I am so ready for football season to start.   Seems like the Summer is dragging on, but at least the business is brisk and I have had many interviews of new chicas.  Manzanita and Azul are getting lots of attention and Divina actually out earned Nicole in this past week, so we may have a battle at the top.  Divina and her friend Ariana have been out a few time together and seem to be a great team.

The border is going through some changes in terms of “taxi” policy and at this time we cannot pick up where we have been picking up. There is suppose to be an entrance into Mexico open Monday on the West side of the freeway and we will see if that gives us another opportunity to pick up close to the border.  I will be updating our site when I understand how it works.  Right now I am in the dark.

Looks like there will not be an August fiesta this year.  I just don’t want to have another party in this heat.  My friend says he is getting air conditioning but I am not planning anything in August until I see it.

I saw this video the other day .  It is nothing new, but all the same I found it funny.  This happened in Chile.


There are a few chicas that never went for pictures and that is quite disappointing as one in particular would have been quite popular.  All I can say, is that we will keep interviewing and try to get more good choices always.

Be safe out there and when you are ready, we are waiting for you.

Posted on: July 27, 2017Lindo Barre

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