Today is my birthday.  It is the 8th anniversary of my 50th.  Tonight I plan to meet with many of my chicas and listen to music and just have some fun.   A few of my friends will make it as well.

Two of the new chicas have gone untested and I believe both are going to be good.  Dalary has returned to Mexicali, but will come for dates scheduled a day in advance.  Karina has a great smile, as does Dalary and both are really ready to work.  Regina has caught on quite well, as has Manzanita for new chicas.  Silvia is outstanding as well and we still have the best options for hobbyists in Tijuana.  Nicole and Divina are still plugging along and Griselda is no longer a secret.  And did you see the new pics of Roxy?  Again our team depth is hard to believe, but you never know who is going to busy on any given day.

College football starts Friday and there is a big schedule on Saturday.  Should keep me glued to the television all day Saturday. Have not had time to put any attention on the games, but will get busy real soon.  The following week the NFL kicks in and that will keep me busy on Sunday and Mondays…and Thursdays. 🙂

I took Penelope off the site but she still says she will be here soon. I will get her back on the site as soon as she arrives. Angelica should be back soon and I hope in the next day or two.  We will have some new additions soon, and you know I will put them up real quick for those of you that are always checking.

I will be back soon, so stay tuned and be safe.

Posted on: August 22, 2017Lindo Barre

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