Well today I was surprised with a phone call from my brother. I don’t think I have heard from him in 20 years. He made a career out of the Army, and then worked in California for a bit in law enforcement and now is in Nevada. Seems to be doing well and he earned a happy life with his bride and daughter. He may even visit Tijuana in August this year.

I think we have been spared with the weather but chances are when the heat hits in will still be here in October. I have already started buying chocolate for Halloween. I guess Snickers in the fridge at my house is similar to whiskey in the house of an alcoholic. I however have not partaken in either chocolate or alcohol since April 1.

I have been keeping a low profile and sometimes go to a local casino after work and talk to my friend and drink some bottled water. I have found that when I drink a lot of water it keeps me full and I don’t have any desire to eat.

Football is coming up and all my friends are ready. I guess it is time to start reading up and see who is going to be improved and who will be in the toilet. I can spend too much time watching the games and I will. 🙂

Anyway going to keep this short. Hope you are enjoying the new ladies. Be careful out there and in no time we will be having our Christmas/End of the year fiesta.

Posted on: July 24, 2019Lindo Barre

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