Well it seems that many things are getting heated up and maybe the stay at home order has people more on edge than usual.

I don’t know all the story but I do know that many Black people (and others as well) feel like the police are unfair to people of color.  I think that it is pretty obvious that this is the case, and I also think that this time we may see some change.

I cannot blame the protesters for the looting and destruction we are seeing.  Those people are just opportunists and are out of control.  It is a real shame of the damage that was done, and the timing could not have been worse for business owners.

What I would say to anyone out there is to teach your kids to be respectful and courteous to the police when being approached or questioned.   I have a son of mixed race and told him that I do not want to be that guy talking on TV about how my boy is not a criminal after the police shoots him.  Just understand that people are more tense and more short fused currently and do not become a victim.

In all I hope then end of this is a better world for all of us and we can all get through it.

Be safe out there and I will be back soon with something more pleasant to talk about.


Posted on: June 15, 2020Lindo Barre

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