Please pay attention to the hotels link as we only work in the hotels listed. We have no interest in working in an AirBnB, condo, or private apartment. Sure, we want your business but the ladies' safety is more important than trying to schedule at those type of places.

I get calls every night from guys who want me to help them find a lady for that night. I will try, but it can be difficult.

Before you call, know who your first 3 preferences are so I can check availability. You will need a VPN set to the US to access our site in Mexico.  We keep the site blocked in Mexico so that the ladies' friends and family can't easily find them on an escort site.

When calling or emailing, I need to know who you want, the day and time you want, and how many hours you'd like to schedule for the date.

This changes every day as these ladies set their own schedules around their lives. When you contact us, I call the lady you want. I make sure a lady agrees to the time you want before I confirm with you.

With many other agencies, when you contact them and they don't need time to answer whether or not a lady is available, it just might be that they say that every lady is available and worry about contacting her later and letting her know she has a date.  This often leads to cancelled dates.  At Mexico Lindo Bar, we always ensure she's available before we confirm with you.

For current rates, please see this page.

You will need a passport to cross the border into Mexico. The traditional passport book or the passport card is accepted.

At this time (June 2021), the agents at the border crossing into Tijuana are requiring every visitor get an FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) when they arrive at the border.  The fee is $30 USD or 600pesos and the FMM is good for 180 days.  You will need cash to pay for this at the border.

Of course, as with many things in Mexico, this may change depending on the whim of the agents working.  A few guys have reported they have not been charged nor given an FMM but it is best to be prepared for this additional cost.