Zona clubs were open yesterday.   Did cross at San Ysidro at 9pm as a pedestrian and was no line.  Will keep on this.


Have found no changes yet, but will keep checking and reporting.


The US government has restricted travel to Mexico.  It should remain essential service.  Mexico is returning to level Orange on Monday.  None of that means much, but the border will still be easy to cross and you may be asked why you are crossing.  If you have a 180 day permit you should not be questioned.

Little light today but more evening dates.  


No changes at the border.


Vanessa is on the site now.  Border is the same.  Looks like the border will be closed to Mexican Nationals until 2021, but currently the date is November 21.  Ana Lucia, Monica and Gisselle has some availability over the weekend. 


long lines in the morning yesterday, 30 minutes today at 9am.  No line at 7pm yesterday when I crossed. Stephany joined our site yesterday.   Still waiting for new chicas but maybe they decided not to work?   Sometimes chicas interview but do not take pictures and do not work. 


Took 50 minutes to cross at 6:15am into the US yesterday.  A vendor at the border told me there was no line at all before 5:15.  Should have new chicas soon. 


Border is still easy to cross.  Seems like the Mexicans are starting to ask questions about why you are crossing and hell the city is open, not sure why they care.  Americans have not asked me in about 2 weeks when I returned anything other than do you have anything to delcare.


No changes at the border. 


Crossed twice yesterday after 5pm and was less than 5 minutes both times.   Just put Alejandra on the site and should be a couple of others very soon.  Looks like another busy weekend.  


No changes at the border.  


Border pedestrian line has been short this morning.  No issues in either direction.  Interviewed a couple of nice chicas yesterday.  It is getting crowded at the top of our site with Abby, Monica, Gisselle, Ana Lucia, and Karla with many other ladies getting attention as well.



Almost everything is open in Tijuana now, but the virus is still very much alive.  Border lines are short this morning but expect longer lines as the day progresses until maybe 5pm.  I am doing more interviews this morning. 


Border crossing into the US is quick at 8am today.  Will be harder later.   Two interviews tomorrow.


Long lines in the morning to return to the US as a pedestrian yesterday but by the late afternoon the lines were short. Pamela is not on the site. 


Took two hours to cross into the US at 7am this morning.  Ana Lucia starts back tomorrow as does Gisselle.  Should have a new lady on the site this afternoon.


Only had a ten minute wait today at 6am to get into the US at San Ysidro.  Lines seem to be about an hour in the late morning and afternoon. 


Crossed into the US this morning at 5am at San Ysidro crossing and there was no line.  Will be crossing Thursday and Friday as well.


No change at the border.  Gisselle will be here and ready for work on Saturday.  


Nothing new at the border.  Many businesses including bars are open since the 2nd.  I have some interviews today.  


Nothing new at the border.  


No changes at the border.  Many bars in the Zona Norte opened yesterday.  I am not clear if they had permission.  The group that owns Hong Kong and other bars remained closed.  


No changes at the border.  I do hear that some bars will be opening tonight but I am not sure it is true.  More restaurants are open as well. 


Border has been pretty easy to cross back into the US.  I went this morning at 6am and it took about 45 minutes. Karla is back.  I have more interviews Thursday.


Crossed into the US last night at 7pm.  Crossing took about 30 minutes.  No questions and just as easy when I came back to Mexico around 11pm.  Having more interview today. Great reports on Katty after her first dates.  


No changes at the border.  Vehicle crossings are fast early but get very long as the day progresses.  


Wait time to enter the US has been short so far today at San Ysidro.  Patty and Salma are now on our site.


Crossed at 7am this morning in 45 minutes.   No questions leaving or entering.  Salma is on our site today.  Should be others very soon.  

9-23-30 1pm

Just got news that a client of ours has passed away from Covid -19

He had scheduled a date for July 20th but cancelled and died 3 weeks later. He was a super nice guy and I have no clue abut his family and of course I don’t want a wife or kids to know that he used our service. I wonder how many others may have fallen. He was in his 40’s when he passed.  RIP amigo


Crossed into the US at Ped East at 6am  in less than 5 minutes this morning.  That is quite unusual.  Entered Mexico at 9:30am with no issues.  Should have several new ladies by the weekend.



Crossed last night at 7:30pm and again this morning at 9am.  Took about 45 minutes both times to get back to the US.

Interviewed 4 chicas that seemed to be fine yesterday.  Marena is getting new pics this week.  Alex will be back soon.


No changes at the border.  3 interviews this morning.


Nothing new at the border.  


Should be short lines today.  I could be wrong.  Busy night last night, but everyone made it early to their dates.


Tomorrow is a Holiday (Independence Day) ant people celebrate tonight very much like NYE but you will see people driving around with huge flags handing outside their vehicles.  Lost of traffic accidents and it is a good night to stay inside.  Border should be easy to cross into the US today later afternoon and evening. 


Border seems to have short lines to enter the US early this morning.  Not sure that will be true all day.  Busy morning scheduled and all week looks good.


Did not check out the line today since we were so busy, but I expect the line to be short to cross in the morning as a pedestrian at San Ysidro.  Looks like Gisselle changed her mine.   She is welcome back any time.   


Was long lines crossing during the day but very short at 7pm yesterday.  I expect tomorrow and Sunday to be fast crossings in the mornings before 9am both days. 


No changes at the border.  Gisselle may be back working soon.  


Reports of crossing in 30 minutes or less nearly all day.  I crossed last night at 9pm and was asked if I had anything to declare and where was I going.  


Nothing new at the border.  Jade is available for dates now.  I have another interview tomorrow.  


Lines were shorter than I would have guessed at 8am this morning.  I would guess after 5pm the pedestrian line will be 15 minutes and tomorrow will be back to normal.   Have another interview on Thursday morning.  


Expect longer lines this afternoon and tomorrow morning for pedestrian crossing. Should be back to normal on Wednesday.


Wait times at the border have been short this morning.   May have some availability in the approved hotels today as most have been filled up this weekend.  


No changes at the border.  Very busy this weekend with many hotels filled to capacity.  Kytanna will be coming back soon and may have a friend that wants to work.


I expect the pedestrian line to be easy to manage over the weekend especially in the mornings.  Monday and Tuesday could be longer with so many people crossing over the Holiday weekend. 


Crossed  yesterday morning at 7 and again at 7:30pm.  Nearly aan hour at 7am and no questions about essential travel.  At 7:30pm it took 5 minutes and again no questions about essential travel.  No issues entering Mexico on either crossing.  

Delmy is on our site now and Angelica is back. 


The border had short lines nearly all day yesterday.  Should have pics of new girl Delmy this afternoon.


Well the border has changed in the last week as far as enforcement of “essential travel”.  This is only my opinion but it appears that more lines are open and returning to the US is faster both for vehicles and pedestrians.   Now the agents are making determinations on whether the travelers are crossing for non essential reasons and they may not tell you what they are doing, but please do not tell the American agents you were visiting friends.  Say that you are seeing a doctor, a dentist or bringing food to family that live here in Mexico.  Many doctors and dentists do work evenings and weekends in Mexico.

Expecting a couple of new ladies to be on the site within a week.  Get your hotel reservations soon for this weekend as many people are visiting.  


The lines were very short yesterday in the morning to go back into the US.  Not sure but at 7am the pedestrian line is reported at 30 minutes and car traffic is reporting 15 minutes for ready line and 20 minutes.  I have 2 interviews this morning.  


All border reports are saying the lines back into Mexico are very short and efficient.  We have a lot scheduled this week and just want to remind people to schedule your escorts and book you rooms before you leave home. 


Border going back to the US was easy for both cars and pedestrians.  Hope it stays like that.  Karla will be back soon. Yovanna is back on the site as is CaSandra. 


Lines returning to the US were short and efficient for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic yesterday. I will be monitoring the lines all weekend.   I have an interview at 10am this morning. 


crossed into the US at 7:30 last night.  No wait at all.  All day the lines were short for cars and pedestrians.  I think our government is staffing the lines again like they should have all along.  Yovanna is suppose to take pics today and I will be interviewing again on Friday. 


This morning the pedestrian line at San Ysidro reports 5 minutes to cross into the US as opposed to nearly 2 hours the last month on weekdays at that hour.  Seems like our Government has softened their stand but all the same I will be checking daily. All reports have mentioned no questioning about “essential travel”.

8-25-20  8pm

Reports from last night and all day today have been saying both the pedestrian line and car traffic is much better than in recent.weeks. At 7pm 5 minutes to cross as a pedestrian and 30 for ready lane traffic.  Sentri lines were 5 minutes by car or for pedestrians. 


Border has no changes but wanted to emphasize I saw do difference with the border agents entering Mexico and leaving Mexico yesterday.  Yovanna is coming back and should be on the site with new pics soon.  Ana Lucia is not responding to messages and I have pulled her pics but of course hope she returns soon.  

8-24-2 9;30pm

Took 20 minutes to enter the US at 7:30pm tonight. No questions leaving Mexico or entering when I came back about an hour later. 


The Americans at the border are making it more difficult to cross by car.  Not sure what there strategy is in regards to pedestrian traffic but of course will post as I learn more. Apparently an elderly American women died to day while waiting to cross in the auto crossing at San Ysidro Blvd.   Now the line was around 6 hours to cross today and some people reported two hours in the Sentri line.  After this lady passed the CBP open up 5 more sentri lines for a total of 7.   Not sure what those agents were doing earlier.  


I understand that the American officials are asking questions about “essential travel” and even handing out flyers about the dangers of Corona Virus.   Medical reasons are probably the best and understand that doctors and dentists off work in the evening and on weekends in Mexico. I think that it is a good idea to tell an agent that you have a dental appointment the next morning and are spending the night at a hotel so you will make the appointment on time and rested.  I will add more when I get more information. 


No changes at the border.  I crossed last night around 7pm and it took about 20 minutes and when I came back to Mexico around 9pm the Mexican officials just waved me through.


Had internet issues which are now corrected.  Did cross yesterday at 4am and made it to the US by 5:20am.   Entering Mexico was quite easy.  


No changes at the border.  Things going pretty smoothly for us. I will cross early tomorrow morning and report back. 


no changes at the border


Crossed late last night and there was no line but today reports have said an hour or more all day.  No changes when entering Mexico. 


No changes at the border. 


No changes at the border but 5 minute wait after 7pm last night. Saturday mornings are generally easy.  


No changes at the border.  Please understand that I am updating this daily for your information and I totally can respect that you do not want to visit during these trying times. We will be here when the time is right for you.


No changes at the border.  Monica has got some excellent comments so far.  Ana Lucia is back!.  Abby, Monica, Ana Lucia, Patricia and Nicole M is a hard group to top.


No changes at the border.  Posted Miriam and Monica on the site yesterday.  Going to the US this morning, but should be back by noon. Will report on the border when I return.  Next interview is Friday.  


No changes at the border.  Crossed into the US around 8:30 last night and took about 30 minutes.  Entering into Mexico at 10:30 was easy.  Will be interviewing today.  New pics posted for Wendolay yesterday.  


No change at the border.  We have a returning lady that will not be mentioned or talked about on our site and I will only reveal that to clients that have used our service before.  


No changes at the border.  


No changes at the border.  Patricia has become one of the top escorts in Tijuana.  I am anxious to get Sarahi going again as she is elite as well.  Johanna is making lots of noise and people are realizing she is special.


No changes at the border.  Interviewing this morning.


No changes at the border.  Still longs lines entering the US. Very busy weekend scheduled.   Johanna, Patricia, and CaSandra are challenging Abby for most requested Tijuana escort. 


No changes at the border but the line is still long to enter the US.


No changes at the border. Crossed into the US at 6pm last night and it took 10 minutes walking. Coming back to Mexico was quick and easy at 7pm.   Interviews scheduled this morning.


No change at the border. Two interviews scheduled tomorrow.  Sarahi and Camila are now on the site.


No change at the border.  Sarahi is on the site now.


No changes at the border.  Sarahi and her friend Camila plan to have pics taken today and hopefully I will get them Saturday afternoon. 


No changes as the border.  Sarahi and Camila are suppose to return to the site and get pics taken Friday.

7-28-20 4pm

Kendall and Kay took new pictures today.  Kendall has hers posted and Kay’s will be posted a little later. 


Crossing is still easy both coming into Mexico and returning to the United States.  Lines are sometimes quite long when returning to the United States.  CaSandra is suppose to return tonight and be ready on Wednesday for work.  Kay is scheduled to get new pictures today. 


No changes at the border entering Mexico.  Returning to the United States as a Pedestrian in not consistent. Does seem that Saturday and Sunday mornings are quick crossings and most nights after 7pm are quick. If I can get a better read on the crossing into the US I will update.  

CaSandra has updated her travel plans and should be available Wednesday and return to Tijuana tomorrow.


No changes at the border.  CaSandra will be available again tomorrow. 


No changes at the border.  Added Cynthia yesterday and Johanna has new pics.


No changes at the border.  Interviewing today.   


Lines were shorter at the border returning to the US yesterday.  CaSandra has left Tijuana but should be back ready for work on Monday.  Karina has new pics.  


No changes at the border.  Interviewed a nice chica today and she could be on the site by Friday.  New pics were added of Sophia and Wendolary recently. 


The reports this morning were crossing into the US in less than 10 minutes all morning.  Not sure what is different, but I am crossing on Wednesday morning and will report. 


Both Saturday and today Sunday the crossing was easy back into the US in the mornings.  Will be interviewing again next week, and Abby is back tomorrow.


Got in line to enter the US at 4:45am and made it at 7:15 this morning.  No issue coming back into Mexico around 10am. Lines into the US have been a lot better after 6pm most nights and mornings on Saturday and Sunday.



No changes at the border.  Mexican Nationals with Tourist Visas cannot enter the US until the end of August and this has been changed I believe 4 times and could easily be pushed back again.


Abby will be back Monday. Victoria is scheduled for new pics.    


No changes at the border.  People are crossing without issues in both directions.  The lines to return can be long however.  Been short at 6pm and later the last few days. 


No changes as the border.  Gia will be back on our site later today with pics from this morning. Abby will become available the next week. 


Got in line to enter the US at 4:40am and got across at 5:30am.  No issues with questions and made it back with no issues around 9:30 but they did take my temperature.  CaSandra has picked up some steam and got more dates than anyone last week.  


Nothing new at the border.  Have added Ashley and Natalia to our site recently.  


No changes at the border.  Dulce is available again.


Dulce returns tomorrow.  I have more interviews in the next few days and there can be some returning superstars on the site soon.

Entered the US around 8:50 last night and there was no line.  Came back to the US around 9:30pm and no questions and no temperature check.  Temperature checking nurses seem to leave around 4 or 5pm. 


No changes at the border and the lines returning to the US were minimal after 6pm last night.  May cross tonight and will include my experience in tomorrow’s update.


No changes at the border.  

Ana Lucia is going to take time off.  I expect her to be back and as always it will not be a secret when she comes back.

Abby, the top escort in the Tijuana market will be out until later this month.

Minerva should be back next week.  

Clarissa should be back very soon. 


No changes at the border.  Hotels are all open.  Many restaurants are open with social distancing rules.  Bars are closed however a few are open that sell food.  Casinos are now open with social distancing rules. 


Happy 4 of July!.   Nothing has changed at the border.  All clients made it on time yesterday as did the chicas.  

More interviews next week. 


Border is still open, however had someone last night that was told “only for essential business”, and was required to buy a 180 day permit.  Those are about $30 or 590 pesos I believe.  It may be wise to be able to answer why you are crossing such as going to see my child who lives in Tijuana with his mother…etc

Ped West is still closed and getting back into the US can be long waits, many times being an hour.

Beer is available around town, but most of the places in downtown are running out of beer.  Hotels have beer available.

Interviewed a lady yesterday, and have 3 more scheduled soon.


Crossed this morning at 5:40am and it took 2 hours and 10 minutes to cross.  Lines seem to be long at all hours but Saturday and Sunday mornings seem to be light.  Victoria is back and I have two more interviews this week. 


Crossed last night into the US.  No issues and the line at 8:15 was less than 5 minutes.  Was back at 10pm and no issue returning to the US.  


I am removing Karla and Reyna today.  Both missed a date this weekend and I have lost contact with them.   They may be back soon or some day but am not sure what happened in either case.

Remember that 5 freeway will close before the Camino de la Plaza off ramp at 9pm to 5am.  North bound traffic will be open during this construction.  Pedestrian crossing will be open 24 hours.


Estrella was added today.  CaSandra took new pics.  Lot of dates this weekend and a lot scheduled the following weekend. 


Reminder that starting Sunday night the 5 freeway South will close at 9pm to 5am for 5 straight nights. North bound traffic will be open as always.  You can exist San Ysidro Blvd and park on San Ysidro Blvd is you like before walking into Mexico.  Have a big weekend again this week but there are ladies available.  


Starting Sunday June 28, 5 freeway will close at 9pm to 5am thought July 2.  They will be completing the freeway into Mexico for scheduled maintenance.You will see no change going North into the US.   I believe you can exit on Dairy Mart  or San Ysidro Blvd to travel down San Ysidro Blvd for parking.   


Lines are still long during the day to return to the US.  Hoping Ped West will re-open soon.


no change at the border.  My interview was cancelled.   Saw an article that say Tijuana will soon be in level Orange.  


Lines have been longer to walk back at San Ysidro most days.  I am hoping that soon Ped West will re-open and have no info about that.  Getting into Mexico is still quite easy.

Interviewing again tomorrow morning. 


Meeting a lady today that worked last in 2012 and was quite popular.  She was named Katia and she must be North of 40 now, but was in her 30’s then.  Hope to have something to report soon.

Border is the same.

Should have another interview in the next few days.

6-16-20 2:30pm

Crossed this morning at 8:10.  Took 70 minutes to enter the US.. No problem when entering Mexico but did take my temperature around 1:30pm.

Rebecca will be on our site shortly and I have another interview tomorrow morning.



Crossed yesterday evening with no problems in either direction.  Am crossing again this morning and will be back in the afternoon or late morning. 

Have another interview Wednesday morning and hope to have a new lady on the site in a few days.


No changes at the border.  I hear more restaurants will be open for dine in today.  Flor can now work overnight as well as daytime. 

6-14-20 3:30pm 

Most bars were closed but I felt they may be open to costumers and keeping their doors closed to give the appearance of being closed. Some of the very small bars were open.  A few restaurants on Rev had dining in available. 


No change at the border.  I understand the bars were closed down last night, but will try to verify that later. 


I guess the bars offered food last night and skirted the shut down by claiming to be restaurants.  Not sure how long this will fly as the city did not sponsor that tactic.  

No changes at the border.

6-12 20 7pm

Bars are open tonight.  Must wear masks and they take your temperature outside before letting anyone in.


checked by the bars and none were open however it appeared that some have cleaning crews getting the places ready.


lots of rumors about bars and restaurants opening today.  I talked to a restaurant owner and he says it is not permitted but is very much aware that some are opening. 

People are saying bars will open at 3pm today, but I cannot believe that.

Interviewed a new lady today and hope to have her on our site next week.


Our webmaster has updated the site and I believe the different categories the chicas fall into are more easily navigated.

Everything is the same at the border.  Another interview scheduled tomorrow.

6-10-20 7’30pm

Johanna is now on the site.  Should do well.


No changes at the border.  I do have an interview this morning.  Was hoping to get pics from the Chica I interviewed on Monday but have seen nothing yet.

Many people seem to believe that bars and restaurants will be opening soon, but have not seen any officials of the city saying that. Does seem like there are more people in the street and I understand some factories have re-opened.  


I crossed last night at 5:15pm and there was no wait and came pack around 7pm.  Entering Mexico there was no temperature check and no one giving out permits. Everyone crossed without showing ID.  I do understand that people are crossing in bigger numbers and there can be waits of close to an hour in the afternoon and late mornings. Not sure about vehicle traffic, but Sentri lines are normally less than 15 minutes. 


No changes at the border.  Interviewed a MILF today that should do very well.  About 5′ tall 105lbs and speaks English well.  Hope to have pics before the weekend. 


Crossed into the US around 5pm with no issue and no line.  Returned around 6pm and there was no one policing the entry for passports, permits or to take temperature.  Will update if anything changes. 


No changes at the border.  Interview with a new chica on Monday morning.  Early reports is that Patricia is a rock star. 

6-4-20 1pm

I hear casinos in Tijuana will not open now until July 2.  


Seems like the pedestrian line at San Ysidro (Ped East) has been long in the mornings recently and slow down around noon or so.  No clue as to when Ped West will open again or when more lanes for vehicle crossing will be opened.

Driving through the Zona Norte yesterday afternoon I saw many people on the streets and a bunch of street girls working. The bars are closed however there are some ladies available in the hotels. 


This morning at 6:30am it took me 1 hour 10 minutes to get into the US.  At noon the line was about 30 minutes.  Getting back was easy and they did check my temperature.  


Border still the same.  Pass in either direction easily. 


Pueblo Amigo is open today and their casino is scheduled to open on June 16.

No changes at the border.  

5-31-20 3pm

No line entering the US as a pedestrian around 1pm and no issue returning to Mexico.  


No changes crossing the last few days. I should be crossing later today and will report.

Looks like restaurants are not opening for dine in until July in Tijuana.  


I did cross in both directions with no issue on foot. Did post Patricia and Flor yesterday.   No changes at the border today.


Will cross to the US shortly and report when I come back.  I expect to be back by noon and will report on my crossing.

5-26-20 5pm

The two that interviewed yesterday should be on the site tomorrow.  One is named Patricia and the other Flor.



Appears that bars will not open until September at the earliest.  Will update when I can confirm this.

No changes at the border.


Had two interviews with two 4’11” chicas.  Should be on the site by Friday.

Nothing changed at the border, still very easy.   Some businesses in Tijuana may open next Monday.  Will be monitoring it and keep the site updated.



No changes at the border.


I may have the re-open date confused and will update when something is more concrete.  Still nothing new at the border and pedestrians get across in less than 15 minutes and often with no wait at all to get back in the US. 


Much was lost with the changing servers for our site.   I still have stuff to add and will get it finished tonight I believe.

The border is open and has been the entire time.  Lines are very quick when leaving as a pedestrian and vary much for vehicle travel.  Ped West is currently closed.   Often, but not always they take your temperature when walking across. Currently Pueblo Amigo, Caesars and Marriott are closed. I believe every other hotel on our site is open and most ladies are working.  As always request any date before 2pm the night before (before 8pm) and on same day dates request overnight by 5pm and earlier dates with a minimum for 4 hours notice.  Most ladies live a long way away and we have no freeway system.

Please do not use third party site like orbits, expedia or priceline when ordering as long as the city is on stay at home orders.  Currently that is scheduled to end after June 22.  


I understand Gisselle will be back Friday and Saturday.  She leaves in the evening Sunday.


Our next fiesta will be held on May 9, 2020 at El Torito.  More info will be posted soon.


3 interviews this morning, so hope to have a few more ladies by Friday on our site.  Afrodita comes off suspension on Wednesday.  We had a super week last week and look forwarded to another great week.  Victoria has added some depth to our site and Tiffany is starting to get more attention.  

Penelope says she may be coming back.   


Afrodita is back.  She left quickly last time so if you are interested see her quickly and send me some feedback.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so ladies most likely will work in the day and getting a night date will be difficult, but you can always ask.


I have some pics on a new lady that I interviewed in August of 2019.  Now sure why it took her 6 months to get pics taken but she looks really good and I asked her to meet with me tomorrow as I have no record of our interview….just an old text message from when we met. So before I put her on the site I will get some stats and a name and she should be on the site tomorrow afternoon.   

I do have three interviews tomorrow and a few more ladies to see later this week.  Maybe someone can challenge Abby for top spot as she is running away with the show now with Ana Lucia and Gisselle gone. Of the new ladies Yezca and Alexis are getting lots of calls and Aaron and  Divina have been getting less work but still outstanding.

Remember to get your flower order in if you want to send roses to your favorite lady. 



Ana Lucia is done working now and is leaving Tijuana.  She is not at all sure she will be coming back, but of course we hope she does return.  She has been a delight to work with and is just so nice, as you don’t find that in this business to often.  Whatever she does we want to wish her the best life has to offer and we are grateful for her time with our agency.


Remember you can order flowers here for Valentines Day and have them delivered to your favorite.  Sometimes guys like to add chocolates or a stuffed animal.


Yazmin is back!!!


Happy Birthday Lyly

Kendall and Lyly both have new pics today


Aaron comes back on 1-23-20.  Gisselle last day will be Saturday the 25th.

Currently our team is strong with Superstars



Ana Lucia

Abby (most requested and best reviews)

Leslie (new but good reviews)

Jade T



1-16-20 5:30pm

Just brought Leslie to the party.  We are having trouble keeping up today and have had to turn down dates with our huge number of clients today.  We will have additional drivers next week to combat this most welcomed problem 🙂   Pancho should be back in the next 10 days as well. 


Sheryln and Paty joined our site today.  No more interviews scheduled at this time, but a lady from a few years ago once to return.


Ana Lucia will be leaving February 1 and is not sure when she will return. 

Sylvia S is unsure of when she will be back.  

Juliette did great on her first date.  Remember Gisselle is back Saturday for one week only.  Karla from Chiapas should return in February and still waiting for Yovanna.     


Just posted Juliette and now Dulce wants to come back.  Remember Gisselle is back this Saturday and will work one week. 


Interviewed two new chicas today and hope to have pics by Monday.  May have them Saturday.


Several new chicas added this morning.  Will be updating info on Friday afternoon for some chicas such as Annissette and Jade T.  Also put up new pics of Karla  Because of all the new ladies I am not going to bring 3 girls to the top on Monday the 12th but will do it on Monday the 19th so Reyna, Sandra and Sara V don’t get cheated on their chance to be at the top.  Remember Gisselle will be available on the 17th for one week. 


Should have 4 new chicas on site by Friday and new pics of Karla as well.


Interviewed a couple of ladies today that were in their early 20’s and should do well.  Tried working somewhere else but did not work out.  Hope to have pics by Friday.



Gisselle will be in Tijuana for 1 week starting  Friday the 17th and will work for 1 week only.  Line up your date asap, 


Abby should be back and ready to work on Monday.  

Karla (not the current chica) from Chapis says she will be back in February. 

Yovanna says she will be back soon.



Thank You everyone for being a part of a great year and we look forward to keeping our consistency of keeping our website up to date, our one time performance cannot be any better but we will strive to break our record of 138 straight on time deliveries and of course continue to add new ladies.   And finally I want to say:



Hope you all have a nice and safe Holiday.

Alice was just added and Tiffany is no longer being retired and has new pics.


Abby V is doing overnights now.  Interviewed two new ladies.  Hope to have the pics by Tuesday.


Aaron will be here only 2 weeks and is leaving on the 22nd.  New interviews this week. Be safe for the Holidays.


Thanks to everyone that attended our fiesta last night.  The fiesta was challenging in many areas, but I can honestly say I am so proud to represent our ladies and enjoy the was some take advantage of opportunities our business gives them.  I appreciate so much all the great gentlemen that come to our fiestas and support our business.

One common challenge that always fails me for every party.  If you schedule a date you need to be at the party and leave at 10pm with your chica.  It has never worked when someone leaves the party and expects the lady to show up to his hotel.

Happy Holidays to all.


Claudia was added today.


Marena and Sara C had dates cancel for the 7th so here is an excellent opportunity.   All ready for the fiesta.  Make your room reservations now.

Will be special guests in attendance.  You will be happy you attended.


While waiting for my 10am interview this morning a nice looking young lady arrived 20 minutes early.  I said to my self “Please God let it be this chica” and I am happy to say, he smiled at me.  Afrodita  is now available and is posted today.

Claudia was my 11am interview and she should be on our site soon.

Fiesta is less than two weeks away.


Great weaather for some indoor sports.  Fiesta weekend looks pretty good and some great choices are still available.  Please remember to book your room at least a week in advance as the hotels always fill up when we have a fiesta.


Added a new Jennifer, Maria Jose, and Natasha today and Tammy is back.  Will move then into alphabetical order after the weekend.  Busy weekend but there are still chicas available tomorrow and Sunday.

Still hoping to get new pics from Melissa but will take some at the party if we don’t have any sooner.


Very busy day today, but lots of ladies available tomorrow.  Fiesta is 4 weeks away!


Sasha joined the team today.  We now have 3 personal trainers on our site.  Ana Lucia took new pics and they are posted now.  Lots of dates scheduled for the fiesta weekend. Don’t forget to reserve your room and date quickly.


Camila M was added today.  Marena is back with new pics.  Melani C should be ready in about a week. New pics of Nicole M posted today.


Katherine was added today.  Getting requests for the party weekend, so get your date scheduled.  Audrey has been added as well.


Sarah V was added today and had a couple of nice interviews today. The best team in Tijuana is adding more depth, so keep your eye on the page.


Angelica is back. Wendolay was added today.  I have 3 interviews tomorrow. Always anxious to see who is next. 🙂


Just finished interviewing Audrey.  Very think and weighs around 105lbs I would guess.  She is currently working on another site, and I just want to say that I prefer that any women working multiple sites uses the same name on all sites.  For many reasons some ladies want their name different but I am glad Audrey is ok with that name.  I may have her on the site by Monday.

Another chica is in contact that is very pretty and I interviewed in September and he name will be Valentina. I hope to have pics in less than a week.


Camila P has new pics taken yesterday.  Hopefully Jade will be back on site soon but is still taking dates as are Sarahi and Melissa.


Abby V (Veracruz) will be back in less than two weeks.  Also have 4 interviews scheduled Monday and I hope there is a lottery pic in there.


Very busy schedule this weekend.  Get your requests in early please.  Melani C and Marena have left and should be back early in November.


Just posted new pics of Dulce.  I understand pics are coming shortly for two new chicas.  As always the new chicas will be at the top of the page for a few days and then put back in alphabetical order.


I understand there should be new ladies on our site in the afternoon.  Also just got a message from Nayeli that she wants to work.


Karla just call to say starting to work our overnight special.  I lost Emily for awhile but just got a new number for her today.


Melani C and Sara have sent new pics today and Melani C has decided to extend her stay and will work December 14 as her last day.  Katia is ready to start work on Wednesday 10-9.


Melissa is suppose to get new pics today  She is outstanding but has a hard time getting to the studio in the time that our photographer is open. Posted Karen today.  I did interview two new ladies today and look forward to working with them.


Interviewed a new chica this morning.  24 with no children and was quite attractive.   Hope she can be a superstar.  Cureently Katia is on vacation and plans on being back on the 10th of October.  Sara will start tomorrow Wednesday  and is already here.


Sara will start taking dates on October 2.  Ana will be available this and next weekend.  She does not have a weekday baby sitter that she has confidence in so it may be awhile until she can work weekdays.


Sara had to delay her return but should be here on the 30th.  Will post more when I know.


Ana is back, but not 100% sure of her availability.  Will update her page soon.  Looks like Ivon is gone again. Have a couple of interviews next week and think there could be some interest in those two ladies.


Finally got Grecil’s pics. Had a few interviews this week and expect another young lady with no children soon.


I guess the ladies only called the photographer and never took pics.  I was hoping but it has not happened.  I do have 3 interviews tomorrow morning, so maybe there are going to be other new ladies soon.


Today is Independence day in Mexico, but most ladies are working.   Still waiting on pics of ladies that took pics on Thursday.  Would guess that I will have them on Tuesday if not later today.


Reyna is back.  I am still waiting for pics of two ladies and I have interviews next week as well.  Sara starts work on 9-23.

I am trying to get Melissa in the studio Monday for new pics.  It is a Holiday here so it will be up to the photographer.


3 ladies took pics yesterday. Tiffany C has been posted but I may not receive the other pics until Saturday or Monday.  Please understand they will be posted as soon as I have them.

Nataly is back

Melissa could be back soon.


3 new chicas took pics today.  I believe one works on another site and the other two don’t.  Should be on the site Friday evening.


On this anniversary to the attack on the Twin Towers on 9-11-2001 we ask that you take a moment in memory of the victims and heroes that have have lost their lives or have had their lives changed forever.

I will be interviewing a new lady in the next hour and have a few more line up along with some that I am just waiting for pics.

Melani C told me this morning she is extending her stay into early October.


Kay took new pics today.  Two new ladies have pics scheduled for Thursday.  Am meeting a nice lady tomorrow and she should be very popular.


Ana Lucia took new pics and they are now posted.  I appreciate those that take pics at least 3 times a year and hope you do as well.


Interviewed 3 ladies today that may do well.  Two were shorties and quite attractive.  One has many tattoos.  I can just hope they get their pics taken so they can start next week.  Added a big lady today named Violetta.   She is anxious to work.


Marena comes back today and will be available as early as tomorrow.  No news on Sarah, Irene or Ana Jo’s return but all indicate it will be soon.  Interviewing a new lady today.


Melani C had an overnight cancel tonight.  Will be her only opening until September 8. She charges $400 for overnight.


Melani C has an overnight cancel for Monday 8-26-19 and I am sure that will be filled quickly.


Samantha and Nicole TJ left Tijuana for 2 weeks.  We will put them back on the website when they get back.  Reyna is on suspension until September 17th.  She has performed flawlessly with our clients, but we need better communication with her and now that she has been suspended she says she will have better communication.  We will see.

Mia C may be on the site later today. I am out of the office until late afternoon, so e-mails will be answered later.  Calls will be answered promptly and if not please call back as I could be with another client.

Please understand that I don’t like to advertise services that are not guaranteed so if you see a lady promising service on another site you may find that she does not provide the services listed.  Every chica is GFE on our site.


Looks like Sara and her new breasts will be arriving to TJ on the 24th

Ana Jo called today to see if she can come back but not sure what day yet.

New chica Melani C is bringing a friend as well.  Have not talked to her yet.


Sara with new breasts should be back near the first of September.   Lots of people are reporting rooms in the best hotels sold out for Saturday.   Better get on it today as we have a big weekend coming up.


Just toyed around with the site today.  Have moved new ladies to the top and then the rest are in alphabetical order.  I will move them around such as move a lady at the top of the page from the bottom, but the others will remain in alphabetical order.   Hopefully every chica will at some point be at the top.  Appreciate your patience on this matter.


Dulce is back and should have new pics soon.  Karla is doing very well as is Reyna and Nicole TJ.  Katia and Gisselle are still staying busy and our team is as strong as ever.


I believe I will have new ladies today and will post them as soon as I get the pics.  Both are thin and one I Karla will be quite busy out of the gate. I also interviewed a lady that is a bit big, but should get some attention as she has a beautiful smile, speaks English and has a big ass and breasts.


Had some good interviews today.  One chica I believe good be our next superstar as she speaks English well, is short and maybe 80lbs with 34B’s.  One of our clients took her right as the interviewed her as he was e-mailing while I was interviewing and he said she was great.  Nicole TJ has already made a big splash  and I am excited about our English speaking options.


New pics posted today for Karina and Griselda.  Interviewed two chicas today and should have pics tomorrow.


Tiffany came aboard today.  Kay is back and should take new pics early next week.  Four interviews lined up for Monday.


CaSandra just got pics posted.  Still waiting for a couple of other ladies.  Kay will be back soon.


2 interviews today that went well and expect pics by the weekend.  I have another tomorrow for a lady that is pretty good looking.  Lots of guys in town already for Comic Con.


Xiomara is back.  Nicole TJ is doing real well and maybe be the top chica in requests in a few more days.


Still have lots of ladies available over the weekend.   Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July.


Within 2 minutes of posting Nicole TJ on our site she was scheduled.  Also added Clarissa today and should be a few more very soon.


Waiting for pics of Nicole TJ and Clarissa today.  They have not arrived yet.  Nicole TJ has her tatoos photo shopped but I will have pics I can send with no photo shop to potential clients.


Camila P is back.  Looks like we are going to be busy for the next week so book ahead for the Holiday.


Just visted with Megan this afternoon and she says she has been working at the gym and is thinner and wants to work.  She was 5’8 and 118lbs before and not sure how much thinner she could be, but she has always been a top provider and will definitely make a splash.  Hope to have new pics in less than a week.

Still waiting for pics from a few new chicas.


Still waiting for pics of 4 ladies that have interviewed.  I hope we have them soon but there is always a chance they could have changed their minds about working.

Looking at those pics of Divina makes me want to spend a night or week with her.   After seeing Abby earlier this week I asked her to take new pics as she is looking very nice right now.


Interviewed a couple of English speaking chicas today, 21 and 22 years of age.  I think both will do well here.  Also have another young lady getting pics soon.   I am starting to repeat names so a couple of the new ladies are Nicole TJ and Silvia TJ.  I would think they will be on the site before this weekend.

Sara is leaving Saturday but thinks she will be back near the end of July.


Sometimes things change quickly but right now I have 6 interviews lined up for the next two days.  Samantha is bring a friend and she will be working again.  I interviewed a nice 19 year old last week with no children, but she is graduating high school this week and will take pics later this week.  The team of Gisselle and Sara work bi-sexual tonight.


Posted new pics of Divina this morning.  Have several interview in the early days of next week.    With Gisselle, Grecia, Sara, Melissa and now Divina on our site, it’s anyone’s guess who will get the most attention.  Don’t forget Irene is back as well.


Irene is back, but will only be for a few days.  Not sure on her departure time.  She would love to have a bi-sexual date with Gisselle.


Gisselle is now open for the night of the party.  Sara is doing excellent on all her dates.  Working to ensure lots of chicas are at the party.


Interviewed a new lady today that should do well.  25, no children and favors Ana Lucia with a beautiful smile.   She says she will take pics today. Her name is Sara.

Marena made it back last night and is working today.


Marena will be ready for work on May 31.  She is bringing a friend too!

Grecia has taken over as most requested now as her clients can’t get enough of her.

Ana Jo leaves on Friday.


Camila P says she will be back in a couple of weeks.  Hope she makes it to the fiesta

Interviewing to new chicas tomorrow. Plenty of chicas available for Monday afternoon and night.


Melissa is ready to start back.   Chloe is taking a month off after a surgery but she will attend our fiesta.  Leah will be available Thursday and Friday for dates and even 1 hour dates are possible that day. Still waiting for Divina’s pics.


Our site was hacked on Friday morning and in turn was down 12 hours.  I was pleasantly surprised with the number of dates on Friday despite the site being down.  Thanks for all that called and e-mailed.

Soon we will have as well as as our agency has been Team Juanita for 22 years now.

Some things were lost but first of all Leah is now available daily, and Grecia decided to go public.  Marena will be working Wednesday 5-22-19.

Thanks for all your patience.


Mother’s Day is May 10th in Mexico and many places in the World.  It is a good time to send flowers to your favorite chica.  Melissa will be back soon.


Remember Luz?  She is ready to start working again and will be pictured on the site soon.  She is working as a nurse and has matured a little.  Says she does not drink like she did before but said she wanted me to write, that she is still “the mas puta de todos la putas”  I don’t think that is a stretch.  She hopes to once again be rated #1 in Tijuana.


Leah will be available on Friday 4-19 as well.  She can normally only work Saturdays.


Kya may be coming back soon.

Faby, Divina,  Minerva, and Angeles kind of feel left out.  The last couple of weeks they have been flying under the radar.


Have some new chicas now and a couple more going for photos and new photos.  Plenty of chicas available this weekend.


I have several interviews these next few days so we could have 5 to 10 new chicas by the weekend.  You never know as sometimes you think a chica wants to work and she never gets her pics taken.

Divina says she will take some new pics sometime in April.  Kathy is getting her first work out tonight.  Cleo is still waiting for that first date (I thought when I met her she would be very busy).

Luz wants me to meet a couple of ladies.

Don’t forget our fiesta on June 8….get your room reservations in early as lots of guys were shut out in December.


Yamalet/Nataly is still working.  Not sure exactly what here issue is but it is some kind of outing. She did have new pics taken today.

Added Sasha and Marena yesterday, but should have pics of their friend later today. I believe the friend is better looking that both.  Her name will be Cleo.

I believe Lea/Leah had her pics take yesterday also.

Abby V should be here this week.

Remember to wear green tomorrow.


Really happy to have Gia back.  Also Lea will be back soon as Leah. 🙂


Abby from Veracruz is back next week.  She will be Abby V since we have a new Abby now.


I am hoping to announce our next fiesta soon.  Looking at Saturday June 8 right now.

Have had some pretty chicas ask for interviews recently.  Hoping some of them pan out but you never know until they go to get their pictures taken.


Grecia is back.  She does overnights for $400 and other dates for the regular prices.  If you want her pic send a request, but from an e-mail account you have used to schedule a date before.  Otherwise I will not be sending her pictures out.

Angeles decided she wants to use the name Kendall now.

Sylvia is back.  Seems like she looses her phone when guys want her and a few weeks later she has a phone again.  The few guys that have seen her give her great reviews.


Happy March.

Angeles is back.  Lisa has a couple of good reports on her first week back.

Ana Jo had a date canceled tonight so she is still available for overnight and maybe shorter dates as well.


Lisa should be on the site tomorrow.  She was retired for 6 years but is ready to return.  27 with no children and even picked up some English.   Looked pretty good in our interview today.


Kay is back.  Nina is back.   Yamalet decided she will be Nataly now. 🙂

Lots of availability on Sunday and Monday this Holiday weekend.


Yamalet is back today.  She is excellent.

Had to fire a young lady and was so disappointed with her I told her the best way she could help me was to work on another site.  Vanessa was retired quickly but I suspect she will be back.

Got a few orders for roses for Thursday, but you can still order.  Have some more interviews coming up this week.


Vanessa had her first date today and the client says she was ready for more action but she took all he had.  This was from a guy that has seen probably 15 or 20 of our chicas so he is a good reference.

Mary is bringing a friend.  I will be interviewing them on Wednesday, and they will get pics Wednesday as well.  Expect pics to be posted Thursday afternoon.  Both ladies have dates scheduled already.

Abby is getting her first taste tonight.   She looked good when she entered Ticuan.  Hopefully she will also do well.

I still am waiting for pics of an English speaking 20 year old with no children.  I thought she was going Friday, but maybe early next week.


Well seems to be a lot of interest for Mary.  Look forward to working with her.  Just hired a nice chica named Amy that is 20, speaks English and has no children.  To me it is strange that Abby has not been scheduled.  I understand that we have a lot of great chicas, but thought she would get work the first day, but so far she has not.


Put Emily on the site yesterday afternoon.  I have more interviews this week and hope you have some new ladies soon.  Ximena is back, and I found Sylvia after a long time with no contact.  Samantha has moved on but may come back.

Ana Lucia, Kimberly, Katia and Gisselle are getting the bulk of the dates right now.  Karina is sporting green hair now and should have new pics very soon.


Happy New Year.  Angelica is back.  New chica interviewed a few days ago.  Should have pics soon.


Have added Ruby and Divina back on our site.  Still waiting for pics from the 19 year old.


Expecting Marlene and Gia to make a return to our team and be at the fiesta.  There will be a new 19 year old that turned 19 yesterday and she should be there as well.  I believe her name will be Marina.


Should be some surprises at the fiesta.  Looks like we are going to have a lot of chicas and should be fun.


Have interviewed two new chicas and have 3 interviews coming up Wednesday and Thursday.  Gisselle is working again but so far is not pictured on the site.


Keytlin is back. Angeles should be back in less than a week.


Just interviewed a very attractive 18 year old (birthday 5-1-00).  Should have pictures by Wednesday.


New chicas Sandy, Zahory and Grecia V are getting lots of attention.  Grecia is now providing the service the other chicas provide, and has commented that our clients are very nice.  Sandy did her first date today and her client was so happy he says he will schedule her again.   Katia caught on quick but has left for a small vacation.

Seems to be no shortage of excellent choices available and we are seeing more day time clients now that in the past few months.   I thought the heat would stop folks from visiting, but at least our approved hotels have AC. 🙂

Angeles had her baby last week.  She had a boy and did not name him Dennis.


Penelope is back.

Keytlin had her baby.  The little girls if fine….and the baby too.

Have new talent coming soon.

Will be adding a blog entry very soon….maybe even two today.


Maybe some new talent next week.   I will believe it when I see it.


Added Habana today.  She comes highly recommended and is ready immediately.


Ana came back today as did Irene. Maybe Osiris will not be back as she is no longer answering my calls.  Our team has a lot of depth and please don’t get shut out as many do every night.  Make your overnight requests by 5pm and your morning dates before 8pm the day before.   Still more new chicas coming so check our site daily.


Abby is back.  Kimberly will be back Monday.  We have Osiris probably coming back next week with a new name.  Most likely Megali will be working.  Other new chicas interviewing next week.


TS Ivana who was retired by a gentleman for some time, is coming back.  Divina is 5 months pregnant and is scheduling pics and will be working soon.

Abby says she will be available mid month.


Divina is talking about coming to the fiesta.  Vanessa is back.


Chris worked overnight and her client said “amazing”.  That was on her first date so look for her to gain popularity.

Abby should be back soon.

Should be some surprises at the fiesta Saturday.


Interviewed 3 yesterday ages 22-25.  Should have more interviews today and tomorrow.  A chica from 2004 (was 18 then) called today to come back.  None of you will remember her and I may see her tonight.

Hope to see you all next weekend. 🙂


Today is mothers day.  Should have new pics of Keytlin very soon.


Remember this Lily?  She is back and took new pics today.  Should be posted tomorrow.


Ximena and Kimberly are getting lots of attention.  Aaron is back and brought her friend Irene.  Early reports suggest Irene is a superstar as are Ximena and Kimberly.


Interviewing a very nice looking chica tomorrow.  Should do real well.


A chica from the past will be back soon.  She will not be listed on our website and she will only be availble to previous clients of ours.  Will be more info this weekend.


Kenia R is back and will take new fotos soon.  Luz should have new fotos this week.  Hoping Mary will be back by the end of the month.


Happy March!

Luz says she is ready to come back.  Another former #1 rated chica in the Tijuana market back on the team.  New fotos most likely next week.


Minerva was added today. By all accounts she is excellent.

Still waiting on pics of others.


Angelica will be here working until 2-17-18.  Waiting on new pics of a couple chicas that should be popular.


Interviewed a couple of nice chicas with no children Thursday.  They are from Sinaloa.  Speaking of Sinaloa Ana Lucia wants to come back and expect her to be working this weekend.


Isabella has today and tomorrow to work with us as she is off work.

Many interviews today.


Seems to be a problem with e-mail last night.  Surely it will be back to normal soon but if you are not getting a response, please call.

Have two new chicas that are ready to go but I need to visit with them before posting their pics.

Two more scheduled to interview this morning.

Happy Holdays!


Mary has turned down many dates but if you want to see her on the 20th or 21st she may be able to work.  Othewrise after Christmas.


Isabella will be available this week on Thursday as well.

Many new chicas have interviewed this week.   Hopefully will have pics soon.


You may have read about the new border.  You enter through the same gates but now you take a left into an immigration building.  The Mexican immigration are checking to see that you have your passport or pass card now and will issue you a free 7 day permission to enter Mexico. You must keep this on you at all times when you are in Mexico.  A 180 day permit is available for 500 pesos or just around $30.

When you exit that building you will be walking along a path that will lead you to where you are accustomed to being dropped off at the border.  I am going to add pics to illustrate.

001 002

This is the end of the path and you will see yellow taxis line up there.


And then you will see just across the street, the white taxi libres.   These are 3 taxi libre drivers soliciting clients as they near the end of the walk.  Look behind then and you will see a bus in front of a pharmacy.    I don’t believe that bus is going to be there all the time but the pharmacy will.  Just to the right is where our taxi will meet you on your dates.  Here is a picture of that area.

004 005

You can see a white taxi behind the black truck and that is the general area.


Here is the availability on the weekend for the 17 & 18 of July for overnights

Jennifer both days
Samara booked Friday
Marbella both days
Melisa both days
Ashley both days
Helen both days
Brenda both days
Kimberly both days
Samantha both days
Naomy 2 booked Friday
Malia both days
Angel* both days
Chantel booked Friday
CaSandra both days
Arlet both days
Ruby both days
Kenia both days
Jazmin both days
Sarahi booked Saturday
Kendra both days
Karla both days
Nicole both days
Ciria both days
Mimi booked Saturday
Layla both days
Nayeli both days
Luna both days
Maritza both days
Roxy both days
Roxana both days
Araceli both days
Sandra both days
Nancy 2 both days
Blanca both days
Mariela both days
Ivon both days
Allison both days
Yesenia both days
Monse both days
Fanny both days
Renata both Friday
Reina booked Friday
Dolly both days

*denotes $400


Linda TJ just took an offer to be exclusive with a client. The last one lasted 4 years so who knows. If she comes back I will of course announce it here. We wish her and her friend the best.


Going to get pics of Linda/Scarlet and her friend Melisa. Marbella from several years ago is pregnant and want to work. She was most recently Samantha but not the Samantha currently on the site.


Katherine is coming back. I am waiting on pics.

5-20-15 part 2

Linda the virgin who know has one child will be Scarlet and she brought a friend who will be Melisa. Real busy today but hope to interview 4 more tomorrow.


Remember Linda, the virgin? She was Miss Tijuana is 2010. She is coming back. Still hoping to see Helen and I have a couple others that should interview soon. Just got a call from Macys and she wants to work again.


Dulce C will be available all day and night today, Saturday and Sunday. This is a very vary rare occurrence.


Look for a few superstars to return. Yessica is still available but won’t be pictured on the site for a few weeks. Karla from Mexicali is coming to TJ next week and wants to work again. Just heard from Helen and she should get pics tomorrow. Marlene (young tall chica) should be back by the weekend. I have met with a young 18 year old and waiting for her to send pics. Keep checking the blog and the news.


Happy to announce Linda is back. Tonight hope to have the pics of Chantel. I think she will do quite well.


Here is our overnight schedule for March 13 and 14
This list will be updated daily as chicas get scheduled and new ones start.
* denotes $400 for the overnights
others listed are $300 for the night.

Ashley both nights
Sylvia both nights
Ana booked Satruday
Roxy both nights
Samantha both nights
Malia booked both nights
Roxana both nights
Araceli both nights
Alejandra both nights
Montserrat both nights
Hennessey both nights
Naomy 2 booked Saturday
Layla both nights
Ruby both nights
Angelica both nights
Blanca both nights
Mariela both nights
Osiris both nights
Karla both nights
Ivon both nights
Megan both nights *
Allison both nights
Yessenia both nights
Zoe both nights
Monse both nights
Luz booked Saturday
Maritza both nights
Jennifer both nights
Fanny both nights
Brenda both nights
Fernanda both nights
Mimi both nights
Chanel both nights
Brittany both nights
Dulce booked Saturday
Angel booked Friday *
Priscilla both nights
Ingrid both nights
Nayeli both nights
Luna both nights
Roxana both nights
Nancy 2 both nights
Monse both nights
Jennifer both nights
Sarahi booked both nights


Here is our overnight schedule for 12-5 and 12-6

Ashley both nights
Sylvia both nights
Ana both nights
Roxy booked Saturday
Samantha both nights
Marbella both nights
Malia booked Friday
Candy both nights
Roxana both nights
Fatima both nights
Araceli both nights
Sandra both nights
Alejandra booked both nights
Mia both nights
Montessarat both nights
Hennessey both nights
Naomy 2 both nights
Layla both nights
Ruby both nights
Valeria both nights
Nancy 2 both nights
Angelica both nights
Blanca both nights
Mariela both nights
Claudia both nights
Michel both nights *
Danna 1 both nights
Osiris both nights
Arlet both nights
Naomy 1 both nights
Karla both nights
Ivon both nights
Megan booked Saturday*
Allison both nights
Yesennia both nights
Zulema both nights
Zoe both nights
Monse both Friday
Luz both nights
Marriza both nights
Jenny 2 both nights
Jennifer both nights
Fanny both nights
Dayanne both nights
Brenda both nights
Fernanda both nights
Mimi booked Saturday
Camila booked Saturday
Melisa both nights
Sofia both nights
Christina both nights
Yessica both nights
Selena both nights
Esmeralda both nights
Ana both nights
Sarahi booked Saturday
Zoe booked Saturday

* denotes $400


Meeting with Fatima tomorrow. Could be on the site by the afternoon of the 15th. Feliz Grito to everyone.


Here is the schedule for 7-11 and 7-12

Cynthia both nights
Angelica both nights
Blanca both nights
Brittany both nights
Mariella both nights
Karen both nights
Sandra both nights
Tiffany booked both nights
Anahi both nights
Ashley both nights
Claudia both nights
Michel booked Saturday*
Monserratt both nights
Osiris both nights
Danna both nights
Arlet both nights
Sunny both nights
Sylvia both nights
Naomy both nights
Sarahi booked Saturday
Megali booked both nights
Karla both nights
Kiara booked Satuday
Jacqueline both nighs
Ivon booked Friday
Kitty both nights
Megan both nights *
Yessenia both nights
Zuelema booked Saturday
Ruby both nights
Roxy both nights
Nizuara both nights
Monse both nights
Marizza both nights
Maythe both nights
Luz both nights
Lizzeth both nights
Jenny 2 both nights
Jennifer booked Friday
Fanny both nights
Dayanne both nights
Chanel both nights
Brenda both nights
Ingrid booked both nights
Nancy 2 both nights
Lea *

* denotes $400 for overnight


Tiffany has set the world on fire. This is her last week of working during the week. Another teacher should be on the site tonight. Megali is working overnights this week. Bonnie had lost her phone but is scheduled tonight.
Lorena is back and read to roll. Finally was able to get pics of Rubi-2 on our site. Still if you want access to everyone then get on our face book, but you must use our service first.


Met Tiffany today. School teacher on Easter break…should do well and will be available day and night until school starts back on the 28th and then will be weekends only.

Hope to have pics tonight.


We have a new chica not mentioned on the site. If you are our client you may want to request pics as a few have mentioned she may be the hottest to work in quite awhile. If I cannot find that you are our client, you will not get her pics or a chance to see her.


We have one new chica and another that is probably ready later today. Neither will be on the site, and neither will be a TLN chica. If you are our client, you can see their pics and date them. I think you are going to like them.


Layla has been advised to wait a couple of months. She had a tumor removed a couple of months ago and now the doctor thinks she will be ready in mid-May.


Here are the chicas working on March 14 and 15 and their overnight availability

Sunny both nights
Muriella both nights
Monstseratt both nights
Sylvia booked Saturday
Paraiso both nights
Marta booked Saturday
Naomy both nights
Sarahi booked Saturday
Megali booked Saturday
Kiara booked Friday
Karla both nights
Jaqueline both nights
Ivon both nights
Megan both nights *
Melany both nights
Helen both nights
Natia both night
Allison both nights
Nancy both nights
Zulema both nights
Yessenia both nights
Sandra both nights
Roxy booked both nights
Ruby both nights
Nizuara both nights
Pamela both nights
Monse both nights
Michel booked Saturday *
Maythe both nights*
Marizza both nights
Luz both nights
Lizzeth both nights
Jenny 2 both nights
Jennifer both nights
Ivette both nights
Fanny both nights
Dayanne both nights
Chanel both nights
Daniela both nights
Brenda both nights
Arlet both nights
Alina 2 both nights

* $400


Please remember to get your roses order by the 12th.

It appears that Perla is retiring. She has been hinting at it for months, but I understand she is now living with a guy and will not be working. We wish her the best.


Michel is back and ready to work.


With Valentine’s Day coming up please get your order in by the 10th. We can do flowers, candy, stuffed animals or maybe something else if you have an idea we agree to. 🙂

Some new chicas are pictured so we hope to see you soon.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Marlene is off the site and is one month pregnant. She will continue to work for those that ask for her. I will work on getting pics when she is about 7 months along.


Chantel did great first time out. I’ve taken Sarahi off until I hear from her and Lorena is suppose to be back tomorrow.


Here are the schedules for December 6th and 7th
This list will be updated as the schedule changes

Karla both nights
Katherine both nights
Muriella both nights
Jaqueline both nights
Ivon both nights
Kenya both nights *
Megan both nights*
Vanessa both nights
Helen both nights
Natalia both nights
Allison both nights
Candy both nights
Kitty both nights
Paola both nights
Zulema both nights
Zoe both nights
Sandra both nights
Ruby both nights
Roxy booked Saturday
Rebecca both nights
Perla both nights
Pamela both nights
Nizuara both nights
Naomy both nights
Monse both nights
Michel both nights*
Megali booked Friday
Maythe both nights
Marta both nights
Marlene both nights
Marizza both nights
Luz both nights
Lizzeth both nights
Judith both nights
Jennifer booked Friday
Jenny 2 both nights
Ivette both nights
Fanny both nights
Daniella both nights
Claudia both nights
Chanel both nights
Carolina booked Saturday*
Brenda both nights
Arlet booked Friday
Alina both nights
Candela both nights
Cleopatra both nights
Chantel both nights
Paraiso both nights
Dulce both nights
Kiara both night

* dentotes $400 for the night


I removed a few chicas today, but none were for disciplinary reasons. I just have lost track of them and if I hear back from any one of them they will be back on the site. Not sure what is going on with Sarahi. She indicated she was taking a break, but have not heard from her as well, and will give her another week or so before pulling her page.

Will update this page with the overnight schedule of chicas for December 6 and 7 very soon.


At this moment Pancho is taking pictures of Karla who just returned. I panicked as I lost contact with her, but she returned to Chiapis for a bit. If you know her, then you know she is one fine Mami. And this Mami has no children and and is 21.


I am still struggling, but have updated the blog and will be writing again soon. Just added Ivon today and hope to have some more new chicas up shortly. Still hoping to add a driver or two as the increase in business has on a few occasions caused us to lose opportunities. For example tomorrow night Pancho is taking a group of chicas to an out of town party and only Leo will be working after 9pm. I know you will find this hard to believe, but it is much easier to find a chica for work that a taxi driver I can trust.

Fernanda is doing real well and she will have a friend with us soon. Megali continues to make friends quickly and cannot figure out how so many of you have 5 or more dates with her, yet have not written a review. Kenya is doing great with her new “twins”.


Welcome to the new site. I have been hearing that most of you like it and others that liked the order of the site on the old site, but I will put (New) next to the name of new chicas for about a month. Hope this will help in that respect.

I’m still learning so bear with me please. Kudos to my friend that built the site and has spent many hours assisting me.

I will be blogging again really soon so check over there from time to time.

I’m still getting lots of e-mails on the contact form when the sender makes an error in his e-mail account.

I will be back with more info shortly.