are not our client, I invite you to come visit with us, become part of our story, and share in the good times so many others have experienced over the years.