I have been wanting to write for awhile, but I am just plan lazy.  Went to the doctor yesterday and was told I don’t have colon cancer.  That was good news.  Everyone was very nice at the doctor’s office but also they acted as if I could not do anything on my own.  I guess some people have problems walking after the procedure from the anesthesia but I was fine.  The tough part was going without food for 40 hours.

My 18 year old has visited and returned home where he can fight with his Mother.  She does a good job with him, but he is a handful right now.  Hopefully the light bulb will come on soon and he will become a productive person in society.  He is bright, and bi-lingual so he is quite capable.

I guess we only have about 6 weeks for football. Seems like the television does not have to much going on.  When the 6 year old is here it is Mickey Mouse all weekend.  The heat is really getting out of hand and I guess it contributes to  my laziness.  Maybe I will have some football write ups soon. In the meantime I can look forward to the Little League World Series.

Glad to see those kids and their coach get out of that cave this week in Thailand.  Looks like they are in good health considering all they been through.  Nice news story where the kids are not being shot at school or separated from their parents in an immigration dispute.

There are suppose to be some superstars coming back this week, but only for clients I can vouch for as they don’t want to be put on the internet or mentioned.  Two extremely popular young ladies.   Who knows it might not work out but I am suppose to meet with one Friday morning.  I hope it works out well for them.

Business has been good but Nicole is getting less work and she was the franchise for so long.  Dulce has been doing great as has Gisselle and Lea.  Tammy’s new pics have changed her fortune somewhat as she has had 3 dates this week and seems to be in good spirits.  New chica Chris has had lots of cancellations and is doing well on her dates.  She could be our newest superstar.  I have added some new chicas and waiting for reports on them.

Lots of questions about our next fiesta and as always our last fiesta will be the first Saturday of December.  I believe that is the first of December.  Maybe my son will make it back for that fiesta.  He enjoyed meeting you guys at the last one.

Hope you are handling the heat and just be patient and be careful out there.


Posted on: July 12, 2018Lindo Barre

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