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  1. A. K.
    April 4, 2024 @ 3:52 pm

    I recently spent an extended night with Aria and it was extremely fun. She is a little bit shy, but warmed up to me very quickly. As she got more comfortable, so did the level of fun and intimacy. I’d recommend booking her for multiple hours.

    I’d consider Aria’s English speaking ability as professional working English (3 on a 0-5 point scale) and she can freely speak full sentences. I feel she would be ideal for someone who does not speak Spanish.

    She does wear glasses which aren’t in her profile pictures, but I feel she had a sexy librarian look to her. I’d say she showed up looking more attractive than her profile pictures.

    Next time I’m in town, I’ll be booking her again. I’ve seen a few chicas this visit and I feel Aria was one of best.


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