She is 5′ tall and about 120lbs.  She can work all hours and has a nice fan club.  She also does our overnight special.  She is 29.  She is a mother and it helps a lot to book her a day in advance. Sandra does have a tongue ring.  She loves to sing, so you may run into her at a karaoke place from time to time.  She is one of the few ladies that will go out in public on her dates.

*note. I have added the name Fanny as sometimes I am confused as to where a guy ask for CaSandra or Sandra on the phone.  There is no confusion on e-mails but want to eliminate that problem.

Pics were taken on 12-23-20

Posted on: September 22, 2018Lindo Barre

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  1. Recently had an overnight date with this one. First think she did when I entered, was grab my package and say “this is mine” Had great fun and she went out drinking with me for a little bit.

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