1. Nate
    October 22, 2022 @ 11:28 pm

    what a doll, she is beautiful, she has amazing curves and her whole body is just incredible. That booty and her smooth skin are just flawless. She had a great attitude, was fun to be around. I really had a great time with her and I would love to see her again next time I am in town hopefully for an overnight. One hour isn’t long enough to spend with this beauty!


  2. David M Bright
    September 19, 2021 @ 2:24 am

    This comment is for Venus and about Venus as I just did an overnight 10pm to 6 am with her , she took this on short notice and I do not speak Spanish and we have never meet so you would think that’s 0-3 we’ll you’d be wrong and I’m not saying it was easy to communicate with the luscious, softest skin ever , funny , intelligent, sarcastic, kinda bossy, what do you call someone who is able to use her hands and both feet to snatch things up , with a booty you can see from the front, if you are a booty mother fucker like I am which means you like Booty’s of all sizes and believe me Venus’s Booty has all the sizes you can handle , it’s like 2 mountains of flesh exactly the same size have somehow been on placed on this woman’s lower back and upper leg yet I can almost touch my 2 middle fingers when I wrap my hands around her waist , I wouldn’t believe that last statement except for it’s a fact , so the curves on this women are things that I can’t even get into right now cause I’m thinking of that ass , and there will be no mention of this women’s breast because I don’t want you to know that her tits are most likely not of this earth. like from outer space , if one or both of those things cover your face ( I said cover cause that’s what space tittes do!!) unbelievable overnight , her hygiene is the best . You may think this guy is fucking nutts with all this space titties and mountains of flesh and tings I speak of and when’s the last time this dude got some ???? I may be nuts but I can also say that I know she had a good time but she won’t be writing a book in the comments about me and after saying that , I say to you I shouldn’t have said that because it doesn’t add to the story it just makes it longer and makes me look like an ass , if you said Venus’s Ass I would take that to the bank and put it in my savings account(wink wink you can’t put verbal statements into a savings account). If I hit the “Post Comment “ button and this comment gets posted , Venus is a fantastic women and we had a great time and I definitely will see her again if she says yes , now if she reads this all bets are off cause I sound like “I’m lost, like last years Easter egg , never to be found cause all the fucking leaves are falling off the tree’s and even thought the search was called off months ago I still had a chance that some dumb ass would get lost and before crushing me with his foot would think “hey that looks like an Easter egg that’s lost and will soon be covered by the fall foliage “ I better pick it up before a snake eats it or like I said “ the fucking fall foliage!


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