Hope everyone is doing well out there. Been wanting to write another blog entry but cannot find the time or maybe just to lazy. The warmer weather has not helped any and it may be here for awhile.

Will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 50th birthday next month and still working on figuring out how. I have not been drinking beer or soda since April 1 and I think I could drink that night but think it is better if I don’t. Been on a good roll and would not want to break the streak. For those that do not know me, this is not a sober alcoholic story as I probably only had 12 beers the first 3 months of the year, but I do (did) drink several sodas a day.

I was watching TBT today and it was interesting. Guess it shows you there was not much on, but it stands for The Basketball tournament. Teams are mostly made up of former college players that all played for one team or in one area. For example I was watching the “Golden Eagles” which is a team of ex Marquette players. A team from Wichita State is named the “After Shocks”. I believe the Colorado and Iowa teams are just players that played in that state for various teams. One think that was cool was with 4 minutes left in the game they turn off the clock, and continue the game till one team scores 8 more points to win the game. For example the Golden Eagles were up 75-72, to the game is now played until one team hits 83. This eliminates the fouling at the end with the clock running down and trying to kill time by as the shot clock is still on but you cannot win by playing the clock. I will try to catch more games tomorrow as well.

I saw a commercial for something called “Sensodyne” which relieves tooth ache pain. They were talking about fast relief and said if you apply it on Monday your pain will be gone by Thursday. Was having a tough time understanding that 3 days is rapid relief. Maybe their is no good alternate choice but what ever happened to Orajel? I don’t think that the ED medicine folks would have much luck with Viagra if it took 3 days to work.

I had a nice lady to interview but she did not show up. I was disappointed but maybe she could not provide the service that we give. I understand she just paid her college tuition and was in desperate need for money. Guess she had moved away from her parents and it sounded promising. Maybe she will call me sometime soon. Kay is suppose to get new pics this week and was sad to see Griselda go but her baby’s father lives in the US and made some threats. She is on another site so maybe the baby’s father does not know about that site. She says she is earning money to pay a lawyer, but I think she should force his had as I really doubt that he would get a lawyer and doubt even more that he really wants custody. I have seen this before, that the guy tries to control the ex by threatening to take the children.

Any way I will let you go this evening. Please be careful and remember it is hot for everyone and try to have patients when stuck in traffic. Let that be someone else’s problem

Posted on: July 28, 2019Lindo Barre

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