Today is my best friend’s Birthday.  He turns 5 today and I cherish every moment with him.  Many people call me “Daddy” but I never feel better than when I hear him say it.  A few of my friends will meet today at Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate with him.  He has progressed from Mickey Mouse to Spiderman and his cake will have a policeman on it as he was a policeman for Halloween.  Happy Birthday Brayan and Daddy loves you!

Now I just learned of the death of former Team Juanita chica, Marta last night.  Apparently on the same day of our fiesta she has a car accident and was ejected from her car, and then ran over in or near Tecate.  I would put her in her early 40’s but we will probably know more later.  She was the Mother of 3 and one is a mature adult where the boy and girls are in their teens.  These are very nice children and I am not sure who is going to take them.  I remember a few years ago I gave them both a stocking for Christmas with a Walmart gift card and that boy hugged me with so much love that I really felt for him.  Unfortunately until recently Marta was with POS guys that could care less about her children. However a very nice man had entered her life in the last few years and I am sure he was great with the kids. RIP Marta, I love you!

Many thanks to all who attended our fiesta.  I believe we had about 100 guests and for me it was non stop action.  Big Lou did a great job in the DJ box as always and thanks Lou for being you.  I love you man.  There were issues with chicas that should have been there and a couple of clients did not get their dates.  By the time I left the party I had 30 messages from chicas and clients, but I never heard my phone and was way to busy to put attention on that. The good people at El Torito set the room up for 70 guests and I told them that we were going to break 100.  Now the owner looked at me like I was crazy but by 8:30 his people were bringing in more tables and chairs and the two staff was overwhelmed but they got the job done.  I love you guys.

As for the event, I cannot even remember who won the $200 but I believe it was a new chica.  Angelica won a contest of 5 chicas showing off how they can devour a banana to everyone’s pleasure.  We played a game where 12 random guys had bananas in their pants that were worth a small cash prize or pizza, and I believe Sandra got 3 of those 12 bananas and everyone had some fun with this.  My friend FotoFreak had suggested we have both an early raffle and a late raffle to give the early birds two chances to win and  I believe that will be an ongoing feature of our fiestas.

There were some surprises as were mentioned in our advertising.  Secret Weapon was there looking great and will be available on the 17th for two weeks.  Vidiana was back, and for those that don’t remember she is a 6 foot tall, English speaking, sex machine.  Marbella showed up and surprised me as well and many chicas came to apply.  I would say in all there were 10 that I did not know and a few of them were outstanding looking.  When I left the fiesta I was drained and I was in bed by 12 and that was without the benefit of a beer. Thanks to everyone that attended and those that helped in planning for the event.

Please be safe and let’s make it through the Holidays together.  I love you guys! Will be back soon.


I hope to start embedding videos and going to give it a try hear. My favorite Bruce Springsteen invites an Elvis impersonator on stage:





Man it is nearly here,  Don’t tell me they are playing Christmas music too early in the stores or decorating too early as they can never start early enough as far as I am concerned.  I love Christmas and wish I could bottle that Christmas feeling I get inside.  Maybe more than the Holiday itself I enjoy the first Saturday in December as than is our annual Christmas/end of the year party and it is going to be the best one yet.  I have a few surprises in store for you, and there will be plenty of chica participation and with any luck I believe we will have 40+chicas in attendance.

Just got off the phone with the “Secret Weapon” and she assures me she will be there and bring a friend.  Many chicas are bringing friends and I believe that the number of guys will be much greater as well.  The two day total of dates is at 30 right now and I am working on confirming more today. is moving right along with new sponsors getting on board every day.  I hope to have our local soccer team on board by the end of the day and will soon be talking with the baseball and basketball team.  I believe local newspapers are going to run a story on our event so that the site will get a bit of attention and maybe some businesses will contact us to help out with this great event.   Our party will help to raise money for the cause as well and I would not be surprised if we have $3000 or more dollars to spend for the Holidays.  Of course my friend FotoFreak will be taking pics and documenting how it goes and will most likely have the site updated by New Years with pics of this years event.

As for the party itself, I am amazed at Michel has not been scheduled as on previous visits we would keep a waiting list for her as normally 2 or 3 guys would request her every night for overnight. Megan also has both nights open and I am guessing you noticed she updated her pics again.  Fernanda has new pics you can request but does not want to be on site now as she had a problem before stemming from her pics being on our site.  Wednesday is Sandra’s birthday and she would love a date anytime between now and Sunday to celebrate it.

Big Lou will once again be in the DJ booth and hopefully Chino, Jesus,and Pancho will all be in attendance as well.  Pancho leaves on Monday night for vacation and he swears he will be back in two months, however the past 8 years have been more like 3 months.

I am a very happy guy as a general rule, but some times I get miffed and I am asking for your help.  Irlanda is a very pretty chica and she has Friday, Saturday and Sunday filled but she requested that her pics be taken down as she says they are “ugly”.  Please convince her to put her pics back up.  She is a very likable chica, but I don’t want to battle with her over this.

Back to the charity if you want to make a donation you can use the contact form for a paypal address.  FotoFreak is handling all of those requests made through the contact form on

Hope you can feel my excitement.  Please be safe out there and we will have fun this weekend.


Guys I don’t blog enough, I know.  I do appreciate your e-mails asking for more blogs, and I have good intentions.  I enjoy blogging but when I get busy it takes away from my time at the computer.  Recently I have been getting a lot of ladies looking for work.  I often think of topics and then later cannot remember them. CRS

I just got a call from Jocelyn yesterday.  She did not say she was coming back to work but she knows the door is open  I am going to try and get her to attend the fiesta, but she was not too big on fiestas when she was working before.  Kenia from Rosarito says she is coming back but does not want to be pictured at this time.  I have invited Rose to come and I hope she does.  If that is not enough, the “secret weapon” says she will be there.  I believe we will have a nice group of clients and chicas as well.

Remember Nancy 2?  Well I have not talked to her but her reports were off the hook, and I could be wrong but I think Alex is cut from the same cloth, and will wear out her first clients. She is fun to flirt with and I am guessing that will translate to a tiger in the room.  Ana has been getting a few dates, but has expressed no interest in working weekends or even same day dates.  I will try to get her to the fiesta but that is most likely a long shot.

Working on my Amigos de Santa project.  Have got a few dollars in for donations and will be visiting businesses locally to get a bit more in.  I am hoping to get $2000 or the equivalent in pesos to really make some noise this Christmas.  My good friend, “FotoFreak” is working hard and taking money on pay pal.  You can send a message to the contact for on the site: and I or FF will get back to you on that.

Keep checking the site for new chicas and changes.  The fiesta page will show you who is scheduled and who is available for the fiesta weekend.  I cannot deny I am more excited about this fiesta than any other and am sure you will find it to be a real fun night.

Planning on having my son out for Xmas, and give him a taste of how we spend Xmas here in Tijuana.  Thanks to his Mom for giving me the green light on his visit.  I know I am talking about Christmas but we have Thanksgiving coming up and that is always a great day to spend with love ones and family.  Hope to be back by then, but you know I expect you to be safe out there.


Well, I found a friend last night and we hit the streets to give away candy.  I knew I would not see any Trick or Treaters in my neighborhood, but had no problem finding a bunch of kids. My friend enjoyed himself as much as I did and we were done by 8pm.  Halloween is a big deal in Tijuana and it is not just the little kids that dress up.

Cubs are winning game 6 big as I am watching a little college football.  You never know but looks like there will be a game 7 on Wednesday.  Can’t help but to hope the Cubs win.  Can’t help but to think they will blow a lead in game 7.

Well, we have the elections in a week and I am sure everyone is sick as I am about all the talk and ads for the election.  I, for one, will be glad when it passes.  People are passionate about their politics and some folks follow their parties nominee no matter what.  I guess that should not be so hard to understand, but I have to admit that I don’t understand.

Irlanda should have pics tomorrow and she should be a star.  She is 5’2″, 110lbs with 34B’s and speaks English.  I am pretty sure she will do well in this business.  Look forward to the first reports.

Jennifer is now working a restaurant job and has been named manager.  I am happy to see her have some success outside of our business.  I also find her more attractive now than 10 years earlier.  I look forward to presenting her at the next fiesta.

Hope you all get your dates for December 3rd scheduled in advance as it should be a very busy night.  I think I am looking forward to this party more than any party before.  Hope you can all come and have fun with us.

Be safe out there, and I will be back soon.


Hello there.  I just added pics of Damaris, Andrea and Lea.  Hopefully we will be able to put more face pics on our site.

I will blog again soon, but want everyone to know that our Xmas fiesta will be held on Saturday December 3 at 7:30 pm.  Other deals like the venue will be up soon.  There should be a fiesta page added soon.  This fiesta figures to be a big event and a list of available chicas should be out soon.


How has everyone been?  Things are looking good now for Team Juanita and because of an increase in business, I am sometimes having a hard time handling details.  That is something I will improve on.  We are competing with the numbers from 2007 when we really hit a nice stride and would see many clients each day.  What is different is that there are so many quality chicas working on our site that not any one chica is dominating the site like in years past.

I have been working on my Christmas program, where some friends and myself pass out goodies to many kids that may not get much for the Holiday.  I will be talking more about that next week and share some stories with you, but for the time being we have set a goal of reaching 250 kids in Tijuana.  I have already got several businesses in Tijuana to commit to assist us financially and I hope that more money will turn into a better quality of gift and it will help with our goal of reaching more kids.

Gearing up for Halloween.  Halloween tradition at my home is to buy more candy that we could ever give away, and then riding around in a taxi late at night and giving away what we have.  After 2 years of Mickey Mouse the lil guy wants to be “Winnie Pooh” this year.  Yeah Winnie Pooh is how we say it in Mexico as opposed to Winnie the Pooh in the states. Halloween is a big deal here and many of the adults get into full costume as well.  So folks buy your candy now because the retailers have a hard time keeping up with the demand and if you wait too long you won’t have the “quality” candy that I give out.  Snickers, Miky Way, Reese Cups, 3 Musketeers,  M&M’s, Baby Ruth and Butter Fingers are the staples at my house.

I am not at a liberty to talk yet, but there will be some changes coming to our site soon.  You may not notice anything real soon, but I guess they will benefit me the most and that has got me excited.  I have a new chica to interview today, and hopefully she will be on the site soon.  Diana had to leave but she made a big impact in a short while.  New chica Layla made a nice impact on the business out of the gate and I hear she is orally gifted.  Hasmir did not work out, but the door is open for her to return at anytime.  Osiris will probably be back by the 15th and I know many of you miss her.  Divina is still the most popular but  on any given day the order of preference is subject to change.

Baseball playoffs start this week.  Maybe I will have something to say about that soon. Football is going good and I am enjoying that as well.  Hopefully the weather will settle down a little and I will be in a better mood.  You all be careful out there and I will be back real soon.


You know things are changing quickly around here. Everyday I am hearing from new chicas wanting to work with us. I am trying hard to accommodate everyone but it is difficult.   I thought when Ana Lucia would come back she may move up to #1 on the site but she is still hovering around #6 or #7.  She sure is pretty.  Divina, Kay, Sarahi, Kya and Nina have all out earned her this past week.  This new chica, Diana, just got a great review from a long time Tijuana vet.  I thought with Osiris recovering from surgery it may give Ana Lucia a chance to take control, and it may but not during her first week.   Hasmir is getting a lot of attention but has refused every date so far.

I don’t know if any of you are going to remember Samantha but she called today and said she wants to work again and will be bringing a friend on board.  She was the “flavor of the month” last year at some point, and she has no children which seems to be a quality that is hard to find around here.   Here are a few pics of Samanta to refresh your memory

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Diana, Lea, Kya , Maggy, and Chantel do not have children.  In a country where they start giving birth at 14 that is somewhat rare. Samanta must be 20 by now.  I always liked her.

College football is in week 4 now and I like the way Louisville is playing.  Ohio State is looking good as well.   Too early to be picking final four teams, but you can start with those two and you may have half the field. We will see, and one thing for sure is that I will be watching a lot of football. In the NFL I am guessing that New England will finally lose when Tom Brady starts playing.  Seems fitting that they win without him, so they can lose the first game he plays.

Been watching the Sunday games with my friends and have to take my phone charger with me as my phone tends to die when I am out of the office 6 hours or so.  I have been using simultaneous ringing so every phone I have rings when someone calls the office.  That is working out pretty well.  Something else that is working is a chat feature we added to the site.  People can get questions answered more quickly when I activate the chat.

Hope you all have a good weekend.  Be careful out there and I will be back soon.


How are you?  Sorry I have been gone so long.  A lot is happening and I am staying busy though.  We just passed the 15th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers.  I still remember many details of that day and I am sure you do as well.  Lots has happened in those 15 years and that tragedy has changed how many things work around the World.  I watched a few shows that were replayed on CSNBC from that day and it was quite captivating.  It was quite a shame what happened that day and how we look at things today.  At least for a short period of time, we were all Americans and not a bunch of different races with different religions.  I choose to remember that aspect.

If you are here Thursday, it is our “Grito” or the night when many Mexicans will drink like it is NYE, celebrating their freedom.  For me, it is a good night to stay in as we all know how people tend to behave when they are intoxicated. Although many of you may think Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican Independence Day, it is not.  The 16th of September is and the folks celebrate the night before same as New Years being a holiday and we celebrate the night before.   If you want to visit that night, I just recommend you stay with your chica indoors to avoid the drunks and things that can happen.

New chicas Nina and Kya are doing great.  We just hired Diana and she is a looker.  Carolina and Dayanne are back and there is a chica that should be on our page this week named Alex.  She is a tall chica, with some English skills that will provide Greek and bi-sexual dates.  Should make things interesting.  With our level of talent Michel is not scheduled every day like before, and there is no waiting list, but she would prefer to know a day in advance. Divina has picked up where she left off and says she will not be working that much longer.  She is our current most popular.   Sarahi and Kay are getting lots of attention and are two that should be on your must-do list.   Ashley has been seeing a few new guys and Jennifer is back looking better than ever.  Osiris is having another operation to by a bit more ass.  She is so fine she does not need to change anything.

I am watching Monday night football at the moment and I am so happy the season has started.  Both college and Pro football have my attention and that keeps me out of trouble.   I am keeping trying to schedule interviews around your dates and my football.  I sometimes may delay an interview but I am working.

Hope everyone is doing well and I will be back soon.  Stay safe.



Thursday is the first day of the Little League World Series.  If you get a chance to watch a few games, it is so entertaining.  You see the type of sportsmanship that we can be proud of.  Unfortunately you don’t have to go far from home to see how people get bent out of shape and show their true colors on a daily basis.  It is for the kids, but so many parents are living their youth another time through the play of their children.  It is a shame that often we cannot accept that it is for the children and act accordingly.  I can assure you that I will be tuned in every day.

Football starts in the next few weeks and as always I look forward to the season.  Saturdays I am in front of the television from 8am to 8pm faithfully.  Some Saturday it can be later in the evening. When I lived in the states, I would go the the grocery store and buy lunch meat and cheese in the deli, maybe some basked beans….hamburger buns, and potato chips and it would be picnic day all day Saturday and Sunday as well.  I may be on a site that updates scores so I can follow 6 to 8 games at a time while I watch games all day on the TV.  Probably sounds like punishment to some, but I live for those days.

Seems like we have been adding lots of chicas every week and every day someone else wants to come back and work again.  Last night Dayanne called and then asked if I would accept her back.  She did nothing wrong and she is so humble when asking me for permission to work.  I find this amusing as she is doing me the favor and yet she asks as if she does not know what I will say. I remember the first day she came to my home.  Her sister was 18 and already working with me and she was 19 with no experience.  Her sister had a room in my house and Dayanne wanted to live there as well.  So I had 5 Team Juanita in my home and yet I never slept with one of them.  Not that it was offered but you could not help dreaming a little. I think I wanted her sister more. She is now married with children and living life great in the States. Dayanne now has a visa and sometimes crosses to clean homes and shop.  At 29 I don’t know how much business she will get with the quality of chicas we offer now.  But please believe when she wants to work my website is always available to her.  I would probably cry if I saw her on another site.

Divina has disappeared and I can only hope she comes back soon.  I know she left for vacation and she should have been pretty well loaded with money as she always did so well. She was the most popular in Tijuana when she left and probably will be again if she returns.  Osiris has picked up the slack and is probably the best looking young chica in Tijuana escorting today.  I sometimes see on different sites where guys that have no clue to who and what is available talking about how hot other chicas are.  Hell this one guy said our Ana Lucia was one of the two hottest escorts in all of Tijuana, yet she was 7th most popular on our site.

These two new chicas Sophia C and Mariana C are getting lots of attention and are on the schedule a lot this week.  I am anxious to get reviews.  To hear them talk gives me a woody, and leaves me wanting to sample to goods.  We have another chica coming this weekend that I think you will like.

I will be back soon.  Everyone be careful out there.



What is going on in our Country?  Hard to believe that during peaceful protest some folks have used our Police officer as target practice.  The world is changing and we hear about terrorist attacks all over the Globe, with no end in sight. I would say that the answers start at home, as who knows who to look at or who is going to be the newest misguided person to snap.  I have to admit that I have no answers.  I just think we can do the best to police our neighborhoods and be vigilant.  Don’t forget the power of prayer as that is most likely our best chance to make a difference.  My heart goes out to the families of the police officers that have suffered loss because of recent events.  I think there is a fine line between being vigilant and pointing fingers because people may be of different views than our  own.  Our County is GREAT and one of the things that makes us great is our diversity.

I am waiting for new chicas and having problems scheduling interviews as we are so busy right now.  I was analyzing our team and the level of activity and came to realize that we are not the site of MILF’s that some folks continually tell others. Our number one chica, Divina is 18 and she has left on vacation.  Osiris has moved up currently to the #2 slot and may be the best looking provider in Tijuana, and Chanel is not far behind.  Grecia is an absolute beauty and Ellie May is tearing it up even though she is compromised by her hours of availability.  Megan, who is constantly sending new pics for me to send to clients is doing great, and Ana Lucia since she came back has been moving up in the ranks and is holding down the #7 spot on our team.  She is a real looker and lets me send her pics out to everyone.

Charley has an English speaking friend that hopefully will be starting soon and a couple other chicas have been trying to schedule appointments.  Rose has an 18 year old friend that should be starting soon, so we should have some new faces soon.  I knew that Osiris shared my birthday but found out Isabella does as well.  She is gone for vacation for about two weeks and she is a real sweetheart for those that have not had the pleasure.   Just a reminder Angel is still around and happy to provide the same service you have learned to love.  Sarahi and Kenia are doing great and I feel so happy to have them as integral parts of our team.

I get so many e-mails about parties, but there is nothing scheduled as of yet.  It never happens but I wish we could get all of our best chicas together in a party, but schedules and availability make it close to impossible.

Football is just around the corner.  Be safe out there and I will be back soon.


So much is happening with Team Juanita now.  These are exciting days and in this business it is hard to stay optimistic as things can change at a moments notice.  One thing for sure is with the quality of chicas we offer we do not depend on any one chica to carry the load.  I never know who is going to be the most popular as it changes from day to day.

Divina of course is the very most popular in all of Tijuana, but there are so many stars on our team   Michel leaves tonight and kept her #1 rating for Tijuana providers while here for a short while.  Guys are excited about Ana Lucia coming back and she was quite popular before and was our 6th most requested provider while here.  If that is not enough, Low mileage Linda, a former Miss Tijuana is coming back and should be on our site Tuesday or Wednesday.  She has been pulled out of the business twice by clients that paid her well to be exclusive with them.   She of course will not be “Low Mileage” when she is on our site. 🙂

We currently have 7 chicas that have been retired by our clients and make for good stories when interviewing new chicas.  I don’t like to mention them by name in respect for their husbands or boyfriend, but I keep them close to my heart and happy that our business could change their lives in a positive way.  Four are living in the US now and the other 3 are still in Mexico.  We have yet one other chica that is contemplating a similar relationship but no deal has been reached at this time.

I have been inviting chicas to have breakfast after their overnight dates, and this helps develop friendships between the chicas and keeps a bit of that family atmosphere.  I really enjoy the relationships I have with these chicas and having them around helps keep my mind young although the rest of me is showing the wear and tear of my years. I can say that I truly enjoy my work and that can not be discounted.  I remember many years ago, flinching every time the phone rang as my responsibility of running a 24 hour business was huge and I am so happy to have a life that I enjoy my work.

I saw my son of television recently.  He is working on a program with Billy Ray Cyrus and earning a paycheck at 16,  He actually got into an episode as he played the part of a thug, and did not have a speaking part.  He will be in another episode soon but I don’t believe he will be speaking in it either.  He has done some commercials and nothing seen Nationally and a few spots on radio commercials as being bi-lingual is a big plus in that business.  I believe he will be with me for Christmas and be apart of the “Amigos de Santa” program.  I am very much looking forward to that.

I have started a photo album with 8×10’s of many chicas past and present and myself. I wish I had pics of many of the old time chicas but I don’t.  I do have shots with Perla, Jocelyn, Mia,  and Layla that are very dear to me. I have about 50 photos in the album going back to 2003.  I had some from the late 90’s but a jealous girlfriend destroyed them around 2005.

College football will be here with the quickness, so I hope to have much to write about.  Saturdays are a full day in the Winter months and there are games nearly every day in college football.

Hope all is good for you and I will be back soon.  Please be safe out there and you know we will be here when you are ready.


Hope you are all doing well.  Was so disappointed with the news of the mass murders in Orlando.  The sad thing is that these event are more common place than ever.  I spent a day glued to the television soaking in all the news as it came available.  So senseless, and the part of about holding hostages just does not make any sense to me.  It is my opinion the kind of person that commits these acts has a death wish.

Did you see Chantel is back?  She is available at all hours, so should not be any issue about her having to get rest before work.  She is only working on our site.   Angel is back and doing well.  She told me she can help turn chicas to be bi-sexual.  Maybe she will make me a lesbian.  I will have fun trying.

Penelope started getting dates again and then she left this morning as her Grandmother is very ill in Sinaloa.  We wish her the best of course and she should be back very soon.  America and Divina are doing great, and Ashley is getting more work with her weight loss playing a big factor.   Nayeli had a couple of dates today and she is looking good.  Grecia somehow is getting overlooked but her limited availability may play into that.  Folks are catching on that Angeles is excellent as she has a repeat client tonight.  I do get that the decision can be tough with the amount of nice chicas we have.  Sarahi had guys cancel last night and tonight, but thankfully we had guys on the waiting list so she does not miss out.

I do have some chicas applying and some chicas wanting to return but it is a slow process right now. Hopefully we will have more to offer in the next few days.

Sunday is the NBA Championship Game 7, and this is the first year I have watched any of it.  Should see the game tomorrow and hopefully it will be a competitive game.   Football is coming soon and that will be a welcome relief.

Next week is a big weekend.  Folks are already scheduling for the 3 day weekend.  Not sure if there are room available now, but if you plan on visiting, you better get your reservation now.  Don’t get shut out and we will be her for sure.  Please be careful out there.   Be back soon.


Hope all is well for you.  Things are going good here, and I must apologize for not blogging recently.

If you have not heard Divina is an absolute superstar.  With her being so busy, it has taken away from the level of activity of others.

Penelope has had just rotten luck with a lot of cancellations.  New chica America has not even worked yet, and I have a good feeling about her.  I would have thought she would have had a date as soon as I posted her pics, but nothing but canceled dates so far.  Now that Angel took her pics down she has been flying under the radar.  Rose has been almost forgotten and she is as good as any chica on any site.   Kenia has been out but returns Tuesday 6-8, so look forward to that. Chantel is now not working at the bank and can do dates all hours of the day, but does not want to be pictured on our site.  Seems as if Megan, Sarahi, and Divina are holding down the fort.  All 3 are outstanding.

RIP Muhammad Ali.  I watched nearly two days of news shows about his life, and just was amazed at all the things he did that the average guy might not know about.  There is a reason he was so popular all over the world and the news stories shared all the stories and events of his life.  What a great man, and he will be missed.

We should have some new chicas by the end of the week.  Hennessy is coming back soon and she will have a new name, but will be nice to have another English speaking honey on our roster.  She may be here just a short while.  Michel has left but when she comes back to visit you can bet she will be busy.  Guys are still trying to schedule with her.

Give me a call when you are ready to visit.  In the mean time be careful out there.



On 5-29-14  my friends Larry and Miami were charged with “Human Trafficking” among other things but that was the big charge.  Larry owned and operated a restaurant named “Nikki’s” in the Zona Norte of Tijuana.  Over the past couple of years many untruths have been told, and I can honestly say I do not know the entire truth.

I met Larry one time before he open Nikki’s and he was a nice enough guy.  I met Miami at Nikki’s were she worked as more a less the scheduler of the ladies and in promotion for the bar.  I got to know her much better than Larry, as you can imagine he had his plate full running that business.  He was always a friendly and jovial guy, and very fair with me.  I often would arrange small parties at his bar and have maybe 10 to 15 in attendance generally for the birthdays of some of our Team Juanita chicas.  Beer was inexpensive and Larry was always happy to hose our small events.

In addition it was set up or turned into a Sports Bar with DirceTV and the facility was very nice.  A group of maybe 15 or 20 would spend the entire day on NFL Sundays in the bar,eating all three meals at his establishment.  For us, the place was Tijuana’s version of Cheers.  The chicas were constantly coming and going but we were there for the football.  Now some of us would be there for the Monday game, the Thursday game, the college games and we loved it.  We were given the remote controls and would spend a lot of time and money there.  There was nothing like it in Tijuana.

As for the food, the menu was diverse.  You could get BBQ or bar food and many things in between.  I would often get the Grand Slam breakfast in the morning, which as I remember was eggs however you wanted them, bacon, sausage, beans, hash browns and pancakes with a glass of juice.  Some of my favorite meals were the breaded chicken patties covered with gravy and mashed potatoes, or shrimp quesadillas, or chili dogs or corn dogs.  Larry always had a moderately price offering for Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with all the trimmings.

So what went wrong?   That is a question that everyone has a different answer for. One thing is not in question is that Larry sent a guy to Columbia to find chicas.  He wanted Colombian prostitutes as his goal was to have women from all over the world.  His agent brought back three Colombian’s but they were not exactly what he was expecting.  The young one was 23 and the other two were in their 30’s and none were interested in being a prostitute.   Initially he was disappointed, but eventually realized that they were more valuable in the bar drinking than spending time in a room with a client. Larry could earn money of the drinks but not off of prostitution.  They just were not the right three chicas, and we were all thinking how hard could it have been to get 3 prostitutes in their early 20’s.  We kind of think the agent sold the girls a false sense of goods. Now Larry was very fair in providing an apartment for the three and paying a salary better than other bars paid.  Now when most of us think of Human Trafficking we think of ladies forced into prostitution, having their money taken and not earning money that they could keep.  In a very general sense these ladies could have fallen under the human trafficking laws, but in all fairness they were not even prostitues, were paid a fair wage, and given decent housing.   When the ladies wanted to return home Larry bought them their plane tickets.

Someone got involved and had one of the older chicas make a statement that she was forced into prostitution against her will and filed a complaint.  It seems Larry and Miami were charged without a good investigation and it took nearly two years for them to get a Not Guilty Verdict.  In those 23 months they were moved from Mexico City, to Nayarit, to Tecate and eventually back to Tijuana.  Larry became very ill and was not given much treatment in Tijuana.  He has lost his sight, his hearing and his ability to walk.  On top of that he now has Tuberculosis which of course in not anything nice.

Miami is currently staying with her parents in San Diego County and seems to be in good spirits.  They were both released from prison late night on Tuesday the 26th of April,2016.

Now here are some misconceptions about them.

First Larry was not a pimp.  He was so over worked that he had hired and fired several different people to manage the chicas.  Larry was a long time client of the paraditas or girls who work in the street, and many of them had worked a little in Larry’s bar.

Miami was not a prostitute.  She wrote the schedule for the waitresses and did odd jobs around the bar as requested.  She was compensated with a room  that had a shower but not bathroom.  But a public bathroom was close by.  By the way unlike other places Nikki’s always had spotless bathrooms.

There were not big bags of drugs or money found in the bar when raided or any dead bodies. Many untruths circulated when they were taken into custody.

It would be nice if those of you that do follow this blog say a prayer for the two of them.

In the meantime I know many of you are coming down for the Memorial Day weekend.  Whether you do or don’t, be safe wherever you are.




More interviews coming up in the next couple of days.  Should have pics of America tonight.  These chicas are keeping me busy. Penelope and Roxana are getting new pics tomorrow I believe. Angeles has caught on fire and is getting great reviews.  Vanessa is doing well also but keeps taking off for a week at a time.  Divina is so sweet and everyone seems to love her.   Some chicas have damn near been forgotten like Rose, Sarahi, Kendra and Angel.  Angel has a problem with her pics being exposed to family so she is off the site right now.  Grecia is also getting rave reviews.

The Preakness runs Friday and Saturday, and hope I do better than last week at Churchill Downs.  I am not a big horse better but like to throw a few dollars for the Triple Crown races and the Breeder’s Cup.  Always a fun time when you have quality horse racing all day long.

Lots of talk about the Presidential election.  Always fun to see what folks have to say and I get a laugh out of the political forums.   People sure are passionate about their views.   Should be interesting to see how it shakes out.  I am hoping for Leyzaola with the mayor (President) of Tijuana.  I have not heard or seen of any polls but am hopeful.


Gotta keep it short today.  Be careful out there.





My calendar tells me it is Perla’s birthday.  Tried to find of friend of hers to tell he she has not been forgotten.I enjoy putting the birthdays on the calendar so I can surprise chicas in future years.  Anyway Perla, where ever you are, you are missed and I will always love you.  I am sure our clients join me in wishing you the best life has to offer.  She must be about 30 today.

Lea called me today and she has 3 more months of school.  She will work Friday and Saturday night overnights and during the day on Sundays for the next few months.  Her English is really good now and I believe she will be sending a pic this week and taking some news ones during the week.   She is good friends with Anna and I can only hope she would return as well.

Bunny answered the bell on her first opportunity and looks like we have another winner.  It is so difficult with the chicas literally taking turns being the most popular.  Michel just took over the #1 spot in Tijuana replacing Luz and we have about 6 chicas in the top 8 or 9.

Well college basketball is finished and I hate to see it go.  The final game was great even though I lost both my bets on the final game. I had another good year of college basketball following up a great college football season.  I would not bet that I will duplicate the last year, but I would bet that I will be trying.

Perception can be a bitch sometimes as I have heard from a few people that sent me letters of apologies as they have read that we are a site of old fat ladies.  Some repeatedly say that and other repeat what they hear.  Thanks to them for checking out our site full of young spinners.  That being said, I just interviewed a chica that is built more like Nancy with 36DD’s and she should have pics this week.  I am hoping to get more of Bunny.  Grecia is back and has a couple of dates scheduled for the next week. I don’t think she speaks English but she has sent me some texts in English recently.

Remember Megaly?  She was the very most popular chica in Tijuana about a year and a half ago. I hear she may be coming back.  Who knows, as I don’t even have her number, but was she ever sexy.  Her friend Rosa suggested she could be back after the summer as well.

Been battling with TER a little.  Someone made up a review of Michel and it did move her to #1 in Tijuana, but was done to discredit her.  I sent the guy a message and he swears he saw her, and I think he did, but not since she has returned.  Who on this planet rates a chica a 6 in appearance and a 5 in service and sees the chica 3 times.  That is his claim that he saw her 3 times.  I don’t know about you but I don’t go back and see a movie twice that I did not like the first time.

My Reds are 5-1.  I only say that as it may be the last chance to brag about them.  Could be a long year in Cincinnati but I love my Reds and will be following them regardless.   Hope to get out to see the Toros a few times this year.  Ballgames in Tijuana are always good family fun.

Hope to be back soon.  Be careful out there and we will be here when you are ready.


Well many thanks to those that made the party.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Was really disappointed that Rose, Penelope, Chiquita, and Kendra did not make it.  Was nice to see new chica Lupita in attendance. Naomy won the $200 raffle prize for the early arrivals which was a group of 12.  I think I will have to include that raffle in future parties so that we can get a nice group of chicas that are there early.

Well March madness is down to 16 now which is bitter sweet because that means only 15 more games which will come to a conclusion with the quickness.   I guess that means baseball is around the corner.   San Diego State is in the final 4 of the NIT, which means they finally started playing well.



Thought I would throw you a bone with a nice picture of Kendra.  She probably has been getting a little less work than she deserves, but with so much talent she has been forgotten a bit. Pretty sure people will be seeing her again soon.   I will tell you one thing, if I did not have a wife I would be giving her a lot of attention.    I would not have any problem loving her. 🙂

Kenia, has been the victim of bad timing.  As soon as her “days” started guys started asking for her.  She should be ready Saturday and she is quite talented and should have new pics soon.  My friend “Foto Freak” took some pics at the party so soon many chicas will have new pics.

I am going to try and schedule another party in August.   By then we should have another 10 new chicas. I am getting a lot of calls so you should see some new talent real soon.

I will make this short, but will try to be back soon.  You guys be safe and enjoy your Easter Holiday.




Well had a little scare when Ana Lucia missed a couple of dates.  Come to find out she had a car accident and was jailed for a few days.  Now that happens occasionally around here, but with her pretty face I was somewhat surprised.   I remember when Malia was working she had a car, no license and was constantly in wrecks, but the police only wanted her phone number.  Anyway she is back to work with a busy schedule.

Hope you saw Ashley’s new pics.   She is looking better and of course she was always very pretty.  Rose swears she will get pics tomorrow at noon and I look forward to seeing those. Rose and Ana Lucia have been great additions and new chica Charlotte got great comments after her first date.   Penelope was hospitalized over the weekend but she is out and back to work.  Mary went out of town with her Mom but will be back Thursday for a date.

I read a couple of days that we had only average to below average chicas on our site.  There is a group of guys that constantly say that but it hurts when is repeated by guys that have no idea what our current stable is like.   I have had a few apologize after seeing our site and seeing the quality of the chicas, because they believed what other folks have repeated.

Well the tourney is nearing and Gonzaga qualified tonight.  I believe St Mary’s will be invited as well.  We were just to busy today for me to watch the games, but I hope to be on top of everything both tomorrow and Thursday.  It is a great time of the year for the sports fan.

What is up with all this rain?  My poor apartment is freezing where we had the windows open at night last week.  I think this is only temporary but will be glad when it warms up a bit.  My trash cans were filled with water which made it a bit difficult to take out the trash.

Today was the International Day of the Woman, so I sent several texts out and brought a smile to a few faces.  Told a couple of cashiers to have a happy day of the woman so scored a few points there.  I did not forget my wife though.

Going to slow down for awhile.  Will be back soon and please be careful out there.


Well the site is coming along.  Feel free to tell me what you think.  I will be adding a new chica soon.  There are some small tweaks that need to be done, but by now you should have a feel for the new design.

PANCHO IS BACK!  He arrived last night and probably will have a taxi in less than a week.  Believe me, he has been missed. He started with us in 2008, so he has more tenure than many of the chicas.  Although it is quite nice to have him back, Chino has done an outstanding job in his absence and will still be doing a lot of the driving.

Got an interesting phone call on Wednesday. A guy told me that his girlfriend of 11 years is pictured on our site and he had just arranged for her to live with him in the US and her Visa would be here in a few days.  The funny thing was that he mentioned two names of chicas that cover their face and was not sure which one it was but says he recognized the clothes.  So he sent me a few pictures and I have no clue who the chica is, but of course I wish him the best life has to offer. 🙂

The talent level has risen yet again.  I am so much looking forward to being in a room with Osiris, Rose, Penelope, Mary, Heidi, Ana Lucia, Angel, Vanessa, Angeles, Chiquita, Charles, Nicole Michel, and Kimberly.  I have more interviews coming up, so who knows who is coming next.   Arely may be having some cold feet but she is welcome any time.  I hear a couple of our college students may be back.  Names are being withheld to protect the agency owner, who may be abused if he speaks too soon.

The basketball tourney starts soon, and of course those first 4 days are so special.  I am so much looking forward to the tourney.  We had a great Friday and both Saturday and Sunday are looking promising so maybe I will see you.  Make your reservations now for the weekend of the 18 and 19th and it should be outstanding.

Working on a driver to pick people up near the border on the US side and deliver to TJ.  Many are not real excited about the immigration policies of Mexico and since auto traffic is not being stopped to enter, you can do that without getting your passport stamped. For you out of town guys, an airport pick up is definitely a possibility.

The programmer has done a great job on the site and not sure if I can mention any names, but nonetheless your professionalism and dedication to your work is so much appreciated.

Be safe and I will be back soon.



Hello everyone.  Hope all is well in your world.  I have had a couple of setbacks, but I am going to be ok.  In some freak accident I wrenched my back a few days ago and could hardly walk, sleep or bathe.  The pain can be unbearable but of course I did not go to the doctor.  I was going to go, but being the guy I am I sent the taxi for some Icy-Hot.  I have gotten reasonable results from having the wife administer a little.  Still not walking right, but I think I am on my way.   Let’s be honest here, this probably would not have happened if I was not so fat.

I had two chicas waiting for interviews and I kept putting them off, but thought today would be the day.  I did see one chica today and she may be the prettiest on the site when I finally get the pics.  I believe the photographer took them at 5 or 6pm and will send them in the morning.  There is always a chance she missed her appointment but after I interviewed her she was on her way.  18 years old with a beautiful smile and a great body.  She has a nice personality as well.   Yeah I know what you are thinking when I say nice personality but she has it all….believe me.

I have been watching college baskets a bit.  I saw Xavier the other day and they are real good and having a good year as well.  Trying to see if there is room for both St Mary’s and Gonzaga in the field and I think there could be.  I would think if they both run the table and meet in the conference Championship then it could happen.  The experts don’t seem to agree but honestly I am not so sure.   We have nearly 3 weeks to let it all play out.

Hoping to have an event the 19th.   If you are my client and want more info, I hope you write for info.  Please understand if I don’t know who you are I will not be sending you info.  I am hoping for lots of chicas to attend and going to add some incentives to not only attend but to attend early.  If you get the see Rose, Penelope, Ana Lucia, Mary, Osiris, Kendra, Arlet, Nicole Michel,  Heidi, Angel, Kimberly and Vanessa under one room it should be quite a spectacle.   If you are our client this is something you will not want to miss.

Have a great and very safe weekend.  I will be back soon.


Well the weekend was huge.  Hotels were booked to capacity and folks were waiting for room at La Mansion.  Somehow every one managed and we made a few new friends as well.  New pics of Angeles seem to have helped as her activity has increased.  The weekend allowed Alejandra to work and we are just waiting for pics and with her you never know.

As you may have guessed Penelope was a busy young lady and I was quite happy to send her.  Rose is doing well, but cannot seem to get her to the studio.  Charlie and Angel hooked up on a threesome and Angel said Charley tasted sweet. 🙂  Samara got a couple of dates with couples and she seems to be doing well on those dates.

I guess now that the Super Bowl is over we just have a month to wait for Mach Madness.  Will be trying to figure out what small school teams can make their mark on the field.  For sure there does not seem to be a clear favorite so someone is going to get hot in a few weeks and all we have to do is figure that out.

My friend is making great progress on our new site and it should be up and running by March 1.  I like the design and look forward to everyone seeing it.  A few young ladies have expressed an interest in working but don’t seem to be so excited about interviewing so not sure if that will pan out.

I have heard Jocelyn is asking about coming back.  I am sure many would like to see her, but waiting for her to call.  Everyone is always asking about Perla but have heard nothing and of course wish her well wherever she is or whatever she is doing.  Michel left this morning but promises to be back soon.  I miss her already.

Will be back soon.  Be careful and don’t forget to come visit.




The Super Bowl is tomorrow afternoon and I would guess that makes for a good time to go shopping.  The movie theaters should be pretty sparse as well.  Me, I will be going to a Super Bowl Party and have some fun and some laughs until I get back to work.

Rose had her Team Juanita debut last night and she looked great and her client gave her two thumbs up.  She was in the back of the taxi with Michel last night, who also looked great as they sent out to represent Team Juanita.  Both chicas hit home runs and I am sorry to say Michel leaves on next Monday.  Every time I see her she is prettier than the last.

You know we have some very nice gentlemen that visit our chicas and we work had to give them a lot of choices in all size, shapes and ages (18 and above of course).   It is nice to offer so many outstanding ladies that want to work. I had forgot that Brenda had introduced Mary and Penelope to our service and last night she says she has two more friends.  It is always hit and miss with these chicas that want to work.  Some times we hire new chicas and I am surprised by the initial response and then other times I hire a chica like Rose, and I am just salivating at the opportunity to offer her service to our clients.

So you will not believe how many times I get a call, and it starts out like this: “I am not like the other guys, I treat the chicas with respect and get to know them and want to give the lady a nice experience”.  Well I do appreciate that but would say that is 85% of you.  We all appreciate your sense of kindness and decency, and do want you to know you are appreciative.   We really don’t want to let that pass without saying thank you for your kindness and willingness to visit our chicas.

I hope you are aware that I am using the news section several times a week, to keep you updated on new chicas, vacations, and chicas that may be available at times they normally are not.  I have finally got a phone for Osiris and that should help us all a lot as it is know fun trying to work with a message phone.  She is a hot little number, with good service as well.

Hope you all enjoy the game. Be safe and I will see you soon.


Well it is the first of February, and as always time flies by.  I know that many of you have really enjoyed our fiestas and in particular the fund raisers for the orphanage.  Although we should have some parties this year, it appears that our association with the orphanage will come to an end.  The orphanage is down to 3 or 4 kids now and looks as if they will not be getting any more. Some of the issues are political and it hurts be to say, that “it is for the kids” seems to be missed on many of those in positions of authority. A huge thanks you goes to my friend Scott, who has embraced this cause for some 15 or so years, and of course to all of you that did help make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate kids.

With that being said, I am going to direct my energy to our “Amigos de Santa” project and get on that as early as this moth.  I don’t think any fund raising parties will be necessary although I am sure many of you are glad to donate.  With the help of my friend “FotoFreak” we are working towards a website to be up in the next couple of months and the project will be funded mostly from local business and we have a goal of reaching 250 kids this year.  I think that our goal will be surpassed but it is always better to do better than planned and I think we will get there.  If you are interested in donating just send me an e-mail and ask about the Friends of Santa project and I will put your address in a folder for when the time comes.

Well the Super Bowl week has finally got here and everywhere you go, you will find an opinion.  I know I am going to have fun and spend the day with friends.  I can assure you that I won’t be joining Gambler’s Anonymous after the game as do so many folks do.   Hope you all enjoy the game and time with your friends.

Met a nice young lady on Saturday, that is suppose to have pics soon.  I think she will be very popular and can just hope she follows through with pics.  She is going to be called “Rose” and although promises nothing more than GFE she is bi-sexual as well.  I am sure you will like her.

I have no date in mind for a party as I want to plan my vacation first.  My thought is to offer prizes to the chicas in hopes of getting a good turn-out as I would like more than the 25 that came to our Xmas fiesta.  I always enjoy the parties and leave exhausted. In all likelihood we would raffle off 3 dates instead of 2 and the money made in the raffle would not only help with the beer and soda, but help towards cash prizes for the chicas.

I see we already have a busy week ahead, but their is always room for more.  Please plan on a visit soon and we will be waiting for you.   Be careful out there and I will see you all soon.


Good morning friends.  I feel pumped up as today is finally the day Lucy Liu gets her pics.  Not sure how fast I will get them but the photographer is suppose to send them and I know she is going to get noticed quick.  Did you see Luna’s new pictures?  Finally pics that tell the story as she is so frickin’ cute when she goes on her dates.  The clients always comment on how much prettier she is in person.

Today I saw someone write that Team Juanita has three or four good looking chicas.    First of all that is a great consideration for the guy who said it but I have to put this on paper.











Lucy Liu

There is 11 names above of exceptional looking chicas, who our clients love.  I remember the same guy telling me that if I had 4 more Sarahi’s I would be rich, so  I guess her approves of her.   He also said once Arlet was our only pretty chica, but she was maybe 7th or 8th on our site at that time.  Not one agency in Tijuana has this many model quality chicas, yet some folks spout off about things they are not knowledgeable about.   Others  discount us because we hire women that do not appeal to them.  I will never apologize for that as everyone deserves a chance to work, and ultimately the clients decide who he sees.

Not to throw salt in the wound of the mis-informed but Michel is back today and will be here 3 weeks.  I fully expect Linda, our former Miss Tijuana to be back in a few months if not sooner.   Why is it that we have controlled the #1 spot on TER for more than 10 years?    I suppose it has something to do with the ladies we hire and promote and the nice gentlemen that follow us.   As an agency owner I am never satisfied and always in search of that new superstar.

I enjoyed the games today and had great fun with a small group of friends.  I was quite vocal about best defense, plus points at home is a nice combination to bet on.  When you are right it is such a good feeling and the money is ok as well.  Who knows who is going to win the Super Bowl, but I doubt very much Denver will turn the ball over 7 times in that game.

I just want to send a shout out to our East Coast fans that could not make the trip this weekend.  Hope everything is well with you and your family and when the weather permits we will be here.  My Son missed 4 days of school last week and sure hope he gets to attend this week.

Valentine’s day is in 3 weeks so don’t forget your flower orders.  I took some pics the other day of nice arrangements that are kind of nice if you want something different from the usual 12 roses.  Please be careful out there and be nice to each other.  Being nice is so much easier than being an asshole.  Be kind to your neighbor and try to get along.  I will be back soon.


Well once again, things you think would not affect our business throw a monkey wrench in our business.  Now mind you I feel for those folks on the East Coast. and of course hope that everybody can wait out the storm in a nice warm cozy house.  We will be here when the weather is  nicer and we are here now.  My son made school one day all week.  I asked him to think of something he can do with his Mom that they may not otherwise do.

Well Lucy Liu’s pics got postponed as the photographer had an event today and was not available to take pics.  I am pretty sure she would have been busy this weekend, but she may get scheduled anyway.  Someone else has been calling looking for a chance, but we keep missing each other.  Working on getting pics of Kimberly with a smile.  She is suppose to send some soon.

Looking forward to football this weekend.  Should be an interesting site in Carolina in the middle of a snow storm.  I have bet Denver to upset the Patriots on Sunday.  Should be a fun weekend and leading to a great Super Bowl, and I am looking forward to the Party at Muelle 7 this year.  Pepe is working to put together a nice spread, and it should be fun.

Will be back soon, but in the meantime, please be safe out there.  Call us this weekend as chicas that were scheduled now have some openings.


Well college football came to an end last night with a great final game. I bet the wrong team, but managed to enjoy the game all the same.   By March I will be ready for football to start again, but there are still 7 NFL playoff games and college basketball to enjoy, so not all is lost.  Yesterday was my son’s 16th birthday and I told him the Country was celebrating his birthday with the NCAA championship game.  I plan to visit him in March.

On the work front I just read where Arlet gave a guy about the best bbbj in his life.  Do you know how happy I am to hear that?  I would like her to return to one of the more popular chicas but she is flying under the radar right now.  She has had it kind of rough and she is so very sweet.  Guys always says she responds great to DATY, but we need her to be great in a facets of the game. 🙂   I think she has turned the corner and is handling the job like she did when she started.

The Power Ball jackpot has exceeded 1 Billion so I am going to cross later to make my contribution.  I keep hearing that past winners are generally not happy and all I can say is give me a chance.   I would give much of it away if I had that much money, that is for sure.  I am sure there will be more news stories and lots of people crossing the border for their shot. I somehow bought 10 tickets for last Friday and did not have a single number on any ticket.  I think that should be worth something.

Now I tell every chica on the site I love them every time I visit with them.  Mimi is quick to tell me that she does not love me and somehow I still manage to tell her every time.  Sometimes I will say, I have to ask you a question but please tell me the truth.  “Did you dream about me last night?   She replies with a forceful “No!”.  Even though we are just on the phone I can see her face tighten up as she tells me.  Now on the other hand, Penelope will say “of course baby but when are we gong to be together for real”  Now she understands how to play but I was most disappointed when I was explaining the lottery, and I asked her, “If I win, will you change your life, and be with me forever?”.   I was shocked when she said no.  I would much rather had her say, “Oh baby I will be with you even if you don’t win”, but I guess that was in my dream.  Maybe for the first time she though I was serious.  You know I tell my wife at least 20 times each day that I love her, and she has to listen to me tell another 60 ladies and one TS that I love them as well.  She has a good attitude about it, and the truth is I do love her and she can give me everything the others could, and I am quite content with her.

Since I mention the TS, I find it necessary to give her the same playful attention I give the others.  She of course is different but she deserves the same attention.  I just don’t kiss  her and I guess that is where I draw the line.  I do however want her to feel like part of the team and some of the others have embraced her. I have heard really good things about her and the clients are all happy with her and that alone makes me want to say the same things that I say to the others.  You may not remember the three that worked with us in 2005 and 2006, but Ivana is better looking and gets more clients than they did.  Someday maybe we will add a second one.

Well I am waiting for a book or a movie about Chapo.  That should get a lot of attention. I just wonder if there is still a chapter left in his life?  If there is, I hope it can be a violence free chapter, as enough people have already been killed.  I am sure many want to understand what makes his tick and discover another side of him.  I am not so sure I want to explore that angle, but I am interested in how he lived.

Well be safe out there and I will see you all soon.


Chapo has been caught again.  I believe 5 of his men were killed and one soldier in a raid Friday morning.  What is next in this story?  Many are calling for extradition to the US.  Others are waiting for Donald Trump’s comments.  Will he escape another time?   Will he write a “tell all” book?   Chapo has been responsible for so many crimes and murders that many would consider him public enemy #1.  Not sure where ISIS rates as that organization is also very violent. I certainly don’t profess to be an expert on the field, but like many I find the story fascinating.  I am sure a book and a movie will be big sellers.  I just hope we can get the truth. Not sure I can handle the truth.

On a more pleasant thought, Penelope is back and that is a huge plus for our clients.  Today will be her first day back and yet she has nothing scheduled as we approach 9am on this Saturday.   The rain slowed things down a little, but many still braved the elements to visit TJ this week.  Personally I love to hear the rain beat down on the roof and windows as I “get busy” with my love interest.  I can remember sitting on the front porch as a youngster and watching the rain, thunder and lightning storms.  They have a certain smell to them and it was always a nice quality family time to watch the rain come down.   We would always have a small radio playing to hear accounts of the storms and I guess that would not compete with Chapo, but we had a much similar life in the 60’s and 70’s.

This last week found Mariela to be our busiest chica.  She has always done well, but never been near the top in dates.  For sure guys always have nice commentary on her skills and personality.  She is pretty much a simple chica, but I have notices that her wardrobe has improved in her time on our site.  She looked good in her red dress at our Christmas party and got lots of attention.

I will be putting Samara back on the page later today as she quit and came back in a period of 3 days.  Not sure what is going on, but she was adamant about having her pics taken down earlier this week and just yesterday said they can go back up. She is a pretty young lady and fun to be around.

Would guess we will be offering some new chicas early next week.  Everyone seems to have a friend that wants to work so we will see what that leads to.  Sometimes when my expectations are low is when I have the best finds.  I guess life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. 🙂

NFL playoffs start today and I don’t have much of an opinion on the outcome of the 4 games.  I will be watching however and planning on attending a Super Bowl Party next month.  Should be fun with lots of food and good friends.  We had a blast last year and expect the same again this year.

I hope the rain is behind up, and you all be safe out there.




Well it is a new year.  Football is winding down, and basketball is gearing up.  Next month baseball payers will be reporting to Spring training and Arizona and Florida will be bombarded with baseball fans.   I spent a some 11 years in Scottsdale Arizona and I remember how crazy the Spring was with MLB teams in town.  I remember seeing Jose Canseco often at a favorite restaurant of mine.  He got a few traffic tickets around the city when he visited.

We made out pretty good for the Holidays.  I cannot remember a December with more business, and I guess you can credit that with the number of chicas we have an an improved US economy.  NYE came and left without incident, which always scares me with young chicas that may drink too much.  I was in bed by 10:30 and listened to fireworks all night long.  I swear the people of Mexico love their fireworks.  Work hard, Play hard is the motto of many.   At this point in my life, I prefer to sleep hard. 🙂

Are the Chargers leaving San Diego?   Most people seem to think so, but maybe something will happen at the last moment.  I guess not but hard to think San Diego will be without a team.  The non sports guys cannot grasp the economic impact a NFL team brings.  Restaurants, hotels, taxis, and vendors will all suffer and lots of jobs will be lost.  I am not sure how it will impact my business as will the Bronco, Chief, and Bear fans visit TJ if the Chargers play their home games in the LA area?  Seems like our business does better with baseball fans, but of course we do not want to lose costumers.  Comic Con always brings a lot of folks to Tijuana.

Have not had a new chica in a couple of week, but will try to add some by the end of the month.  The talent level is off the chart now with Osiris, Mary, Penelope, Kendra,Honey and Angeles all getting attention.  Mary should be back in about 10 days and Penelope will be back this weekend.   Angel, Kenia and Sarahi are all staying stead and with Jennifer and Luz at the top of the TER ratings for Tijuana our team is strong and deep.  If you have not visited in a few months, it might be time to consider a visit.

Hope your Holiday was good and still be safe always.  I will be back soon.


Thinks have somewhat returned to normal.  Suppose in a few days we will take the tree down, but I am always slow to do that.  It has been quite cold and that motivates me even less.

Guys always ask about New Year’s eve.  We still have a few chicas that would accept a date.  Jennifer, Mariela, Angelica, and Kenia would do so this year.  Remember I am using the News page to update day to day changes.

Angeles has been a star flying under the radar.  She is very sweet in addition to being beautiful.  With Penelope and Mary out for another two weeks, that may open the door for Angeles,  Chiquita, Arlet, and CaSandra have been quiet as well.  I look for all 3 to pick up some steam.

Been enjoying the bowl games.  Looking forward to seeing how Air Force does with California in an hour from now.  Really loved the way Navy dominated Pittsburgh.  I had a great year in College football and my bowl pics have been above average as well.

Please be safe and enjoy your New Year.


It is Christmas eve.  All night channel 801 on DirecTV was playing the Christmas music I love to hear so much.  Later when the family is out of bed FM 96.5 will be playing on our stereo at a moderate level.  I could not sleep much last night and have been bouncing around different websites since 6am.  There are no dates scheduled today, and that is fine.

Well Junior is excited about Christmas, but I don’t think that will keep him from sleeping like it did for me for many years.  Part of the plan is to keep him busy so he knocks out tonight and Santa can visit the home while he is dreaming.  The tree has a many presents under it but his bike will come after he sleeps.  This is not the Mexican custom, however probably in a few years we will switch to a house party on the 24th and open presents then.  Honestly if we did that tonight there would be no sleeping and I do value my sleep.  I do have a half gallon of eggnog and we will not be adding any alcohol.

Around 3pm my family and some like minded people will be putting together 72 bags of candy for random children.  Every bag will include a pack of hot chocolate and a candy cane with many more surprises.  When it turns dark, we will hit the streets and surprise some youngsters and their parents.  I have a Santa Claus costume that I will wear, and everyone else will be wear a Santa hat.   It will not be perfect, but the uniform and the festivities will be with a lot of love and heart.

This is the first year of the Santa costume, but the third year of doing this.   72 bags is not much but it is a start.  We will have a police escort and maybe in some small way, folks can embrace the Municipal Police and the officers can get caught in the moment.  I know many will be skeptical, but it is a start.

I have adopted Tijuana as my city.  Now I know that very few if any locals care about that, but I will not let that discourage me.  With all our flaws, how tough can it be to embrace the Holiday and bring smiles to a few children.  Selfishly I want my 4 year old see the joy you can get out of sharing, that Christmas is not about getting but it is all about giving.

Plans are in the works to build a website to get others involved.  My dream is to see many merchants donate something like a meal or a sandwich and in return put them on the site as a contributor to the cause.  Who knows maybe in years to come the fire department can become involved.  Our website will have pictures showing our effort and hopefully that will get merchants to help embrace this idea.

So where ever you are, remember to be safe first. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and 2016 will be great.


Spent the morning watching football with my good friend Lou at a Caliente on 8th and Revolucion.  We have found it to be nice with a good breakfast menu.  We have probably spent 6 or 7 Sunday mornings there.  I had no particular interest in any of the games, but it is nice to watch a little and get out of the house.   Wife is out Christmas shopping as best I know.  I have the Chargers on, the volume off and listening to 96.5  FM to their Christmas music.  This is the way it should be…relaxed and primed for the Holiday.

There will be Bowl games all week with the first one tomorrow morning.  No college football on Christmas, but we can find something else to do.  I will most likely make a few wagers.  I just love college football as well as college basketball.   It sure is a lot more fun that traffic. 🙂

Sometimes we can easily take granted to what these girls do over the course of a work week or a month or so.  It cannot be easy and we should take a moment to thank those that do provide.   When chicas apply they have one idea, and then after the interview they have another idea.  Let’s just say we lose a few in the interview process and it is meant to be that way.  When I explain what GFE is  the body language of some tell me they cannot do it, and save all of us some time and money.  When a chica is thinking of becoming a prostitute her initial thought is she is going to spread her legs, and hope it gets over soon.  Just think about riding in the taxi with no knowledge of who will be her client today and yet she is expected to be happy and have a bubbly personality and then give it up like a tramp and enjoy it.  Sometimes we lose sight of what these young ladies have to go through.  At the same time most everyone is nice and treats the chicas with respect, and for that I am thankful.  So my hat is off to these young ladies that provide a much needed service.

So I know that many of you still have shopping to do.  I probably will do some shopping myself, but I am ready today.  I know some of you will get a laugh out of this, but while at Costco the other day I saw a toaster my wife could use. Our toaster currently does not work quite right and she uses paper on the part you pull down to set the toaster and then checks a bit later to see if it is ready to manually pop the toast up.  So I bought a toaster and had it wrapped as a Christmas present. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have called me an asshole for that move, but believe me my wife is going to make out this year….and she will get a toaster as well. 🙂  Junior is 4 now and he is getting his first bike.  I have already filled his stocking and he has not even noticed.  He has however noticed a few presents under the tree and has a lot of questions.

I hope to be back before the Holidays.  Business has been brisk, but not much is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so if you have time come visit and help make some chica’s Christmas a little bit better.  Please remember to be safe and have patience for those that let the tension get to them.  Either way I will be back soon.


Happy Holidays




Just one more week.  I am pretty close to ready, but there will always be something I forgot or something I get at the last minute.   A space heater would be useful about now.  Man has it been cold in the evenings.

Big news:  Safiro will be working later and doing overnights for the next month.  Dulce C may be able to sneak in a few overnights on the weekends.  Malia is back but other than Tuesdays, she is available 10pm or later.  Mary and Penelope will be leaving the 22nd or 23rd but should be back around New Years.

I understand Karla will be off the site on Monday, but still can work “under the radar” after she is removed.  She is one of the hottest and the best in Tijuana but she somehow flies under the radar when she is on the site.  I was suppose to interview some new chicas but that did not happen, but will soon.

The Bowl season starts tomorrow and I believe there are day games  all week starting Monday.  I know I figure to see a lot of games.  Sprinkle in some NFL and college basketball and Christmas will be here in a flash.

Pancho is gone for awhile,  Chino just got a new taxi and already have had to call on Fermin, Edgar, and Sergio to help.  Looks like Edgar will get his Residence Card, and be living in the US in a few weeks.  He has been a big help these last 3 years, and he will be missed for sure.

This afternoon I am going with my friend Scott to visit the orphanage.  Should be there around 4pm.  Seems like the orphanage is getting smaller and smaller every year.  It is nice to see some move on and do something productive, but at the same time they are missed as well.

Should be back soon.  In the mean time, be safe out there.


Marlene called yesterday and wants to come back.  She is probably 20 by now, but was quite popular and I am sure will be.  I have plans to see her Monday.   She is a very tall young lady so if you like them tall she may be for you.

Malia is back.  I should have pics real soon.  Guys seem to love her or hate her and I cannot really tell you why.  Seems like she won’t DFK with some, but others says she is excellent in that regard.  As an agency owner I am going to work to get that more consistent.  She is always fun to hang out with.

Naomy says she has three 18 and 19 year old friends that want to work.  I hope to meet them on Monday and see what they are all about.  I always enjoy adding new chicas.

Angeles is not getting as much work as I would think for a chica with her beauty and skills.  She may be a chica that needs a few TER reviews and then takes off.  Luz and Angel seem to be hot right now, as they are requested more this month than any other team.

Luz is back to #1 in Tijuana and Carolina is #2.  I would hope that Sarahi would get more reviews so she could move up there.  She right now is our most popular in the last month, but has no reviews to show for it.  Kenia is outstanding as well but only a few reviews.

I am ready for the 24th to go out in the streets and give small gift bags to the kids.  I am hoping that next year it will be a bigger project and maybe it can be an annual event.   I am also hoping to get pics and maybe video of the event so others will want to participate in years to come.   Hopefully we can find a catchy name to give it.

Plan to be back a few times before Christmas but you all be good.  Santa is watching!  If you can’t be good please be safe.


First of all, thank you to all the good people that attended our fiesta last night.  My friend fotofreak and her husband for attending and helping with some excellent pics.  Not sure what I will be able to post here but we will get something posted in a blog or on the main site.

I kept hearing from the gathering about how hot the chicas  were, and some of these hotties are a secret to many as their is a faction that always say our chicas are all fat and old.  Man as you saw last night, nothing could be further than the truth.  Believe it or not I just met Angeles last night for the first time and was impressed with her.  One lucky client took Penelope and Mary together and I am sure he had great fun.

Another guy got Luz and Angel and we are sending him to have his heart checked. Angelica, Ashley, Ingrid, Dolly, and Kendra all left with clients as well, and I believe a good time was had by all.  Blanca, Yessenia, Jennifer, Mariela, Nancy 2, Marbella, Ivana (TS), Cielo, Kenia, and Sarahi were all in attendance as well.  Cielo look particularly good and crazy as well.  She sure loves the camera and I am sure I will have something to share with you in regards to Cielo.

I do not have the final talley from this fundraiser, but my friend Scott handled the money and I am sure I will be able to post something soon.  Big Lou was his usual self in the DJ box and kept everyone happy with his selections.  Oscar was there to help with name tags and translations and his help is always appreciated.

The entire weekend was a big success and I want you all to know that your patronage of our business and your generosity with the orphanage is greatly appreciated.  Probably will be June when we do this again.   I was exhausted last night, but I am alive and well.  I cannot sleep but I am guessing as soon as the 10 am NFL games come on, that is when I will sleep.

You all be careful and safe.  Have a great Holiday season!


As I was writing my blog yesterday I was watching the news about the shootings at San Bernardino.  One thing we should learn is not be so quick to judge.  Our authorities do a good job on their investigations but that takes time and even more time before we the common folk get that information.

Today it looks like it may be terrorism.  I just cannot understand why that place?  Could not they choose a million other locations that would have a greater impact on our lives. No disrespect to the good people that were victimized or had friends or families that were affected by this action.   I just don’t see the Inland Regional Center as a “hot spot”.  This crime will not cripple traffic or shut down airports.

My fear that this may be the start of a spree of similar shootings or terrorist attacks.  I hate to speculate but I think it is only natural for us to wonder.  I would think that if we can learn the motive then we can understand what may be next.  I guess we can say that what we may have learned is that nothing is off limits.  That alone can be scary at best.

Best we can do now is keep our eyes and ears open.  We are taught to be tolerant, and I will not suggest we should blame all the people of a certain region.  Every County, every race has an abundance of idiots and assholes.  Most us can find many in our own neighborhoods.

What scares me is that this couple had assimilated into our society very well and at least the co-workers said he was a nice regular guy.   I am sure more information will be available soon.

I hope you can all go about your daily lives without much compromise.  I suggest we be patient before drawing conclusions.


Take Care, and be careful out there.


Hello everyone.  Listening to Xmas music courtesy of 96.5 FM San Diego.  All Christmas music all day and that is just fine for me.  Hope you are all gearing up for a fun weekend and of course your shopping. It is cold enough for Christmas, but I could celebrate you fine in warmer weather.   Junior saw Santa on Monday and for the first time he did not cry.  He is set to turn 4 on Monday and for him a Mickey Mouse cake is all that is necessary.  We are having a small party for him on Friday.

I hear the new chica just got pics, so they should be arriving soon.  Looking forward to having her on the team  She is friends with Mary and Penelope, so I hope she is just as good.  Honey is getting lots of attention so I have not heard much about her.  One guy says her breasts are smaller than advertised and another says they are huge.  I would be happy to change those 36C’s to B’s but I have no clue.

Pancho will be leaving Tuesday so don’t forget to wish him a Merry Xmas and you may not see him to February or March.  I am glad he can earn enough for long vacations, but of course miss him.   Seems just seem to run smoother with him here.  His vacation does allow me to work with others and have them ready for that day when he leaves for good.   He is a young guy so just maybe I will expire while he is still working.

Soon will be the bowl games for college football.  Looking forward to the match ups and of course the actual games  Kind of curios what will happen with Notre Dame and Western Kentucky.  Hope Western Kentucky gets to play a big school like a team from the SEC or Pac Ten.   I just hope Notre Dame plays well as obviously they will be the favorite in their game, unless somehow they get in the final four.

Hope you can come visit and if not enjoy your Holidays.  I will be back soon.


The Holiday time is upon us.  One week to Thanksgiving and not sure what I will do.  Not that many folks celebrate it here, but my family will eat Turkey for sure.  It is a good day of football as well.  The streets here in TJ will just be a normal Thursday as it is only really celebrated here as many folk have friends and families just north of the border.

By the way I just picked up a stereo at a swap meet yesterday and it has a FM antenna so I can tune in 96.5 to listen to Christmas music all day long.   The one tradition I miss her, is piling the family in the car late on Xmas eve and buying some eggnog, listening to Xmas music and driving slowly through those neighborhoods that are decorated for the holidays.  I have yet to find anything even remotely close in Tijuana.

I have already started planning for a project to replace it on the 24th.  A few friends and my family are putting together small brown paper sacks, with some Xmas stickers and Candy Canes and other assorted goodies including a pack of hot chocolate.  We did this last year as well and it is quite rewarding to see the kids faces light up as we give these small gifts to random children in the city.   The Xmas music from 96.5 will be part of the plan as well. Even the bug hits the bah humbug folks on the night of the 24th.  It is so much easier to be nice and have good thoughts  as opposed to finding fault with everything and having hate in your heart.   The Holiday is for sure about giving and that is where the true joy comes in.  I just hope that Junior can adopt the same attitude when he becomes an adult.

Pancho is leaving on the 8th and as you probably know he probably won’t be back until late February or early March, even though he always says 2 to 3 weeks.  Alfredo will benefit the most with an increase in the work load.  Edgar is getting a Visa and will most likely not be working with us after January.  Fermin is having some health issues but he has good days along with the bad, and will be driving probably more of the morning dates.  The Holidays are certainly a fun time and this will be the 8th straight year Pancho leaves to spend the Holidays with his Mom.  I am glad that his job with us allows him to take and extended vacation with money earned those other 10 months.   In a lot of respects he is like a son to me and a best friend as well.

Mary tells me she is out of town for 2 weeks.  I wish she would have told me ahead of time as a client was her last night and she tells me she will be back in 15 days.  Yadira has a family problem and went back home but should be back shortly. Just interviewed a very pretty 22 year old yesterday.  Am working on getting pics, but she works a regular job, so we are trying to find time.  I don’t have a name for her.  Maybe some of you can e-mail me with potential names that you like.  I sometimes get the names write as I named Dulce (the original) and Perla and both still use those names even though it is not their real names.

Well be safe folks and I should be back soon.


Where are they today?

Alejandra Ruiz is selling clothes in Guadalajara and I have not heard from her in a few years.  Many may remember her as the first Team Juanita chica in 1997.  I find myself wondering about her and if she was not as good, how would that impact my life and my business.  Anyway I wish her the best life has to answer.

Kamala pops us every now and then, but I am not sure where she is today.  She got us on the map in the craigs list days.  I know that she gave birth to a daughter a few years ago and that is about it.  I do remember that she could really sing and her Mom taught school in the US.  Kamala was/is an American citizen.

Nahomy is working as a bilingual office manager at a dentist office.  She remains fit and trim and has made her life with a friend of mine.  I see her a couple times a year and can only say that she has done well for herself and it a success story that can inspire other Team Juanita chicas do something positive with their life.

Dulce is living somewhere is Southern California and I do hear from her ever now and then.  I remember how beautiful she was in 2004 when she came aboard and how many people thought I was using pictures of a model and she did not exist.  She took the escorting world by storm and broke a lot of hearts along the way.  She picked up English along the way and has good command of the language now.

Leah is still in Mexicali and finishing up college studying to be a dentist.   She is really bright and is more beautiful today than before.  She sends me a text message every now and then and always thanks me for helping her earn when she had very little.  She embraced the job and it served her well and she has moved on.  She is an outstanding young lady and she got out of the business as a young lady.

Monique is one I lost track of.  She was the #1 chica for maybe 6 months and actually lived in my spare room when she was at the top of her game.  She had came here from Idaho and she may have returned now for all I know.   There was a day when I would see her around Tijuana often, but it has to be more than a year since I last saw her.  She did have a child about 4 years ago I believe.

Twins Marlene and Vanessa are still in Tijuana.  I see them from time to time in the downtown area and they are quick to give me a hug and kiss.  I have met their Mom and they have a tight family where Mom knows exactly what her daughters did to earn money.  Both have guys in their lives and a bunch of children.  I really liked them and am always happy to see them.

Jocelyn shows up from time to time and I believe she is down South somewhere.  People still call about her from time to time and you never know she may be back on her site some day.  She was always a sweet chica that was fun to be around.

Mia I believe got married, but I lost touch with her.  She was/is a very educated lady that worked in public relations for a real estate agency.  She was a real sexy chica that could break your heart.  I would get horny when I would read her TER reviews. She loved her clothes and often would go straight from a date to a mall on the US side to buy new clothes.   I hope to see her again some day soon.

Perla is still requested often.  I have not seen her recently, but was always dear to my heart.  She was so beautiful and her service was as good as it gets.  She would drive the taxis crazy by being late getting with them, but she made her dates on time. She was a chica that I would take with me to places around town to party and have fun, but she was never a sex partner of mine. Hopefully I will run into her soon.

Most recently many chicas just seemed to disappear and they are welcome back, as they all left on good terms like, Layla, Linda (the model), Jazmin, Linda (the former Miss Tijuana), Monica, and Foxy Roxy.  Over the years we have had some great chicas and I just hope that all is well with their lives away from this business.



I wanted to take a few moments to comment about reviews.  Some guys use the erotic review to gain free access and just make up their reviews.  Often they write great reviews, but sometimes they write terrible ones.  Chantel recently got a bad review and that was a client being truthful about his experience.  YMMV is something I wish we could avoid as she has many satisfied clients that have seen her on many occasions.   In my struggle to provide a great experience every time, I know that we do not always meet our goal.   In this case I believe the problem is Chantel works too much and she becomes irritable after working all day and then trying to provide an overnight date.  Things have been much better now that I don’t schedule her for overnight dates.  I know some are disappointed about that, but I think it is best.  Maybe I will let her do a Wednesday night because she has Thursdays off work.

I recently read on a site a positive statement about one of our chicas, but the client said she was a MILF and that is not accurate.  If you are a regular hobbyist you know what a MILF is and if you are not, then you may think it refers to having children.  Chiquita is about 10 years away from becoming a MILF.  Other guys comment on chicas that are not their type as if anyone that has taste different than theirs is crazy.   Once a guy commented on a chica and said she was at least 35 because she worked in a bar nearly 20 years ago.  Well shortly after that she turned 30 and I don’t think she was 10 working in a bar, but some folks really post with conviction and then some folks actually believe what they say.  I don’t know if you know the term PLM but it means Pathetic Loser Monger.  That term is used in reference to many things but is suppose to mean that a Monger (hobbyist) accepts things or believes things from a prostitute that he would never believe or accept from a regular lady.  I often see these PLM guys cheer leading with the aniti-PLM guys against PLM’s.  Do these guys not know that many of us know who you are?

I think in general we need to tolerate people with taste different than our own.  At the same time probably some should refrain from posting things that they don’t know to be true.  I like to say that there is someone out there for everyone, and I believe this.  When a guy finds a chica that make the world shake for him, we should all applaud and be happy for that guy and his experience.  Some folks just cannot help themselves in criticizing others and their likes or believes.  We could all benefit from tolerance.  It is just a hobby after all.


Many times I see something and I think I should write about it, only to not remember the topic later the same day.  I think we call that CRS and I must have it. Anyway I am hoping to participate on this blog more often.

Charlie Sheen is suppose to announce he is HIV positive on the Today show tomorrow.  First of all let me say my prayers go out to him if this is indeed true.  On his sitcom 2 and 1/2 men he makes many references to Tijuana and I always thought that would look good in an ad that Charlie was our client.  In a craigs list ad I had reference a certain Oakland Raider missing the Super Bowl because he was having to much fun with Team Juanita.  I can imagine several prostitutes dropping his name as a provider he frequented, and would guess they would have kept their mouth shut now.  Charlie sure can play the part of a hobbyist well.  Today it seems that HIV is no longer a death sentence and we all know how well Magic Johnson is doing or at least appears to be doing.  One thing for sure is that the today show will have great ratings tomorrow.

With the terrorist attacks on Paris a few days ago, our television is full of specials and breaking news stories about ISIS.  What it the World coming to?  Are we next?  I feel like we are in a Super Man movie and the new villain has us wondering if Super Man can conquer the new 2015 enemy.  I have no answers and can only pray.  I am reasonably sure ISIS is not going after Tijuana, but I do have fear for my brothers.  It is a shame you have to worry when going to a stadium for a concert or an athletic event instead of just having fun.

Hope to interview a new chica today.  I have seen her picture and she is attractive.  Mary and Penelope are the new queens of Tijuana and word is getting out.  I hear from Macy’s yesterday and just waiting for her pics but I think she called 6 months ago wanting to come back but I never got those pics so we will see.   For those of you that like to visit in the daytime I want to suggest Osiris if you like young spinners that are attractive and provide great GFE dates.

Please be safe out there, and keep checking our site.


November 8 was the the 25th anniversary of the passing of my Father.  I always reflect on that day and am thankful for the times we had together.  You know as you grow older you say things your Dad may have said and often it is as if you transform into your Dad.  Growing up sometimes I may have hated things he would say, but I find myself saying the same things.   As Fathers go, I pretty much hit the jackpot.  He was a hard working man and loved his children.  I think of all the characteristics that I have gained from him the two that come to mind is to be punctual and I have his dedication to the job.  He was very patriotic as well and you better believe our house was flying the flag on all Holidays. It was very important to him and I will give him credit for my  love of our Country.  His birthday is also this month on the 25.

Dad loved his sports and coached me as a youngster from 8 to 10 years old in youth baseball.  One thing I have to respect is that I only played the minimum at 8 years old as I just was not good enough.  He was very fair and I got no breaks for being the coaches son.  Seems like all the other coaches sons were stars,  and I had my day  as well, but that first year I batted once and watched most of the games.   We use to go to see the Cincinnati Reds often and I could always learn from him at a game.  He saw things that others may not, but it gave me a greater appreciation of the game.

Dad was a pharmacist and worked long hours and was always the guy that filled in for the sick pharmacists. Many times he would be both the Manager and the Pharmacist at a store, and that can get overwhelming to schedule, train, and council employees and try to be a pharmacist at the same time. I remember when I was 18 or 19 he had me fill in as a cashier.  One day a customer brought in a coupon and thinking that I was being a good employee paying attention to detail, I declined the coupon and told the customer the coupon was from another store.  Well Dad, asked me if I wanted to offer the customer a ride to the competitor since I wanted him to spend his money somewhere else.  He ripped that coupon out of my hands and took care of the guy and thanked him for coming to the store and told him he will honor all coupons from the competing locations in the future. I was embarrassed but  her I am some 35 years later recalling that story and of course I did the same when I was a retail manager.

Dad played basketball at Butler University, but at the time it was known as the Indiana school of Pharmacy, but his degree was from Bulter so it most likely became Butler just before he graduated.  Now Pharmacy is a 5 year degree, but Dad knocked it out in 4 years.  I was never very dedicated to my studies but Dad graduated high school at 16 and I believe was 21 when he finished school. We often would go to Butler Bulldog basketball games and they were good but not like today.  I had knew several of their players from camp that my folks sent me to, when is was 10 or 11.  It was nice to see guys you really admired and they would call me by name and visit with me after the games.   Coach George Theofanis always was very nice to me.  I remember he has me shoot shots from right under the basket but wanted me to bank the ball in but not touch the rim.  If I could do it 10 times in a row, he would buy me a root beer.  Well coach “T” bought me a lot of root beers one year at basketball camp.  A few years later at about 14 I met Jon and Don Mcgloklin  at another camp and they later attended Butler and played basketball there.  Their uncle Jon Mcglocklin played for the Milwaukee Bucks I believe.

By the way you may have seen Ingrid is back on the site.  I hope she stays longer this time. If you have not seen her you should as she is a pleaser.  Penelope, Mary, Naomy 2 and Carolina all seem to be cut from the same cloth and are great escorts.  Kendra is doing great, and Kenia  is back as well.  Our team is so strong right now with the chicas reallly performing as a high level.  We have had a rash of first time clients which is always nice.  I am considering sending out e-mails updates and fiesta invitations so you may want to drop me an e-mail if you are interested.

Junior is having his 4th Birthday in December and he wants a Mickey Mouse cake and will wear his Mickey Mouse costume to Peter Piper pizza for a small party of friends.  He is a real delight and fun to be around.  My 15 year old biological son is getting involved in acting and is helping with some comedy show being filmed in Nashville.  Might see him on television soon.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I will try to write more this week.   It is a great time of the year and please be safe out there. Hope to see you all soon.



I am sorry to wait so long to write.  I have a lot going on right now and am keeping up with the business but not so much on this blog.  I hear the Mexican officials came close to capturing Chapo again.  When I read stories like that, I always think “I wonder what the real story is.”   I don’t know but I would not be surprised to find Chapo is in another Country altogether.  I do find it surprising that we have not heard of sightings, etc.

I should have new pics of Penelope soon. She is a future superstar and just absolutely gorgeous.  They were taken tonight and looked good.  Naomy has been taking pics most recently and they have been turning out good.  Jr has ruined my camera, so I got a new one this week and have not used it yet.  Tomorrow Jennifer is suppose to take pics of Angeles,  a new chica, that I have not yet met.

Mary still has no ID but she says she will have it this week.  I hate to count on that and the guys that have scheduled have been warned.  She is pretty.  She is 18. She is good, but I will not send her until she has her ID, and she will have it with her every date.  Hotel Ticuan and La Premier have been checking ID’s regularly and have found lots of minors trying to enter.  Please believe we are not interested in that market and our chicas will always be of legal age.

Jr is just short of his 4th birthday.  This Halloween he will be Mickey Mouse again, but in a bigger size costume.  He is starting to speak some English and that is exciting to me.  He enjoys watching football and baseball with me.  Today is a big football day and I will be in front of the television all day.  I will be answering your e-mails and phone calls though.

Looks like it is Kansas City and New York in the World Series this fall.  Both teams are on top of their game and hopefully we will have a good series.   I think this year it will be the Royals.  I see the Dodgers dropped Mattingly.  He was the only Manager in their storied franchise to win 3 straight division titles.  Where is the upper management when the Dodgers had no bullpen and pulled bone head moves.   I am no Dodger fan, and certainly not a Mattingly fan but I hope he beats them in the playoffs in his next Manager job.   That would be poetic justice.

College baskets is just around the corner.  Can’t believe this is week 8 in college football.  Where does the time go?

You all have a good weekend.  Be safe out there.




October is here and October is a great month every year.  My friend Maria has her birthday on 10-10.  That is an easy one to remember and the Mother of my 15 nearly 16 year old son has her’s on 10-15.  In addition to those huge dates on the calendar, we have Halloween and that is a lot of fun when you have a little guy running around the house.  Looks like he is going with Mickey Mouse again this year, and a recent trip to Party Time found a costume in a larger size.

Many of you have expressed an interest in Mary, but as luck would have it she lost her ID after her very first date.  She has applied for a replacement and should have it by October 20th and should be available to rock you world.  Penelope is a new superstar and guys are loving her.  Someday soon I hope to have pictures that tell the story on exactly how beautiful she is.  I am quite happy with our current line up but of course it will be changing soon. I should be interviewing tomorrow.   Now Ivon just requested her pics be taken down.   She will be greatly missed and of course is welcomed back anytime she wants to come back.

Well I need to buy the candy again for Halloween.  No malted milk balls at our hose.  Fun size Snickers, Hershey Chocolates, Reece Cups, 3 Musketeers, and similar high quality candy is the norm around here.  Believe it or not I go the the US to buy as it is less expensive there.  I hope to cross this week.  I figure to buy about 5 times what is needed, but that is my way.  Normally I give all the left over candy to the neighbors.

Very soon you will see a new look to our website.  I am excited to see some changes and am looking forward to it. One of the things we have been doing most recently is sending the chicas with a camera and having the clients take new pictures.  Hopefully this will give us a chance to have fresh pics on our site and keep adding pics.

I have been having moderate success in wagering on college football and am just loving Saturdays.  Probably a game most of you will not see, but will be very entertaining is Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State.  Chances are those two schools will put up numbers like a basketball game and it may take 4 hours to complete.  If you get a chance turn it on and you may not want to turn the channel.

Hope to be back soon.  Enjoy the playoffs in Major League Baseball..yes the other MLB.  I should not be hard to find this week.  I will be close to the television for sure.

Have a good week and please be careful out there.


Hello folks!  Hope all is well with you.  Things are going great here.  In a few weeks our site will have a face lift and I am confident you will like it.  I like what I have seen so far, and have to admit I am excited.

The last week has not been without controversy.  First Cielo decided that she was going to deviate from our standards and a couple of weeks off have brought her back to attention.  Chantel has a bad outing but should not have gone out as she was ill.  I gave her a week off and she is booked full again this week.  She can pretty much only do late night dates or overnights and for that reason, she stays busy and keeps a waiting list.  I read somewhere that I have no control over my employees and had to laugh.  No idea where that came from, but obviously from someone that has no idea of our standards and what goes on.  Truth is we do want to get better, and will continue to work to improve.

Football season is upon us, and I am having great fun with that.  As far as picking winners, things have been only average in that regard, however I am confident that will change.   Notre Dame dodged a bullet on Saturday, so that is always a good thing.  It is the time of year where 5 days of the week, you can find football on television and soon it will be 6 or 7 days a week.  I like to follow the smaller schools and it is easier when games are on nearly every day.

Well today is Mexico’s Independence Day, which basically means there are a lot of hung over folks all over the country.  I stayed home from the partying as usual and let the amateurs have their fun.  Enjoyed a few fireworks through the window with the little guy and had a quiet night.

Newsflash!  Client told me Karla was excellent last night.  I already knew this but somehow that seems to remain a secret.  Got a great review on Nancy 2 and that came of no surprise, but her body style is not real popular so she gets overlooked often. Kenia and Kendra are doing well and Ellie May is starting to get rediscovered.  If you are a day time guy, then you should really see Ellie May.  You will not be disappointed.

Hey, it is cooler now.  I think today was the first day in the last 10 without multiple showers. Hopefully things will remain cooler.  I have to say sometimes I have gone to restaurants just for the air conditioning.  Now it is cool enough to eat outdoors. I am hoping to revisit some of my old topics as they are on my mind and will probably write about my ex room mate that was murdered about 15 years ago.    That story still bothers me today.

Be safe out there.  This is a great time of year and we have some of the best Holidays in front of us.  I will be back soon.


Lots of people talking about Chapo Guzman.  He sure has a huge following.  It is hard for me to comment as I don’t have any first hand knowledge of the guy, but at the least I would say he is good at what he does. I read that he would have to be killed as he could not stand prison in the US.   I kind of feel like he could escape a US prison if he ever gets the chance.  Strange that I have not read of any sightings.

Japan wins the Little League World Series.  It is beyond belief how those young boys behave on a World Wide Stage.  Behind 10-2 after one inning and those kids did not panic.  These just did what they always do, and won another championship. They are so disciplined and respectful, it is hard to believe they are only 12 years old.  It is easy to think of them as robots playing without emotion, but at least you see they do have emotions and are kids when they finally win and can let their hair down.

There are a bunch of college football starting Thursday night.  I am most intrigued by the Wisconsin/Alabama match up.  What a game for week I.  I hope Wisky can battle like they did last year when they should have beat LSU out of the gate.  I will have to look at that game closely to see it is is “wager worthy”.   At least I will be home and not hard to find.  The following week will be the start of the NFL season.

Business has been good.  Hope we can keep the momentum going  through the weekend, and it appears we will.  I still have a few chicas to interview so we may have some fresh blood by the weekend.  If all goes well our site will have a different look in a few weeks.  I am sure you will like it.

Going to check out right now, but promise to be back soon.  Please be careful out there.


The site seems to be up now without issues.  I cannot explain why it was up and down on Monday, but all seems to be good at this time.


Things are good as lots of different chicas are getting work. Seems like the new pics of Karla are helping her and of course Kendra.  Kendra has several dates yesterday and seems to be the flavor of the week.  Two guys have already re-scheduled with her and that is always appreciated.  Look forward to the first report for Aileen.


I have been watching the Little League regionals all week and how fun that is.  Those kids are so innocent and play at a high level and at the same time show some great sportsmanship.  I also like the microphones on the coaches. Sure they know the world is watching, but all the same it is nice to hear how they coach the kids.


Will be doing a few things different with the site soon as I have a couple of meeting scheduled with folks that are willing to help me.  Hope to at least link the TER reviews to the chicas pages.  It should help the client as well.

Is it hot enough for you?  I am going crazy with this heat.  Thank God we have nice hotels with air conditioning her in Tijuana. Our city does not have the best reputation, but we do have nice facilities for our business.


I have seen a little exhibition football recently so that just gets me excited for the college and NFL games.  They will occupy a lot of my time.


Hope you all have a great weekend and of course be safe out there.


Welcome back folks. It has been a trying nearly two weeks, but we continue to do brisk business and thanks to all the folks that called to check on me. It is great to be back on line.

Word Press has given us an updated version and I cannot add pics right now, but am sure that will be resolved later today.

We have added a few chicas.

Dalila is a cousin of Karla with a similar look.

Minerva is back.

Samatha turned up while the site was down.

New chica Vanessa is sending pics.

There are several chicas waiting for interviews, so hope to have some new faces real soon.

Thanks again for your support.


There is a lot going on. My son will be her on Sunday for 4 days, and I am counting down the hours. It has been several years since his Mom let him visit here, so I have lots planned for him. One surprise will be a birthday party, 6 months past or before his birthday. I am sure he will be surprised. I figure since I am never with him for his birthday, then I can surprise him with this party. I believe it will be fun.

Well the excitement is over from the escaped felons from a New York prison. It is amazing that they were on the run for 3 weeks. I have to admit, I want to hear their story. I am more interested in what happened after the escape as what they were thinking, were they nearly caught earlier, what their conversations were, etc. I am grateful that no innocent lives were taken, but I am interested all the same.

Did you see Karla de Mexicali is back as Dolly. I was glad to hear from her. Hoping that Tiffany and Megali come back soon, but there are no guarantees. The chicas are taking turns being the star as I never know from day to day who will be working. Chantel and Samara are working almost nightly. I know this may surprise you but if I had my pick from all the chicas on our site for one night, it would be Layla. I just feel like I have to have her. I saw Kenia last week, and was amazed by her beauty. Working to get new pics real soon as she should be more popular based on presentation. Carolina, Sarahi, and Kenia are doing well. Sorry to say their is no indication Perla will return. Hope she is doing well. Angel is so sweet. I am always happy when she works.

My wife has left for vacation and it has only been two days and I miss her and our 3 year old. It is quiet around the house. I am ready for them to come back, but it might be 3 to 5 weeks. We are talking daily, but it is not the same. I was kind of looking forward to having the house to myself, but that passed in like 2 hours. I hope they have fun, and she may bring her sister back to help with babysitting. Sis has stayed a few months on 2 separate occasions, and is a welcome addition to the family. I have never been upset with her and she is always a positive influence over the entire house. I do regret she will not be here to see my son.

Well this is the week of July 4th. You may not realize this but fireworks are going off all over town starting July 1. I hear them every year. These people love their fireworks and just look for a reason to have fun with them. I can see into Sam Diego and can a fireworks show every year. Am looking forward to this year.

I ask that you be safe this weekend. Some people lose their minds around the Holidays. Keep you head and just take your time getting to your destination. Some of you will be visiting Tijuana and I am sure you will have fun. See you real soon.


A lot is happening and I have been wanting to write for a bit. With any luck at all my son will be here to visit the 4th of July weekend. It will be business as usual however.

People are writing and asking to be put on our mailing list. Now I have not sent a group e-mail out in years but I am actually thinking it could be helpful for when we have parties. My condition would be that it would be sent to guys that have used our service. I have cut the parties down to 3 a year, so there would not be many sent out.

We have added some new chicas but seems like guys want to schedule Alexa but always when she cannot work, or guys schedule and cancel her. She is without a doubt a very attractive spinner. Samara was recently added and there seems to be interest there as well. Right now I have no idea who is the star in any given week, as the chicas seem to be taking turn. Angel, Chantel, Sarahi, and Naomy 2 are getting lots of attention. Carolina and Kenia are doing well and it is great to know that we have so many chicas to choose from. We are approaching our 1,000 TER review.

Sandra is now doing overnights again, and she is someone the clients love with excellent kissing skills. Karla and Luna are two beautiful chicas that do well, but I am working on getting better pics as they are both great. Mariela is leaving for vacation near the end of the month and may not be back until August. She is saving for her vacation and has her tickets but a couple more overnight dates would really help her while gone.

Linda TJ again is being exclusinve with a client. This happened before with a guy for 4 years. Have no idea if this well last that long, but she is welcomed back any time.


Got lucky in the horse racing. Made money all 3 Triple Crown weekends. That does not happen often. I am not good, but lucky. 🙂

Well come see us, we are waiting for you. Remember to be safe out there.


The last week started slow. That always gets my attention and you want to know why, but it leaves me guessing. Tijuana has been victimized with lots of violence and that cannot be good for business. The very much loved Zona Norte has had maybe 10 murders in the past 3 weeks. That is a place I enjoy visiting, but I find it quite disheartening what is going on. I have defended the reputation of my adopted city as I was always the first that would answer, that in fact we had violence, but not in the area of tourism. Not sure how long this will last, but I am concerned.

I have lots of ideas and the truth is I don’t know much for sure. It seems to me, that the problems are from two groups. Outside of the Zona their have been dead bodies showing up around town(and not in the area of tourism) with messages attached to the bodies. The notes have said the responsibility party is the CAR (Cartel Arellano Félix), but I am not so sure. Many of their people are finishing up prison sentences. They were in battle for control of the border, but these killings seem to be in regard to local sales. At least these killings are not being witnessed and so collateral damage is less than likely.

Their is a group from Guadalajara that is claiming responsibility for the murders there. They seem to be killing dope peddlers on the streets and have said that women and children won’t be spared. Anyone that provides a threat could be killed. They call themselves the New Generation that has no respect for the old rules for doing business. At the very least they are getting attention and I have no interest in the drug trade, but I would say that I for sure would not want to sell in our beloved Zona Norte.

Many of you know that several years ago I met with Julián Leyzaola when he was the secretary of police. He was controversial, but things changed with him in charge. Tijuana became quite safe with him here in town. After his term hear he took a similar position in Juarez, where the drug battles were averaging 10 killings a day, and declined to an amazing 18 murders in a month when he retired. Well their was an attempted assassination on his wife last week, but I am happy to announce he is alive and getting along. It was not a well thought out assassination attempt and actually appears to be from within the police force in Juarez. I have much respect for the man and wish him the best life has to offer. He deserves to retire and enjoy life. Sadly he will have to make his home outside of Mexico.

Just a few weeks ago, the big story in Tijuana was a Chinese restaurant was serving dog. I think those of us in Tijuana very much prefer that the big News story is about restaurants and not about violence. Please keep Tijuana and the good people of Tijuana in your prayers.

Anyway after a few slow days, our business picked up on Thursday and has been going strong. Our team is really deep with a variety of chicas getting work. Chantel is doing real well and new chica Samantha is as well. Looks like a couple of chicas will be returning soon so keep an eye on the site. Ingrid and Tiffany are gone but that may be just a temporary situation. Both are welcome back at any time.

I did well at Pimlico Friday and even made money on Saturday, but not in the Preakness stakes. I really don’t know much about horse racing but I give is a shot on big race days. It is nice when everything works out. I give it another shot in about 3 weeks at Belmont.

Wherever you are please be careful and when you get the chance come see us. We love when you guys visit and we should have some new talent soon.


Happy Cinco de Mayo. Most of you know that the 5th of May is not celebrated as a Holiday and just another ploy by the beer companies to get Americans to buy their product. Whatever it means to you, Happy Cinco de Mayo. Some of you are always looking for a reason to drink so there you go.

Once in every 7 years Mothers day is the same day on both sides of the border. It is always the 10th in Mexico and most if not all of Latin America. So I would guess that many of you have plans for that day and just wanted to remind you to get your flower orders in. If I have them by Friday that would be nice.

Carolina is back. I am waiting on pics, but all is well and some of you have been asking. Yessica is temporarily off the site but will be back soon. Can’t find Ingrid with a search light and about to remove her. Not sure what happened but she will be missed. I have several chicas to interview this week, so maybe a star is coming.

Karla has resurfaced with a new phone number so that is good. New chica Chantel is doing great and is staying busy. Not sure how long she will stay as she said she wanted to send $400 to her Mom. Well she made that in her first 2 days, but I am glad she is still working. Jazmin is back today, and Linda is back but seems to never be able to work. Arlet is back and getting lots of attention with her bigger ass.

Got lucky and hit the excacta 10 times in the Kentucky Derby. I spend the day with a good friend that no longer visits Tijuana as much and he is indeed missed. Over the last 15 years my circle of friends has changed to only people that are hobbyists or Tijuana enthusiasts. I still love my old friends but they would not understand or appreciate my line of work. Good friend Maria is still in my circle, but has moved to Arizona and I miss seeing her.

Bought a new computer yesterday, but it is sitting on the floor in the living room. Will hook it up sometime this week. Wife will use this one as she is taking a computer class as long as learning English. Her and the little one (now 3) are fine and seem to enjoy live even though they are living with me. The little one just does not know any better and to some extent I spoil him.

I am amazed at the diversity we offer and how the chicas scheduled are often different from day to day. Barbie is back and has her visa but is not pictured on the site. Brittany is near the end of her pregnancy and thank to you guys she has saved some money. Zulema is also pregnant but has elected not to work during her pregnancy but should be back in July or August. Luz is pregnant and should have new pics to reflect that soon. Cindy will be working a bit longer and also has a visa to visit the US. Sarahi has been doing well and she is doing cim with nearly everyone now. She is one of my favorite chicas and is so pleasant to work with. She along with Angel must be the nicest chicas in the business as they always say “please” and “thank you” when I visit with them.

I hope to see you all soon, and please remember to be careful out there. When you are ready, we will be here.


I have lots to talk about. First of all I enjoyed this last weekend of basketball without any wagers as nothing stood out to me. I did have some must see games and enjoyed them especially the Wisconsin and Michigan State games. I believe this year the Big Ten season really prepared them for the tourney. The week to week grind with so many close teams, had them ready for the tournament. When the games were close in the last few minutes you just knew they were going to win. Here is hoping that Wisconsin can beat the most corrupt team in the history of college basketball in the next game.

As always I will hate to see the season come to an end, but that just means baseball is about to start and we should have pleasant weather for the next 7 months. It will be interesting to see who goes into the draft and who comes back.

Now next Tuesday the 7th of April I will be taking a week of vacation and visiting my son in Tennessee. Don’t panic as I will still be working, and Pancho and Alfredo will hold down the fort. Now the site most likely will not be updates until I get back on the evening of the 14th, but that will be the biggest difference. You can call the same number and the calls will forward to me. Now on the 7th I will be up in the air quite a bit and think I will hit my destination around 3pm PST. On the 14th I get back at about 10am and will be out of commission from about 2am that morning. I am going to a Mexican embassy on Monday the 13th to help my son get dual citizenship. His cousins are going for the same thing so we will all be glad to put that behind us.

Our talent is as good as ever with different chicas playing the part of the star. I hear that Kenia is on par with Tiffany and Ingrid so that is quite encouraging. Initial reports have been favorable for Jazmin and Linda and I am quite happy to have them aboard. Lil Yessica did a couple of nice dates this week and she is not talked about much but does outstanding.

We broke a streak of 41 on time deliveries On Saturday and I hope to go on another run of 40 or so on time deliveries. I am super glad to have Pancho back as he really understands what needs to be done and is like a manager in the field when he is driving. Paraiso has asked to come back and I am waiting for new pics and we will get her up and going in no time.

Hope you guys have a great week and please be safe. Hope to be back real soon.


Hope you are all doing well. Looking forward to seeing many of you next weekend. I know I am looking forward to it.

Spring training is on and March Madness begins in about 10 days. I always love the tournament. I will be glued to my television day and night.

Looking over the schedule and for whatever reason Karla, Ashley, and Osiris have not been getting much work. All would be superstars on any other site. New chica Chanel seems to be the popular flavor at the current time. Waiting on Nicole to do her first date as she could not work when requested this week.

Very much looking forward to my April trip to Tennessee to see my son. He is 15 now and I really miss him. Wish his Mom would allow him to visit again. Got my passport renewed this past week. It had expired in February of 2013 and that goes to show you just how important a passport is to cross. I got the Pass Card as well, so that line is normally a bit faster.

San Diego is working on losing the Chargers. Many seem indifferent but if they do go they will be missed. Carson is making a push for them and San Diego is dragging their feet on building a much needed stadium. The Padres seemed to improve their team so maybe they will be a bit more competitive this season.

I am going to run now, but hope to be back soon. Please be safe out there and we will be waiting for you.


How is everyone doing? Things are good here and I hope you have seen our latest additions. Business has been great the last few weeks and I am very appreciative. I want to blog more often but have been just to lazy in the evenings to take the time.

First many of you have asked about Carolina. I have to be honest and say I don’t know. She asked to be taken off the site for awhile, but has been taking dates so not so sure why she is not on our site. She says she will be pictured again but with no time table. With the number of top chicas that are working her business has declined but she still has a great attitude.

Hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl. I did and I even lost my bet. When it comes down to the very end I think most leave satisfied, and it was nice to have a very competitive game. It was a game that was fitting for any end of the season bash.

I am planning on an event in March,so if you are our client shoot me an e-mail and I will get you the info. If you are not or I don’t have you listed as one of our 4,000 clients that have used our service, then I will not respond. It should be a fun time for all.

I am going to visit my son in April and this vacation has been a long time coming. I will be working and just be patient with me as I will be answering the calls and the e-mails. Pancho is still on vacation but he will be back by the time I leave. Alfredo has been filling in nicely along with Fermin and Edgar. We have suspended service in Rosarito and Ensenada for the mean time as we just cannot afford to let a taxi leave Tijuana right now. Hopefully we will be able to when April hits. It is unfortunate but we have turned down business on many weekends the last couple of months as we are either too busy or clients ask too late as the drivers do need there sleep. Many are out until 1am and back up at 4:30 to pick guys up after the overnights.

Many of you have seen Anna and she is doing fine. You may realize she is in school and commutes from Mexicali and stays busy working Saturday and Sundays. She has some openings in March and maybe she will be easier to schedule next month. If you want to get on the waiting list don’t hesitate to call or write and we will let you know if their is a cancellation.

Hope you have all finished shopping for Valentine’s Day. I got mine done this week and am excited. I have given up on eating out that day. It always produces long lines and with it falling on a Saturday it will only be worse. Maybe I will take her out another day near the 14th. We have a few dates scheduled that night but maybe we could have a few more that will work that evening.

Just remember to be careful out there. I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend.


Happy 2015 folks. Much is happening and all is well in our household. The business is growing and we need to hire more taxis but that is always a problem as honest taxis drivers are hard to find in Tijuana. Pancho left December 8 for vacation and he always takes close to 3 months. I ham always sad to see him leave but grateful he has that opportunity. He has called a few times to say hello and it is always nice to hear from him. He is missed and that is for sure.

As a manager of various businesses over the years I learned that you realize how valuable your help is when they leave. Now I try to let Pancho know how much appreciated he is and I believe he is happy working with us and if he someday moves on, that will be a sad day. We have become good friends which is good for me as we have a sense of loyalty to each other. A few years ago he was attacked and was close to losing his life, so if nothing else he appreciates working wish us because the fear of being robbed just is not there when he is driving our clients around. He does not need to pick anyone up off the street any longer as our business supports him to the point he can leave for 3 months every year. He also has the satisfaction of knowing he has work when he returns.

Alfredo is working a lot more in Pancho’s absence and he is enjoying himself. He is a sports nut like myself so his radio may be tuned into a sport station in the evenings and he likes the old school rock during the days. He knows most of the American groups and speaks good enough English. He has trained as a boxer and coaches children in boxing as well. He is a good guy and although he has nearly a year of working with us, I have gotten to know him much more in Pancho’s time away.

My son just turned 15 and I am hoping to go visit him in a couple of months. They are back in Tennessee now and I am shopping for deals on line for tickets. My wife has a son here, but he is not my biological child but the 3 year old does not know his real father. I am so happy to be the father figure in his life and he gives me great joy on a daily basis. I truly believe that if my wife and I don’t make it I will miss him more than her.

I am guessing I can wait to pick a Super Bowl winner, but am leaning toward Seattle. Just concerned about a couple of injuries they have, but given nearly 2 weeks to get well, I have to think they will play and be effective. I don’t have any strong conviction there.

Now I finally bought a new phone. My BlackBerry has been giving me problems and I went for a Smart Phone and I am learning slowly I got an Oppo, which as best I know is a new brand but it seems to be pretty good. I’m learning and have a way to go. I have not even got all my chicas programmed in the phone but I am getting there.

The quality of our team is high right now. Dulce, the original, and Jennifer just went to the public site and were only working from our Face Book page before. Malia and Priscilla are doing great and little Naomy 2 has been getting outstanding reviews. All are easy to work with and I don’t know who is going to get the work from day to day. We had 17 clients one day last week with no one chica having 2 dates. Now that is some diversity.

Seems like the internet is going out of service more than in past years, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon. At least I can forward calls and catch e-mails off of my I phone. I am not the quickest with the new technology but I do understand the need to embrace it and move forward.

Valentine’s Day is coming up so please get your orders in as that day can be quite hectic. I enjoy delivery the flowers and taking pics so I am looking forward to that.

Please be safe out there, and I look forward to your visits.


It is Wednesday morning and I thought I would try to write. This are busy today so I may lose my train of thought.
We have a bunch of new chicas and it is getting confusing to me. At our fund raiser Saturday a bunch of chicas from other websites were there to apply and I only found out they worked on other pages when I read it on line. I went to the various websites and all I could think, was I wish they were that pretty as some of these agencies really know how to doctor pictures.

Christmas time is just so fun. I love how folks try to be more tolerant and just are generally nicer in December. Of course parking and traffic seems to bring the worse out of folks. I still have some shopping to do and I have not a clue what to buy. For the little guy that is no issue as everything looks likes something he would like. He just turned 3 on the 5th so he gets two days in 3 weeks of gifts. Looking forward to seeing if he is more accepting of Santa Claus this year. The big guy scared him last year.

My 15 year old is with his Mom back in Tennessee again. I hope to visit sometime after the New Year. Francisco let for vacation and I want him back before I leave. You might remember that he normally goes for 3 months. Do you know he has more than 6 years service to Team Juanita? I hate it when he goes, but am happy to know he gets to see his Mother.

Well we are getting ready for the college bowl games and the playoffs. It just makes December so much fun to have college football mixed in with the college basketball. There is literally games every night. Add in the NFL season is winding down and it is a sports guys dream. I would imagine even more so if you lived in the Mid West or East Coast and out door activity is a bit tough.

Well NYPD Blue re-runs are back so I am happy about that. I have actually seen a few episodes that I never saw before. It is on at 1pm on a channel that has no commercials so it only takes 45 minutes. On Sunday they run marathons but it conflicts with the NFL games. At 11 at night I am catching 2 and a Half men re-runs. So I guess you can call me a couch potato.

Wishing you the best as always. Play well with others and don’t sweat the small stuff. Be safe out there.


Well game 6 is History and tomorrow we will see who wins the 2014 World Series. I’ve been pulling for Kansas City but I have no real allegiance to either team. Should be fun to watch.

The erotic review no lists 5 or our chicas in the top 6 and it will be 7 out of 8 as soon as Jocelyn gets another review and Michel comes back. Michel has got a boob job and although she was no busty she was after all #1 in Tijuana and quite popular. I love her but was not in favor of the surgery. As a matter of fact I do not know once chica that has benefited from breast enhancement. All the same I wish her the best and send my love to her.

Lucifer starts back to work on Thursday and Jocelyn is already back, but things are getting interesting on our team. Right now it is Marbella, Malia, and Dana getting the bulk of the work. Tiffany is still limiting herself and I expect her to do well during the Christmas break.

Friday is Halloween and I hope to take the little guy out early as Revolution gets busy with trick or treaters. Last year it was a zoo by 8pm and maybe 5pm is a better hour. I want to get home early so I can take care of the overnight dates. Anyway for sure I will have fun.

Lots of chicas are asking to work and I think we have outdone ourselves with the type of talent we have available now. A client recently told me that Mimi can give Angelica good competition in oral. That is saying a lot and just shows you we are even deep in MILF’s.

Hope you all have a great weekend and of course be safe out there. We expect another busy weekend so keep us in your plans.


Well Halloween is coming. Our little guys is going to be Mickey Mouse, and Mickey is his favorite. Hopefully he will understand it is not daily clothing. We are loaded with candy so the neighborhood kids will be quite happy.

Have you seen the new talent? They are all 3 doing well and looking for their first reviews. Jocelyn called today and said she will be ready to go next week. She was going to work a few weeks ago and had problems and had to leave. Hopefully all is well. Still have a few coming.

Wow was that Norte Dame/ Florida State game exciting or what? Hopefully the Irish can run the table, but I am not holding my breath. It has been a great year for college football. Hopefully it will be a great finish.

World Series starts tomorrow and should be a compelling series. Hard not to root for Kansas City, and looking to watching the games.

Health wise I am doing better and hope I can maintain that through the Holiday season. I always love the Holidays and spending time with my family. I hope to take a vacation soon. With technology what it is I can stay in contact with everyone for nearly free. Just got to figure out when.

You all be safe out there and we will be waiting on your visit.


How is everyone doing? I think I am over my sickness and I feel a lot better. I’ve been eating a lot of vegetable soup, have a change in medicine, and just feel normal again. I have pretty much quit drinking. I would say in the past two and a half years I have not drank a case of beer, but I occasionally will drink one or two with my friends. Beer was not ever my problem but it does not help me any, so I have cut it out.

Have you seen all the new chicas? I am very happy with the new additions and still have more interviewing to do. I can honestly no one has been fired but some, like Chanel have lost contact with me. They all are invited back if they ever call me. Marlene came by my house but I guess I have her number wrong. Marta has her birthday tomorrow and Pancho has his on October 4. My best friend has her birthday on October 10 and is always surprised when I remember. Well how can you not remember 10-10?

My son is back in Tennessee and in a special school that specializes in drama. He has been in a few plays and aspires to be a Disney kid and he will be 15 in January. I hope to have him visit for Xmas. I really am missing him.

Well plenty of football now and MLB (not the agency) is having their playoffs about to start. I believe California will have minimum of 3 teams in and Oakland is very close. You guessed it the Padres just missed, but the Chargers are looking good.

Hey you guys be careful this weekend, and always. Be safe and don’t forget our new chicas may be future super starts. Waiting to get reviews on Araceli, and Ximena. I keep on bring in more talent. Everbody have a great weekend.


It has been too long. This heat is killing me, but hopefully it goes away shortly. I’m starting to feel better and have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Thanks to all for the kind words.

There has been some new faces recently and it has created some excitement and hopefully you will see more in the upcoming weeks. I like the looks of Aracelli and hopefully she will be going out by the weekend. She seems sweet and I am hoping she can be quite sweet and quite puta as well.

A provider recently passed and I was thinking about some spot on the page that recognizes providers for good service and longevity. Just seems that putting up a dead provider may be with good intentions but probably not a good idea. Maybe I will do it on face book where it is not open to the public?

I’ve had a few clients take pics and I like that idea, so I hope to do it a few more times. The chicas seem to like the idea as well….at least so far.

Looks like 4 California baseball teams may make the playoffs. Looking forward to it and the college football playoffs as well.

Be back soon. Be safe out there.


I have not have much motivation to write recently and I appreciate your encouragement. Been a bit under the weather and my doc is trying to find the right medicine. I have been very tired most recently but I would like to think the heat is at least in part the perp in this crime. I am getting a steady diet of “Law and Order” from DirecTV and I have found 6 stations that like to run it sometimes for 8 hours straight.

Business is going well. It might be in part to all the stupidity that goes on in the bars as I hear more and more stories about waiters stealing and chicas not performing as promised. I know the bosses in the most popular bar are blaming escorts for the lack of business and I’m sure they would be better served to look in the mirror. I have always said that they are the greatest contributor to making us popular. Maybe if they quit stealing from clients and performed as promised their luck would take a turn.

Chicas keep calling to come to work and we are adding slowly. I have a few that have interviewed and a couple more that are going to so hold on folks. I took Jaqueline off the site yesterday and she calls me today. She has not answered her phone in 3 weeks and I was tired of telling people I can’t find her. She is sending new pics so when I get them she will be back up. It has been a long time since I fired someone, and I read that we don’t fire chicas, but nothing could be further from the truth. I have suspended and fired many and will continue to do so as needed.

If you are a fan that watches the site and asks for pictures you know I don’t send them out unless you have used our service. I read that as an escort agency we only care about money. Well get this I do want to make money and I think we have it down after all these years. Every week I turn down business because someone I don’t know and has never used our service wants a date in his apartment. I have a duty to work in the chicas best interest and we don’t send out pics to folks that do not qualify and to apartment and condos. I know many of you know who the blowhards are that write with so much confidence things are not close to the truth. They are not interested in the truth but just want to blow hot hair.

One guy even made a big deal that Chanel’s page said she is a great date for guys that like to party in the club. He was saying that is all he needs to do is buy drinks to get a chica drunk in order to get GFE. He sure was way off base, but folks know the truth. It is a popular request to go out drinking and lots of chicas cannot do that for the risk of being seen by a family member or neighbor. FYI, you can lock yourself in the room and stay in their for 8 hours and you will still get GFE.

Not sure when Michel will be back, but she is bringing new boobies. I am sure she looks nice but it will be a bit weird to see her with a pair. Hope she did not overdue it. I asked for pics, but that request was ignored. 🙂

Lea finally did a date and got two thumbs up. Ingrid is a well kept secret as the same guys keep repeating with her and I hear she is excellent. Megali is leaving soon and Tiffany is limiting her work to 4 dates a week. She is back in school. Hennessey is getting great reviews and our talent level is so high it gives the clients a tough decision.

Football is coming up with the quickness, so I can hardly wait. I love both College and Pro ball so I am sure I will have something to write about after I see how they are playing. Please be safe out there and I hope to be back soon. I hope I am a bit more motivated as the weather changes. 🙂


Well the fiesta is gone and the summer is on. I cannot stand this heat and the party was quite warm as well. Scott and I are taking 1,500 plus to the orphanage on Friday. It is always so nice to take to money to the orphanage to see the kids and to know we are making a difference in their lives.

Business has been great and our team is strong. Ingrid got off to a great start and Tiffany and Megali are seeing plenty of action. A lady at the part applied and then I learned she is a virgin so we will be having an auction for her. She got a lot of attention at the party.

Layla is back and doing a date tonight. Hopefully she will pick up where she left off. She has to be the tiniest escort that has worked with us and probably with the other agencies as well. Monse was at the party and was quickly taken. Naomy came back, not the one on the site now, and she was quick to go.

Well baseball will resume tomorrow and I am hopeful for my Reds. the National league has 8 teams in the hunt and leads are changing daily. The allstar game was something to see as lots of new guys are making their mark and we are in a new era of baseball.

Keep your eyes on our site and we should have some new faces real soon. Have a great weekend and be careful out there and we hope to see you soon.


Happy Monday folks. At least it has cooled off some. Well as usual we had a good week and took clients that scheduled elsewhere only to find they others did not show up and the agents were not anywhere to be found.

Finally Tiffany got a Saturday off. We have been keeping a waiting list for her and on this particular Saturday she did not have a date or anyone on the waiting list. Maybe some of the under the radar chicas will get back on the map like Osiris, Sunny, Arlet, and Ducle C. With all the moving around of the chicas sometimes a chica like Sunny gets lost in the shuffle. She went to a wedding on Saturday and missed out on some fun. Claudia has been a great MILF but tried to pull a fast one and not provide GFE, but her most recent dates have been great like the first ones. Angelica has got some of the Milf market though.

A guy that is sometimes critical of our big girls, never took the time to really look. I counted 17 spinners and along with them are thin girls Sunny and Sylvia. He was quite impressed after seeing the line up. It is funny as they guys who like spinners are quite vocal and think everyone else has a problem if they do not like the same chicas that they do.

Our Sarahi is a tremendous chica that lots of guys not about, but she still flies under the radar only getting like 3 dates in a week sometime. Every time I see her I think she would be the star of almost ever website. Pretty soon Sandra is not going to be under the radar as well as she is looking great and still providing the best of service. Now I hear there are some girls coming but seems like everyone has been dragging their feet. Cynthia has been all over me to get her pics and the response has been great. She will probably get tested real fast.

I wish Lucifer would get back, but I keep sending guys to her in Mexico City. I always loved her “flotation devices” She is special and whatever is going on with her, I wish her the best as does everyone at Team Juanita. She was always easy to work with and always respectful.

I hope you all had a great weekend and look for some new chicas soon. Be safe out there.


It is just after midnight and I have not been feeling well the past week, but seem to have turned the corner and things appear to be better. Work has been good, and with my lack of energy I have not been spending money, so that makes business even better. 🙂

Luz has a friend that may be pictured here in the next few days. Luz says she is beautiful, and I have had very pretty chicas tell me that just to have chicas show up that are bigger than I am. So I am cautiously optimistic. Luz btw has lost a lot of weight and she looks younger in the face than I recall. I hope to have pics to share with your real soon.

Yesterday my Mom would have turned 91. She passed on January 10 of 2004 so hard to imagine she has been gone over 10 years. I took time to reflect on our lives together and I have to say, I won the lottery in the “Mom” department. Maybe I have printed this before, but she was a sports nut and has some huge influence on my love for sports. She was not just a fan, but could repeat the rules for the casual fan that may not have understood what they just saw.

Now she would travel to watch me compete and she would not always see everything objective, but that is what made her so special. She could rationalize that I lost because the other guy cheated, or a referee missed an important call or who knows what. I don’t think she ever told me I lost because I was lazy or I did not train enough, although on some instances, it may have been the truth. There is an age where a young man wants to go on his own, but that did not happen to me. I may have been 17 or 18 years old and competing, and my Mom traveled with me and was my biggest fan. The smart kids embraced this as she was always good for some cookies or some lemonade. I was never jealous either as I loved that Mom was accepted and respected by the others. Kids may have made fun of me for traveling with my Mom, but they always respected her.

I have a million “Mom” stories, but this one may be something you can understand more than the others. My Father was a widow and married my Father. She always talked about “Joe” her first husband and what a great man he was. Now I don’t at all doubt that he was a good man, but life has also taught me that you become a hell of a lot better when you die that you may have been here on Earth. Anyway Joe was a beer salesmen for a popular beer back in Indiana in the later 40’s and early 50’s and I believe he sold Fallstaff. So my Mom went with him to an event held by the Distributor of the beer and like a good company woman, she ordered a Fallstaff at the event. She took one swig and spit it out in front of the folks and her dear Husband made a joke about her not being a drinker and trying to support him. She drank soda or ice tea at future events and all was forgotten.

So Mom, I salute you today, for being the best your could be and exceeding the expectations set for Mom’s all over the planet. You were my friend, my teacher and my supporter for some 44 years before you passed. Not a day passes, that I am not reminded of something you did or said that effects my life. I know that you could always see the positive and were never bashful about the negative. I’m sure you wished I was doing something else, but I can still here you……”this is a terrible business, you lady, and I am sure you could do something else to earn. If you are going to work in it, then I am sure you are better off with my son that someone else.”


Is it hot? Man I don’t know when we will get some relief, but hopefully soon. Monday and Tuesday the phone started ringing off the wall after 8pm. We don’t normally do much more than overnights after 8pm, but this week has been different so far. I think guys are so uncomfortable that many guys don’t think about seeing a chica until it cools down.

I was watching fires in San Diego yesterday, and that was nothing nice. Last I heard no homes were lost and I hope that is still true. I’m afraid we are ripe for more fires and maybe a couple of days of rain would do us all some good.

So I get a call a few days ago while riding with Pancho. Guy says he is on our site and wants the pricing. After going over the prices he asks if the chicas bring their own cleaning supplies. Now I am wondering if this is some type of code word or what, but he proceeds to tell me he has a lady that use to come by on Thursdays but he often had to go to Target or Walmart to buy cleaning supplies, because his girl sometimes did not have them. At this point I am wondering if I am the victim of a prank on the radio. I keep it clean and tell the guy maybe he should call someone else. I’m guessing it was not a radio prank.

Going to turn 55 if a few months. It makes me feel like it is time to write the book. Have no clue how to publish it (well a friend says he will help), but I guess I need to sit down and write a little every day. Problem is that the story is not complete and I do not want to retire. I will work on that problem. I look forward to having the work completed.

I am not a fan of the NBA, but I do feel for the Clippers and wish Don Sterling would just disappear. It is a shame the big story is not about the game. It is also a shame that they can milk these playoffs into June. Hope you are enjoying the baseball season.

Was reading some comments about pricing chicas by their appearance etc. I would never do that as it is just not fair to the most popular chicas. They may lose work because the price of someone else is lower. Now I do have different prices for overnights, but that is by the chicas design. Some just will not work for $300. That has nothing to do with pricing or tier but by a chicas desire. When I get a new chica I don’t even mention the $400 8 hour overnights as I don’t want that to be the norm. I also never mention covering the face, but sometimes another chica suggests it. Of course I have to respect the chicas decision, but I don’t want to put that in her mind. It would be interesting to see which chicas would be top tier and by who’s account. They all get work so people are willing to pay for everyone of them. Our team is so rich in talent now and I am quite happy with the way things are going. Business is better than ever, but now the work is split up where as in 2005 and 2006 about 2 or 3 chicas would dominate the calendar. In the first 3 days of this week 23 different chicas have worked with only Jennifer doing multiple dates. There are so many choices in escorting today that you just never know who is going to be requested.

Hope it gets cooler out there for you. Have a great weekend, and as always be safe.


Today was a sad day for Team Juanita. Marta has quit and we all wish her the best life has to offer. She was always a great provider an a sweet chica but most recently she picked up some popularity. She was on a level similar to Angelica. Some guys just did not see her and believe me these missed the boat. I suppose she could come back but for now she is not working. I think Angelica may be back some day, but for now a guy is keeping her exclusive and they are living a bit further South.

Tiffany has just shook the escort world. She is available on the 16th and 17th, and not before. I am sure there will be reviews coming up shortly. I think our clients are hoping summer break gets here with the quickness.

Luz is a funny animal. Just saw her and she has thinned down, but she is nearly impossible to reach. I think she is living with a lady that is controlling her phone. At a time when her popularity is rising and she could really earn I cannot reach her. On that note I have reconnected with Chanel and she is ready to go.

I have another chica coming soon that has never worked before, but I think she will do great. I’m hoping to get pics in the next few days, but she works a regular job and will most likely be a night time specialist.

Carolina has been picking up steam She has had a good couple of weeks and has a few more dates on our calendar. She is an oral specialist and guys love her talent. She is one chica that busts her ass to get to Tijuana to be early for our clients. She keeps a good attitude and that is much appreciated.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Give us a call and ensure it. 🙂 Be careful out there.


Hello everyone. Things are going real well and I would like to thank you all for your patronage of our agency and our chicas. Chicas come and go, but while they are here, we want them to perform at a high level and give our friends the type of service that Team Juanita has provided for years.

Recently I got two complaints on Sylvia in about 10 minutes for the same problem, and I was so disappointed. I kept hearing how good she is and how much fun a night was with her. I really don’t know what happened, but just saw a review on her by a trusted client that was quite favorable. She does work a full time job and maybe she just burned out. This should not happen, but hopefully that behavior is behind her.

The erotic review: This is the best tool the clients have but it is not fool proof. Recently Megan had a rash of fake reviews. One guy said he and a friend took turns fucking her ass. She is not a Greek provider. Then others said they came in her mouth and well she does not do that either. Kiara had similar reviews about cuming her mouth, but she does not do that. Kiara is excellent and somewhat files under the radar.

Flying under the radar: I sometimes mention that and then guys ask who is flying uder the radar. Well here are some chicas getting good reviews without a lot of talk around the internet.

Sandra ( great service, but no reviews)
Sarahi (good sweet, and a real treat)

Now Tiffany in her first week was not overlooked. She was so busy that she took today off from exhaustion. I have been hearing she is the best, but cannot tell you why. I have heard that she seems to enjoy the dates. Now mind you her dates have been with guys on the “gentle side” and not with what I would call the “pounders”. Her overnight dates will be weekends only now since she is back to school on Monday.

Please remember that Mother’s day is always May 10 in Mexico. It is always the 10th regardless of the day of the week where as in the States it is the second Sunday of May. If you want to send flowers please get your order in by Wednesday the 8th.

Now a heads up: One of our good friends has donated an autographed football by LaDainian Tomlinson who played many years with the Chargers. We will auction if off in July to benefit the orphanage we always work with. I really do not know the value of that, but we will see what it brings in and you can bet I will report it on the site.

Hope to be back soon and please be careful out there.


Hello folks. First thing is I found out that for the last week, I have had a problem on the site with our “contact form”. I have not been getting those e-mails.

Since many of you just e-mail to me directly, I did not really notice it until today. It is fixed now and I believe the problem started on April 9th. Why it happened, I don’t know, but should not happen again.

Waiting for pics of Tiffany. I met her today and she should do well. She is a school teacher and has until the 28th of this month off. Hope to have her on the site tonight. She speaks a little English too.

There are a couple of hidden gems available, so if you have used our service and are not on facebook, you may want to e-mail me or call me. There are some great opportunities within our team. There is also a new chica coming on Friday that works in a factory but has the weekend off for the Easter Holiday. I don’t know anything about her except she is from Sonora.

We have several dates scheduled for Sunday, which is strange since it is Easter, but like always, we are happy to entertain you. Now if you have tried to contact me and have not heard back, please try again.


Happy Arpil Fool’s Day. I have nothing planned to get you on, so you can read without trying to find out what is right and what is wrong.

First of all I have two ladies coming back. One is Ashley and the other is Anahi. I should see them both tomorrow and hope to have them pictured by the evening. Many met Claudia at the last party and she should be on the site tonight. I met a nice chica named Ruby that is suppose to send pics today. She is fine and 19. I know she will be popular but will be a daytime chica. I suppose she may not send her pics as she promised, but I am hopeful.

Who has the hottest chicas? Who is the hottest chica? I see this discussed often and everyone has a different opinion. Some folks say a guy that does not the same type of chica he likes is lowering his standards. Others say the first guy is to shallow to expand his. It has always been my policy to have ever type of chica know and let the clients choose for themselves. We have always had our share of spinners, but some will look at Maythe and give up while others look at her and call me to see her.

In my opinion Sunny, Sylvia, Sarahi, Marta, Jackie, Megali, Camila Dulce M, Ruby, Dayanne, Michel, and Chanel are some of the hottest chicas around and they all have their fans. Some guys say they don’t like the “hotties” because they don’t provide good service, but I call bullshit on that one. Look at Sarahi and she is a perfect example of a hottie that gets the job done and guys always want to see more of her. Personally I am partial to Layla who may be the smallest chica in escorting and she should be back in a month. I will admit that when I am around her I fantasize about having my way with her as she just gets my blood boiling as does Megali who is real hot as well. Anxious to see what both Ashley and Anahi look like now. Now Sandra has dropped some weight and I am anxious to get some new pics of her.

Leo left today as his father is ill. Pancho has his taxi and today is his first day of work since December 18, so he had a more than 3 month vacation. He has 6 years working with us and he is valued and appreciated, you can believe that. Leo should be back on the 19th.

Hope you are enjoying the basketball tournament. I”m sorry to see it coming to a close, but baseball is here and well you know football follows. I find myself rooting for Wisconsin, but we will see.

Finally our face book has a surprise on it so if you are our client ask me about getting on it and you can see what eveyrone else sees but cannot talk about. 🙂


I’m already loving the NCAA conference tournaments and soon it will be the big dance. I will probably go to Nikki’s to watch the first couple of days, and eat 3 meals there a day like I do for the NFL season.

Osiris and Layla are back and Safiro is on her way. I may see her tomorrow and that should shake things up again. Many folks call us the site of the MILFS and we definitely are strong in that area, but sometimes folks get lost in realizing how many tiny chicas and spinners we have. Actually our clients know how it is, but the critics are those that don’t really look at our site or have no intention of booking with an escort. Even chicas not on the site like Abril and Barbie are getting requests, but now that Marta is getting lots of attention, some of you should look at Alina as she always gets good reports. Of course if you are not our client her pics and her service is not available.

In 2014, I am struggling to understand how a plane can get lost. Strange that some of the relatives say their loved ones phones are ringing. It is probably not possible to have a happy ending to this story, but all the same we can all hope.

I have a guy come from out of state (and I mean from out of California) who found us when doing a google search on Chapo Guzman. I would not have guessed that but I did write about him and boom,one more client for us. I had 4 guys last week that has scheduled with someone else that called us after getting stood up. Who knows why that happens but we are trying to stay ready. Pancho should be back next week, so we will have more flexibility.

Remember if you are our client our face book is available to you and the pics are hidden so that your friends will not see them. The banners cannot be hidden but the pics are. In nearly every case there are 15 or 20 pics of each chica….then there is Zulema who only has two. I have been working on that, but she lives so far away that it is difficult to get to Tijuana for pics.

Layla has not had sex in two months because of having a tumor removed. She has got the green light from the doctor, but she is a bit tentative. She won’t really know until she gives it a go. I wanted to lay her down today and find out…and she was willing, but I just could not do that. I have not been with anyone since my chica moved in with me and as much as I wanted to I just could not. If it was one year earlier, I would have had her and she has always been one I wanted.

I visited with a TJ municipal cop about Chapo and if we expect violence in Tijuana after his arrest. I can’t say the officer really knows, but he told met that Chapo gave himself up under two conditions. One was that he was allowed to work from prison, and two that he not be extradited to the US. Personally if that works and we are spared the violence I am ok with that. It is not perfect, but it may be for the best. Time will tell.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I know many are coming to visit this weekend. Be careful out there and of course be safe. I will be back soon.


Well Chapo Guzman was captured on Saturday night. The question everyone is asking is how will it effect Tijuana? Short answer is I don’t know. In the past the violence that we had in Tijuana in 2008 and before was never in the area of tourism and it was calculated and never random. Our guests have never been in harms way and we vow to make sure that stays the same.

Your safety if our biggest concern. We have canceled dates before when there were issues at the border and maybe we could have pulled it off, but that is not the way we do things. Somehow the line to walk into Mexico was over 1.5 hours one night this past Xmas season. We called every client to tell them, and luckily we only lost 2, as several were already in hotels here in Tijuana.

Did you see the pics of Danna today? She is a nice chica, and those were taken at Nikki’s bar and restaurant. Well they were taken in a hotel room at that location. I spent every Sunday this football season there as they show the games and have a nice crowd. If you are looking for a place to watch football I recommend it, and the food and service is pretty good as well. They have BBQ, but I often get their other items like pork chops, chili dogs, fried chicken with gravy and mash potatoes. The breakfast is real good as well. It is also a popular place to watch the pay per view fights.

College basketball is moving right along. If you know me, then you know I am a fan of the Cinderella story. This year I like Creighton, Wichita State, North Dakota State and Georgia State along with San Diego State as teams that may make some noise in the tourney. Looking forward to seeing the draw and of course the first 4 day weekend of the tourney.

Going to go now. Have a good week and be careful out there.


It is almost midnight on Sunday February 9th, so I will date it the 10th. Only a few more days to St Valentine’s Day, so get busy and if you want flowers or Chocolates for your favorite Team Juanita chica, it is time to get your orders in.

Business is good, but it does not always go as according to my plan. Before I say anything else, I appreciate all the calls. The business may not be what you think it is or operate how you think it does. Everyone is entitled to their opinion or pre-conceived notion. It is Sunday and we did ok today, but the end of the evening affords me the opportunity to go to the movies with my wife. We don’t get out too much and it is the fault of my work. Often the last date is at 10 or 11 and it involves me calling a client and making sure he gets picked up at the designated time. That included me following up with both a chica and a taxi as well as our client. It is work but it is not exactly construction either and it is a job I am more suited to perform that physical labor, and a job that many have no patience for. So while in the movie and nearly at 11pm the phone rings and a client wants a chica. I am trying not be be rude to the folks at the movie and talk very quietly. Now 11pm or midnight is a great hour for a date, but not really when you are calling at 11pm to set it up. Most chicas have given up for the night and do something else. They may be hoping to get a call before 8pm, and when I don’t call they go out. Fair enough for me. I don’t expect the chicas to sit by the phone all night. Now some folks may think we are busy until 3am and that is not true. I really am not interested in a call after midnight unless of course I Know the guy. Truth is that early mornings are normally drunk callers and they normally don’t make a pleasant date for the chicas. This guy tonight asked who was available and when I suggested a chica he wanted to know what she looked like. I’m thinking, “are yo not on the site looking?”. It is all good though. Basically if you want someone at 11 or 12, ask before 8pm and we might be able to make it happen.

Remember Lucifer? I will forever remember her flotation devices. Those are special and she is a chica that is easy to work with. I just had to tell her where to be and when and she was there. She did not require 10 phone calls like some do. Anyway she sent me some messages today, and I do not know if she will ever make it back, but she is missed and her return will be very much welcomed.

Perla has recently retired. She asked me to thank everyone and she said hugs and kisses and all of her love to you guys. I am not so sure this is a permanent retirement but until I hear from her again all I can say, is I wish her the best life has to offer and of course the door is always open for a return tour. That young lady has it all. She took to escorting very seriously and proved that a beautiful and young escort can provide good service. I can remember one day a client of hers wanted to drink in Hong Kong and his friend was with Ashley and they invited me to hang around and I took a chica friend as well. Now we are in a private room when the waiter comes in and says that the Manager wants to talk to them both. I’m thinking they are getting thrown out but they come back laughing their ass off as he asked them to be models and where a Hong Kong Sash for 2,000 pesos a week. 6-8 hour shifts for 2000 pesos. When they told the guy they make more money in a day the guy was speechless and excused them. Not sure where Ashley is right now, but I do understand someone got her to scam a poor guy out of some money. That is a real shame and I was sorry to hear about it.

As far as current chicas who are doing well, I would put Marta at the top of that list. Her new pics are bringing folks out of retirement. In the Milf category we are still strong with Dulce C, Alina, Barbie and Abril always getting great comments. In the younger chica category, Roxy, Sunny, Dulce M and Jaqueline are doing really well. Megali is on vacation and Jennifer just got back but still managed to have a good week this week. Michel is getting a slow start to her return, but has some nice dates on the calendar coming up. Michel gets a lot of 12 hour dates which normally go for $1000, but getting a bit creative she has done a few for $740. She does not do $300 overnights so she will do a $500 10 hour overnight with a two hour $240 date and wallah, it is $740. A few chicas that do the $300 overnights have done $400 for the 10 plus $240 for 2 and done them for $640. New chica Sylvia has stolen some hearts already but like Roxy when she gets started she is hard to stop. I had a client “tap out” because he could not keep up with her.

Hope to add a few new ones in the next 10 days, so keep focused.

Take care and be careful and I should be back soon.


Well I sure hope you are all doing well. 2014 is starting out great, and I am just sad that football is near the end. I have found Nikki’s BBQ restaurant and Bar to be a nice hang out on NFL Sundays, with a few Thursday and Monday’s mixed in. My small group of friends have been asking each other what do we do after the Super Bowl? I’m sure we will make our way back, but football motivates us to go, so only time will tell.

Well we had a new chica, Camila, on the site for a few days. She was scheduled a ton, but only did one date and decided she did not like the work. Of course I don’t want to have anyone feel like they are being forced, but all the same it was sad to see her go. Honestly I am surprised it does not happen more often. I can only wish her the best life has to offer.

Tonight I was ready to interview some other new chicas, who just quit answering the phone. I am hopeful they will come aboard in a few days. I have heard from Marbella and Layla but they seem to have disappeared as well, but they are welcome to come back any time.

Now I lost my phone before Christmas and it has been hell recovering all my numbers. Just finally heard from Katherine and Kenya is back. Michel says she will be back Thursday. She is not often back the days she says, but that means it won’t be too much longer. Monse finally called in as I had not heard from her. I think Rebecca and Brenda are the only 2 I am not sure about right now.

Did you see Dulce C is back? She has very limited availability, but must be done by 3pm and cannot work any later on any day of the week. New chica Sylvia looks fun…really wanting to hear about her. She really acted like a horny chica to me and hoping to hear about that real soon.

Well my boy turned 14 over the weekend. Where does the time go? His Mom took him to Philadelphia for the weekend, and he liked that. He has been acting and was in a play here recently that had like 34 shows in 40 days. He loved it, but it was a little much for Mom. I could not be any prouder of him.

In the most recent movements, people are starting to talk about Marta. She may be the best MILF out there today. Alina is pretty good as well, so check them out if you are a MILF lover. Sunny is back and making lots of noise. Megali is still hitting home runs regularly so we have many excellent choices for what ever flavor you like.

Hey Valentine’s day is just around the corner if you need to send flowers, candy or a teddy bear to your favorite chica.

Be careful out there and I will be back soon.


Wow I thought I was gone tonight. Today was a good day. Angelica came back. Sunny came back. The clients were calling and Leo was working hard. Pancho is on vacation. For whatever reason, I cannot get a “feature” picture of Angelica up, but was successful with Sunny. Angelica got a date within an hour of me putting her back on the site, and I was feeling so very good about myself.

I called Leo to come get me and I wanted to go with him on the very last date. It was an overnight date with Ivon and she was scheduled to go to Ticuan. We were a bit early so Leo decided to get tacos, and I passed. I know that is weird, but I was going to get something just a bit later at Nikki’s, which is a place I really like. We get Ivon at around 9:30 and we are on a hill up high in some colonia, and coming down some side streets. As we are getting to a stop sign and driving leisurely as we are way ahead of schedule a car comes flying around a corner at around 70mph as we are pulling out. I said “whoaa” as Leo was pulling out and he broke and this car fishtailed by us without even toughing the brakes. I thought they were running from the law or had just killed someone. I really don’t know what had happened, but I do know we just missed a horrific accident.

Now I’m not getting religious on you, but you just don’t know. It caused me to reflect as the day was damn near perfect. Xmas is in a few days, the wife’s sister just arrived for the Holiday, the two year old was quite happy as I left the house, and everything seemed right in the World. This “near hit” happened about 90 minutes ago, and it has had me thinking ever since. I don’t know if I would have died, but the accident would have been terrible and that is without a doubt.

We all know life is so short and it is so precious. In the big picture, I do not have much significance, but who would have been effected by my passing? Well my 13 year old son for starters, and I had sent him a text earlier in the day and he responded. I can’t really say anything was left unsaid. Everyone is on good terms in the house, so there would be no real regrets there. I’m guessing a few guys would visit Tijuana on Sunday and maybe the chica and taxi would not be there to meet them.

I don’t even know where I am going with this. I am happy of course that nothing happened and just hope that the people in the other car were not in an accident later. I guess the story is, you really never know. You can think you are doing everything right, and then your number comes up. We just saw the orphans on Friday afternoon, so that responsibility was met. I tell you all every time I go, to be safe out there as I realize how easy the unexpected can happen.

I will sleep good tonight and be thankful for tomorrow. I guess what I can say, is try to handle your personal relationships as if you may not see that person ever again. Not that I was thinking about it or that it was a conscious decision, but there was nothing unsaid tonight. I told my wife, her son, and my wife’s son all that I loved them today. I would hate to check out from our planet when I was not getting along with someone. Maybe when it really happens something will be left unsaid, but we just don’t know.

Xmas is on Wednesday. It is a great day for us, and it would be so horrible for anyone who just lost a loved one in the days prior. Things are going really good for me, but who knows when your time comes. I’m glad tonight was not my night, but I will try to treat everyone as if it may be my last time to see them.

Please be careful out there. Only so much is really under your control. Hope you all have a great Holiday and a safe New Year and I will be back soon to share with you again.


I have a lot of tickets for tonights lottery drawing, so let play what if.

The prize is close to 600 million. What do I do if I win?

I think everyone has pondered that question from time to time.

I would give away a lot of money. Let’s be serious, I can live off of much less. But who gets the money and how much? If I gave someone $100,000 would that person think I am a cheap bastard or would he or she be grateful? I don’t want to be hounded, but that is too be expected right? I’m sorry guys but I would not keep working. I’m sure recruiting would not be any issue if I was know to be a muti-millionaire. Motivation may be a problem however.

I don’t want to name names, because I would not want any obligation. I have about 20 folks that I would like to help impact their life. Some of them I have not spoken to in 10 or more years. It would be so rewarding to look up folks from my past and give them a blessing based on how they impacted my life when we were younger. I’m guessing some folks would find me that would not be from the list of folks I am looking for. Now that being said, someone may find me that I had forgotten about and in that case it may be quite nice.

You know I am a sports nut, but what you might not know is I don’t enjoy going to the event like I do watching on television. I like the remote control and I like the instant replays. I think I would be best served in a suite where I could channel surf for other games. I would love to go to Notre Dame to watch some Irish football. I think I would feel close to God in that setting. Touchdown Jesus would be cool to see in person too. I would enjoy visiting Fenway park and Yankee Stadium for sure. I may even visit every Major League Stadium. I could see visiting minor league venues as well. What would be nice is if no one would know I was the guy that won that dough.

Some fun things I have experienced that would be fun to do again. I once attended a 7 man high school football game in Texas. Now that was fun on so many levels. It was like watching a pick up game in my old neighborhood as every one was eligible to catch a pass and sometimes the quarterback my be 20 or 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage scrambling around. It was not just the game as the entire community was involved. Moms and Dads were working concessions and they were cooking on a grill. You could get tacos, burritos, corn, hamburgers and much more during the game. Prices were ridiculous cheap as well.

I love to go to Springsteen concerts. I would love to travel with the band. I don’t know if that is possible, but I would really enjoy it. I know Bruce is getting near the end of his career, but just being around that man and listening to the stories would be great. I could tell a few stories as well, but I am sure he has heard some better ones. I have to respect that Bruce can lead a quiet life for the most part when not on tour. When he is on tour he donates a lot of money to different causes.

Folks I am not wealthy, but I have lived a fun and happy life. I could have done a lot better, but not every decision I made was the right one. I’m ok, and when I look back I have lots to be thankful for. I don’t know what the future holds, but I am reasonably sure it won’t see me as a multi-millionaire. Just reflecting on the “what ifs” makes me think I already won.

With the Holidays coming with the quickness, I cannot emphasize enough to take a step back, slow down and enjoy yourself. Be safe out there and be patient with others. Don’t let someone else’s problem by yours.

Happy Holidays and good luck in the drawing tonight. I hope you get second prize. 🙂


Well 16 shopping days left.

Our fund raiser for the orphans went well, and I believe we have over $1300 and lots of gifts for them already. There are still some dollars coming in, so a big thank you to everyone.

Well lots of craziness in the last couple of weeks in college football. I’m looking forward to the bowl matchups, which should make some interesting games.

For those of you that want to visit on New Year’s Eve, you should get your request in early. Chicas often make plans when they think they are not going to be scheduled. People calling on New Year’s Eve often do not get a date. Believe me, I want to help everyone, but you guys tend to make it a bit difficult.

Remember our chica, Nicole? Someone recently asked why we don’t fire her. It is really quite simple. She is not the best but she does perform GFE and their are several guys that will not see anyone but her. She charges the regular 8 hours for $700 on overnights and one guy sees her a minimum of 5 times a year for overnight dates. I guess she is a YMMV chica, but I have many satisfied Nicole clients.

Lucifer called last week and said she will be back soon. I’m not quite sure when that will be, but I am sure the clients of Tijuana escorts will be quite pleased to know that. I know that I am hoping she makes it back. She is easy to work with and a pleaser.

For those that are thinking about the next poker tournament it should be the first Saturday after the 4th of July weekend. I am hoping Nikki’s will be the venue as they have been a great host to two prior events.

I’m going to take off, but hope to see you all soon. Be careful out there.


Monday would be my Father’s birthday. He would be 91 and he passed in 1990. He was a great Father, and I am sorry I fall short of his skills. I often think about leaving Tijuana to live with my son. I just don’t seem to be able to make that decision. Now he is in Columbus Ohio and he is doing quite well.

Did I mention before about our poker tournament on December 7th? It will be at Nikki’s at noon and if you want to participate just let me know. I will get the details to you. The proceeds get split up between the first 3 places and our orphanage. Now if you want to sponsor a child, let me know about that as well. While mentioning Nikki’s I should also plug their 120 pesos Thanksgiving meal. I know I will be there on Thanksgiving.

There are suppose to be more new chicas coming. I may even have pics later today, but I doubt it. I hear one of them is quite attractive. I am anxious to see her. We did add Cleopatra and Candela a couple of days ago.

College baskets are under way and as you should know by now, I love college basketball. Not sure who is who quite yet and waiting for my DirecTV which should be here today or tomorrow. I miss it with a passion. It is a shame television is so important to me, but it is and I will get it installed quickly.

If you were unaware Michel to the number 1 spot on TER recently. We dominate those ratings with Perla, Jennifer, Tania, Carolina also all in the top 10 and Luz is very close to getting in just short a couple of reviews. We are on top with the best talent in Tijuana combined with nearly perfect on time delivery. On that note Pancho will be taking his vacation soon and we will have some new drivers out there. I will stay on top of things so that we have a smooth transition.

Hope you have a great Holiday weekend. Don’t forget us as we will be here waiting for you. Be safe out there.


First let me say that this blog is giving me headaches. I’m hoping I can publish it and if not I will try to find my buddy that helped me.

It has been a very trying last few days. The clients and chicas have been outstanding and our on time deliveries have been outstanding. We delivered Megali 10 minutes late on Saturday, but that was after she was 30 minutes early to meet our driver. A shortage of drivers made it difficult, but we did get warning out to her gentleman friend and he was not at all bothered by this. One of my points of emphasis is always on punctuality, and we do a great job there. Hats off to Pancho for working his ass off.

It started on Friday night when I was in bed. I got an e-mail asking for a Saturday appointment for Fernanda. Then the client wanted her face picture, and I apologized and said he can only see her face picture after he sees one of the chicas that are pictured. That stopped his letters.

Saturday morning, I got another 3 e-mails telling me to take her pics down because she is a thief and she is dangerous. They even said she was working with the Zetas. The Zetas are a drug cartel, that are not allowed in Tijuana as another group has control and as you all know we have not had those cartel drug wars in many years here in Tijuana. A Zeta in Tijuana would be killed with the quickness. Now I got a pretty good laugh at that.

Then I get a threat from the Zetas, and they are coming to my home. Now I don’t really know what is going on, but the fear did not cause me to lose my appetite. I’m thinking all along I have to figure out how Fernanda got someone so pissed off. Now the theme of the first set of letters was “take her pics off your site”. Now I wondered if it was a pissed of ex, a pissed off client or a pissed off woman?

Then I get a text message warning me once again that Fernanda is trouble. I at least now have a number so I wait until Sunday night to call the number and it is answered by a very small agency that is not talked about often. So I hung up and made a note of that number. Sunday night Fernanda is crying about a facebook page that says she has aids. The person that opened it is the owner of the same agency with the text to me.

Fernanda says she did a date with them last week, but refused to take pictures and did not want to work with them for the price was not fair to her. Now I will be the first one to admit, that she probably is leaving out some details, and who knows what she is leaving out. I get e-mails and texts often from boyfriends, husbands, etc with stories of problems trying to convince me to take down pictures. Truth is there are more problems with clients that think they have a girlfriend. My policy is if the chica wants to be pictured then that is up to her. One guy once told me that he knew his chica was not wanting to work and her pics were on the site just to attract business so I could “bait and switch”. Two days later she came for pics and he was stunned to see new pics with her current hair style,etc. The behind the scene shit can become tiring, but if you know me, then you know I love my work.

So in the end Fernanda is no longer on the site as she is upset about that page, and she will work still, but just not be on the site for this lady to make accusations linking her page etc.

I am hoping this is over, but only time will tell. She has been a good addition to our team and I am looking forward to the day she is pictured on the site again.

I’ve got more to say about other things, but will wait for another day. I hope you had a nice Holiday weekend, and with the quickness it will be Thanksgiving. Be safe!


I think I have figured this out. Hopefully I can write a bit more often now.

Drugs? I never understood it, but they are important in the lives of many. Alcohol is a drug and it falls into the same category for the hobbyists. Personally I use to drink and it can be fun, but I would never want to drink at a ball game. I could not imagine missing parts of the game to go pee, when I could drink after the game. It does not enhance the game in any way. I was the same at the Springsteen concerts. Those concerts are long and I did not want to take a chance at missing anything or having a distorted memory of the show. That is me.

Now sometime around 10 years ago a guy writes that he wants an open-minded chica. That always kills me. What the fuck is open minded? So I tell him he may want to tell me what he wants and he replies “I want her to do heroin with me and my wife. Have to admit, I did not think that is where he was going.

Now in the past year a mature lady reached out to me for work. She was thin, had bolt-ons and she spoke English very well. Now in our interview she had tried working in a bar, but she hated to have sex with guys that were drinking, so our approach seemed to be more agreeable. She told me she would tell a guy she was on her period to avoid going to the room with intoxicated men. So I send her on a date and the client tells me she may be the very best MILF I have had. I was quite encouraged. On her second date, she calls to see if I can send another chica as he is hung to well. Then when she gets home she calls and quits. She tells me the guy had cocaine in the room, and wanted her to do coke with her and she did not like that at all. Now I must admit, I don’t know how often that happens but this guy was a first time client. So her escorting career was short lived.

Recently on an overnight date the client calls me at 3:30am and says he is having great fun. He says the chica wore him out and he was letting her go home early as he wanted to rest. Around 8am I get an e-mail that he is disappointed. He says the chica agreed to come back to his room and did not show up. Furthermore he admitted he was doing coke all night. I guess coke really fucks with your mind. I just cannot get upset with the chica in this situation and I have to laugh at the guy. He is telling me he was doing coke, made a deal for more time with the chica, he calls the agency owner to tell him how fun it was, and then write a letter saying he was ripped off. The next week he called again and asked who would be fun, and I politely suggested he just lose my number.

Finally this past weekend we had a group of guys that scheduled a small party with 4 or our chicas. The guy casually mentions that there will be some pot smoking and some folks doing X. Now I clear that with all the chicas, but one left the party early unpaid because in her opinion, the drug usage was out of control and she did not want to spend 8 hours in that situation. Kind of a weird situation, but I appreciate the chicas point of view and although I lost money, fortunately the guy was not out money. It just comes back to bug me, that folks cannot have fun without the benefit of drugs and expect escorts to be ok with it. In his defense he did give me a eads up, but in other situations like a a couple of paragraphs above the guy just figured the chica would be happy with some drugs.

There are so many things that happen in this business that nothing should surprise me, but it does. One agency warned me about a guy that asked for some bondage and wanted to tie up a chica. He put handcuffs on her and blindfolded her. Then he took off the condom and came inside her. So I instructed our chicas to not allow themselves to be tied up. Sure enough a guy scheduled a date and then let the chica go early and said he was hoping she was more open minded. So I took the bait and asked the question. He told me he wanted to tie her up….and she refused and I told him I could have saved him the trouble. After a bit of research the other agency sent he his e-mail address and it matched the guy that was with our chica.

I miss things that is for sure. I do want you to have fun, and I want to make money and for the ladies to make money. I really work for both the guys and the chicas, but often guys don’t share with me what they want. If you know me, you also know I will turn down offers if I don’t think we can fill a guys request. I want repeat business and it is better to be honest, and miss an opportunity rather than send a chica into a no win situation.

Finally you don’t know how my calls I get from guys that want to talk directly to the chica. “Put Michel on the line please”. When I explain that the chicas are not in the office and will not be in the office they almost always hang up. That is fine. When we had the secretaries answering the phones, it was a great service, but they all agreed that some guys were a real pain in the ass and would call with no interest to do a date. I guess they just wanted to keep the secretary on the phone while they beat off. My Mom always said “it takes all kinds”. I know she was right.

Hope you all have a great week and maybe I can update the blog more often. Be careful as always.


Hello Folks.  Hope you are all doing well this Holiday weekend.  We are doing great here and I enjoyed the first few days of college football, and looking forward to the start of the NFL as well.

Many of you may remember that I sometimes mention my friend Maria in this thread.  Maria is a white lady, and I know that in this blog it would be easy to imagine a Latina.  Maria has been my good friend for some 30 years now and we have worked together in both Arizona and California.  She is soon to be 72 years old and is as sharp as a tack.  I’ve never had a better friend and in our years as friends I believe she has been to 10 Springsteen shows with me and a ton of sporting events. We even watched Notre Dame with the National Championship in the Fiesta Bowl. 

Well Maria is moving back to Arizona next weekend and I am going to try and visit her on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  She has a few of my possessions, but believe me I am motivated to see my best friend of 30 years one last time.  She is a Hungarian lady and just a tiny tiny thing with the heart of a tiger and no fear at all.  Piss her off and she can be a pit bull, but I love her all the same and will do anything I can for her.  I just hope I don’t break her when I hug her.  

How about this heat?  I took 6 showers on Friday and still was not comfortable on Saturday morning when I got up.  I know this heat cannot last forever and soon I will be wishing it was warmer.  My wife should come in handy in those cold months.   I did not find this summer to be that warm until this last week.

Our site is getting a face lift.  I don’t know when it will be complete but lots of it is done and who knows when it will be live?  I think you will like it and just hope I can stay on top of the new chicas, news and info as I have been the last several years.  I am not very skilled, but I do learn and make the changes. 

I hope to be back on this site in a few days to report on some changes and news.  Have a nice Holiday tomorrow or today (depending of course when you read this).  Be safe on the streets and I will see you soon.


It is actually before midnight and I dated this for tomorrow as it will be tomorrow when I finish this entry.  It will also be my 54th birthday.  I will be celebrating with a few of my friends this evening, but nothing to crazy.  I don’t think I will drink anything, but who knows?  Just found out our built in baby sitter will not be available so I will scramble for one tomorrow early.

Hope you notice we have a few additions to the team and I know the decisions get harder with every visit.  Valeria and Amy have been doing well and I have a real good feeling about Roxy.   I let her and her friend have the camera to take pics while I worked as the phone just kept ringing and I was running out of time.  You may have noticed that the bed has been moved so you don’t have to see where the little guy has torn up the wall so much.  I had not changed the layout of my bedroom since I moved into this apartment in October of 2008.

Football is coming up with the quickness and I am ready to go.   I have positioned my television where I can see it with no obstruction while at the computer and I have it on a table with wheels for when I am lazy and want to watch it from the bed.  Television placement is very important for me with the lifestyle I have chosen. 

In Little League baseball the Tijuana boys lost to Japan in a heartbreaking battle.  Tijuana still has a chance to win a game tomorrow and force a rematch.  Tomorrow’s game is at 1pm on ESPN for those that care to watch.  Friday will be an off day and Saturday and Sunday will be the final two days.  Chula Vista is in the driver’s seat in the US part of the draw and without much imagination we can watch Chula Vista and Tijuana play


Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  August is here and this year is just blowing buy.  Later this month college football gets started and then after Labor day it will be the NFL.  Hard to imagine that it is that time already and of course that means college baskets are just around the corner.

Got a phone call from some guy today.  I’ve got no idea who he is, but he did not seem to really like me…or really even want to talk to me.  I think he said “Don’t fuck with me” as I am trying to figure out what he wants.  I’m thinking maybe he has a girlfriend that called me looking for work, but who knows.  I want to go off on the guy, but it could not bode well for some chica somewhere.   This happens every now and then, but nothing has ever come from it. 

We do have a new chica coming, but I don’t have time to meet her this weekend.  She sent me pics and she should do ok, but I need to explain everything to her.  Another chica sent me pics but no phone number.  I’ve returned her e-mail, but so far nothing.  Seems like lots of young ladies are wanting to work now.

Zulema and Marta seem to have fallen off the client’s wish list.  Both were staying busy and doing great and their requests just went down hill.  I know we have a lot of chicas, but it is hard to believe they have been forgotten.  For those of you that like an “under the radar” chica, you can’t go wrong with either. 

Jennifer and Luz have picked it up again.  They do well and really well when together.  Perla is still #1 and Michel is hoping to be back by August 20th.   New chica Valeria has been doing well. 

My doctor says I have come a long way in less than a year.  He let me quit taking to of my meds a day and says by the new year I may not have to take any.  That was the best news I have had in a long time. I will give credit to my chica who pay close attention to what I eat.  I’m getting lots of fish and vegetables along with salads.  Bless her heart, she has been a great find.

Looks like A-Rod may be done.  I don’t know the details but his days sure seem to be numbered when listening to the news.  Hope the game can get rid of the PED’s and all the numbers will be real.   Maybe the Red’s are getting ready to make their run.

Be careful out there.  Hope to see you all soon.


I’ve been thinking about racism quite a bit most recently.  I think I have written about this before, but I grew up in a very racist community.  The Ku Klux Klan often held rallies in our near our town and our Black population was zero.  I grew up thinking there were Blacks and their were Whites.  I was not aware of Asians or Latins or anyone else on our planet. My parents were educated and did not teach us to be racist, and we often had conversation about Black Folks as the other students at school would talk about them.  And when you are 8 or 9 years old generally you just echo the sediments of your parents anyway, and there was not much confusion about how everyone’s parents felt.

So with the Zimmerman trial over folks are still talking about the verdict.  Trayvon Martin was 17 when he was killed.  That in itself is just sad.  It is even sadder that some folks feel that the planet is better off without him.  He smoked pot.  It has been reported that he stole jewelry.  Hell two of my White friends smoked pot at 15 and 16 years old.  One is a doctor and the other a lawyer.  If we had internet, they may have taken pictures flipping of the camera and wore hoodies as well.  But today they are productive in society and have no criminal record. Trayvon will not get those opportunities as he is going to be dead for our time on this planet.  Regardless of who he ran around with, who he idolized, and how he dressed he had opportunities ahead of him to be something other than many have him made out to have been. At 17 damn near all of us are stupid and make bad decisions.

Although I believe the verdict was correct, I don’t like how folks are still attacking Trayvon Martin.  This case has done nothing to help race relations although over time it could be used in open dialog by open minded youngsters to learn about being able to tolerate our differences.

I’m not an overly religious guy.  I have Christian philosophies and as we all know I have my faults and do not live by every one of the 10 commandments.  As a youngster and even today, I never got the Jehovah Witnesses.   They say they live by a strict interpretation of the Bible and that is fine with me.  The issues I have is with Christmas, The Pledge of Allegiance,  Birthdays and war.  I get war, but I know my Father enlisted on December 8, 1941 the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked.  He was bitter about the JW’s not fighting in war to protect our freedoms, etc.  My good friend said he would not stand for The Pledge of Allegiance, because that was putting our Country before our God.  I was not quite buying that, but in the end, I can live with it.  I just can’t agree with it. 

That leads me to the Japanese.   I don’t know much about the Japanese, but they did bomb Pearl Harbor and Professional Wrestling often made them the villains to bring out the hate in the audience.  They did the same with the Germans (I am part German) making them out to be Hitler loving.   Hitler was big on the master race but he did not seem to be part of that master race when you looked at him.

Now I am ok with the Japanese, the Germans, The Muslims, and people from everywhere.  I don’t know their History, but I know that as Americans we can often believe we are better than others.  I prefer to say different and just judge a man on his merits. 

Now I have one Asian issue, and it is stupid.  So just agree that I am stupid and try to remember that in the end.  I love my Asian friends and in many cases cannot tell what flavor of Asian a person is by site.  Someday I will have to write about the 18 year old Vietnamese lady I dated when I was 35.   She was a nice young lady and at the least we parted as friends, but probably the age difference was the biggest reason I got out of that relationship. 

So hear is my issue:  Black Jack….I love the game, but I am not in love with the way some folks play.  Of course they can play however they want.  The don’t answer to me and it is their money.  What ever decision anyone makes at the table does not change my odds at all.  Sure their decision can cause me to get a different card that may make me lose, but when I make my decision the odds are still the same.  Black Jack is a mathematical game.  Asian’s are generally thought to be mathematically  gifted, but I very seldom see an Asian guy  that uses Math to his advantage.  It is not just the Asians, as I am sure it happens with people of all race, but given a 15 or a 16 and looking at a 10 value card, you are fucked.  However if you take a card you will lose less money over the long haul than if you stay.  Yet folks at the Black Jack table are always trying to out guess the cards.  Why do I care?  It is however only a card game and it is there money.  It just really bugs me and the truth be told, I wish everyone would just go home and let me and the dealer play heads up. 

I will work on getting over my prejudices.  I hope everyone else will join me and try to be more tolerant.

It is Friday afternoon.  Please be careful on the roads and hope to see you soon.


It has been nearly impossible for me to sit down and write on of these blogs.  I’ve been playing a lot of blackjack in the evenings and I am exhausted when I get back home.  I’m writing on this Sunday morning, because the casinos here in Tijuana were quite busy last night, so I passed.

I’ve been working very hard to add to our team with very little success recently.  I have met 3 very petite and pretty ladies that have asked to work, and getting them to an interview has been some struggle.  One came to the interview and then changed the meeting for pictures 3 times on Friday and I finally was done with her.  She looked similar to Monique and spoke English as well.

I’ve been telling my Cindy story to all the new hires.  If you are not aware of that story, then here we go.  Cindy took pictures and was an great success.  Reports are flying in that she is a great kisser and excellent BBBJ skills.  So after about 10 dates on her next opportunity she decided she was going to give a CBJ and the client called her out.  She removed the condom and gave him a “pretty good bbbj” by his account.  When he reported it, she was done.  No one wanted to see her and the comments were all real negative. She did it to herself and can blame no one.

So here comes Ana.  I explain everything in great detail including how Cindy fucked up her business and Ana agreed to everything.  So on her first date the client was not specific but just said she was “excellent”.  Second date comes back with she was great but insisted on a “CBJ”.  I was so pissed off that I pulled her off the site within 5 minutes of reading that report. There was no misunderstand as she speaks English very well.

Our team is still strong with Megali winning lots of friends.  I thought she had a few reviews but realize now she does not.  Perla has widened the gap between first and the rest of the field and does not appear to be slowing down.   Michel will be back in August to make a run at number 1, but that will be difficult at best.  I have been visiting with Lucifer but I don’t see her coming back any time soon.  She has done a few dates in Mexico City and I am so happy to help her while she is there.

I know that many don’t understand this, but it is much harder to find a good trustworthy taxi driver than a good chica in Tijuana.  Leo has left and at least he did not steal from me or our clients.  Pancho is still aces, but he needs help. I have a few candidates but am worrying about loose lips and am proceeding very carefully.  Fermin still drives a little but no longer in the night.

It is sad to see the splitting of our Country over this Martin/Zimmerman case.  I think most can agree that it was a tragic story with a very sad ending.  I think that both sides reacted wrong and of course if Zimmerman did not follow him, then this would not have happened.  I believe the jury made the right decision based on the evidence, but Zimmerman is not free of blame…just of violating any laws.  I don’t know how he assimilates back into society as he very well may be the victim of a crime soon.    I wish both families well and hope this story is over.

Hope to be back soon and I trust you all had a safe weekend.  I just paid two more years for hosting our website and domain name, blog entries and so on so we should not just disappear anytime soon. Have fun and be safe and be good to one another.


Hello everybody.  Having quite the busy day today and awaiting pictures of two new chicas.  I paired the site down a bit today as some chicas just are no longer answering their phone.  They are all welcome to come back, but at this point is best to take them off the site.

Well two of newer chicas have caught on fire.  First Rebecca  who has been quite busy.  I have heard from a few that she is our best MILF and yet another says he would not repeat.  Sometimes the info can be confusing, but for sure guys are repeating with her as they really like her and the service she provides.  Violetta has only been out a couple of times but I got two “Wows” so hopefully she will continue to gain momentum.  Arlet has done great coming back from vacation, and I am quite happy to see that.

I am about to pull Kamala and that is quite embarrassing but I cannot find her with a search light.   Perla and Michel are still running neck and neck for top providers in Tijuana.  I am still reminded of our great providers of the past like Mia, Dulce, Jocelyn, Monique and Nahomy.  I just hope that history continues to repeat itself and we continue to provide the premier chicas of Tijuana.  Have had no luck in tracking down the midget, but I have not forgotten her.

Now I don’t know if we have the entire story yet, but sadly a young sex provider was killed on Tuesday morning.  I believe she worked at Hong Kong Bar and used the name Brisa.  It may have been a murder/suicide as her live in boyfriend was found with two bullets in his head.  I believe he has since died.   They were an attractive couple and it is such a shame that two lives were terminated so young. 

I am working on putting on a benefit poker tournament this summer.  I’m not sure if we will get it done, but for sure it won’t be for a lot of money and 50% of all entries will go to the kids and the other 50% will go to crash prizes for the participants.  If you are interested shoot me an e-mail and I will let you know if we get it together.  Would most likely be a Saturday at noon start.

Everyone have a great weekend.  Keep and eye out for a couple new chicas this evening.


So Saturday I am on my way to Costco with Pancho when we see a midget walking down the street. Man I want to talk to her as I know that a ton of guys would like to be with a midget.  At the same time, I don’t want to be disrespectful and approach a non working chica about working.  So we decide to follow about a block behind her and after 3 or 4 blocks we lost her. I get out of the taxi and check every business on the block but nothing.  I don’t know what I would have said if I did find her, but believe me I will be keeping my eyes out for her.  I have a couple of eyes on the street that will let me know if she shows up in their area.

We need to add a few more to the site and I will be getting on that soon.  One chica was going to do well, but she just cannot make it to scheduled interviews.  I figure she will stand up one of you guys as well, so what is the point?  There is still a really cute think spinner type that is suppose to come in for pics.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her call.

Then there is Kamala.  Contacts me and promises to send new pics and nothing.  I make her a nice page and explain who she is to those that are kind of new and she just disappears.   Maybe she will show up in a few days.

My wife decided I have a girlfriend today.  I was out of the house about 90 minutes with Pancho and said I had lipstick on my lips.  I kissed a chica when I greeted her, but really wasn’t worried about being caught.  So she did not seem to be mad, just said she was thinking I had a girlfriend.  Kind of weird, but there was no ultimatum or anything like that.  That is good as I don’t do good with those, but it was more like maybe I had a girlfriend but I am still your wife.  I’m not looking for anything “extra” as she is plenty of woman for me.  I never disappear for long periods of time and I invite her everywhere, but again it is not like she is pissed or anything. 

Half way watched the Jody Arias story last night.  I did have enough presence of mind to record it for later viewing.  I was fascinated with her story, and of course it is tragic, but it definitely hold my interest. I suppose we will be watching the George Zimmerman story in about 6 months.  I wonder how that one will end? 

Today my Nextel worked the entire day.  Probably won’t work tomorrow, but I can always hope.  I hope they get the bugs out of it as I do want to go to the US for 7 to 10 days and it will be quite difficult to be efficient with no consistent radio contact.  I’m just holding my breath.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Be safe and I will see you soon.


Getting ready to go out on Friday night, but waiting for those last few dates to get started.   It has been a quite unusual week this week.  Perla and Michel saw a big decline in activity, while  Jennifer, Chanel and Katherine got a bit busier than usual.  Katherine got a really bad review and it is hard to say if it was a client that actually saw her.  She was having a problem with texting during her dates but I thought that was resolved until I saw the new review.  It could have been someone just parroting what he read on an earlier review.  She had two different clients see her twice this week, so I tend to think things are better with her.

Jennifer took off with the most requests for the week and it has been a long time since that happened.  I got some nice feedback on her dates, so that is always encouraging.  She has some great reviews, but every once in awhile she gets a bit intoxicated and then all bets are off.  I was happy to see her keep it all under control and get the job done.

Nizuara went out last night, and I always like to see her get work.  Now I can only hope I can get new pics of her.  She would benefit from them and that is for sure.  If you want a chica that is getting overlooked and not wanting that top rated provider I would recommend Rosa, Camila, or Natalia.  Somehow they are not getting much work but they would qualify as diamonds in the rough.  No one has seen Sofia, and everyone is wanting to know how she is.  I’m sure we will know in time.  Violetta is going for her first date in the morning and I am looking forward to a report on her.

The Face Book page is coming along and if you are on the fence, get on it, but you must have used our service to be on the site.  There is always more pics and information on the Face Book page and I try to update the page daily.  There will be new chicas again soon.  I did have a couple come by last week and they said they will send pics, but I did not see anything special in them, but you never know.  I did visit with a chica that looked great and not sure if she is going to work or not.  She was quite pretty and if she works, she will be a busy young lady.

Arlet is coming back Sunday night and guys are already getting her on the calendar.  She was much in need of a week off and looking forward to her coming back fresh. 

I don’t do this often, but if I was going to see any of our chicas, I would put Megali, Karla, Cindy and Arlet at the top of my list.  Megali may be the best kept secret in Tijuana and part of that is because she only does overnights on Friday and Saturday. 

Well it looks like I can leave now, so I’m out of her.  You all have a good weekend and a Happy Father’s Day to all you other Daddy’s out there.   Be safe!


Today was quite slow, but a lazy day is much appreciated every now and then.  I did hear from a few young ladies that want to work, so I hope to have new pics soon as well as some pics of chicas that applied recently but have no pics.

Well I now have a new nextel, and someday soon I will learn how to use it.  It is a touch, which I have no experience with, but I have been playing around with it a bit.  I have talked to a few people and I will probably post the number on our Facebook page so at least I know when I get a call it is from someone I know.  I was more than a month without a radio and that makes it quite uncomfortable for me to spend much time in the US without that easy form of communication with the troops in Mexico. 

My son is 13 and hoping to meet him in Las Vegas in August.  Las Vegas is not the best place to be in August, but if my son is their I will walk barefoot through the desert to visit him.  He is showing a little interest in acting, so I think he will be taking some drama classes in the Summer.  I know I just sent money for some type of classes and whatever he decides to do I am sure he will do it well.

The Erotic Review has been a great source of our success over the years.   When many hobbyists travel they make their plans to include escorts and with San Diego being a nice convention spot for people, we benefit a lot from that.  Now I say this because they can be some really difficult people to deal with at times.  I have some clients that submit nice reviews and the site administrators work overtime to find a reason not to put them up.  At the same time a guy will write a fictitious report and it gets up right away.  I remember several years ago a guy reviewed Jocelyn and reported that she insisted on paying the taxi and the room.  Now my issue is with Nicole/Johana.  I submitted her name change and link to TER and they keep denying the name change.  I encourage all of you to do the same, so maybe they will get tired of the requests and just make the change.

I heard from Lucifer in May, but keep forgetting to mention it.  She is down in Mexico City and will be available to any of you that are visiting.  She saw a few guys in 2012, but she changed numbers and I just got her new number.  Man is she ever missed.  She was so easy to work with as she always answered her phone, was always on time, and performed as well.  When I interview new chicas I often tell them not to worry, they don’t need to sleep with the boss.  I remember after a few months of work I was in the taxi with her and sitting up front and she was in the back after a client was just dropped off.  I said, “Lucifer remember when I told you that you would not have to sleep with me?” and she indicated that she did remember that….so I turned around and look into her eyes, above those huge twins of hers and said, “I lied”.  I did get great pleasure from saying that,  but of course I did not put her to the test.  Every time I saw her I was reminded of how tiny she is.  With those melons of hers you can lose site of just what a itty bitty thing she is.  I would lie if I said I was not attracted to her. 

I am about to fall asleep, so I will just tell you to be safe as always, and I hope to be back in a few days. 


Trying a mid-afternoon entry as I know it has been awhile.  Already three interruptions during the first sentence.

I’m glad to know that many of you are reading my blog, but I have had a unbelievable amount of people wanting on Face Book that I don’t know.  If you are not our client, please give it up.  The e-mail address does not match our e-mail for the business either, so I do have another Face Book account, but there are 4 friends on it and I want it to stay like that.  It is not about the business and hell I think only 1 of those 4 are on Face Book very often. 

With the little lady in the house, I see a change in my television watching habits.  I don’t even turn the think on during the day much but part of the change maybe that college baskets and football are not on.  I do like baseball and my Cincinnati Reds are doing well, but I have only seen 2 of the first 50 games.  I will make more of an effort to watch them.

Chicas are coming out of the woodwork to get on our page and that is not anything to complain about. Some call and then never answer or come to the first interview, but enough are really interested that it has kept me busy.  I wonder if we will hit 100 active at the same time by 2014.  I would not be surprised as things are moving forward quickly.  Hell a couple of times last week a guy asked for a chica and I had to check the site to see who she was. 

I can tell you with no reservation that everyone is telling me that Megali is the best.  I know that is saying a lot but she is hitting home runs.  I can just say she is so sexy when I am around her that I just want to lay her down and service her until she can’t take it no more….or two minutes depending on my ability to control myself.   She is a friend of Luz, so maybe that neighborhood is full of chicas that put out like tramps.  May have to go visit.

Waiting for this Zimmerman trial to begin. Should be the big talk around our Country for the summer.  Just wish it did not divide us racially as I hate that aspect of the conversation.  Hopefully the jurors and our population can listen to the testimony and make an educated opinion based on nothing more than the facts.  I can honestly say that I don’t know where I will stand when it is ready to go to the jury.   I do know that Jodi Arias is a liar, but wonder if she has anything on Jennifer?  I know I could find her customers and that is for sure.  What she did however was just beyond belief and my heart goes out to Travis’ family.  That just did not have to happen.  The shame is that Travis will be “that guy” and Jodi Arias may become a household name.  Wish we could do a better job of remembering the victims.  His last name is Alexander by the way.

Besides the television being turned off I would like you to know that my house is as clean as ever and my meals are always with vegetables and salads. I’m getting a lot of fish, chicken and tuna and my doctor should be happy.  Most importantly I am doing well and she does not say much, but she definitely is making my life easier and she is pleasant to hang with.  Hard to imagine that in 13 more years she will be half my age.   Her son will be 2 in August and he is trying my patience at times but he also is responsible for a lot of smiles and laughter in the household.

I think I have mentioned I will write a book.  I have been thinking about that often and have written maybe 75 pages or so, but nothing since 2003.  The most interesting thing about the book is I don’t know how it will end, but I don’t want to publish it while I am still working in this business.

Be careful out there and I’m looking forward to your visits. 


It has been a busy week for me as the little lady did find her way home.  Now she has a small child so we have had to add a few things for the home and have been in the stores every day.  Things are good and I think I have found a good one. 

I have been using my vonage phone for the office for damn near 10 years now and I love the service.  One of the newer features is that you can call a Mexican Cell phone free of charge.  That is a great perk as it keeps my cell bill down, however the best perk is setting call forwarding to my Mexican cell.  In the past I forwarded calls to a Cricket phone that did not have signal in all of Tijuana.  Now I have more freedom to move around the city and not miss your calls or your e-mails.  I am not a technology guy, but I have embraced this.

Face Book is picking up a bit with now more than 50 guys on our site.  It is only for those that have used our service and some guys still try to get on.  I have to be very careful about the privacy of some chicas, so I will error on the side of caution.  We have passed 3,000 clients but I was thinking we may have 3 to 5 hundred on face book and we may, but it won’t happen overnight. 

Hoping to get pics of Itzel tomorrow as she has been out a couple of times and is getting good reports.  It is amazing how many different chicas are getting requests.  The team just gets stronger and stronger and I promise we are not stopping.  I’m getting calls every day from chicas that have friends that want to work.

I have noticed that my television watching practices have changed now that someone in the house does not speak English.  I’m also not listening to the radio like I use to.  I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I have adjusted.  I also find myself going to bed earlier and getting out of bed earlier as well.

Guess it is time for the trial of George Zimmerman.  It is sad to see folks decided by race and I hope a jury can come up with the correct verdict.  I’m guessing we all have  our minds made up, but I for one am not sure where I stand.  I am sure the testimony will give me more info that I have got from the press and different message boards around the net.

I’m going to wager again on Golden Cents and hopefully this time it will work a bit better.  Obviously he is not too fond of the slop so I will be hoping for a dry track.  Hope that is not too much to ask for?  Of course I don’t have to bet.  That is a concept that is lost on many.

Well we have a big weekend scheduled already in advance, so I am sure I will see or talk to many of you.  Where every you spend the weekend, just be careful out there. I am out of here, as it is past my bed time.

5-7-13 Part II

Going to give a daytime entry a shot.  Still glued to the television and learning more about the rescue of the ladies kidnapped in Cleveland.  So many questions that we all want answered.

On a personal note, Saturday is the day the girlfriend is suppose to be back and I am cautiously optimistic about that.  Cautious because she could possibly not show up and optimistic as I think she is a great fit for me and that we will be happy together.  Of course in another 13 years she will be half my age.   All the same these last 7 weeks have been strange, and I have more opportunities with the ladies now.  I think when you are content with a young lady it changes your level of confidence and then you project more confidence and people around you take notice.   I’m not going to over analyze and just accept it without question.

Now you may remember a long time ago, I wrote about my spare bedroom not having electrical outlets, and today that is getting fixed.  I hope to have some new outlets in my bedroom as well.  It is amazing how many extension chords are running around the floor in my bedroom.  Anyway I hope to make some small changes to make this place “family ready”.

On a business level it is just unbelievable with the level of talent we currently offer.  Arlet took off and had a great week.  Cindy, Megali, Dulce, Tiffany and Kiara are all gaining popularity and to see a different chica getting the most work every week is amazing.  Perla and Michel are still doing well, but with these new chicas making some noise, it just means more excellent choices for you guys.  Karla will be ready on Friday and does she ever looks good. Look for a review in a few days on Yeiner and Crystal together.   They hit a home run on their first at bat.

The Face Book account is coming along and has some 1300 pics up now featuring pics from past parties, and just lots of pics of chicas not on our site.  Remember if you cannot join because of discretion, you can make a separate face book just to see our page.  Just let me know your face book name so I can let you in.  You will like it and that I know for sure.

Well wish me luck.   I hope to be back soon and please be careful out there.


It is Monday night 5-6 when I started this blog.  With no doubt it will be Tuesday morning when I finish.

How many times have I got this call?  My son’s Mother says, “Are you watching CNN?”  Now I am usually the one more connected as my life is on the computer and on the television, but this one missed me.  Now forgive me if I have the details wrong, but the jist of the story is that 3 girls/ladies were kidnapped and held hostage in a Cleveland home for some 10 years.  They were freed today and the news keeps changing every hour.  There are so many questions we want to know.  First a man was arrested and now we here 2 of his brothers are arrested as well.

Our thoughts are that the women were his or his and his brothers sex slaves.  That the women have been held against their will with fear for their lives.  There was a child (or maybe more) found with the ladies and our thoughts are that one of these men fathered the child.  The neighbors had no clue.  Could your neighbor be holding someone hostage in his/her home without you knowing? 

I’m guessing these women will have a real hard time adjusting to life outside of the house.  Certainly that they were found alive is a great story.  I just don’t see how they will adjust back into society.  The press will be all over them and we all want to know their story.  I hope that the ladies will benefit financially to the point that they will be able to self sufficient.  The movie will be something we will all want to see…..the book will be a best seller. 

Certainly we all want to know how they were held.  Where were they in the house? How could they not get free before now to find a neighbor or get a message or a call out?  Did they see opportunities but were afraid of getting caught?  Did this lady today, just say WTF and decided she may die, but death would be better than living longer in that house?  How did the neighbors not know?  Could this be happening in a house in our neighborhood?

I’m going to be watching to pick up bits and pieces of this story.   For whatever it is worth, the home was quite close to where my son and his Mother lived when in Cleveland in 2012.  They did not know anyone involved, and are a bit perplexed about the whole story.  

Pray for these ladies and this is a happier ending that we could have expected, but it is a sad story nonetheless.

Be safe out there my friends.


Business has been great this week, but today (Friday) is just a normal day.  I was hoping for much better and of course there is still time.   We briefly had a new chica that did not work out today, but maybe she will be back.  I don’t know the whole story, but it looks like we just have to wait for her to dump the boyfriend.

I am still anxiously waiting for my girlfriends 15 day vacation to end.  Tomorrow will be the 36th day and it looks like she will make it at the 51 day mark.  Maybe she has  dyslexia and it that case I am glad it was not a 38 day vacation.  As it is, she should get in a day after the local “Mothers Day”.  Now we recognize May 10th each year for Dia de la Madre so you are warned if you wish to send your favorite chica some flowers.

Little Arlet is doing great if you have not had the chance to see her.  I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but guys seem to love her and she is really easy on the eyes, and that is for sure.  She looks somewhat similar to my chica, and maybe I am just partial to her for that. 

The face book page is doing well and has around 1200 pictures now.  I try to keep a window open all day to answer your questions and it has a bit more info than the regular site.  Marlene took new pics and is a blond again.  I really want new pics of the pregnant chicas, but they don’t seem to be motivated. 

Well when we have earth shattering breaking news like the Boston Marathon bombings, it never fails that the story changes every few minutes.  I’m one of those guys that clings to each word with my thirst for the most knowledge and then in the end the final edition is not quite what we thought it was.  It appears that law enforcement did a good job on getting to the bottom of this and that in itself is a great story.

Hell I referenced a story about a Veteran of Foreign War and it seems that part of his story was fiction, but he did do a heroic job of making a victim feel more comfortable.  I will give him a pass on his story and it is just nice to see people helping in such a time of need.

I have made a few changes in the office in an attempt to get a bit more organized.  So far it is going well, but it is the type of change you won’t see, but I just have better notes from your requests or inquiries. 

Well the Kentucky Derby is next week and I figure to invest again in  Goldencents since that worked out so well a couple of weeks ago.  I’m no handicapper but I do know how to collect at the window, so I will give it a shot. They say the derby is the greatest two minutes of sports, so who wants to miss that?

Well I like baseball, but this time of year is a little slow for me and sports on the television.  I’m trying to spend more time listening to the radio.  Currently I am liking 105.7FM, the Walrus.  They seem to play a lot of music from the 70’s and 80’s and that music brings back lots of nice memories. Many of my fondest memories center around the music I was listening to at the time. I’m betting I am not alone in that thought.

Well the weekend is here, so please be careful on the road and I as always look forward to seeing you soon.

4-16-13 II

I suppose I could have dated this one the 17th, but it is not yet 10pm.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things today, but not sure who much of it is “blog” worthy.  Reminds me of the episode on Steinfeld, when Elaine is trying to decide who is “sponge” worthy. 

First was the story of a lady who was in the hospital with shrapnel in her body, and a Veteran of Foreign War came to her rescue and among other things he showed her that he had shrapnel in his body and showed her his scar.  The lady was so dis-oriented that she does not know whether the guy was a volunteer at the Marathon or if he was just a fan and came to her aid.  His name was Tyler and he did a great job of making her more comfortable.  Tyler epitomizes the American way and is just one of many that went over and above to help in a time of great need.  So Tyler you were a hero before and now again you showed your true colors.  Our Country is made up of many Tyler’s and it is people like you that help to make our Country great. 

Cell phones again proved their value as many people were using them to video the event and the authorities have many videos to check out in hopes of some clues as to who was involved.  I have seen today a video of a bag at the point of the first bomb that most likely was holding a bomb.   Cell phones have helped convict criminals, and they have saved lives.  Now if we can just not text when driving or even talk on them when driving, then that would be a great service to humanity. 

Well it appears the 15 day vacation of my girlfriend is going to be more like 7 weeks.  I miss her a ton, but I’m trying to find some positive in all of this.  She is definitely worth waiting for.  I am hoping I feel the same this time next year. 

Well a couple of my favorite Team Juanita chicas are coming back.  First Sarahi should be back within the week.  I have never been a guy that really likes thin chicas, but Sarahi is just so pretty. When I am riding in the taxi with her I just want to kidnap her.  Cindy, who was Cielo a few years ago is back in town as well.  She may be Cindy 2 since we just hired a Cindy recently.  She is 21 now and has no children.  I will probably put her back on the site with her old pics, and she is suppose to get new pics on Thursday.  Chicas and their pics don’t always happen as scheduled, but I try.   Both are really pretty and will be welcomed back.

You may not believe this, but I hate posting pictures of chicas with their faces covered.  I like it about as much as a cbj, and who likes that?  It is one reason why I prefer to visit with a chica alone and not have other influences in the room.  Not many chicas are going to think to cover their face, but someone always puts that in their heads.  Well again the face book page will have more pics and no covered faces and it will only be visible to my friends (clients).  If you join, your friends will not be able to see the pics, and that will make it a great tool for our clients to use.  It is just getting rolling and I believe we have 17 people on line and two are my neighbors who are no threat to the site.  Was in my buddy Alex and the other is his chica friend also named Alex.  He plays at our parties usually and she attends often and is a friend to many of our chicas.

Luna sent me an e-mail today and said that she is in New York and to please take her pics down, and so I did.  She indicated she will be back, but has no date in mind.  Whenever that is she will be welcomed back like many others. 

Sometimes I think of all the talent that has come and left and wow have we had some really talented and great ladies over the years.  One I miss dearly is Layla, who may be the tiniest chica to ever work with us.  Osiris is tiny but I think Layla is even smaller.  Arely is another one and I mean the bigger chica that was here in 2009 and we stay in touch.  She is in Veracruz and still writes saying she will be back.   I know Dulce, Kamala, Nahomy, Monique and Jocelyn would all be in our Team Juanita hall of fame.  I doubt many of you remember Xiomara or Veronica, but those are two that lived in my guest rooms for awhile and I miss having them around.  

Well please remember the victims of the Boston Marathon and hopefully we will know someday soon what happened and our people will get well. Thanks for stopping by and be very safe out there. 


My heart goes out to those that were touched by the senseless bombings in Boston.  Certainly it could have been worse, and hopefully it was not worse because of the work of law enforcement and Homeland Security over the last 12 years or so.  I immediately thought of my few friends in Boston and then of my friends that are runners.  I watched the television for several hours today and I don’t know who said it…maybe President Obama, but someone said that tragedies such as this do not weaken us, but because we are Americans it strengthens us.  I do believe that and no matter what are personal differences are, when something like this happens we are all Americans, and we look out for our own. Although I live South of the border, I am and American and am quite moved when someone commits a crime against my Country.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those touched by this tragedy.

Sunday during the day I realized my radio no longer works in Tijuana.  I am told it will work once I cross the border, but that is not a whole lot of help.  Seems like I will be getting a new radio later this week that will work on both sides of the border and if I understand right, I will get two radios and the first months service for less than I was paying in the USA.  Those radios come in handy when communicating with taxis.

Business was again good this past weekend and more than ever before the work is getting spread around among a lot of chicas.   With nearly 70 chicas available our team is as strong as ever and still waiting to see what happens when Cindy gets called.  I swear she looks like Perla and am just hoping her service will be top shelf like it is with Perla.

I have not visited the US in awhile, but hope to do so this week.  Every time I think I may have time, we get some dates scheduled and I put it off.  Some day I will hire a secretary again, and I won’t have to be so available.  Karina would do it, but she lives so far away and needs to be closer to her children.  I’d like to take a vacation and spend a week or 10 days with my son.  We will see how things go the next couple of months and who knows maybe his Mom will let him visit.

I’m going to keep this short tonight as I am really tired.  I dated this the 16th, but it is really near the end of the day on the 15th.   You guys have a good week and I hope to see you soon.  Be Safe!



Hope you all had a nice weekend.  The weekend turned out really well and we have a lot of sore young ladies today.  A friend of mine told he to bet Golden Sense in the Santa Anita Derby and that proved to be a good decision paying $15 for each $2 bet.

The Face Book page is almost ready.  I should be sending invitations out tonight and again if you are our client and you want in, then you can be.  Just let me know and I will get on it.  I must be able to know that the e-mail you send me is from a person that I know has used our service and I will err on the side of caution on this.  The pics will only be available to my “friends” and there are already over 1000 posted.  You will get info before it becomes public on some matters as well. I can honestly say that I am excited. I already had to take Becky off as she quit today.  We all wish her the best of course.

Well we are down to 2 teams in the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament.  Should be a fun final game and at this time I have no opinions.  You may have read how I liked Wichita State a few months ago and like St Mary’s and Butler of tournaments past, they over achieved according to the “experts”.

Perla has a birthday on Wednesday the 10th and if you want to send her some flowers just contact me.  She is now the #1 in flowers as well as escorting in TJ.  Michel is a close #2 as rated by TER.   Lil Arlet is making friends with the quickness and is a must see when you visit.  Looking forward to getting reports on others soon.

I still have some other chicas to meet this week that would like to work, and I am trying to get updated pics of Megan and Melany for those of you that like the pregnant chicas.  I have a friend doing a little photo shop on the pics on facebook, but only to change the background on those pics, so you don’t have to see that tiger so much.  Did you notice Maythe is back?  That made a couple of guys really happy for sure.

Well the girlfriend is due to be back by the 20th, and I am counting the days.  I guess I should really live it up, but right now I am resting a lot.  I am still going out on Friday evenings to listen to live music.  Hoping to organize a small get together on Thursday the 25th, but it will not be a Team Juanita event.

Have a great week, and be safe friends.


Today is April Fool’s Day, and I know what you are thinking.  I can assure you there is no jokes in this blog entry today.  I’ve been quite busy with both my personal schedule and with our business, and please believe I am not complaining.

Before I get started, I want you to know that I am working on a Team Juanita Face Book page and hopefully it will be ready in the next week.  It will only be for those of you that have done dates with us and if you are one of those guys that cannot remember what address you used, then tough titties. There will be pictures that the chicas do not want public on the site and I will do my best to keep it to only our clients, which means just over 3000 guys could have access.  It will not be associated with the e-mail address I use every day either.   If you qualify and want to see the site, just send me a request and I will get you access. 

The girlfriend is out of town and should be back in another 10 days or so.  I have had no less than 3 chicas ask if they could move in this past week.  It is Murphy’s Law at its finest and I have not been tempted.  2 of the 3 lived her before, and although I like them, I don’t want to fool around and jeopardize the opportunity I see with this nice chica.

Many of you have asked about Nicole.  Nicole is one of the most beautiful young ladies that has worked with us and I removed her from our site a few days ago.  Basically some one at her school found her pics and was telling all her friends at school and so she asked that I remove her photos.  She will still be available but only to guys that have used our service. 

I understand that Arlet is doing real well on her dates and it is nice to know that our team has yet another exceptional provider.  I don’t know her well, but she seems to be very suite and stood up to a pounding last week.  Rosa is also a lot of fun and has made her mark.  I hear we have another real looker coming soon, so stay tuned.

I have removed a few more chicas from the site as they are not answering their phones.  Lain is going to be removed real soon as I cannot find her, but since it is a Holiday weekend, I will give her a few more days to surface.  Tiffany was suspended as she missed a date on Saturday and contacted me while out of town.  

There has been a lot of talk of Milf’s lately but the best one in the bunch is getting looked over.  Marta is outstanding in terms of service, but for whatever reason she is not getting calls.  She get great commentaries from those that have seen her and if you like a mature woman, she is as good as gold.

Major League Baseball (the other ML started last night and I of course am excited about my Cincinnati Reds and will be watching their progress.  The NCAA is down to the Final Four and I am always sad to see it come to an end.  No predictions right now but I am sure I will have opinions by Saturday.  I have been touting Wichita State all year, so am happy to see them in that elite group.

Please remember that May 10 is Mother’s Day in Mexico and don’t forget to get your flower order in. 

Hope you all have a great week, and I will be back very soon.   Be safe out there.


Well it has been awhile, and I want you to know I have not forgot about you, but as usual, I think of great topics when I am out, and then draw blanks when I am at the computer.  Hope you are enjoying the NCAA basketball tournament and I know I am.

When I was born my folks were mid-30’s and my Grandparents on both sides had already past.  I don’t even have stories that were passed down, but I do have this story to pass on.  My Father was a pharmacist in Indianapolis and he owned a small drug store when I was born.  One of his cahiers was named Rhea and when she found out I had no living grandparents she volunteered to adopt me and later my sister as well.  Grandma Rhea was married to Elbert and he just seemed like he was along for the ride.  She loved us and never missed a birthday, Xmas or anything in my life.  Like a dumb ass I did not really appreciate her,  but of course I was always pleasant with her.  One thing about Grandma Rhea is that on my birthday every year I would get a card with a one dollar bill in it.  It was not until she apologized one day for not having a “new crispy one” that I realized every year I got a brand new one.  I just did not appreciate her attention to me and of course now I know just what a special person she was and how she took time out of her routine to visit me on all those Holiday.  After a few years we moved about 30 minutes from Indianapolis, but Grandma Rhea and Albert would make the drive to see me on many Holidays.  I believe they game me a spirograph like 3 years in a row for Xmas, and at least I had enough sense not to mention that they repeated that gift. 

Later after I moved to Scottsdale Arizona, I had to go back to see my sis get married.  I must have been 30 years old and had not seen Grandma Rhea is some 12 years or so.  On that Friday night before the wedding we were going through a rehearsal at some remote location on the outskirts of Indianapolis, when Grandma Rhea and Elbert walked in.  Sis had not invited them, but of course we were super happy and surprised to see them.  She made room for them at the wedding the next day, and their presence brought tears to my eyes.  To think someone in their 70’s thought so much of us to be there after 10 years on no contact is truly unbelievable.  I am embarrassed to  say I don’t know if or when they passed, but they must have and shame on me for not being more appreciative of what they did for us.  This World is not a bad place, but it would be a much better place with more Grandma Rhea’s.  One memory I will keep forever is all the pictures on the wall in her living room of her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.  My sister and I were always up there.  She was a saint for sure, and Grandma Rhea you will never be forgotten.

Well I have a new love interest and we have been going out for about 6 weeks.   For the first time in some 12 years my girlfriend is not a prostitute and bless her heart for understanding and accepting my line of work.  She left today for vacation of about 3 weeks.  Plans are that she will live with me upon her return.  I am holding my breath as we all understand Murphy’s law, and I really don’t want to fall victim to that.   She has some reservation that I will try to put her up for rent, but I have told her that I don’t need her to do that.  I have always let my chicas work in this business while living with me, but they have already had some work experience except one.  I actually had one chica come to Tijuana to be a prostitute and she moved in with me before she ever worked.  Here Mom worked in this business before and had told her daughter about Tijuana and Tijuana has been quite good to her.  Anyway I am excited about this opportunity with a new chica that does not work in this business.

Little Rosa is getting some attention.  She is not available on weekdays, but she is often requested.  She has only been out once a week for the last 3 weeks, but everyone has loved her and I find myself attracted to her as well.  Michel and Perla are battling for the top spot in Tijuana and that is no secret.  Brisa2 is just getting a little work and her hours of availability is somewhat compromised.  Lexy and America have been the victims of many cancellations.   I hope to see them take off and do great things in the next few weeks.  A fun chica that is getting attention is Megali, and I must admit when she calls me I get horny just seeing her name on my phone.  She is quite sexy and just fun to be around.

My neighbor is in the hospital and I am afraid his days are limited.  He is a young guy around late 30’s I would say and he had a heart transplant maybe a year and a half ago.  If you are a praying person, you may want to say a few words for Julio and his family.  No it is not the ex taxi driver, but for some reason the last 2 guys that lived there were named Julio.  He has family that are acting like sharks smelling the blood.  They are already trying to divide up his belongings, and I bet we are talking about less than $1,000 worth of stuff.  It just sickens me to see people act like that. 

I’m going to bet back to watching the games.  You all be careful and I will see you soon. 


I’ve been lazy again.  Hope you are all doing well, and I am glad to say I am.  Business has been real good this week, and we have a big weekend planned.  Managing the taxi drivers has been a problem recently but Francisco is back and that helps a lot.  He always says he will be back in a month and it is always closer to 3.

We are really getting deep with our roster and the talent just keeps on coming.  Megali, Tiffany, Luna and Dulce have been doing great, and Brisa just came back as Brisa 2.   Michel is poised and ready to take over the spot for #1 provider in Tijuana and should be there by the end of March.   Perla is doing great but Michel’s scores are even stronger.  I wish Lucifer would come back, as she did real well and was easy to work with. Abar called and said she will be back this weekend.  Now that chica has an all I tell you.

Visited with an English speaking chica over the phone yesterday and she seemed real sweet.  I am hoping she will join the team by the weekend and we will just have to see.  I had interviewed a chica that did not like the concept of GFE and declined an opportunity to work, and she called and said she could do it after all.  Rosa finally sent her pics and got scheduled with the quickness.  Guess I gave her the wrong e-mail address and someone else got her pics before me.  I want to see her do well, as she is so sweet and innocent and just hoping when the door closes she can become a tramp.

Marlene took a vacation, but she forgot to tell the boss.  I was very close to removing her from the site, when she called and said she was back.  She should be getting some reviews real soon.  Marlene, Luna and Dulce are all friends, and they have been a great find.  I know our clients are happy.  Rosa, Tiffany and Megali are all friends also so maybe I am just getting new talent in 3’s.  Actually America is part of that clan and she just impresses me as being super horny and fun. Hoping to get a review for her in the next week.

If I was giving a most improved award, it would go to Candy 2 as her clients have been quite happy recently and she is after all easy on the eyes as well.  She seems to have developed a bit of a personality as well.  I’d like to see her get a few reviews.  Brenda just got a new review, although she has not worked.  She lost her phone and I could not reach her, so I was quite interested in reading about her.  The guy made up a nice review, and sometimes that happens.  If you are using reviews as a measure then it is important to know who is doing the review.  Some guys are well known and you know they actually see the chicas.

It always amazes me when a new agency opens up and they get a few reviews from guys that have never written a review.  I always suspect they are submitted by the agency owner or someone close to that situation.   I remember years ago a guy wrote one on Jocelyn and it was complete fiction.  He started by naming where he met her, which is a place we never would meet at.  After that he reported that she insisted on paying the taxi and the room.   I am surprised that TER even put it up.

Tomorrow is the start of NCAA basketball conference tourney play and others start on Friday and next week. I believe the 17th would be the last few games and then the tournament will start on Tuesday the 19th.  Should be a great show this year and I have been saying New Mexico will make noise, but I have no real strong feelings about anything right now.  Maybe when I see some match-ups that will change. As a youngster we had season tickets to Indiana University so naturally I will be hoping to seem them win.

I may be back before the weekend, so please check in.  If you are visiting this weekend I look forward to seeing you.  Please everyone be careful out there.