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  1. Dick Glover
    August 3, 2023 @ 2:47 pm

    Roxana does not have braces anymore. This chica is an oral specialist, one of the few chicas who’s performed BJs where I never felt teeth. Her technique was near flawless. She maintained significant depth & rythm, resulting in more intense pleasure than typical BJs, & she continued bobbing to completions without flinching. Didn’t seem to phase her. Phased me though. She gave me very intense Os. I took quite some time to reach Os as well, without a peep of complaints from Roxana. She took long thorough vag rompings as well, & seemed to enjoy them, but unfortunately, though I wanted to, and tried, I was not able to enter Greece, which can be quite the challenge gloved up. Roxana insisted she is highly skilled in Greek. We had plenty of time to engage in all this activity, being it was a 10 hour overnight, 8pm-6am. We hit the sack at 2:30, & I didn’t have the energy for wake up sex. Without me asking though, Roxana set her alarm for 5am, & stayed awake a few minutes, seemingly waiting for my response. I was quite spent. Seemed she sensed that, so she went back to sleep to reawaken at 5:45 & left at 6, since she arrived on time at 8pm. Punctuality is rare with most escorts.
    Tough lady, she said she frequents the gym, which is obvious in her profile photos, which by the way look exactly to the T like she does in person. I mean 100% exactly, body & face exactly the same, down to her makeup. Those are real eyebrows by the way, not painted on. In case you’re wondering, she’s not flat chested. She has quite nice, firm & perky, feels like small B cups. Of course a nice flat stomach as well, since she’s never been pregnant, another rarety in this profession. What also is rare is a chica who performs as good as she looks. In the majority of my experiences with escorts, and I have had many (not proud to say. This is a bad habit), performance is inversely proportional to looks. Was really nice not having to downgrade to a fugly to get great service.
    Overall, I was quite impressed by Roxana’s quality of service. 2 thumbs up.


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