Lots going on right now. Sarahi asked me to take pics off the website. Seems that where I rotated the rotation someone saw her pic and commented and now she will work but not be pictured on our site. Someone before was doing translating and I had mentioned how sweet she is and his translation was she loved the sweet taste of cum. Thanks for the help.

So many of you have been asking me about my health. I still know nothing about my biopsy but should know something very soon. I saw the doctor today and he checked my A1C and it was 4.9 after 3 straight tests of 5.5 which he thought was excellent. If that is not enough I weighed 200lbs this morning which is 61 pounds less than on April 2 when I quite drinking beer and soda and not chocolates or desserts and eating nothing after 6pm. I had weight 273 at some point in 2018, but I think that was an error. Makes for a good story to say I lost 73lbs and I still am hoping to be at 180lbs by our Christmas party on December 7. My short term goal is 195 by October 1. I almost forget the doctor dropped one of my meds for diabetes but I still am taking Metformin, but he says if I stay the same I will not need any meds for diabetes. If I was weak and thinking about eating chocolates again, that alone can push me to keep my weight and blood sugar down. I know it is not nice to blow your own horn but TOOT TOOT.

I am looking at football for this weekend and already bet Oregon +3.5. I am sure I will have 9-12 more bets but that is the first one for the week and season. So Saturdays and Sundays are tied up for the next 5 months. 🙂 I am sure it will be a topic here every now and then.

Remember Rose? She called today and says she is ready to work again. Sara should be back soon along with Maerena. Ana Jo and Irene are telling me they will be back soon so the best and deepest escort site in Tijuana is about to get better and deeper.

My brother came to visit for 3 days and they passed quickly. Even though we hardly know each other we made the best of it and enjoyed each others company. Bless his wife of 35 years for giving him the freedom to come visit. Maybe some day she will come as well.

Be good out there and I hope to be back soon.

Posted on: August 28, 2019Lindo Barre

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