Well the Little League World Series got underway today.   Mexico got its first win and from what I can tell they have good pitching.  They went up against a southpaw throwing heat with a good curve and survived.  We will see what they look like the next time out.  New York showed they can be beaten.  I am anxious to see Michigan play.  I am sure I will have more opinions in a few days.

NFL exhibition is in full stride and we are getting close. College football gets started in 10 days I believe.  Looks like the Irish will be strong and of course Alabama and Oklahoma.  Notre Dame and Michigan play the first Saturday and that could be a good one.  I always love the Irish and well we will see.

Business is better than ever and our depth just keeps growing.  We have even more interviews coming up and we offer choices for everyone as without a doubt we are the most diverse group in Tijuana.  It is a battle for work and often we get more than 10 dates in a day.

I cannot handle much more of this heat.  I went to the DMV on Wednesday and had to wait outside for an hour in line but luckily it was overcast and not so hot.  I thought they opened at 8 and although I was there at 8, they opened at 9 and I was maybe 50th in line.  Got to get a replacement Social Security to get my enhanced ID which I believe is necessary for 2020.

I hear the Ped East Entry into the US opened yesterday and hopefully it will run as smooth as Ped West.   I have not tried it yet and maybe will tomorrow night.  We always complain but little by little the border crossings improve and most times I make it in less than 5 minutes the last two years.   When I crossed Wednesday morning at 6am at Ped West it took and 1 hour 15 minutes and many folks were crossing with their school age kids.

I have not put much attention on Major League Baseball (the other MLB) but I understand some teams are winning at an unbelievable pace.  However when the playoffs start everyone is 0-0 and those 100+ win teams can really feel the pressure.  I am sure I will have some opinions about that as well.

We already are getting a busy weekend planned for Labor day weekend.  I would strongly suggest you make hotel reservations now for that weekend as you don’t wast to get shut out.  I am sure we will have some ladies still available but the hotels are filling up now every weekend.

Brave the heat, and be safe out there.  Football is around the corner and before you know it will be the holidays as well.

Take care


Posted on: August 17, 2018Lindo Barre

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