8-4-18 Part 2

8-4-18 Part 2

I have been thinking about writing this the last few days.  Strangely after I finished part 1, my friend Big Lou the DJ passed away.   He will be missed by many and he was loved by many.  Many of you will remember his as our DJ for the past 10 years at our parties.

I believe he was 58 and soon to be 59.  Lou was a bit rough around the edges but he had a huge heart and was always the first one to help when I had any type of issue.

Lou served in the Army and had fought his battles with addiction but had been clean for many years…Maybe 20 but I only met Lou 15 years ago.   Lou love his music and his chicas and playing the part of DJ at our events put him in touch with both passions.  Although I never heard him play he played the saxophone and had been in a band only a couple of years ago.

We spend every Sunday during football season watching the games and he just loved to watch his games and shooting the bull. In the casino guys would stop to visit with him and most likely did not even know his name.  He was a guy’s guy and everyone always had a kind word for him and a pat on the back.

Lou could look very intimidating especially if you did not know him.  In reality he was a teddy bear.   He always offered “chic checks” to those that were out of line, but I never saw him act on that thought. He would get angered if he saw anyone putting their hands on a woman and would not hesitate to come to her aid and be very vocal to an abuser.  He has several sisters and would explain that he hoped anyone would do the same for them if they would find themselves in a similar situation.

On Wednesday I had the occasion to visit about what song would be best to dedicate to his memory in our fiestas.   He was not slow to answer and the song hits home to me because on this video Bruce pays respect to his partner in crime Clarence Clemons.  If you can take the time to watch this video it may help you to understand.  Lou was only my friend of 15 years, where as Bruce had Clarence for his entire adult life until June 18, 2011.  Clarence lives on in our hearts as Lou will as well. The music lives on and when I hear the sax you know I will be thinking of them both.

RIP Lou I love you

Posted on: August 4, 2018Lindo Barre

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  1. As Bruce said on his most recent tour, “The only thing I can guarantee you is that if you’re here and we’re here, they’re here.” Lou walks with you…

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