Well Leyzaola lost the election. The real loser is the city of Tijuana and they blew a sure thing if they really wanted to have law and order once again. I can only hope that he runs again in 2021.

I am super excited about our fiesta and will probably by some raffle gifts tomorrow. Looks like we will have lots of the ladies there. Janeth who notmally works weekends at her regular job will be there and happy to meet you guys that come to our parties.

So I had mentioned the next blog would be about the escort that got away. Let’s just say the one that got away as she does not have to be an escort. I know from my own experience I always wonder “what if”, and of course my dream or thought is most likely better than what the truth would be. I want to share a story with you, and the names really don’t matter. So about 6 years ago I started dating a young lady and like always I moved slowly and took her out at least once a week, and did not try to have relations with her. We had talked a bit about it, but I told her I wanted to be patient.

So she was going to move in and we had never had any type of relations or even a kiss with the tongue. Now she was going to visit her folks and said she would be back in 15 days. Now she had just had her first child and so I bought her a box of diapers that would last those 15 days. I believe I spent a little money on and I pod as well so she could have some music to listen to.

I had another girl, that I liked a lot and she would come and go, but I did not feel like she wanted anything serious. I had known her for a few year but we only drank and made out. So anyway I see her walking on the sidewalk and she asks where I am going and I was not sure. Asked her if she wanted to spend the night with me and she agreed. On the way to La Mansion she asked if we could buy beer and I bought a six pack. So when we get there and we start drinking she announces that she does not want to have sex. I thought that was weird but I said no problem and we started watching a movie and made out a bit. We slept and in the morning she asked me to make love to her and so I did. I always felt it was because I did not push the sex issue that made her curious. Anyway she ended up coming by my home a few times and she would stay a few days at a time and then disappear.

So the lady that was going to be gone 15 days had been gone about 20 when I run it to this other lady. She wants to come home with me, but I am trying to figure out if that is a good idea or not. So I rationalize that I cannot even be sure the vacationing girl is going to return and she did not meet the 15 days she had promised. So I do let this lady come by but I used a condom with her which I had never done that before. I was worried about both catching a disease and getting her pregnant. Also I failed to mention that they looked a lot like each other, they could have been sisters. I really liked this lady but the vacationing lady was a better chica in general while the lady that I brought home was more like a lady that lived day to day in the street and most likely had piece of shit boyfriends.

So now she says if I would take her as my wife she would be content to be a housewife and would take good care of me. I was very interested in this, but I had already promised the other lady. Now I am thinking “what if the first lady never comes back?” I am rationalizing that it would be her fault as I was waiting for her and more than 20 days had passed. Ultimately I told her I had a promise to another and I could not do it.

So she left the next day and I am wondering if this was going to turn out good or if I let a girl go that I should have kept. A few days later I hear her outside yelling my name around midnight but I cannot bring myself to answer. She does not know if I am home or not and I am thinking this could really be bad if I let her back in my house. The original lady made it back in 51 days instead of 15 and we had a very quiet relationship after that. We are no longer together but we have remained friends

So after awhile I started looking for the other and she just disappeared. I believe she is selling vegetables with a guy she met in Tecate and I would like to know more, but I never went to look for her as I did have a friend see her at a swap meet but thought I better not seek her out as it could be complicated. I do think about her often, and she is the one that got away.

Now in my business I see this all the time. A lady will leave and a few clients will ask questions about her and be kicking their selves in the ass for letting her get away. It is not always the superstars either. Sometimes it will be a normal chica that was not getting much work, and then a couple of guys are all bummed out that they never got to see her. So as men, I think for some reason we always obsess on what “could have been” I believe that in most cases our dreams are always better than how it would have played out.

I hope you enjoyed this story today and hope even more that I see you Saturday. Be careful out there. I understand a border patrol agent shot someone last night at the border. I am sure the newspapers will have that story shortly.

Posted on: June 4, 2019Lindo Barre

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