The border crossing has been the subject of many questions these last 6 months. It is too early to say but the last couple of days reports of much shorter lines are common.  Maybe our Government has decided to staff the lines with more agents instead of paying them to stand around.  I will update the news section daily to report changes etc.

CaSandra will be back on September 1 as she has been serving a suspension for not being punctual. Yovanna is scheduled to come back by the weekend and should take new pics on Thursday.   Ana Lucia is not responding to my messages so I have removed her from the site until I do hear from her.  Jade, the English speaking chica, says she plans on coming back soon.  She is very easy to work with and has been running some marathon style races.  She is in excellent shape and a sweet personality to go with her nice figure.

We attract visitors from all different States and sometimes over seas guys as well, but of course Southern California makes up 80% of our clients.  So for sure if you live in San Diego, and looking for an escort in your area, you will find some very good options at a less expensive price with us.  Throw in that there are no issues with “Vice” and it is a no-brainer to visit Tijuana for your hobby pleasure.

Got the little guy with me for a couple of days and we are going to look for cell phones today.  He is excited about having his first phone just before he sees 9 years.  I have visited with his Mother about putting rules on the pone use and will support what ever rules she deems necessary.  I really value my relationship with him as he is the best boy on the planet.

I believe we have 15 days until the first NFL game so that is coming up with the quickness.  Sports are domination the television so I have days of watching  5 different sports in the same day.  Yesterday I watched baseball, basketball ,hockey and UFC fighting.  I guess I am a sportsaholic.

On a sadder note, we are not going to have our Christmas/end of year party this year.  We may try and have a spring party with lots of gifts for both the men and the women, but going to see how this pandemic progresses.  I just cannot rationalize putting 100 people in a room while this virus is so easily spread. The “Amigos de Santa” program will be delayed as well and more will be written about that as well.

Please keep a good attitude our there and be safe.  Things are going to get better and value your families and be respectful of all people.  I claim “Planet Earth” with pride.


Posted on: August 26, 2020Lindo Barre

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