Well September is upon us and this Thursday is the opening game of the NFL season. Look forward to seeing my football friends and spending some quality time with them.

Wanted to talk about recruiting…not in football but in my business. Even though we are having huge success in our business, I have not recruited in maybe 13 or 14 years. The ladies always have friends and if I get a call from someone that has not been referred to me, I don’t talk to those ladies. There are a few ladies that do actively recruit and what they do is ask a lady if she wants to work on the top Tijuana site and if the chica is interested she tells her she can get her friend in contact with me and in return the lady has to tip her $50 for her first date. Now this seems to work but sometimes I see ladies that have no chance, or that I think they have no chance.

What sometimes happens is a big lady works with me and then invites her friends that are top shelf. I never anticipated that but for sure have benefited from that. So sometimes you may have heard or think “birds of the same feature, flock together” and is quite often is true but you really never know. I have thought about traveling South to find some new young ladies, but so far have opted not to as that could be considered human trafficking and honestly that can be problematic even if it has no basis.

Just interviewed a nice thin chica last week, and she told me her agency sent her to the Zona Norte. She was scared when she saw drugs being sold in the alley so blatantly. She did comment that the client was quite nice but that she hopes she never has to visit that part of town ever again. I assured her that I won’t send her there. Hopefully she will get pics this week and her name will be Ariel.

Had a huge Holiday weekend and appears the week is going to be good as well. There are some new hotels opening up and maybe it will be easier to get rooms that are approved by our business in the near future. The site will be updated to include those hotels hopefully soon.

Going to an interview now, but in the mean time be careful. We will be here when you are ready.

Posted on: September 2, 2019Lindo Barre

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