Author: Lindo Barre


This young mother previously worked selling clothes but is now ready to start escorting. She is 5’1, weighs 125lbs and has enhanced 34B’s. She can work Monday through Friday starting at 1pm and can do the overnights as well, but will not work Saturdays or Sundays.

Pics were taken on 3-10-20 and face pictures are available upon request


Arantza is new to this but comes with a good attitude and a pretty smile.  She is only 5’1, has natural 34B’s and weighs 125lbs.  She speaks excellent English and works as a personal trainer.   She is up to all hours including our overnight special and can work bi-sexual and says she may provide Greek, but that would be a game time decision.  She is a mother and a MILF as well.

Arantza has decided to not be pictured and will only see gentlemen that have used our service before.  Pics are only available to guys that have used our service before as well.



Hope everyone is doing well.  It is getting cold in Tijuana, but I guess I should be thankful that I am not in Indiana.

Covid 19 is spiking on both sides of the border and I understand we are close to a vaccine being released. I hope that is the case as I of course want to get back to some semblance of normal. Probably for the remainder of my life we will be taking about Pre Covid and Post Covid.

Our presidential election sure has been a topic all over the World and shows like Saturday Night Live really took advantage of that. I suppose comedians all over the World have found humor with our election as well as with Covid 19.

Covid has forced the cancellation of 2 fiestas but we are having a private one for the ladies only.  I wonder what the attendance will be like and we have it scheduled for a location that will be closed to the public. I just want the ladies to know that I appreciate what they do.   I already spent two thousand on gifts, but if we have a small turnout they can be kept for the following year.  I hope to have a Christmas in March (or insert another month) for everyone and I will of course post that on the site with a minimum of 30 days notice and most likely 60 days.

As for our business, Gisselle has left and now Abby is gone for awhile.  Monica and Ana Lucia are benefiting from our top 2 ladies leaving.   Patricia is an absolute super star but gets overlooked by many.  She gets top marks and repeat requests from those that see her.  Patty, Vanessa, and Pamela are all doing well among or newer chicas.  Pamela has lost her ID and should have it by December 7th (a day we Americans like to get bombed).  She can go to Pueblo Amigo and to La Mansion with her school ID but not anywhere else that I am aware of.  Tiffany, Divina, Carolina and Karina are getting work and Karina has gained popularity for her last few TER reviews.

College basketball is suppose to start in late November.  NCAA football is having to cancel games because of the pandemic, but they are tooling along.  I believe the NFL will get though the season but can only hope that players on teams that have no playoff hopes can continue to live within the guidelines.  The Masters start today and UFC seems to have a good system in place. I just hope we can continue to make progress.

I promise to stay in good spirits and hope you too can find some way to remain positive.  Buying presents has been challenging as some businesses have altered their hours.  I like to cross very early and be back by noon, but finding lots of businesses opening at 11am or later and closing earlier as well. I am just dealing with it the best I can.

Thanksgiving is coming up so try to find away to enjoy your family and remember what you do have to be thankful for.  I will try and be back soon and be careful out there please.

Ana Lucia

This 23 year old mother was quite popular with our clients when here previously. Ana Lucia will work around the clock including our overnight special. She comes from Sinaloa where many of our top chicas lived previously. She is 5’6″ and has 34B’s. She has worked well with Nicole M, but she is not really bi-sexual. She use to have her face covered but I am so happy she allows it now to be shown. She will always be remembered for her “million dollar” smile.


Pics taken on 5-20-20

Returns on 10-10-20

In 1964 Shorty long wrote the song “Devil with a blue dress on”  These lyrics describe Ana Lucia to a tee.

Wearin’ her perfume, Chanel No. 5 Got to be the finest girl alive She walks real cool, catches everybody’s eye They got to be nervous, they can’t say hi Not too skinny, she’s not too fat She’s a real humdinger and I like ’em like that


The Million Dollar Mouth is back yet again.  She has taken some time off to relax, but she is ready right away for your pleasure.  This MILF is very fun to be with and over the years she has had nothing but excellent reviews. Once a client described and experience with her as if she had 5 tongues.   One she saw a commercial on TV for Viagra, that said “Please consult a doctor if you have and erection of more that 4 hours” and she responded “the hell with that! Call me!”   No, she is not one of our many young spinners or a model, but she will get the job done and she has a nice fan club of returning clients.  She can work during the day and with a day’s notice maybe can even do the overnight special.  She provides Greek as well and will wear you out.  She has worked bi and will entertain men, women and couples and is famous for cim also.

She is 5’3, weighs 145lbs and has enhanced 36D’s.  They are not silicone and have a great feel to them as many clients have mentioned in her many TER reviews..  Pics taken 9-3-18

Angelica is back as of 10-27-19


She is a MILF with great reviews and she speaks English well and the reports of her oral are over the top.  She can work day or night but currently does not want to work overnight.   She does have store bought breasts, but many say they are the best they have ever seen and feel very natural. She is quite petite and weighs less than 100lbs.

She does not want her face shown and updated her pics on 2-18-20. I have one pic of her face and can send it privately by request.

TER has announced that Carolina is now the #1 escort in the Tijuana market which makes her just another in a long line of #1 TJ providers from Team Juanita. 

Pics updates 8-12-20


This mother is ready to start her escorting career on 7-18-19 and has very little limitations. She is 5’6′, has 36DD’s and weighs in at 150lbs. She has worked in an ice cream/fruit stand and as a waitress. She is bi-sexual, will provide and will work all hour including our overnight special. I am sure our clients are going to report about how fun she is and I believe it shows in her photos.

Pics taken on 6-26-20



This MILF worked briefly with us in 2011 and has been retired since and came back shortly and is back again on 7-14-20.  She appears to have lost weight so would not be surprised if she is currently around 120.   She can work all hours with a days notice and is a very sweet lady with a beautiful smile. She works as a beautician, but can make arrangements if given notice. She is 5’3, 132lbs, with natural 36DD’s. She will provide Greek and of course GFE. I am super excited to have her back, and would not be surprised if she does not last long.


This young mother is 26, with 32B’s and weighs 104lbs. She previously sold electronics and should be visiting for short while. She was quite popular with us before, and she will work all hours including our overnight promotion. Can service Men, Women or couples.

Will be available in the afternoon 11-19-20

Pics taken November of 2020



She is 26, 5′ tall 108lbs with natural 34B’s.  She speaks English well and is bi-sexual as well.  She works real well with her friend Nicole M. This young mother has worked previously in a coffee shop and sells clothes at swap meets.  She is anxious to get stated again and  will be available on Setmeber 9-20-20.. She is going to school on Saturday mornings and cannot work before 4pm on Saturdays.  She will be available day and night and can do our overnight special. She is now running long distance races and is even thinner now than before.

Pics taken on 9-8-20



This MILF should get lots of attention quickly.  She is 5′ tall, weighs 106lbs and has enhanced 36C’s.  Has previously taught kindergarten and is ready to join Team Juanita.  She can work day and night, and will do overnight dates, but really would appreciate it if a guy would do a shorter date to see how your chemistry is with her first.    She can do bi-sexual dates and could work with Wendolay.  She speaks very good English and is anxious to start.

New pics taken on 7-23-20



This 20-year-old mother has been with us for a year now, but has a good attitude and a great set of 36DD’s. She is 5-3″ and weighs 135lbs. There are reports that says she is a squirter and everyone agrees that she has fun on her dates.  Makes an excellent overnight companion and can work all hours.  Karina does change her hair color often so feel free to ask about her current color before scheduling.  It has been reported that she gives you your money’s worth and stays busy all night long.

Pics taken on 7-20-20


This young mother has been working in telemarketing as she speaks excellent English. She is 5′ tall, weighs about 100lbs and has natural 36B’s. She likes to work daytime, but is now available for overnight dates She did her first date in August of 2019 and her first two clients extended for longer dates. She has been a great escort and we are happy to have her on the team.

PIcs were taken on 9-28-20


This mother is ready to start her escorting career as of 11-2-19. She stands 5’3″, has 32B’s, and weighs 123lbs. She has worked in a factory and takes classes to become a nurse. Katherine does know a few phrases of English, but not much. She is bi-sexual and will provide Greek, and can work all hours including our overnight special. She loves working with her sister Nicole. 

Pics taken on 11-1-19


Hello Everyone, hope you are doing well.  Tijuana is close to open fully now, but I am not sure that is a good idea and will be monitoring what is going on. The Zona Bars all opened recently and not sure what the rules are but if I do find out I will advise.  I would expect that wearing a mask is required, however I also expect them not to enforce that rule.  I also would not be surprised if they get shut down again.

The corona virus is still being spread in Tijuana and I have know friends and neighbors to get this virus.  It is not “like the flu” as you may hear and it attacks your respiratory system.  It does affect people differently so please do not count me as an “expert” on the subject.

Most businesses are open and you should wear a mask and they are for sale all over our city.  I have found them from $1 to $15 and you have to be firm and not get taken advantage of. Street vendors are everywhere but as you may expect those vendors very near the border sell them at an inflated price.

I think I will have the Christmas party for the chicas only so I can recognize them for their work and professionalism. I would love to have it live on Face Book but I am afraid that may create other problems, but if we get pics I will make some available. I would guess we will try to have a Xmas in March, April or May if we get a handle on this virus. Of course it will be open to everyone.

We are very busy now and have had a couple of really good weeks, and looking forward to a strong finish to this year.  Some of you may not be ready to visit and believe me we understand.  We will however be here when you are ready.

Be safe and we ar waiting for you!



Kendall  is 25 and has 34B’s and is 5’2″.  She is one of the best looking escorts in the Tijuana market, and has given birth to a baby boy and is ready for escorting yet again. She has in my opinion the classic Mexicana look that I am always fond of. If you have ever heard Bruce Springsteen’s song Rosalita, Kendall has the look I dream of when hearing this song. She is available all hours and does work our overnight special.

Pics taken on 11-18-20




She is brand new to this but ready to start. She is 21 with no children is 5’1″, weighs 127lbs, and has natural 32B’s. She works afternoons in a factory and needs to be done by 2pm on any day. You should request her a couple of days in advance. She is bi-sexual and is a bit nervous about starting. Her face will not be shown here, but I can share her pics privately. Her smile is beautiful and she is a very nice young lady. She may be able to work overnight but could not start until 1am. She wants Sunday for her family and will not work on Sundays.


Today is Independence day in Mexico.  Now I have been her over 20 years yet last night I was expecting fireworks all night long and only remember hearing one the entire night.  In past years I would hear explosions all night often not ending until around 9 or 10am. Now I know it was because of the pandemic but still expected more.  Don’t get me wrong I have no desire to hear that all night long but just surprised.

Wanted to talk a little about a situation that came up a few months ago and others like it.  A lady called me and wanted to come back to work.  Now this was not a super star but if she needed to work then I will put her on our page to see if she can make some money.  I was busy that morning and I got an e-mail from a guy that wanted a chica.  He described what he wanted and I offered some suggestions.  He comes back saying I was hoping (insert name) was back.  I realized that it was the lady that wanted to come back to work.  So I told him I would call her.  She accepted and in less than an hour she called back and said it was her ex and she wanted off the page.   I should have known that a chica that was not popular was brought up when she was not even on our website there was something going on, but sometimes when you are doing well you are just happy to add a date to a really busy day. Then this guy e-mails me and is bitching about how I like to get involved in “domestic disputes”.  Hell I did not even know she was in a relationship or had been.  Somehow it was my fault that she was back working or at least trying to come back. How do I end up in this conversation?

Another similar story from many years ago.  A young lady left Tijuana and was quite popular.  I put her on the website and said she will be back in town on Thursday.   Started getting a ton of e-mails and had about 10 dates scheduled for her before she even came back.  Then on Monday (3 days before she arrives) she gets a TER review about how bad his date was with her recently.  So I shoot him a not on the erotic review about her not even being back and why would you write such a bad review on her.  So he comes back with saying I am lying and that she does not provide GFE like I advertised.  I am like have you read the other clients reviews?  She gives great oral and many guys have reported that she even does CIM and he says she refused to give head.  Then he proceeds to tell me her birthday, her real name and other personal information.  Well I told him if she does not provide good service why are you wasting your time with her.  You obviously know her but sounds like she is someone you might want to move away from.  I mean she won’t kiss you with her tongue and she lets others guys cum in her mouth, and yet you try to get into a relationship with her.  You know we are all different and that is a given but I would say if you get in a relationship that is great.  However if you are wound up so tight that you try to ruin her business by posting fake reviews, then you really should get another hobby. Everyone already know what to expect from her and your fictitious review in a pile of great reviews does not fool anyone.

The greatest % of guys are very nice and just have their fun and come back when they are ready.  Some guys get the idea that these girls are abused by clients and they are the only respectful nice guy that sees them  Well folks I am not ashamed to admit that for the most part our clients are all very nice and behave like gentlemen.  Maybe some of you may be assholes but wear your nice guy personality when in Mexico, because this may be the last place you want to get into some shit. I think that is a real fear of some guys and that for sure works to our advantage.

Now If you did not read this before I am not planning a Xmas fiesta this year.  It just would not be right, but I am hoping that in early 2021 things can return to normal and we can have a Christmas in March, April or May.  So keep checking the fiesta page and I will let you know.

Be good out there and stay safe.  We will be here when you are ready!





She had some problems with her phone but is back ready, willing and able. Lyly has been here a couple of times and tends not to stay long as she gets retired. Lyly is 5’3″, weighs 130lbs and has natural 34B’s. She find herself single again and ready to work.  This MILF is quite talented and provides Greek . She is a great overnight companion.

Lyly has sent this message to all our clients.

“I am very compliant in the bed. Use my body how you want. Love me, taste me and I want to see you”

Pics taken 1-23-20 except the profile pic

Maria Jose

This moma is 5’4″ weighs 117lbs and has enhanced 36D’s. She has worked selling clothes in swap meets. She can work all hours and can provide Greek. She will work days and nights and will do our overnight special.

Returned 10-13-20 and is ready for work




                                                     She sent these on 10-13-20:


This mother speaks excellent English and can work all hours and overnights but does have school on Tuesday and Friday night and will not be available until 11pm those nights. She may entertain Greek, but that will be a game time decision. She has worked sales jobs before and actually attended on of our parties before deciding this is something she wanted to do. She has a great personality and will be a fun young lady for sure. Pictures showing her face are available on request. Pics taken on 2-3-20


This young mother has worked previously as an administrator. She has never worked before, and finds she needs more money now and is ready to start escorting. She is 5’2, weighs 112lbs and has natural 34C’s. She is up for bi-sexual dates as well. When time allows she loves shopping in the malls in the US. She is available for our overnight special and her hours during the day may very so try and request her a day or so in advance to give her time to work her schedule out.

Pics taken on 4-10-19

Nicole M

She can work all hours and has worked as a cashier prior to her escorting career.   Early reviews state she is a wild child and does not say “no” to anything.  She tends to change her hair color often but is blond now. She has been great on overnights and her clients say she stays busy the entire date. Some have reported that she is up to Greek if you ask. She works bi-sexual dates as well and is excellent in that role.  She represents our team well, and is a “don’t want to miss” escort”. We like to refer to her as “The Franchise.”

She loves working with her sister Katherine, when given that opportunity.

Pics were taken on 11-6-19


This 21 year old mother has worked previously as a waitress in a seafood restaurant, and even worked a little as an escort.  She is now ready to join the “A”team and is available as of 10-9-20.  She is 5’2, 99lbs and has 32B’s.  She can work day and night and will work our overnight promotion also.  She understand a little English.







This mature mother is about 5’9 and 120lbs with 32B’s.   She has worked as a receptionist and has an ill mother that she wants to help.  She can work daily from noon to midnight and will require notice at least one day in advance.  She promises lots of attention and passion on her visitors.  She tells me she is gifted orally.

Her face is not shown hear and will only allow her pics to guys I know, so she is not available to everyone.


Hope everyone is well.

Things are so different today that I am not sure what is the “new normal” and things change with the quickness. I see different implications in business to social distancing standards. Sometimes I think businesses make changes to conform with what is easier for them and with no regard to what is best to slow down the spread of this virus. Businesses are not consistent on either side of the border.

My thought is that when available businesses should have separate doors to enter and leave. Yet I see businesses with yellow caution tape closing a door and forcing customers to enter and leave through the same door. Now all I really know is what I see on television and tend to believe the officials.  To slow down the spread we need to keep social distancing and how better to do that than use two doors so each one is only used half as much.  Now a business may close one door as they feel that it helps them control  inventory.  If that situation I think more attention by security is the best answer along with training of their employees.   Some of these businesses even have signs that say this door should remain open during stores hours as ordered by the fire martial.  So now creating a fire hazard seems like the lesser of two evils?  Help expose people to the virus and keep evacuation routes limited, somehow is the choice of some folks in decision making positions.

In Mexico, I see mats on the floor that are required to walk on that are suppose to disinfect the clients walking in.  Now I don’t really get that need but at the least I don’t see any harm in that.   I see that a lot in Mexico, but have not seen it in the US, but I visit more Mexican businesses than American.  One restaurant I visit in Tijuana does a good job of providing two doors that must be at least 20 yards apart.  They even have life music a few days a week, but do not allow dancing, require people to put their masks back on when walking to and from the bathroom or leaving the business.  Kudos to them for doing what is best for the public and our health.

One business I visit in the US forces everyone to enter and leave through one door and has the other door closed that was always open before this pandemic.  Yet I have been told that every employee in that business had the Corona Virus at some point during the last several moths.  Hey I am not the Corona Virus police, but what are they thinking?

Hopefully we have a vaccine available soon. In the mean time everyone can try and eliminate their exposure.  At the very least wear a mask and wash your hands often.  I find it so disrespectful to not wear a mask in public.  Younger people take their cues from us and try to be a positive role model on the youth.   We have so many challenges today but let’s try to control what we can and to the “right thing”.

Wishing you all the best and just be careful out there.  When you are comfortable returning we will be here.


This young lady has no children, is 5’8″, 140lbs and has enhanced 34C’s.  She has school on Tuesdays and will work after 6 on that day but can work day or night those other days.  She will offer our overnight special and is bi-sexual and would work with Yovanna for sure.  She has been working in an office but her friend introduced her to our site and I believe we are all going to benefit from that.  She knows just a little English.


She is 5′ tall and about 120lbs.  She can work all hours and has a nice fan club.  She also does our overnight special.  She is 27.  She is a mother and it helps a lot to book her a day in advance. Sandra does have a tongue ring.  She loves to sing, so you may run into her at a karaoke place from time to time.  She is one of the few ladies that will go out in public on her dates.

*note. I have added the name Fanny as sometimes I am confused as to where a guy ask for CaSandra or Sandra on the phone.  There is no confusion on e-mails but want to eliminate that problem.

Pics were taken on 9-20-18


Sara most likely will be leaving in December but wants to visit for a short while to earn some money for the Holidays.

She is 26, 5’1″, weighs 112lbs and has natural 32B’s.  She has no children and has worked in a factory.  She may know a very

little English.


Tammy is a MILF that finds herself single and has lots of love to give. She stand 5’6″, has 34B’s and weighs 125lbs.( 10 pounds lighter)  She has been a housewife that worked in a beauty shop, but is hoping to supplement her income in escorting. She will work all hours and our overnight promotion. She started her escorting with us in 2018 and is back after a lay off.   Initial reports is that she is great in the room.

Pics taken 11-15-19





This 20 year old hottie has never worked before 7-19-19. She recently had her first child and is 5’7″, weighs 127lbs and has natural 36 C’s. She previously worked as a cashier, but a friend told her about us and she is ready. She is quite sweet and has a beautiful personality. She may be a bit shy as first but I think we are going to find out very quickly how good she is or can be. She will work overnights for our promotional price and can provide Greek as well. Tiffany is available for bi-sexual dates too.

Ready again immediately after being retired for a couple of months. These new pics were taken 12-23-19. Would not be surprised if someone else retires her quickly.


Wendolay comes to Team Juanita from a friend and she works as a personal trainer and as you can see she takes very good care of her body. She is mature and has no children. She speaks about 70% English and is available after noon daily and will do overnight dates if requested in advance. She 5’4″, weighs 130lbs, and has natural 34B’s and can work bi-sexual also. She starts on 10-26-19.

Pics update on 8-10-20



The border crossing has been the subject of many questions these last 6 months. It is too early to say but the last couple of days reports of much shorter lines are common.  Maybe our Government has decided to staff the lines with more agents instead of paying them to stand around.  I will update the news section daily to report changes etc.

CaSandra will be back on September 1 as she has been serving a suspension for not being punctual. Yovanna is scheduled to come back by the weekend and should take new pics on Thursday.   Ana Lucia is not responding to my messages so I have removed her from the site until I do hear from her.  Jade, the English speaking chica, says she plans on coming back soon.  She is very easy to work with and has been running some marathon style races.  She is in excellent shape and a sweet personality to go with her nice figure.

We attract visitors from all different States and sometimes over seas guys as well, but of course Southern California makes up 80% of our clients.  So for sure if you live in San Diego, and looking for an escort in your area, you will find some very good options at a less expensive price with us.  Throw in that there are no issues with “Vice” and it is a no-brainer to visit Tijuana for your hobby pleasure.

Got the little guy with me for a couple of days and we are going to look for cell phones today.  He is excited about having his first phone just before he sees 9 years.  I have visited with his Mother about putting rules on the pone use and will support what ever rules she deems necessary.  I really value my relationship with him as he is the best boy on the planet.

I believe we have 15 days until the first NFL game so that is coming up with the quickness.  Sports are domination the television so I have days of watching  5 different sports in the same day.  Yesterday I watched baseball, basketball ,hockey and UFC fighting.  I guess I am a sportsaholic.

On a sadder note, we are not going to have our Christmas/end of year party this year.  We may try and have a spring party with lots of gifts for both the men and the women, but going to see how this pandemic progresses.  I just cannot rationalize putting 100 people in a room while this virus is so easily spread. The “Amigos de Santa” program will be delayed as well and more will be written about that as well.

Please keep a good attitude our there and be safe.  Things are going to get better and value your families and be respectful of all people.  I claim “Planet Earth” with pride.



This chica has been selling clothes in a small store and recently talked to one of our chicas about our business.  She is 23 with no children and can do bi-sexual dates.  She will be available at all hours to men and couples.  She can do the overnight promotion and was quite popular before and is back as of 8-28-20.  She is a fun chica and I recommend you come well rested as she brings it on every date.   She does know a little English and says she understands more.  She seemed quite bubbly in the interview and has 34D’s to go along with her pretty smile and great personality. She does have a tongue piercing as well as a number of tats.  She has a breast piercing as well.

These pics are from August of 2020

8 2 5 13 20 21 23 27 33


This 21 year old mother is taking a break from school and visiting Tijuana for a short while.  She is 5’4″, weighs 104lbs and has 32A’s.  She can work days and nights but will not work overnights.  She will work bi-sexual but only with Irene.

Pics are from November of 2020.



She is back as of November 19, 2020 and has enhanced 34B’s, 110lbs and 5’2″. She has always been popular on her previous visits and will work day and night until 2am.   She has no children and is hoping to reunite with her many admirers from our site.



This 19 year old stands 5’4″ and weighs 125lbs with natural 34B’s. Abby has no children. She can work Monday to Friday after 2pm and Saturday all day, but wants Sundays off. She previously worked at a beauty shop. She speaks pretty good English and understands a little more. She is bi-sexual as well.  She is the top Tijuana chica and a favorite of our clients Face pics are available upon request.


This mother had interviewed but then got pregnant and did not realize the demand for pregnant chicas.  Well she has milk and is willing to share.   She is 5’6″, 127lbs and has natural 34B’s.  She had been working in a hospital but now has a need for more money.  She can work all hours and will do our overnight special.

Pics were taken on October 14, 2020


This young mother interviewed a week ago and got her pics now, so will start on 7-30-20.  She worked briefly in an office and is ready to hit the big stage of escorting.  She is bi-sexual and can work Monday through Friday all hours including our over night special. She will work Saturdays from 8am to noon and will take Sundays off.  She is 5’6:, weighs 120lbs and has natural 32b’s.

She does want anyone to know if you like to use drugs on your dates then schedule someone else, but I assured her it is not often we have guys using drugs.

Pics taken on 7-29-20



I know it has been awhile, and some times I just don’t have the drive to blog.  I seem to not want to take the time, but so many things are going right in my life that I should have more desire. There is always tomorrow and maybe that is my attitude after more than 20 years living in Tijuana.  I have more than a year of below 5.0 on my A1C tests and no more necessary to take diabetes medication, however I am going to take it as the medicine helps with longevity on organs.  I feel like taking Metformin is like putting synthetic motor oil in your car.  It  going to help my body run more efficiently.  My goal was too reach 18o, and I am just below that now and I am going to do my best to maintain my weight.

My son will be 21 just after the new year, as he just missed being the millennium baby.  He will be out in December to visit with me for awhile.  My 8 year old is not my biological son, but he is doing well and if I can squeeze out another 9 year then maybe I can see him through his first 18 years.  His birthday is in December and does a good job of keeping me young.

Our agency is doing well and we are adding chicas and keeping our diversity. I am afraid this years Christmas party may not be possible, but we may be able to do Xmas in March or May and then again the next year in December. It is not what I want but I think it would be for the best. Our ladies are still providing great service every day and our American clients still are coming.  With all the social distancing going on I have been able to live a lot more frugal, but hopefully will have a big party with all the money I am not spending now.

The one blessing this pandemic has given us is multiple sports in August. NBA playoffs and NHL payoffs along with  MLB (the other one), tennis, soccer, nascar, PGA, UFC, boxing and the NFL is in training camps with the season set to start in about 3 weeks.  We are getting there and I hope sometime soon we can see sold out venues all across our great County.  And by the way it has always been Great.  There will be no Little League World Series this year and that is very sad but with any luck at all we will see it return in 2021.

If you live in San Diego County then you will find escorts in your area and some of the very best as well.  Our chicas work hard to be on time and deliver GFE at  a very high level and we seem to find new ladies all the time.  I really enjoy working with them and don’t hesitate to tell every lady on our site that I love them.

I am so appreciative of your continued support of our agency and for the friendship I have made with so many of you.  We are going to continue to thrive and for those that are cautious, I 100% understand, but want you to know that when you are ready we will be here.

With the recent hear in Southern California I want to remind you to take the “high road” on the streets and don’t get sucked into any road rage..  Think about your families and get home to them.  They are what is important!.   I hope to be back soona and once again thank you.


Hello everyone.  Try to stay positive please.  Someone is looking to us for guidance and will model their behavior based on our behavior.

I got an e-mail today from Fuddrucker’s today that the location in Chula Vista is now permanently closed.  I feel like I lost a best friend.  Now I know their are most likely others open, but that was my Fuddrucker’s.   We have already lost Soup Plantation as I had just started visiting in the past 14 months or so.  So now I have lost two friends.  I would not be surprised if this virus claims Hometown Buffet as next, or at the very least as we know it.  We can get  sad but like I did when I was a small child, we moved cities and I soon had new best friends. I am sure this will be the case and it may not be easy but I will embrace the change. I have to realize that I am only a small part of this World and I can let it pass me by or I can get with it.

My 8 year old spent a couple days with me this week and he was telling me about his best friend.  He has not seen him in 4 months.  Does not know where he lives or when if ever he will see him again.  I see the two of them together in pictures taken at school.  Memories….He is not thinking much about it, but when he does return to school if his friend is there they may have grown apart, but there will be other best friends.  Maybe they will reunite and nothing will be different, but time will tell.  As parents we can visit with our kids and help them adjust and encourage them to realize there will be new friends and experiences.

What about those kids that are maybe 13 or older and are entering their new teen age romance?  This has to be a very confusing time for children with so much change.   Maybe those kids don’t look to their parents like an  8 year old but we need to be comforting them.  Probably is best to listen and try to be understanding and positive about the future.

If we have not realized it this is or is going to effect our mental health. I am sure there have been some suicides related to changes from this pandemic, and there will be more.  My thought is to be the stronger person and embrace the change.  I really believe that we are going to be wearing these masks until past Christmas.  I hope I am wrong but it is better to prepare for that and be pleasantly surprised later.

Hang in there folks.  We can only control what we can control.  Find new hobbies, explore different things, be creative, but most of all be positive.   In Springsteen’s Thunder Road, he ends with “This towns full of losers and I am pulling out of here to win” and we can keep our good mental health with a similar attitude.  Having a positive view can be contagious.  Spread this and not the virus.  It is what we can control.


Hello everybody!  Hope this combination of heat and covid has not got you down.

My son’s mother has got the virus now in Tennessee but is getting better daily. She has some underlying conditions but she is  a tough cookie as well.  My 20 year old son is very nervous as any young guy that fears losing his Mother at a young age.I have been talking to her and she is in pretty good spirits.

Looks like baseball and the NBA are going to get started again and I am sure we are going to be paying close attention to how that goes.  I guess all sports in 2020 with have and asterisk to go with their season and stats. It will be interesting to see how many players get infected and how it will effect the teams. I know many players have made the decision to sit this season out.  I can not fault anyone for that.  I just wonder if some “bench” players can benefit from this very unusual situations and when we be able to see the games in person without fear?  Will that ever happen.

Some schools have postponed their fall sport until Spring now and others are altering their schedules.  I am going to just accept what we get and enjoy it. As much as I enjoy the competition do not want to lose sight that the safety of the competitors is the most important thing to consider.

I would not at all be surprised if we are unable to have our Christmas fiesta this year and should make that decision in October since it is always the first Saturday of December.  At this point is just seems to be too dangerous to all involved to sit in a bar for 2 to 3 hours.

I am going to keep it short today  Keep watching our news posts and just make safe and good decisions.   We will get through this and in the meantime wear a mask when out and wash your hands often.  When you are ready we will be here.


Happy July amigos.  There is so much uncertainty with the corona virus  that it is scary. These last few days I keep hearing that more and more people are testing positive and the hospitals are strained again just when we thought we were coming out of this.   First of all I am no expert so please don’t look to me for any solutions or numbers. I keep hearing people repeating that the deaths are at a low % and that is good.  But we need to slow down the spread as if we let this gets out of control, more cases will lead to more death and a death is a death regardless of the % you put next to this number.

Folks, WEAR A MASK, when out in public.  I don’t care if you believe this pandemic is a myth or not.  Refusing to wear a mask is disrespectful to everyone around you.  Have some responsibility.  We set the example for the younger people and as adults if we downplay the importance of facial covering, then we are just sending the wrong message.  I have known a few people that have the virus and it is nothing nice. One of my friends was 5’9″ and weighed 174lbs.  He has been in a US hospital for more than a month and is now at 142lbs.  He may be in the hospital two more months.

I am alarmed to hear about NBA and MLB players being infected just when they were getting ready to compete again.   We desperately need sports, but not at any cost. Arizona and Florida are seeing spikes in this virus and that is where baseball is going to be played.  Now I turn on sports center to see who tested positive today.  I am worried for everyone.

I have got no clue when we will have our next fiesta, but having 100 people in a bar is not responsible right now and this may go into December.   I am still hoping to do our Halloween project this year and our “Amigos  de Santa” program as well, but nothing if for sure.

Watch fireworks on television or in your backyard.  I am not liking this even a little bit but all I can say is be responsible.

I always tell you to be careful but be respectful of everyone and be patient with other people.  Make good decisions no matter how bad of decisions you see from others.

I wish you the best and will be back soon I hope.


Well it seems that many things are getting heated up and maybe the stay at home order has people more on edge than usual.

I don’t know all the story but I do know that many Black people (and others as well) feel like the police are unfair to people of color.  I think that it is pretty obvious that this is the case, and I also think that this time we may see some change.

I cannot blame the protesters for the looting and destruction we are seeing.  Those people are just opportunists and are out of control.  It is a real shame of the damage that was done, and the timing could not have been worse for business owners.

What I would say to anyone out there is to teach your kids to be respectful and courteous to the police when being approached or questioned.   I have a son of mixed race and told him that I do not want to be that guy talking on TV about how my boy is not a criminal after the police shoots him.  Just understand that people are more tense and more short fused currently and do not become a victim.

In all I hope then end of this is a better world for all of us and we can all get through it.

Be safe out there and I will be back soon with something more pleasant to talk about.



I want to blog about so many things.  Maybe I will blog a lot for the next few days and maybe I will just get lazy.

Why is the truth about the Corana Virus different nearly every day? I just want to make some observations and if you want to believe I am spinning it then you are free to make any conclusion you want.  I am not taking a side or try to change your opinions.

I believe that if you are 70 years old and have other health issues, then you for sure do not want to battle this virus.  That is the one thing that I am convinced of.

I have heard that the heat will slow the spread of the virus.  However it is picking up steam in Arizona currently.  It appears that whatever California is doing, it is working. They are opening slowly and sharing the numbers on television each day.  I usually watch the San Diego news, but sometimes see the governor earlier in the day.

I have noticed that the California authorities are all wearing masks. I don’t think they have a live audience, but it is my belief is that they are at the very least trying to practice what they preach for television.  I see the same thing after UFC fights and Nascar races.  The interviews are done at a distance and I don’t think there is a lot of danger but they want to re-enforce wearing masks and social distancing.  I am guessing all people have been tested before the events, but I know that is not fool proof.

Then I see our President and Vice President not wearing masks at different events. I again believe they are not in great danger as they are  in a controlled setting, but I think they can be sending the wrong message.  At the very least it makes it difficult to choose a side when the social guide lines we are told to follow are not consistent with Government issues.

I spoke with a doctor this morning who told me that no one has all the answers. He can share opinions with me but a doctor on the other side of town may not agree with him.  New York City has the subway and very crowded streets where social distancing is nearly impossible, where he suggested that in California many practice social distancing  because we don’t fight the same elements that NYC does.

We cannot even agree that what makes Miller Lite great is that it tastes great or is less filling.  Truth is that most of us don’t care.    With the virus we don’t want to infect family and friends or anyone for that matter. We meed to pay the bills but we want to secure our health.  It is a tougher decision.

Some Mexican’s are saying the American’s are bringing the virus to Mexico.  Now they are screaming, “Build the wall”.  Not sure how many believe that but I have to be mindful of the mindset of others.

I have much more to share but am going to go now.  I will keep washing my hands, keep social distancing and wear a mask.   I don’t think that is unreasonable.  Make your own decision.

Be safe out there and we can just hang on for better days.


Can you believe it is June 1 already.  My country is in turmoil and I am so sad to say this.  How can the greatest county on our planet be so divided and I believe much of the World is laughing at us now. I feel like this pandemic is really putting a lot of stress and pressure of our people. I think it is similar to a hot and humid day in August when people tend to have short fuses as we often see in road rage issues.  It becomes increasingly more difficult to have patience.

I don’t know the entire story and guessing most do not.  What I do know is law enforcement personnel have been arrested, yet people are screaming and protesting about justice.  I suppose some folks believe in swift justice and that is just not how things work in the United States.  It is one thing to protest and it is an entirely different thing to destroy and loot.  I do think there is some opportunistic people that live for these situations.  The opportunistic groups seem to be on both sides of the issue.

I have seen some occasions where people are arrested and killed in prison because the other prisoners believe the inmate is a child molester.  What we have is a bunch of pissed of inmates in the system that take out their frustration on another inmate and there are countless situations where the person killed was charged something entirely different. This is why the system should allow people time to get their defense in order before their trial. Both sides need to have a cooling off period to research the charges and then be prepared to argue their situation.

In today’s World everyone has a cell phone with video.  Sometimes we can see a small video that does not capture the entire event yet we make a judgement about what we see on television or in social media.  As we become more educated we all have stories where we were influenced by half the story, only to have the truth come out later and we then realized how we were deceived.  Hell I have sworn a receiver caught a pass in a football game only to see a replay where the ball was not caught. Today’s life is like a sporting event and we can be influenced by different angles from time to time.

As adults we need to teach our children time to reserve judgement.  We are always quick to have a rush to judgement and we would be remiss if we don’t explain to our children that there may be more facts that we have no clue about. So please be patient and let the system work.

I see the same thing daily on message boards.  People are talking about how to fight this virus with medication.  Doctors cannot agree. Maybe is 2022 we will know much more about the Corona Virus, but in June of 2020 we just need to have a bit of an open mind.  Some people want to open all businesses and others want to practice isolation.  This may be a debate that lasts for many more years. I just hope we get back to close to normal sooner rather than later.  The jury is still out.

Tijuana still not opening restaurants for dine in and the city is hopeful that things will open up a bit in July.  Not sure when bars, casinos and movie theaters will open.  Honestly I live eating out but maybe someone timid about that when it does become available.  Things may never be the same.  Maybe by Christmas I will have more face coverings that shirts.  That may be our new normal.

Our border still has not been closed regardless of what you see on the local news.  The lines are shorter for pedestrians that ever before. If you drive across the border the lines may be long.   I will try and update our news section of the site often.  Hope you like the new site and kudos to our webmaster for getting the changes made.  I believe there are a few more changes in the works.

Please be good out there and have patience with others.  We don’t know what happened in the life of others and how their outlook could be jaded from day to day. Be respectful of all people and try not to judge.  I will be back soon.


The site has been updated.   I think I may have forgot someone but we will get her back on the site soon.  I believe it is Faby and I will put her back after I finish this blog.

I understand the restaurants are open once again in San Diego, but with different conditions.  I have a feeling that we are going to see more changes than ever before.  I know the buffets are not going to open right away and I am sad about that and Fuddruckers I am guessing will close their condiment bar which was what makes them unique.  Soup Plantation is going out of business and that sucks and I had started eating there in this past year. Some people will embrace this “new normal” and they will be successful wile others will talk about how it use to be and they will fail.    I hope to think “outside of the box” and benefit from the new world we live in.

Tijuana follows San Diego’s lead, but things work different on the South side of our border.  We are suppose to be closed until June 22, but many believe it will be sooner. I am hoping the restaurants can open their dining rooms up and just use social distancing closing every other table.  Bars are more important to the Mexican culture and I don’t see how they can open anytime soon.  The Mexican people are a hard working bunch and I believe they will find a way to get through this.

Some hotels are closed but we will see how fast they open up. Most of the nice and bigger hotels are open but you may need to reserve rooms directly as third party sites are cancelling reservations.   Currently Marriott, Pueblo Amigo and Caesars are close but hopefully they will be open in June. I will update our “new” section often so you can get the latest information.

As far as our business is dong we are doing fine with Abby and Ana Lucia battling it out for top spot.  Last week Ana Lucia did better than Abby, but this week Abby is back in the lead.  The franchise is doing real well as are Divina, Victoria, Dulce, and Tiffany are solid choices.   We have new ladies interviewing this next week and maybe the next superstar will be here soon.

I get that many of you have no interest in visiting during this pandemic, but we will be here when you are ready.  Get things straight at home and take care of your family.  When the time is right, we will be here and we will continue to offer the best in Tijuana and we will be on time as well.   Be careful out there and enjoy the roads when they are not bumper to bumper, because traffic will be bad quicker than you think.  Call anytime and I will keep updating this site.  I hope you like the new look.





For sure these are very depressing times. I hear so many conflicting reports. For me I am not going to waste much time on it, as tomorrow things I heard today are no longer true.  What I do believe is that self quarantine and social distancing will slow the spread and I should adhere to this as best I can.  I have been crossing a bit but am going to limit it to once a week. I will keep the news section with friends experience.

As bad as things are there are still things to be thankful for.  I have plenty of food and water and I can live very inexpensively in Tijuana.  With technology we have e-mail, Face Book, twitter, Instagram, Whattsapp and most likely other things I do not know about to communicate.  Hell I remember when we did not even have call waiting. Sometimes I see cell phones as a distraction, but they are proving they are useful in 2020 and do serve a purpose.  Remember the day of “long distance” charges?   Could you imagine what our cell phone bills would be today with long distance charges?

I would guess that many of us have learned how much money we go through frivolously.  Or maybe how inexpensively we can live if we really need to.  I have not even bought a pizza yet.  Uber Eats may be in the future though and that would be splurging.   I guess they are benefiting from this shutdown all over the US and Mexico and where ever else they may be. I am trying to find an upside.

I live alone and that helps keep expenses down.  I don’t have to share the television and I can watch all the replay of sporting events I want without having to consider my partner’s feelings.  Honestly I would rather have a lady here but for the time being I think it is best I am alone.  I am thankful for DirecTV and all their programming.  I have recorded and watched “Blinded by the Light” four times already.  I can sleep as late as I like or as early as I like without having to take her into consideration.

I have plenty to be thankful for and although I wish things were normal, at least I have short lines to cross when I need to. Traffic is so much lighter than normal so moving around is easier.  There is fear among the American visitors that they may be singled out for having respiratory symptoms and quarantined.  I would hope that anyone with respiratory symptoms would self quarantine.  So many Tijuana visitors choose not to visit right now and who could blame them.

I have had some serious thought about the problems that can happen because of this virus.  First I considered shutting down the business.  I must have gotten 10 to 15 e-mails a day for the first couple of weeks about are the ladies available and can we cross into Mexico or will we get locked into Mexico. First I started updating the news section to direct those calls to our website.  For whatever it is worth, no chica works for me.  They work with me and not for me.  I work for them as they may be out shopping or at the beach, but I am still working to find clients for them.  Ultimately I decided to work with ladies that want to work.  We are all adults and can make our own decisions.  I have heard from two mothers of chicas that work with me to please help their daughters earn money.  As much as I respect the mothers, I cannot give favors to anyone pleading for help.  If you call and ask for Suzy Q then I will try to see if Suzy Q is available when you want her.  This is the same way I have approached the business for the first 23 years of our existence.

What ever your situation is, I wish you the best and understand your decision to visit or not visit.  We will be here when you are ready to come.  Take time to spend with your family and reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for.  This is not forever and we will get through it.  Be safe and I wish you the very best always.


Hi folks. I hope you are all well and appreciate all the encouraging words you send me.

I have had many challenges recently and have made a few decisions regarding my life and our business. We are not changing much that you will see right away, but our site will be change servers within the month and probably have some type of new look. I have been interviewing a lot and decided to slow down a bit and set one day a week for interviews. I prefer to interview in the morning so that I can have my afternoons to concentrate the daily dates and activities around the business. I am super please with the quality of talent we have and after losing Gisselle and Ana Lucia you would expect a lull in the business. Last week we kicked ass and had one suspension and our top lady out with the “time of the month” yet we did more business than any other week of this young year.

I have written a little about my change in eating habits and am sticking to the plan, but not seeing any progress the last 3 weeks. I still weigh myself daily and have bounced around between 188lbs and 195lbs within a week. I am still not eating after 6pm and not drinking anything but water. My blood sugar is in excellent control, and I think the warmer weather coming quickly will aid a little in losing those last 10lbs. Anyway I am not spinning out of control and eating desserts and drinking beer or soda and I am not losing hope on the progress of my weight loss and control.

You know it is time to think about our next party and I think there will be an announcement within the week. I have to find a DJ to help me out as the last party was not smooth for me without a partner in the DJ booth. Big Lou was my good friend and seeing his picture at those events makes me miss him even more. He is dearly missed on many levels.

March madness is coming up with the quickness and I am battling the point spreads each night and enjoying the season even though I cannot watch as much as before with the number of clients we are entertaining. There is a lot less stress when you bet a 4pm basketball game and don’t even know how the game is progressing until the game is over. Looking forward to the tournament this year and the brackets come out in about 3 weeks. Should be a lot of fun again this year.

Some of our newer ladies are getting good reviews from out clients like Victoria, Alexis , Perla and Afrodita. I have several interviews coming up and hope to have fresh faces each week as usual. Abby, Nicole M., Aaron, and Tiffany are all performing at a high level and this is a fun bunch of chicas to work with. I would not be surprised if Gisselle and Ana Lucia come back some day but we are still doing well in their absence.

I am looking forward to the warmer weather and a party most likely in May. You guys keep visiting and please be careful out there. I hope to be back blogging soon and when you are ready we will be here.


Hope you are all doing well. Been busy here and not motivated to blog much. I can make excuses all day long but honestly I need to find (make) time to blog.

Really excited about the addition of Perla to our team. She is already getting some attention but so far I have nothing scheduled. I will be visiting with her later this morning about a couple of opportunities. She is quite sweet and seems to be intelligent also.

I have been following college basketball closely and I know those folks from San Diego County are excited about their university’s chances of a long March Madness run. It for sure is possible. They have improved their offense to a team that normally relies on defense. Hopefully both sides of the ball can continue to grow and the attitude and approach is very positive. Soon I will be writing about other teams that are looking good as March approaches. There are a few new teams in the mix or at least teams that are not in the conversation every year like Yale, East Tennessee State, Wright State and a few Mid America Conference teams. It may be the best year for the MAC as a whole, but certainly they have had schools with better teams in the recent past.

Looking to add a hotel to our list of approved hotels and should have some news very soon. For those of you that find Ticuan too expensive you may want to look at Hotel Baja. They have a nice place but no frills but they do have central heat and air and showers with water pressure and the location is not bad. We are looking at another place in down town Tijuana currently to give you another option of a chica friendly place.

I seem to have stabilized my weight but still trying to lose but am currently at 193 and have got down as low as 187.8. Been bouncing back and forth from 190 to 193 for two weeks. I am not drinking beer or soda and only water and not eating after 6pm. I think 180 is obtainable but may take a few more months. Maybe the warmer weather will make a difference soon.

Have to go to an interview now and hope to have more talent soon. Please be careful out there and we are waiting for you!

4-3-20 21 (wrote this over both days)

For sure these are very depressing times. I hear so many conflicting reports. For me I am not going to waste much time on it, as tomorrow things I heard today are no longer true.  What I do believe is that self quarantine and social distancing will slow the spread and I should adhere to this as best I can.  I have been crossing a bit but am going to limit it to once a week. I will keep the news section with friends experience.

As bad as things are there are still things to be thankful for.  I have plenty of food and water and I can live very inexpensively in Tijuana.  With technology we have e-mail, Face Book, twitter, Instagram, Whattsapp and most likely other things I do not know about to communicate.  Hell I remember when we did not even have call waiting. Sometimes I see cell phones as a distraction, but they are proving they are useful in 2020 and do serve a purpose.  Remember the day of “long distance” charges?   Could you imagine what our cell phone bills would be today with long distance charges?

I would guess that many of us have learned how much money we go through frivolously.  Or maybe how inexpensively we can live if we really need to.  I have not even bought a pizza yet.  Uber Eats may be in the future though and that would be splurging.   I guess they are benefiting from this shutdown all over the US and Mexico and where ever else they may be. I am trying to find an upside.

I live alone and that helps keep expenses down.  I don’t have to share the television and I can watch all the replay of sporting events I want without having to consider my partner’s feelings.  Honestly I would rather have a lady here but for the time being I think it is best I am alone.  I am thankful for DirecTV and all their programming.  I have recorded and watched “Blinded by the Light” four times already.  I can sleep as late as I like or as early as I like without having to take her into consideration.

I have plenty to be thankful for and although I wish things were normal, at least I have short lines to cross when I need to. Traffic is so much lighter than normal so moving around is easier.  There is fear among the American visitors that they may be singled out for having respiratory symptoms and quarantined.  I would hope that anyone with respiratory symptoms would self quarantine.  So many Tijuana visitors choose not to visit right now and who could blame them.

I have had some serious thought about the problems that can happen because of this virus.  First I considered shutting down the business.  I must have gotten 10 to 15 e-mails a day for the first couple of weeks about are the ladies available and can we cross into Mexico or will we get locked into Mexico. First I started updating the news section to direct those calls to our website.  For whatever it is worth, no chica works for me.  They work with me and not for me.  I work for them as they may be out shopping or at the beach, but I am still working to find clients for them.  Ultimately I decided to work with ladies that want to work.  We are all adults and can make our own decisions.  I have heard from two mothers of chicas that work with me to please help their daughters earn money.  As much as I respect the mothers, I cannot give favors to anyone pleading for help.  If you call and ask for Suzy Q then I will try to see if Suzy Q is available when you want her.  This is the same way I have approached the business for the first 23 years of our existence.

What ever your situation is, I wish you the best and understand your decision to visit or not visit.  We will be here when you are ready to come.  Take time to spend with your family and reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for.  This is not forever and we will get through it.  Be safe and I wish you the very best always.


Hope everyone is doing well out there. It has been a busy month for me and our business.

Believe it or not, my 8 year old and I took our tree down tonight. Now I do love Christmas but normally do not leave the tree up so long. My boy left for vacation to see his Grand Parents before Christmas and got back around the 9th I believe. So the tree stayed up waiting for him to come back and open his presents. He had a great Christmas as did his parents and Grand Parents. However he got ill before coming back and when he opened his presents he was coughing and just plain tired. So we did not take the tree down as he was beat. The next week he was sick again and well today he feels good so we took the tree down and put everything away.

You know as a youngster I can recall that some kids that had their birthdays close to Christmas were shorted a little as for sure a parent would prefer to have the birthday and Christmas maybe 6 months apart and ultimately the child would get more total presents for the two Holidays. So my boy has his birthday and Christmas 3 weeks apart and the only way I can see around shorting him is to start buying in August. For me I start buying for Halloween and Christmas and his birthday very early so it would be such a big expense all at once. I think I have it nailed now and hope I can continue to do so in the years to come.

We sat around and shared memories of past Christmas’. I hope he remembers me as Gringo Claus that likes to give children gifts and candies that they not get otherwise. I just love that part of Christmas and hope in time he does as well. We talked about our favorite Christmas tunes and at his young age he is very fond of “Frosty, the Snow Man”. Maybe I am getting sentimental with my years but am very concerned about the memories I leave for him Hopefully one day he will be a father and maybe some things he enjoyed with me, he will share with his children.

I had a little cough and sore throat earlier in the week but bought some over the counter meds at a pharmacy here that took care of my illness with the quickness. So things are back to normal around here.

As for work we are doing excellent. Some new ladies joined and are doing great. Next week Ana Lucia will be gone and I am not sure for how long but with her and Gisselle gone, it would appear we have a big gap to fill, but we actually have plenty of talent to step up and it did not hurt that Aaron showed up unexpectedly. Juliette, Leslie, and Alexis are doing great and Sofia has had a few opportunities that went well. Interviewed a couple of ladies today and we will see how those go.

I always hope to write more often, but I find myself challenged between Dr appointments and interviews and well as sports on TV this seems to get neglected. I will try to write so more leading up to the Super Bowl and maybe even share an opinion.

Hope you can come visit soon and in the mean time please be careful out there. I hope to be looking at fiesta dates soon. Be good and we are waiting for you!


Hi everyone.  Hope you are all staying healthy.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what is going on here as there have been many questions on the calls I take.

Right now it is business as usual.  I crossed twice into the US today and no issue crossing in either direction.  I had no wait and 10am or at 4pm when I crossed leaving Tijuana.   I would pay particular attention to what you see on the news as if they do close the border it will not be a secret.

Have a couple guys here because they had their flight canceled to Colombia and chose Mexico for a second destination.  I really thought the virus may hurt our business and there are some cancellations but so far we are dong good.   A few other are here now because their jobs gave them some time off and were working in businesses that are closing for a couple of weeks. Now we fully understand that many want to wait this out and of course that may be prudent.

Seems like their is less traffic now in Tijuana, but I did see long lines for people crossing in cars. Not sure how long the wait was when I saw that line, but would not be surprised to hear it was more than 2 hours.

As much as I miss March Madness, and sports in general I will somehow live.  Hope that things will be more normal in April, and for the time being there has been no decision about our fiesta May 9th.   We certainly are not ready to cancel now, but I suppose by April 15th we will have a more clear picture of what is happening.   I will try and update our website in the new section daily.

Be careful out there.



Hope everyone is doing well. It is a rainy messy day here in Tijuana, but who knows what tomorrow will have for us? My motivation today has do do with the fear of the Corona Virus and how we are all handling our concerns and of lives. I want to start by stating that I do not have all the facts, but that does not stop me from having an opinion. I just might be wrong!

As far as politics are concerned I tend to be liberal but I don’t find this to be a political issue, but it is of course a health scare. I am sure conservatives and liberals both do not want to be infected with this virus, and who wants a world epidemic? Hopefully we will have more info real soon and things can return to normal. I feel for the people effected by sports and concert cancellations. The poor guy that works as an usher or the vendor that sells at these events just got the rug pulled out from under their feet. Most do not have sympathy for the professional athlete who is not allowed to compete because he is compensated so well that you have to feel they will be ok. The guys that own franchises are making a business decision that is hurting them financially as well. Sometimes we suggest that these guys only want money, and well they are putting the welfare of others in front of their own desire to earn.

What about the kid who’s team finally qualified for the NCAA basketball tournament and now this event has been  cancelled as well. I guess he can tell his friends that he did not participate in the tournament because of the scare in the year 2020. I feel for this guy as well as it is/was his only chance. Is their a danger? Of course there is. The flu kills people every year. Yet many get over it in less than a week and are back to normal. It is my understanding that this has happened and the people dying have other health concerns and less resistance to illness. Youngsters seem to be able to bounce back quickly. I think most of our world does not want to feel responsible for spreading this illness and are erring on the side of caution.

I believe that if in 2020 tobacco companies can slap a sticker on a pack of cigarettes and still manufacture and sell their products, then why can a sports franchise not do the same? I believe given a choice most athletes would choose to compete and the fans would still come out. We all know there is risk involved, and maybe we do not know how great of a risk it is. I love my sports, but I will be ok, but I love the passion of the game and the excitement it brings to the events. Maybe I am just selfish, but I do think we are overreacting.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks things will be more clear and we can go back to life as we know it. In the meantime I will just lounge around and watch a lot of television. In the meantime the airlines, hotels and vendors will suffer and that is only a small part of it.

Hope to be back soon with something good to say about something.

In the meantime be careful out there and be nice to your neighbors.


Well if you have not finish or started your Christmas shopping you are in some real trouble. In addition to busy malls you are looking at some tough traffic to negotiate as well. Whatever you are doing be safe and get home to your family.

I have so many things at home as I always but lots of extra things like cookies, candy, popcorn and chocolates. I am trying to devise a plan of where I can take everything. I do have some good chocolates and cookies to take to the nice people at Ticuan, that always are willing to assist me. A few things to give my taxi drivers and some things for my neighbors.

Tonight we package up all the gifts and stockings for the kids to give away in the early afternoon to early evening on the 24th. It normally takes about 4 hours to get everything ready and then about 5 hours to distribute them the following day. I am going to buy some more candy for the stockings later this morning so we should be in good shape there.

I will take time later to reflect on some traditions that surround the holidays and remember some good times with my family. I love to drink some Egg Nog and drive around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Holiday music as I am at this moment on San Diego station 96.5. It is all coming to a close but I will cherish it to the very end.

My be watching NBA games on Christmas out of default. If I see anything else on I may opt for that as I find Jerry Springer reruns to be a bit more entertaining. That is my problem though as I am sure the network will do well with their NBA games.

As far as work is concerned it should be very light until the 26th and probably light on NYE as most girls prefer to be out with their friends on that night. It is a good night to stay in(NYE), and I am guessing that is what I will do. I do have interviews on the 26th so it will be back to work quickly and that is what I like.

Just be careful out there folks. I wish you the best, and when things are challenging just take a deep breath and accept it. Tomorrow is another day and do not let someone’s problem become your problem. We will be waiting for your return and look forward to a great 2020.


Well only two more weeks until Xmas eve and that is the Holiday here in Mexico. Lots of drinking in the night and sleeping late on the 25th. The 24th is the night my friends and I do our amigos de Santa program and we normally start around 3pm and go until 9pm.

The party had some issues and it was heavily attended and I believe most folks had fun. The disc jockey let before the party stated and I hear today that he punched a waiter at the bar right before the fiesta. This has to get resolved as I miss Big Lou more now than ever.

Giselle and Melani C have left. Not sure if or when either will be back but they are both welcomed back and I can only hope. Sara C was assaulted and robbed (not by a client) and may not be able to work before she leaves in a few days. I hate that that happened to her. Abby, Katia, Aaron, Nicole M, Karla, and Ana Lucia should benefit from their departure. At any other time those ladies would carry our team and when I would lose 3 stars like that I could panic, but our depth chart is strong so we will do fine. I do have more interviews this week.

My football bets had been doing well, but this week was sub par but still hanging in there. Basketball has been hot and cold and hoping that heats up starting tonight. At least there are games every night. Someday I will share some of the teams that are on my radar.

Health wise I am fine, and continue to lose weight slowly. I will not hit my goal of 180 by the New Year but 183 or 184 are within reach. I missed my goal of 185 by December 1 and came in at 188. I am not giving up however. Just got back from a birthday party for my boy and had no soda or cake. I am determined that this is the way it will be from now on.

Hope every one has a nice Holiday and stays safe. I am doing the best I can and trying to not let things get me excited. Try to be back soon. We will be waiting for you!


Today is my Father’s birthday. He passed 29 years ago and hard to imagine I have lived more than 1/2 my life with him not here. But my Father does live inside me and although me may not approve of everything I do, many of my traits are a tribute to him

Dad graduated high school at age 16 and graduated college in 4 years with a 5 year degree. He served in WWII and enlisted on December 8, 1941. So while we may be celebrating our Xmas party it will be on the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and many of us will be enjoying the company of a young lady into the wee hours on December 8 which is the anniversary of him enlisting. You may want to think about that on that Saturday night that maybe you will enlist the next day to help preserve our democracy. Maybe not, but it could help you enjoy the night thinking about how your life can change overnight.

Dad was a pharmacist and worked long hours. His company knew that when a pharmacist was ill they could call on him to go to another store to work another shift. Although I cannot remember the details he also worked with the State government in Indiana to change some laws involving prescriptions and their abuse.

As a Little League coach he taught me fair play. At 8 years I was not one of the best players and I played the minimum until I approved. Although I wanted to play more I respected that I was not given any favoritism over the others because my Father managed our team. He later became the President of the local Little League and I even remember him talking to a coach of a competing team. The other coach was well respected and an honest volunteer to coach 8-10 year old kids but he let his 7 year old play in an exhibition game. I remember Dad telling him even though it was an exhibition game his boy was taking the opportunity of another boy to participate and that he needed to respect that. Dad did not make noise about it and scream and belittle him and I think the other gentleman gained respect on how he handled it.

I also remember that every time we had a practice or a game I was to call every player on the team to remind them. He never said do not call this boy as he is not good but call every one and report back to me on who you did and did not reach. He was their for the boys. I also remember that my Father smoke cigarettes in 1967 and as soon as he took the coaching job, he quit cold turkey. He said he could not set that bad example to kids that may learn to respect him. That has stuck with me my entire life.

I can tell stories about my Father all day long. He was not perfect but looking around I don’t think there is or was anyone I would trade my Dad for. So Dad, I write this blog in your memory. Whatever shortcomings I may have, I cannot and will not blame you. I just with I could be more like you. If anyone refers to me as a “chip of the old block” I will take that as a compliment. I love you Dad, I hope I have not disappointed you.


Rain is much needed and we got plenty. It may rain today some more but I am not rooting for it. We are having our water shut off one day a week now because of a water shortage. Now before you panic, the hotels have extra water for when their water is shut off, so unless you are staying in an apartment or condo you won’t suffer any difference.

I hope you get a chance to see some of these new chicas. All has been good so far. I still have two new chicas to ad, but we all know that until I get pics we really never know. I am sure we will have a few folks inquiring at our party so hopefully a new superstar will emerge.

I have taken my Santa…err Gringo Clause gear to the dry cleaners. I am going to take my boy out and try to see if folks will give him a donation for a picture with Gringo Claus. Last year on the Xmas Eve I must have had 30 or 40 people asking for pictures and asking me “how much for a picture?” So I made a sign for his to carry and we will go out to Revolucion one Saturday afternoon. The idea is for him to make some money to buy his Mother and Aunt presents for the Holiday. He is a bit shy but I am hoping he will accept donations and wish people a Merry Christmas. He is about to turn 8 and his birthday is only two weeks away.

I am anticipating more chicas in our fiesta than never before. That being said I believe it will be short of 30 but many of our most popular chicas this year and earlier arrivals as well. I have really been on this for more than a month and am going to try a new approach to get the ladies circulating a bit more. Some of the ladies are buying special outfits like Perla did a few years ago. I am looking forward to it and super excited.

Seems like the number of bi-sexual dates has been rising. Personally I would like that if I was a client, bu at the same time I don’t have but one bullet in my pistol. Maybe you can call me “Barney Fife”:) Some of you guys amaze me with what you can do at an advanced age. Gisselle has worked with Dulce, Angelica, Katia and Sara C recently. Marena has also worked with Sara C. Gisselle seems to love the parties as I think she wants to do more bi-sexual dates and with more chicas.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get your hotel reservations in soon as the nicer hotels will book up quickly. Lots of guys have already scheduled their dates but some are holding out and no doubt we will have ladies that are not scheduled at the fiesta that can do dates that night.

Abby is still the superstar of the team. Nicole’s newest pics are getting her more attention as are Katia’s. Marena, Gisselle, Ana Lucia, Sara C, Sarah V, Melani C, Angelica, and Sandra have betting work recently so our top 10 is bring strong. Natasha, and Katherine both got great reports on their first dates. Grecil has done well but I would like to see that sexy spinner get some more work.

I am really putting lots of attention on our party and have not taken the time to blog recently and I am truly sorry about that. With NCAA Football, the NFL and of course NCAA basketball underway I am spread a little thin but trying to stay on it. From a betting perspective all 3 have been quite profitable recently and I just hope I don’t jinx myself. Today their is college basketball from 8am going all day so I may not leave the house.

Please be safe out there. Don’t let yourself get into conflict with impatient drivers and think about your children and family when these things come up. A parking place at the mall is just not that important, so let it be the other guys problem and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

See you soon and when you are ready, we will be here waiting.


Back from the dentist today. Always like to get my doctor’s appointments out of the way early.

While crossing the border I was thinking about how many of these women have a baby’s father that is not with them any longer, but still try to control their lives. I don’t know many of these guys and I don’t want to lump them all into the same pile, but all too often a chica is worried about being discovered by an ex.

Now a common theme is the baby’s Daddy will threaten to use the legal system to threaten the lady if she does not quit working he will gain custody of the child. Is the father really worried about the child or is he worried that the chica does not need him any longer? I tend to feel that if a chica would say, you are right let me turn over custody of our child, the baby’s daddy would be scared something terrible. Maybe there are other situations.

Which leads me to think about the sacrifices these ladies are making. Now you can argue that they are lazy and taking the easy way out, but I don’t think their job is easy and they are sacrificing a lot for their children. There are however those mothers that do not really provide well for their children and just want to have access to money regularly without giving 40 or 48 hours of their week in a very structured work place. Many of these ladies do not have the opportunity to work a normal schedule and find it difficult to give up that many hours and still run the household.

I do see some that have their children in a private school, and that have well behaved children dressed nice and acting like young adults and getting an education better than what Mom has. I guess one thing is important is a good reliable baby sitter and sometimes that is Mom. That in itself can be a problem if Mom is unaware of how the chica is earning money. You have to think she has to know?

I was going to write a power ratings post on my last blog entry when I ran out of time. What I really want to say is that Abby seems to be 100% on spot for great GFE service and to date has 100% satisfied clients. Reyna has been well received. Ana Lucia gets high marks and maybe a lot of that is about her sweet disposition and her million dollar smile. Melani C, Sara, Gisselle, and Dulce are doing great, with Melani C being out of town until the 12th now I believe. All should be at our fiesta in December and it should be lots of fun. Another steady performer has been Carolina who is our super Milf.

Going to relax for awhile before watching some football tonight. Please be safe and don’t forget to reserve your room early for the fiesta weekend and make plans ahead of time. We will be waiting for you!


Only 10 days before Halloween and I am planning for a fun event that night. Hopefully it will go off as planned and be a big success. Got lots of good candy and my boy has his costume. Just have to pray there is no rain, but the show will go one. 🙂

Shortly thereafter will be our Christmas party and I have planned a lot for it and it should be huge. Still have a few items to buy but I feel where I am in a good place to make this one bigger and better than past year end parties. I hope you come and I think you will see a difference.

Not to be negative, but have been reflecting on what mark I will leave on this planet after my passing. I am not a politician or a public figure but I am a son, a father and a person with some significant relationships. I am one who procrastinates but going to get on this. My current idea is to write letters to my boys and explaining to them the love I have for them and how proud they have made me. I feel like that could be the greatest gift I can give to them to remember me by. I have some ideas of what I want to say and that it is something maybe they can share with their children so that somehow their children will know a little something about their Grandfather. Maybe even do a video.

Now with all that said, I am in good health and I don’t want anyone to think I am sick. Doctor has all good news but I do have to have some tests done on my liver as it is inflamed, but most likely is nothing to worry about. I am seeing the doctor and although all is well, when people see me they often ask if I am sick, because of my weight loss. Believe me I made an effort to lose the weight and have been drinking a ton of water every day.

Going to a couple of interviews so I have to go, but please be safe out there and I hope to add on to this blog tonight.


Well I finally updated the fiesta thread. I am doing all I know to do to get a big turn out of ladies and I took a few ladies off our site as they did not come to our fiesta. I have mentioned this in the letter that went out to all chicas. It really does not set well with me when a lady continues to send messages that say “I need work” yet they don’t make the time to come to a party where I routinely invest around $1500 to showcase our business. It is my feeling that if you really want to work, you will find time to make our two events a year and give up 2 to 3 hours of your Saturday. Heaven forbid, you may even have fun.

Arantza benefited from our last party in a big way as did Melissa and both are excellent providers but that exposure at the parties can change a ladies popularity in those few hours. I am going to work on having even more gifts for both the men and the women and have already spent a few hundred dollars. I figure to spend $20 to $50 move each week for the next two months so there will be lots of give a ways. For the men I am concentrating on bottles of alcohol, which in some cases gets re-gifted to a lady anyway. I hope to have a couple of restaurants owners present to bring them some attention as well.

The interviews are coming along well, and once again Luz has said she wants to work. So far that has not translated into her taking pictures, but we can only hope. I visited yesterday with a couple of ladies in their 20’s and I hope to have their pics up soon.

Football has not been consistent for me this year, but I have managed to stay about 50% and hope to increase my % a little every week. There are still lots of games to be played and when we get into November there is football played nearly every day of the week.

One thing that has killed me is that I lost my DirecTV but am hopeful that I will have in by this weekend once again. In Tijuana normally there are some guys that have accounts in their US home and “Add a room” to their account for another television and the company only increases their bill a minimal amount so they may share their receiver with someone like me for a profit. I pay about $60 each month but I guess my guy added too many rooms to his US account and it was shut down. He will get the problem resolved but it was brutal watching football on cable on Saturday. I think I bet 14 games and watched 3 of them. The package in itself is a good value as it has about 10-15 HBO channels and other like Show Time. I don’t watch many movies but that can make the value of the package more lucrative to lots of other guys.

Been quite busy and just want to assure you that all is well here and with my health as well. Will write more later but the phone is going nuts and it has taken me 30 minutes to write the last paragraph. Be safe out there and we will be waiting for you.


Sorry to let so much time pass, but things have been quite hectic and we are staying busy and I am interviewing lots of ladies. Should have two more interviews in the morning.

I have to update our list of approved hotels, as we can work in Rio Suites and at Quartz now. Had some guys there last week, but had not got it approved yet. I am going to try to get Real del Rio on board again, but that issue is a little political. Anyway we will update that part of our site soon.

Ana (Mexicali) is back and I am interviewing her friend in the morning. I am hopeful that the other interview will be productive. Sara arrives back on Monday. Kay has been getting more work than usual and maybe it is because she is willing to share her milk. Reyna is doing great now that she had some time to think about how important communication is. She was never a problem in the room, but I am sure she will continue her popularity.

Football season has contributed to the madness as I try to stay on top or everything, but it is challenging. Been having a lot of doctor appointments but all is well with the Doc. Hoping to be at 190 by the end of October as I am at 194 now which is 1 pound below my end of September goal.

I have got an unbelievable amount of candy in the house for our Halloween project and I even started buying for the Christmas party. Going to have a few more prizes for the raffle Bought some bottles of alcohol and assorted chocolates and cookies and should have some perfumes and other nice gifts to make this one better than the previous one. I will have to update the site for our party as well. There is always something to do.

Hope to be back soon and in the meantime be careful and just know that we will be here waiting for you!


Well Melani C is leaving on the 27th so she may be even harder to schedule. So get on it if you want to see her before she leaves. Now if you are in the market for an escort you may want to check out Abby, as she is young with no children and by all accounts is a very attentive escort that treats everyone like a king.

Have some new chicas coming on board real soon and I think you are going to like them. Also should have new pics of Kay as she is scheduled to take them tomorrow afternoon. Kendall just took new pics and they were posted last night. Melissa may be back soon as she has been calling.

We have been experiencing hot weather and is is helping me shed weight as I only have 17 pounds to go to reach my goal. The weight is coming off slower now but I am moving quicker and with more confidence. Lots of people are commenting on this and I just hope that I can maintain my discipline. Drinking a ton of water makes it easier to not eat as much.

I am still gearing up for Halloween and buying candy for the youngster’s here in Tijuana. Will swing into Xmas mode on November 1 so that also means Christmas fiesta mode and I always want this year to be better than the year before. Remember that will be December 7 and if you are a history expert you know Americans have a history of getting bombed on that day. I however will stay sober and baby sit you drunks.

Going to watch two football games tonight so I will keep this short. Be safe and be nice to others.


Well September is upon us and this Thursday is the opening game of the NFL season. Look forward to seeing my football friends and spending some quality time with them.

Wanted to talk about recruiting…not in football but in my business. Even though we are having huge success in our business, I have not recruited in maybe 13 or 14 years. The ladies always have friends and if I get a call from someone that has not been referred to me, I don’t talk to those ladies. There are a few ladies that do actively recruit and what they do is ask a lady if she wants to work on the top Tijuana site and if the chica is interested she tells her she can get her friend in contact with me and in return the lady has to tip her $50 for her first date. Now this seems to work but sometimes I see ladies that have no chance, or that I think they have no chance.

What sometimes happens is a big lady works with me and then invites her friends that are top shelf. I never anticipated that but for sure have benefited from that. So sometimes you may have heard or think “birds of the same feature, flock together” and is quite often is true but you really never know. I have thought about traveling South to find some new young ladies, but so far have opted not to as that could be considered human trafficking and honestly that can be problematic even if it has no basis.

Just interviewed a nice thin chica last week, and she told me her agency sent her to the Zona Norte. She was scared when she saw drugs being sold in the alley so blatantly. She did comment that the client was quite nice but that she hopes she never has to visit that part of town ever again. I assured her that I won’t send her there. Hopefully she will get pics this week and her name will be Ariel.

Had a huge Holiday weekend and appears the week is going to be good as well. There are some new hotels opening up and maybe it will be easier to get rooms that are approved by our business in the near future. The site will be updated to include those hotels hopefully soon.

Going to an interview now, but in the mean time be careful. We will be here when you are ready.


Lots going on right now. Sarahi asked me to take pics off the website. Seems that where I rotated the rotation someone saw her pic and commented and now she will work but not be pictured on our site. Someone before was doing translating and I had mentioned how sweet she is and his translation was she loved the sweet taste of cum. Thanks for the help.

So many of you have been asking me about my health. I still know nothing about my biopsy but should know something very soon. I saw the doctor today and he checked my A1C and it was 4.9 after 3 straight tests of 5.5 which he thought was excellent. If that is not enough I weighed 200lbs this morning which is 61 pounds less than on April 2 when I quite drinking beer and soda and not chocolates or desserts and eating nothing after 6pm. I had weight 273 at some point in 2018, but I think that was an error. Makes for a good story to say I lost 73lbs and I still am hoping to be at 180lbs by our Christmas party on December 7. My short term goal is 195 by October 1. I almost forget the doctor dropped one of my meds for diabetes but I still am taking Metformin, but he says if I stay the same I will not need any meds for diabetes. If I was weak and thinking about eating chocolates again, that alone can push me to keep my weight and blood sugar down. I know it is not nice to blow your own horn but TOOT TOOT.

I am looking at football for this weekend and already bet Oregon +3.5. I am sure I will have 9-12 more bets but that is the first one for the week and season. So Saturdays and Sundays are tied up for the next 5 months. 🙂 I am sure it will be a topic here every now and then.

Remember Rose? She called today and says she is ready to work again. Sara should be back soon along with Maerena. Ana Jo and Irene are telling me they will be back soon so the best and deepest escort site in Tijuana is about to get better and deeper.

My brother came to visit for 3 days and they passed quickly. Even though we hardly know each other we made the best of it and enjoyed each others company. Bless his wife of 35 years for giving him the freedom to come visit. Maybe some day she will come as well.

Be good out there and I hope to be back soon.


Yesterday with the addition of Melani C that gives us 12 ladies that have no children. Yet yesterday I had read that we have a bunch of tired MILF’s on our site. It is the classic example of some folks repeating this so much that others believe it. Now granted the clients know the truth, but there is an element of some guys that don’t want to try escorting, and just believe what they hear to somehow rationalize the bar girl experience is better. If you are reading this blog chances are you use our service or at the very least look at our site from time to time.

We brought Ivon back a couple of days ago, and now we have 8 MILF’s on our site. Please understand we have mothers on our site than have not qualified for the industry term such as Gisselle, Katia, Ana Lucia, Kay, Nina, Nicole TJ, Sandra and Tiffany. Now for those that are confused our industry defines a MILF as a provider that is 35 years old or more.

Now one thing that I do differently that others may do is I let any lady that wants to work a chance to work. I can tell you that there have been a few times I really thought a chica did not have much of a chance, but then she gets scheduled and becomes popular. Who am I to tell a lady she cannot work? If she gets no requests than that could show her the competition is tough or that she just is not going to get work. Sometimes a lady will apply and I believe that they get to a point where they ask to work and then find out what it what the job entails. I think that some young ladies think they can turn their head away and spread their legs and they will make money.

I am not so sure I have a team of horny ladies that can hardly wait to see the next guy, but what they do understand is they have to meet the job with enthusiasm. If a lady is pained by this job, guys are going to feel very uncomfortable and that is bad for both the provider and the client and the agency does not want clients leaving with a bad taste in their mouth. We want happy ladies with happy clients so the agency can be happy and we feel that we are doing something good. Sometimes we can forget what we are actually asking the ladies to do and how hard that can be to someone they know nothing about in advance. Bless these ladies for the jobs they do and their approach to each date.

I have had some silly things happen over the years and one of the worst was a new chica was texting on her cell while a client was trying to give her DATY. Now granted I tell ladies not to use their phones, and sometimes it cannot be avoided but I hope we will not have another date like that one. Now at the same time I have had clients make the ladies call me while in the midst of relations just to tell me how good a certain client is giving it to her. I know now that some crazy mother is now going to ask a lady to text me or one of her friends while he is giving her DATY and of course if the client requests that then it is ok.

One thing that is quite simple do understand but maybe you don’t think about is that bad news travels faster than good news. Nearly always a client will tell me when something goes bad. We need to know about that so we can correct mistakes. Although guys sometimes will send thank you letters, and those are always appreciated. Some guys have used our service for 20 years and yet I never know how the lady performed. I have to feel everything is ok if they guy keeps coming back.

Now I am sure many of you remember Michel. She was a fun girl to work with and very popular with our clients. She held the number one ranking in our market for over a year. Once a guy wrote a review on her before she came back to work. He obviously knew here and wrote a bad review and detailed all the things she did not do, and then said I kept repeating with her and none of the 7 times did she ever perform well. I really understand we are all different but why in the hell would you have 7 or more dates with someone that was not performing? When a guy does this you just can’t help feeling like he wants to ruin her reputation so that no one will want to see her and she will be forced to be his girlfriend. Never known this to work however. I just will not understand why a guy write a review on Wednesday and it gets published before Friday when the website clearly stated when she was coming back. Spoiler alert if you see a review on Melani C this week it is fake as she is not in town.

Someday I will write a book with stories about crazy things that have happened. In the meantime thanks for reading and be safe out there. You know people have shorter fuses when it is hot, and try to take the high road. I will be back soon.


Have noticed Little League World Series this past week on television. Looks like there is a new or at least new to me Intermediate Little League. It is for kids 11-13 years old and the field is bigger than that the Little League fields but smaller than the Major League fields. A team from Alabama won the World Series Championship over a team from Mexico. I only saw the last few innings but the game was well played and entertaining. The younger kids start soon as all the 16 USA teams already qualifying. Not sure when it starts but I would guess in about a week.

In the meantime college football starts in only 2 weeks and the NFL starts a week later. Have not spent any time researching strength of teams but I should get on it in a week or so. Should be another fun year.

I did change a few things on the site leaving the new ladies on the top and then going in alphabetical order after them. I am going to move ladies from the bottom to the top every few days to give all ladies a chance to be at the top of the site. Have removed a few ladies as well.

Had a great Friday and Saturday and that was without Katia, Ana Lucia, Nicole TJ, Karla or Gisselle working. Just is more evidence of how strong our current line up is. Looks like we have a lot on the schedule for next week and it should be a great week again.

My brother that I have not seen in 25 years is coming to visit the 20th so I am so much looking forward to that. He will be here 3 days and I am hoping we can have some quality time and catch up on things.

I have been getting calls and e-mails about my health. I don’t think I am in any trouble but have got no results back from my tests. I am of the opinion that bad news travels much faster and most likely will know something this week. You concern is appreciated, but I am confident that things are good.

Hope to be back soon, and in the mean time be careful out there. It is getting warm and people have shorter fuses. Let the heat be the other guy’s problem and be kind and considerate to all. Take care.

8-4-19 Part 2

The new chicas are on fire as we have excellent reports on Nicole TJ, Karla and Reyna. They not only add depth to our already outstanding them but they are great quality providers and are getting multiple dates per day. I am still waiting on pics of a few other ladies.

Football is about a month away and the college season starts even sooner. I will have something to say about that later. The heat has picked back up today and at least the nights are cool here in Tijuana. Have my brother coming to visit around the 20th for a few days and that should be an excellent reunion. It has been 25 years or so.

I am going to keep this short as we are busy but just wanted to check in. Be careful out there.


Today is the first anniversary of the passing of my friend Big Lou. Seems like he has been gone more than a year, but he was laying low for 6 months before that as well. For those of you that may not have lost a friend or family member, you can keep them alive in your memories and I do suggest you do so.

Contingency Tijuana Desert Challenge 2k18.

Robalonches Racing contingencia Tijuana Desert Challenge 2K18.

Posted by Cabanillas Photography on Monday, November 12, 2018
This car in this race had Lou’s photo on the car before a race in Baja California.


Hope everyone is doing well out there. Been wanting to write another blog entry but cannot find the time or maybe just to lazy. The warmer weather has not helped any and it may be here for awhile.

Will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 50th birthday next month and still working on figuring out how. I have not been drinking beer or soda since April 1 and I think I could drink that night but think it is better if I don’t. Been on a good roll and would not want to break the streak. For those that do not know me, this is not a sober alcoholic story as I probably only had 12 beers the first 3 months of the year, but I do (did) drink several sodas a day.

I was watching TBT today and it was interesting. Guess it shows you there was not much on, but it stands for The Basketball tournament. Teams are mostly made up of former college players that all played for one team or in one area. For example I was watching the “Golden Eagles” which is a team of ex Marquette players. A team from Wichita State is named the “After Shocks”. I believe the Colorado and Iowa teams are just players that played in that state for various teams. One think that was cool was with 4 minutes left in the game they turn off the clock, and continue the game till one team scores 8 more points to win the game. For example the Golden Eagles were up 75-72, to the game is now played until one team hits 83. This eliminates the fouling at the end with the clock running down and trying to kill time by as the shot clock is still on but you cannot win by playing the clock. I will try to catch more games tomorrow as well.

I saw a commercial for something called “Sensodyne” which relieves tooth ache pain. They were talking about fast relief and said if you apply it on Monday your pain will be gone by Thursday. Was having a tough time understanding that 3 days is rapid relief. Maybe their is no good alternate choice but what ever happened to Orajel? I don’t think that the ED medicine folks would have much luck with Viagra if it took 3 days to work.

I had a nice lady to interview but she did not show up. I was disappointed but maybe she could not provide the service that we give. I understand she just paid her college tuition and was in desperate need for money. Guess she had moved away from her parents and it sounded promising. Maybe she will call me sometime soon. Kay is suppose to get new pics this week and was sad to see Griselda go but her baby’s father lives in the US and made some threats. She is on another site so maybe the baby’s father does not know about that site. She says she is earning money to pay a lawyer, but I think she should force his had as I really doubt that he would get a lawyer and doubt even more that he really wants custody. I have seen this before, that the guy tries to control the ex by threatening to take the children.

Any way I will let you go this evening. Please be careful and remember it is hot for everyone and try to have patients when stuck in traffic. Let that be someone else’s problem


Well today I was surprised with a phone call from my brother. I don’t think I have heard from him in 20 years. He made a career out of the Army, and then worked in California for a bit in law enforcement and now is in Nevada. Seems to be doing well and he earned a happy life with his bride and daughter. He may even visit Tijuana in August this year.

I think we have been spared with the weather but chances are when the heat hits in will still be here in October. I have already started buying chocolate for Halloween. I guess Snickers in the fridge at my house is similar to whiskey in the house of an alcoholic. I however have not partaken in either chocolate or alcohol since April 1.

I have been keeping a low profile and sometimes go to a local casino after work and talk to my friend and drink some bottled water. I have found that when I drink a lot of water it keeps me full and I don’t have any desire to eat.

Football is coming up and all my friends are ready. I guess it is time to start reading up and see who is going to be improved and who will be in the toilet. I can spend too much time watching the games and I will. 🙂

Anyway going to keep this short. Hope you are enjoying the new ladies. Be careful out there and in no time we will be having our Christmas/End of the year fiesta.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a crazy busy weekend. The week was terrible from Monday through Thursday with a slew on canceled dates. The weekend kept our drivers very busy and both made over $100 on Saturday alone.

Just got back from the circus and the little guy loved it. We got the VIP tickets which were 450 pesos or around $25 dollars and sat on the front row. The cheap tickets were 150 pesos or $8 dollars and there was not a bad seat in the house. Trying to talk my boy into going to see the professional baseball team, The Toros de Tijuana. Right now he is not sold on that idea.

Nicole TJ is getting a nice fan club and was very punctual for her dates. Sometimes the new ladies do not get it, but she is 100% on board. She has met several of the ladies now but is not bi-sexual. She is going to be a keeper. Marena did great on her date Saturday as her original client did not show up, but I expected that so gave her to a guy on the waiting list. Gisselle’s client Saturday also did not show up and some one on the waiting list got her as well.

Watched the Wimbledon Men’s final this morning and it was a great match. I had not watched a match in a long time, but the match was very hard fought and well played. It went to a tie breaker in the 5th set and they wait until is was 12-12 to go to tiebreakers. Were 3 different tie breakers in this 5 set match.

I have got lots of letters about my health and I have not heard anything, but I am not too worried. I only wrote about my liver to fill the blog and I would guess that if there is some problem I will know tomorrow. I have another doctors appointment on Wednesday and expect some of my meds to be taken away.

I for sure will write some more this week. Thanks for the kind words and please be safe.


Hello folks. Hope you are all doing well. I believe I am but maybe the doctor will tell me in a few days. Many of you know I have diabetes and have had trouble with the gout. Over the years I have learned a few things about my body and how to control diabetes and the gout, but I have yet another issue and that is with my liver. Seems that when I first got the gout I was told by a friend that Ibuprofen will keep the gout from reoccurring. Well it may have but after a couple of years my liver had become inflamed, and a blood test showed that we may have a problem.

The doctor determined that my liver has swollen because of abuse of Ibuprofen and told me to stop taking it. However my blood tests show no improvement but the problem has not got better either. So this past month I have had an ultrasound and finally yesterday I had to have a biopsy on my liver and should not something before the weekend. Seeing how my friend Lou passed because of cancer of the liver, it seems scary, but at the same time I don’t believe I have cancer. Any the doctors will analyze the tests and if there is something I need to do or change, then we will get on it.

For the procedure, it was very easy but they made me stay 4 additional hours at the hospital to make sure I did not have any complications from the procedure. The staff were very friendly and efficient and I left feeling like a VIP. Finally someone has realized how very important I am.

I see the doctor next week to review the medications that I am taking, and I believe some medicine will be eliminated. I am approaching 60 years and I have to feel like less medicine is a good thing and the result of living a little better life today. If I stepped on Dr Phil’s ruler of life I would have a lot longer behind me and will try and do the best of having happy productive years ahead of me. When my time does come, I have come short in some things, but I can reflect back and see many things that I am happy about, and for sure I have had a good life.

On the business side of my life, things are going well. Nicole TJ is quickly becoming a super star and hope she can continue on that path. Kimberly, Gisselle, Ana Lucia, Minerva, Arantza, Abby and Marena are all doing well, so we are doing just fine. It is nice to have so much talent on our site at the same time. Always in search of that next star.

Hope to be back soon, and in the mean time be safe out there. We will be waiting for your return.


Not sure what is going on but we have had a couple of executions this week, if you believe the newspaper. It appears to be a group of guys with assault weapons and they don’t seem to be bashful about what they are doing. I guess the only good thing about these two murders is that they just killed who they wanted, and then left. One was at a popular bar in La Mesa called Siete de Copas and the other was at a Caliente on Revolucion. It is easy to say it was drug related, and it probably was, but I don’t really know.

I don’t want to stop people from visiting but I don’t want to lie to you either. I don’t think it will have any impact on our business unless this spirals out of control. I went out last night and saw nothing out of place, but these executions were both done after midnight and I generally turn into a pumpkin earlier than that.

Not sure what you are all doing for the 4th, but looks like we will be hopping. It has been good so far this week and much more scheduled for the remainder of the week. Suppose one of these new ladies will take pics. Fernanda is back and I asked her for new pics and Samantha is ready to return as well. This Nicole TJ is a looker and I know she is going to make some noise. You know I think sometimes who would I choose if I could have any lady in my bed from our site, and that is a difficult decision. I think my first choice would be Divina as I like the way she looks at me when I talk to her. Over the phone it might be Ana Lucia as her voice is so sexy that she can bring me to full attention with only a few words. A few others that bring my to attention may surprise you as they are not so popular but Melany, Perla and Marena all make me melt. Marena is though getting lots of attention from our clients.

So the 4th is a great family day and I get why Tijuana may not be your destination for that Holiday, but we will be here and feel welcome to visit. I believe I am just staying home and playing dispatch getting the driver, chicas and clients together as usual. What ever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy the people around you and most of all be careful. I will talk to you again real soon.


One of the best places to visit in Tijuana is Parque Morelos. Plenty of green grass, trees and a lake, which is a combination you won’t find often in Tijuana. Best of all it is free, and if you drive I believe the parking is 20 pesos which is barely over a $1. They have picnic areas, lots of animals, you can feed ducks and have a few carnival rides as well. Food is dirt cheap and their is a lot of options. There is even a small train that circles the park and you can get your pic taken with your friends and buy a key chain for next to nothing. Here is a link that has some pics:

Their is a Cultural Center in Zona Rio called Cecut and I cannot even tell you what is there, but it does have a small aquarium that the little ones love. I believe admission is like $4 per ticket and their is the Domo Imax that is quite popular and every now and then their are music or food festivals that are there. Here is a link for that as well.

There is a Wax Museum in downtown Tijuana just off of Revolucion on First street (Articulo 123) and it is bit East and easy walking distance from the border. I believe admission is less than $5 and as much as I loved the place it can be brutal in the Summer as it is not air conditioned. I like to visit in November. Here is a link for that as well.

We have great sports teams around town. The Toros play in the professional Mexican Baseball league, while the Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles (pronounced like Cholo Twiklies) are in the professional soccer League and are in the first division. The Zonkeys are our Basketball Team and they normally have 2 or 3 Americans on their team. There is a rule limiting the number of foreign players per team. Sorry I cannot tell you much about it as I have never been as my job makes it difficult to go to a game. I have however visited with a few of the players as I use to live near where a couple of them lived and had run into them at a pizza buffet a few times

The malls have first run movies for very reasonable prices as I believe they are maybe $4 per ticket. I normally buy a package at Costco that gets me into 10 movies for about $20. Normally they are in English and subtitled in Spanish. There are a couple of theaters at the Plaza Rio and I like the VIP which is still pretty inexpensive and you are assigned a seat and waiters take your snack order. I normally pay the person who takes the order and then tip the person who brings our food.

I hope some of this info may be helpful, but believe me there are plenty of things to do that would cost so much more in the United States. Bring the kids and I promise they will have fun.

Should be back real soon. Be careful out there.


I thought I would write a blog about visiting Tijuana. If you have not looked at Sonero’s food blog that is a great source of places to visit for some really good food.

So I won’t touch on food but just write a little about our city and about visiting our city. It seems like their are people that are scared to visit and they all have a story about a friend of a friend and his scary experience. First of all we are a huge city of maybe 1.6 million people with no freeway system like you are accustomed to. Many of our ladies travel close to 2 hours to get to downtown for their dates, and they ride in a van that is called a taxi de ruta. Those taxis are very inexpensive but stop about every couple of blocks to pick up and drop off passengers. They normally run less than a dollar to take, but the time can kill you. Some folks her ride those to work and home every day and an 8 to 10 hour workday can take 12 to 14 hours of their day, and they make less than $15 dollars a day in most cases..

I should touch on the violence. It exists and it is real. I don’t want to sweep that under the rug, but normally you do not see it in the tourist areas. I have not seen anyone shot at or shot in my 22 years here, but when I look at the local papers their are murders daily. Most of is related to the sale of drugs and because of that I don’t see it. It is a big city and crime is real like any other big city. So please do exercise caution while down here. Someone could easily see you taking on your cell phone and walking as if you don’t have a worry in the world and with the quickness someone snatches it out of your hand is gone before you realize what happens. This is not likely to happen on Revolucion, which is a street in the tourist district, but a block or so away it can happen easily .

If you are visiting Mexico from the United States you can cross on foot at San Ysidro Port of Entry (Ped East), at Otay Mesa, or at Chapparal (Ped West) You do need to get a permit and they are free for stays of less than 7 days. You show your passport or your passport card, and they issue the permit. Takes less than 5 minutes to get your permit in most cases. If you drive in the Mexican Government is not checking for permits and folks just drive through. You can be stopped and told to enter “secondary” but that is very rare and in many cases they just want to make sure you are not trying to sell your car down here. I cannot quote the regulations but the law does not allow sales of old cars to enter into Mexico. I think 10 years earlier and not allowed to be sold and then converted to Mexican cars. Now their are many old cars around her and some are legal and many are not. I would not use my blog to determine anything about the legal sales of cars as I am no expert on that.

Do you exchange your dollars to pesos? You for sure do not have to, but many do. Every place down here deals with both currencies. Many times having pesos can save you money, but sometimes a store will give a better rate for the dollar than you can get by purchasing and a “casa de cambio”. Strangely enough 99% of the time you can get a better rate at the San Ysidro border than you can get in Tijuana. I go into the US to buy pesos for some of my bills as the electric company and the water company do not accept dollars. The cable company does but at a terrible rate. If you are just coming for a day to look around, buy some souvenirs, or to visit a drinking establishment you are probably going to be fine using your dollars, but you may want to have your money in 10’s, 5’s and ones, as sometimes stores and taxis do not have much change. Now tipping is nothing like in the US. I tip very generous but often the locals don’t tip at all or only leave a few coins that come to less than a dollar. I don’t have the heart to do that, but tips are appreciated and not expected. Now a taxi driver may tell you $5 plus tip, as he wants to earn, but in all likelihood the $5 is more than he would ask of a local taking the same trip. If you are at a bar and buy a round of drinks, a one dollar tip is greatly appreciated. The exchange rate changes daily but at this date most place use 18 to 1 so 18 pesos is the same a 1 dollar. Restaurants and bars should have their exchange rate clearly posted.

Now I can write all day long but now I have you entering Tijuana, I should explain on what you need to do to go back. First of all I do not recommend driving into Mexico until you have been here a few times and have some familiarity with how traffic is different than what you are accustomed to in the US. Also the lines can often be 90 minutes or longer getting back to the US. On foot 30 minutes or less at all hours is doable in most cases. The Americans want proof that you are a US citizen so they ask for a passport, but they do accept a State issued Driver’s License or ID. Soon they will want the enhanced license but for right now you are ok with your DL.

I am sure there are tours that are offered, as I see buses coming down with Asian tourists often and I have to think they are offered for other people as well. One of our drivers does tours for $25 dollars per hour and a minimum of two hours. If you ever want to do that shoot me an e-mail a few days in advance and I will visit with Jesus about it. Jesus speaks English very well and will cater his tours to what you want to see.

I hope this was somewhat helpful but I am not the best source of this info and my opinions or views may be different than others, but it is a general guideline and is not to be taken as the gospel.

I think I will wrap this up now as I can talk about other aspects. Maybe tomorrow or someday soon I will write about a few things to do around Tijuana. Have a good weekend, be careful and I will be back soon.


Hope all is well out there. Had a couple of gloomy days here in TJ, but the warm weather and sunny days are coming up quickly. Been setting up meetings for prospective new employees and will have more meetings tomorrow.

Sara is leaving Saturday but says she will be back three weeks later. I have learned not to count on it, but she has been pretty popular and I think she enjoyed working here. She and Gisselle work a bi-date last night and it went well.

Marbella had new pics taken this week, and I think this is the first time I have seen her in 5 years when she was not pregnant. She is excited to be back. I am anxious to see her first reviews. Divina looked great at the fiesta and hopefully she will pick up where she left off.

Yesterday there was a shooting in Chula Vista at Costco (parking lot). Must have been pretty scary for those folks. The shooter was shooting as his ex and her new boyfriend. Both are still in the hospital and the shooter turned the gun on himself and ended his life. I have not heard about the victims but they had a new born that was in a stroller, but was not struck. It is a crazy world out there. Life is so precious and short, you just never know. There could have easily been folks killed that were not part of the dispute and hopefully the victims do recover. I hear they are in critical condition.

I go to that Costco a couple of times a week with a friend and just glad I was not there at the time of the shooting. I do need to visit there sometime soon but need a morning when I don’t have interviews. I have three scheduled tomorrow morning.

I think I have mentioned that we are going to put up a booth for Halloween at El Torito. It will be the same group that does Amigos de Santa and this year will be our trial run at Halloween. Should be a lot of fun and I will have more to say about that soon. Plan to give away the good stuff tough. Mars, Nestle and Hersheys should get the job done. I think we will be wearing our Santa hats to bring more attention to our Christmas program.

Next fiesta will be December 7. Mark your calendar now and in October we will start putting up the info on the fiesta page. Please be careful out there and when you are ready to visit, we will be here.


I guess we are nearly half way to Christmas. That means Halloween is less than a half year away. Planning events for both days and I will talk about that later.

The party presented a few challenges this time. For some reason President AMLO was in town and he did not even have the decency to call me for permission. So it event closed down the roads near El Torito and kept the bar owner tied up so he could not arrive early. Every one was late arriving and it was a slow start. And I scheduled my event first!

However in the end we had fun, but I still need a DJ that I can work with. I know Lou always did a good job but you can really see how much I miss him when I am challenged. I do have someone lined up but his wife was more than 9 months pregnant and he stayed home, where is exactly where he should have been.

I do not pay much attention to the NBA, but today’s big story is about Keven Durant coming back from an injury too soon and most likely will miss an entire year now. Me may be the best player on the planet, and probably should have been held out of the game. Hind sight is 20:20 and it is easy to criticize that decision after the fact. I have seen fights go on that should have been stopped and the problem is that the competitors always want to compete. I remember playing basketball once with the flu and I was scared to tell my parents as they would have not let me participate. I am sure there are a million stories like that and we most likely only hear about the ones with bad endings. What if he did not get hurt? It still was wrong to run him out there, and hopefully great minds will be more cautious in the future.

We have had boxers die in the ring and Jr Seau committed suicide in part because he was later determined to have suffered from CTE, which is a result of head trauma from his days playing football. In the year 2019 we have so much information available that hopefully we can save lives with newer equipment and more sensitivity. It is easy to be laying on a couch on a Monday night and complaining about how sissified the game has become. But I think in the end we want the guys to prosper after their playing yeas and not have these horrific loss of life or loss of quality of life.

Sara and Divina looked great at the party. Arantza made some new friends as she took some of the ladies around the room. Gisselle did two dates that night and it turned out to be a fun night.

On a sad not Leah’s father died on Thursday. She is going to leave the site, but I am not sure if she is going to do next weeks already scheduled dates and I will be contacting her clients as more info becomes available.

Remember the next fiesta will be Saturday December 7 at El Torito again. For those history buffs that is a good day to get bombed. Be careful out there and I hope to be back soon.


Two more days until the fiesta. Trying to get a lot of last minute things ready and looks like it will be a very fun night. I have bought a few things for prizes in the raffle for both the ladies and our guests. I am very excited about this one.

Today I was reading on a forum about overnight dates. One guy was adamant that you should not pay 4000 pesos to a lady for an overnight date. He said that since a factory worker could be paid 1000 for one week, why should a person pay 4 times a weeks salary for one night?

So let’s say he makes $1000 a week at his job. So should he bend over and let some one fuck him in his ass on a overnight adventure for $1000. Seems like he may think that was fair since he would be equaling a weeks pay in only one night of work. We can all have separate values buy why would you have to side with one man’s opinion about the price of a prostitute?

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that the ladies enter this work to earn very big money. Guys paying more than they would make in a week at a job than they may earn in a week is exactly why a lady can be tempted into this line of work. They know how much they can make at a factory or in an office job and they want to work in this business because it basically does not cap them at a salary. They want to decimate the earnings of a normal employee in one week and that is what attracts ladies into this business. There are a lot of negative things that can happen to women who choose the life of a prostitute but they do what they choose to do for the reward. In the end it may not work out or maybe it will work out for a short while, but for the right now they can earn well and have somewhat of an extravagant lifestyle.

What is a shame, is those ladies that are 30+ years old and say, “I wish I could be 18 again”. It is the nature of the beast that a young lady is of the opinion that “I will make more money tomorrow” and they live their life like there in no tomorrow. I have seen very few 18 year old ladies that can save and plan for their future and love it when a lady can do that and they do something positive outside of the life that they have as bar girls or escorts. Sadly the feel good stories are very few as opposed to the stories of the masses that choose this life.

Hell if you look at the life of a professional athlete they are not so different. Many are broke after only a few years of retirement. Some guys are just capable of overspending their salary no matter how big it is. If a guy plays 5 years in the NFL as a lineman on either side of the ball, he is going to have problems with his legs and back as he gets close to 30 years old. There is a price we pay for our decisions. Everything has its price.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday night. Be safe out there..