I want to blog about so many things.  Maybe I will blog a lot for the next few days and maybe I will just get lazy.

Why is the truth about the Corana Virus different nearly every day? I just want to make some observations and if you want to believe I am spinning it then you are free to make any conclusion you want.  I am not taking a side or try to change your opinions.

I believe that if you are 70 years old and have other health issues, then you for sure do not want to battle this virus.  That is the one thing that I am convinced of.

I have heard that the heat will slow the spread of the virus.  However it is picking up steam in Arizona currently.  It appears that whatever California is doing, it is working. They are opening slowly and sharing the numbers on television each day.  I usually watch the San Diego news, but sometimes see the governor earlier in the day.

I have noticed that the California authorities are all wearing masks. I don’t think they have a live audience, but it is my belief is that they are at the very least trying to practice what they preach for television.  I see the same thing after UFC fights and Nascar races.  The interviews are done at a distance and I don’t think there is a lot of danger but they want to re-enforce wearing masks and social distancing.  I am guessing all people have been tested before the events, but I know that is not fool proof.

Then I see our President and Vice President not wearing masks at different events. I again believe they are not in great danger as they are  in a controlled setting, but I think they can be sending the wrong message.  At the very least it makes it difficult to choose a side when the social guide lines we are told to follow are not consistent with Government issues.

I spoke with a doctor this morning who told me that no one has all the answers. He can share opinions with me but a doctor on the other side of town may not agree with him.  New York City has the subway and very crowded streets where social distancing is nearly impossible, where he suggested that in California many practice social distancing  because we don’t fight the same elements that NYC does.

We cannot even agree that what makes Miller Lite great is that it tastes great or is less filling.  Truth is that most of us don’t care.    With the virus we don’t want to infect family and friends or anyone for that matter. We meed to pay the bills but we want to secure our health.  It is a tougher decision.

Some Mexican’s are saying the American’s are bringing the virus to Mexico.  Now they are screaming, “Build the wall”.  Not sure how many believe that but I have to be mindful of the mindset of others.

I have much more to share but am going to go now.  I will keep washing my hands, keep social distancing and wear a mask.   I don’t think that is unreasonable.  Make your own decision.

Be safe out there and we can just hang on for better days.

Posted on: June 13, 2020Lindo Barre

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