I know it has been awhile, and some times I just don’t have the drive to blog.  I seem to not want to take the time, but so many things are going right in my life that I should have more desire. There is always tomorrow and maybe that is my attitude after more than 20 years living in Tijuana.  I have more than a year of below 5.0 on my A1C tests and no more necessary to take diabetes medication, however I am going to take it as the medicine helps with longevity on organs.  I feel like taking Metformin is like putting synthetic motor oil in your car.  It  going to help my body run more efficiently.  My goal was too reach 18o, and I am just below that now and I am going to do my best to maintain my weight.

My son will be 21 just after the new year, as he just missed being the millennium baby.  He will be out in December to visit with me for awhile.  My 8 year old is not my biological son, but he is doing well and if I can squeeze out another 9 year then maybe I can see him through his first 18 years.  His birthday is in December and does a good job of keeping me young.

Our agency is doing well and we are adding chicas and keeping our diversity. I am afraid this years Christmas party may not be possible, but we may be able to do Xmas in March or May and then again the next year in December. It is not what I want but I think it would be for the best. Our ladies are still providing great service every day and our American clients still are coming.  With all the social distancing going on I have been able to live a lot more frugal, but hopefully will have a big party with all the money I am not spending now.

The one blessing this pandemic has given us is multiple sports in August. NBA playoffs and NHL payoffs along with  MLB (the other one), tennis, soccer, nascar, PGA, UFC, boxing and the NFL is in training camps with the season set to start in about 3 weeks.  We are getting there and I hope sometime soon we can see sold out venues all across our great County.  And by the way it has always been Great.  There will be no Little League World Series this year and that is very sad but with any luck at all we will see it return in 2021.

If you live in San Diego County then you will find escorts in your area and some of the very best as well.  Our chicas work hard to be on time and deliver GFE at  a very high level and we seem to find new ladies all the time.  I really enjoy working with them and don’t hesitate to tell every lady on our site that I love them.

I am so appreciative of your continued support of our agency and for the friendship I have made with so many of you.  We are going to continue to thrive and for those that are cautious, I 100% understand, but want you to know that when you are ready we will be here.

With the recent hear in Southern California I want to remind you to take the “high road” on the streets and don’t get sucked into any road rage..  Think about your families and get home to them.  They are what is important!.   I hope to be back soona and once again thank you.

Posted on: August 22, 2020Lindo Barre

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