Well Melani C is leaving on the 27th so she may be even harder to schedule. So get on it if you want to see her before she leaves. Now if you are in the market for an escort you may want to check out Abby, as she is young with no children and by all accounts is a very attentive escort that treats everyone like a king.

Have some new chicas coming on board real soon and I think you are going to like them. Also should have new pics of Kay as she is scheduled to take them tomorrow afternoon. Kendall just took new pics and they were posted last night. Melissa may be back soon as she has been calling.

We have been experiencing hot weather and is is helping me shed weight as I only have 17 pounds to go to reach my goal. The weight is coming off slower now but I am moving quicker and with more confidence. Lots of people are commenting on this and I just hope that I can maintain my discipline. Drinking a ton of water makes it easier to not eat as much.

I am still gearing up for Halloween and buying candy for the youngster’s here in Tijuana. Will swing into Xmas mode on November 1 so that also means Christmas fiesta mode and I always want this year to be better than the year before. Remember that will be December 7 and if you are a history expert you know Americans have a history of getting bombed on that day. I however will stay sober and baby sit you drunks.

Going to watch two football games tonight so I will keep this short. Be safe and be nice to others.

Posted on: September 9, 2019Lindo Barre

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