Hope all is well coming into the big Holiday weekend.

Often at night I get ideas for blogs and then in the morning I wonder what that idea was.  I don’t know if that is part of getting old or is it part of thinking while in a relaxed state before sleeping.  I won’t waste any time debating this and just accept that it happens.

Technology……It is a good thing….I think.  I often wonder how did we get along without cell phones.  There was a day where I may be waiting for someone who is late for a date and wonder at which point I just write them off.  In today’s culture are people less punctual because of the cell phone believing they can adjust meeting times because of easy access to the other party?  For whatever it is worth, I like to think I am punctual because that is what I was taught at a very early age.  As far as business is concerned there is no dispute that our group is the most punctual.  I suppose that is something I can take credit for, but at the same time we do have issues from time to time in that regard.  We did have one day when 17 of 17 chicas were punctual or early.

The cell phone allows me to work while outside of the office.  That is a definite advantage to the business.  Borders are less restrictive now in that it is easier to make international calls today, and that for sure is good for most (not so much for the phone companies that can no longer charge a lot for international or long distance calls. I remember once negotiating the sale of tickets to a concert and as I waited for the buyer of my tickets I could not help thinking, how did we do this without cell phones? And of course everyone on the road can report an accident quicker which in turn can save lives.  And the flip side is that people paying attention to their phones can be responsible for accidents which can take lives.   I am not sure if we can all agree on a right or wrong way to use a cell phone, but I believe we can agree that if used responsibly the cell phone is a great asset to every day life.

Facebook….I like it…..but I see it cause a lot of problems.  Some people live on Facebook and I am not so sure that is a good thing.  We see signs of it being misused to persuade public opinion by people with an agenda and often with bad motives. I hear about relationships being destroyed by the Facebook by one partner’s use of that tool. People use Facebook to facilitate relationships outside of their relationship that is suppose to be exclusive.  I guess I wish I was the one that opened and devised Facebook, but we all know I did not. I suppose you can say if used responsibly then it is a good tool.

DNA…who is your Daddy?  It makes you wonder how many of us don’t know our real Father?  I see so many times on television a lady swear up and down that they know who the baby’s Father is, but in the end they were wrong.  Now I do think today folks are more liberal about cheating, and this is just another way the get caught.  Without a doubt folks have had relations outside of their exclusive relationships, but I feel comfortable saying it is more common today.

In my business I am sure that technology has helped the consumer.  Sure I can lie to you and say a 26 year old chica is 24, but with all the info out there, it is more likely that I would be exposed. When we used Craigslist to advertise there were no shortage of folks inventing stories of how they were ripped off by my agency, but most of it was easy to disprove and I did not have to respond.  Someone reported that their friend was killed outside of the Jack-in-the Box outside of a Tijuana sports complex.  Well I am sure that their is no JITB here and I suppose their are a couple of places you could call a sports complex, but there was no shortage of folks that came to my defense. In today’s climate bad news travels fast and if we were in the business of cheating people it would kill our business with the quickness. It actually is much easier to work honest as opposed to deceiving and trying to remember your story especially if you tell different stories about the same subject. BTW I am an advocate of using one name for the ladies that work on multiple sites.  That being said I do make mistakes and often do not catch them right away.  For example Angelica was listed as 37 on our site when she was actually 39.  I was called out on this buy a pissed off client, but I don’t think most people would look at that as me trying to deceive.  It was for sure that I forgot to update her age and when first posted she was 37 at the time of the post.   BTW the client was pissed off because he felt she would get more work at 37 then 39 and he wanted an exclusive relationship with her.  He actually got his wish and fucked that opportunity up is only a few weeks.  Some people just were not put on this planet to win. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog and please be safe out there.  It will be a busy traffic weekend and take your time and arrive to destination safely.  You all have people that love you and we don’t want to be cheated with our early departure.

Posted on: August 28, 2018Lindo Barre

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