Hope you are all doing well.  You probably saw that Gisselle is gone.  I am guessing she will be back, but I do know she is going to need time.  She had two weeks of more than 90 hours of dates….most really long dates, and is just worn out from all the running with her kids and family and then working on top of all of that.  Of course she will be welcomed back if she chooses to do so.

I hope to announce of Christmas party and it should be Saturday December 1.  I have already started buying raffle presents and am going to try for a big turn-out of chicas.  Going to have to find a DJ as well.  Figure to have something posted around October 1 and all I can say is make your room reservations soon as I promise it will be hard to book a room if you wait until the week before.

Football has been great, and early eye test says the Rams are real good.   The quarterback at Kansas City appears to be the real deal, and we will have a more clear picture after about week 6 I would guess.  I love this time of year as you have games Thursday through Monday to watch and wager if you are inclined to do so.  Closer to Thanksgiving there will be games every night of the week.  I love to watch those teams you may not know about when there are games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in college football.

I have lots of interviews coming up and last week was quite disappointing as many potential employees did not show up for the interview.   I am sure by the time the party comes around there will be 10 more chicas working.  Been getting great comments about Sandy and Chris as well as Katia….Minerva is still staying busy and Nicole is almost being ignored after a great run.   Melissa has benefited from bigger pics and folks are learning she is great.  Her day job and college courses really limit her availability but when she gets a chance she does well.

Jesus has been out for a week on a vacation but just came back tonight, so that will lighten the load on the taxis.  Pancho is still MIA, but he does send me messages on Face Book from time to time.   Would be nice to have him back.   Honest taxi driver are harder to find than working chicas in Tijuana.   Guess that is not a big surprise to most.

Going out to hunt costumes for Halloween as that is a big holiday around here.  I can get nice costumes for less money in the US than here in Tijuana.  I like to get on this early as the good costumes can sell out with the quickness.

Going to get going, and I promise to make more effort to blog more.  Be safe out there.



Posted on: September 19, 2018Lindo Barre

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