Today is Independence day in Mexico.  Now I have been her over 20 years yet last night I was expecting fireworks all night long and only remember hearing one the entire night.  In past years I would hear explosions all night often not ending until around 9 or 10am. Now I know it was because of the pandemic but still expected more.  Don’t get me wrong I have no desire to hear that all night long but just surprised.

Wanted to talk a little about a situation that came up a few months ago and others like it.  A lady called me and wanted to come back to work.  Now this was not a super star but if she needed to work then I will put her on our page to see if she can make some money.  I was busy that morning and I got an e-mail from a guy that wanted a chica.  He described what he wanted and I offered some suggestions.  He comes back saying I was hoping (insert name) was back.  I realized that it was the lady that wanted to come back to work.  So I told him I would call her.  She accepted and in less than an hour she called back and said it was her ex and she wanted off the page.   I should have known that a chica that was not popular was brought up when she was not even on our website there was something going on, but sometimes when you are doing well you are just happy to add a date to a really busy day. Then this guy e-mails me and is bitching about how I like to get involved in “domestic disputes”.  Hell I did not even know she was in a relationship or had been.  Somehow it was my fault that she was back working or at least trying to come back. How do I end up in this conversation?

Another similar story from many years ago.  A young lady left Tijuana and was quite popular.  I put her on the website and said she will be back in town on Thursday.   Started getting a ton of e-mails and had about 10 dates scheduled for her before she even came back.  Then on Monday (3 days before she arrives) she gets a TER review about how bad his date was with her recently.  So I shoot him a not on the erotic review about her not even being back and why would you write such a bad review on her.  So he comes back with saying I am lying and that she does not provide GFE like I advertised.  I am like have you read the other clients reviews?  She gives great oral and many guys have reported that she even does CIM and he says she refused to give head.  Then he proceeds to tell me her birthday, her real name and other personal information.  Well I told him if she does not provide good service why are you wasting your time with her.  You obviously know her but sounds like she is someone you might want to move away from.  I mean she won’t kiss you with her tongue and she lets others guys cum in her mouth, and yet you try to get into a relationship with her.  You know we are all different and that is a given but I would say if you get in a relationship that is great.  However if you are wound up so tight that you try to ruin her business by posting fake reviews, then you really should get another hobby. Everyone already know what to expect from her and your fictitious review in a pile of great reviews does not fool anyone.

The greatest % of guys are very nice and just have their fun and come back when they are ready.  Some guys get the idea that these girls are abused by clients and they are the only respectful nice guy that sees them  Well folks I am not ashamed to admit that for the most part our clients are all very nice and behave like gentlemen.  Maybe some of you may be assholes but wear your nice guy personality when in Mexico, because this may be the last place you want to get into some shit. I think that is a real fear of some guys and that for sure works to our advantage.

Now If you did not read this before I am not planning a Xmas fiesta this year.  It just would not be right, but I am hoping that in early 2021 things can return to normal and we can have a Christmas in March, April or May.  So keep checking the fiesta page and I will let you know.

Be good out there and stay safe.  We will be here when you are ready!




Posted on: September 16, 2020Lindo Barre

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