Hope all is well out there. Had a couple of gloomy days here in TJ, but the warm weather and sunny days are coming up quickly. Been setting up meetings for prospective new employees and will have more meetings tomorrow.

Sara is leaving Saturday but says she will be back three weeks later. I have learned not to count on it, but she has been pretty popular and I think she enjoyed working here. She and Gisselle work a bi-date last night and it went well.

Marbella had new pics taken this week, and I think this is the first time I have seen her in 5 years when she was not pregnant. She is excited to be back. I am anxious to see her first reviews. Divina looked great at the fiesta and hopefully she will pick up where she left off.

Yesterday there was a shooting in Chula Vista at Costco (parking lot). Must have been pretty scary for those folks. The shooter was shooting as his ex and her new boyfriend. Both are still in the hospital and the shooter turned the gun on himself and ended his life. I have not heard about the victims but they had a new born that was in a stroller, but was not struck. It is a crazy world out there. Life is so precious and short, you just never know. There could have easily been folks killed that were not part of the dispute and hopefully the victims do recover. I hear they are in critical condition.

I go to that Costco a couple of times a week with a friend and just glad I was not there at the time of the shooting. I do need to visit there sometime soon but need a morning when I don’t have interviews. I have three scheduled tomorrow morning.

I think I have mentioned that we are going to put up a booth for Halloween at El Torito. It will be the same group that does Amigos de Santa and this year will be our trial run at Halloween. Should be a lot of fun and I will have more to say about that soon. Plan to give away the good stuff tough. Mars, Nestle and Hersheys should get the job done. I think we will be wearing our Santa hats to bring more attention to our Christmas program.

Next fiesta will be December 7. Mark your calendar now and in October we will start putting up the info on the fiesta page. Please be careful out there and when you are ready to visit, we will be here.

Posted on: June 19, 2019Lindo Barre

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