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  1. Albrecht
    December 17, 2022 @ 3:51 am

    First I will state the positives… Denise was on time, she must have been at least 10 minutes early. In the German culture we do appreciate punctuality (Deutsche punktlichkeit). She has in my opinion, the most heavenly body. Her curves alone are to die for. Most of all she is incredibly tall, although I’m short I live for tall women!
    On to the negatives. She took two showers for our 1 hour rendezvous. I could tell the moment that she walked in that she didn’t like me, and that’s okay. Although, she utilized every excuse to get away from me.

    To make matters worse, she must have departed 15 minutes earlier than expected. Now I do realize that I am unattractive, I’m short, and overweight. Some would say hung more like a grasshopper. However , I have seen Melissa, Zulma, Monica, and Cassandra none of whom have been nearly this cool and distant from me.

    Perhaps the others are simply better actresses.


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