Can you believe it is June 1 already.  My country is in turmoil and I am so sad to say this.  How can the greatest county on our planet be so divided and I believe much of the World is laughing at us now. I feel like this pandemic is really putting a lot of stress and pressure of our people. I think it is similar to a hot and humid day in August when people tend to have short fuses as we often see in road rage issues.  It becomes increasingly more difficult to have patience.

I don’t know the entire story and guessing most do not.  What I do know is law enforcement personnel have been arrested, yet people are screaming and protesting about justice.  I suppose some folks believe in swift justice and that is just not how things work in the United States.  It is one thing to protest and it is an entirely different thing to destroy and loot.  I do think there is some opportunistic people that live for these situations.  The opportunistic groups seem to be on both sides of the issue.

I have seen some occasions where people are arrested and killed in prison because the other prisoners believe the inmate is a child molester.  What we have is a bunch of pissed of inmates in the system that take out their frustration on another inmate and there are countless situations where the person killed was charged something entirely different. This is why the system should allow people time to get their defense in order before their trial. Both sides need to have a cooling off period to research the charges and then be prepared to argue their situation.

In today’s World everyone has a cell phone with video.  Sometimes we can see a small video that does not capture the entire event yet we make a judgement about what we see on television or in social media.  As we become more educated we all have stories where we were influenced by half the story, only to have the truth come out later and we then realized how we were deceived.  Hell I have sworn a receiver caught a pass in a football game only to see a replay where the ball was not caught. Today’s life is like a sporting event and we can be influenced by different angles from time to time.

As adults we need to teach our children time to reserve judgement.  We are always quick to have a rush to judgement and we would be remiss if we don’t explain to our children that there may be more facts that we have no clue about. So please be patient and let the system work.

I see the same thing daily on message boards.  People are talking about how to fight this virus with medication.  Doctors cannot agree. Maybe is 2022 we will know much more about the Corona Virus, but in June of 2020 we just need to have a bit of an open mind.  Some people want to open all businesses and others want to practice isolation.  This may be a debate that lasts for many more years. I just hope we get back to close to normal sooner rather than later.  The jury is still out.

Tijuana still not opening restaurants for dine in and the city is hopeful that things will open up a bit in July.  Not sure when bars, casinos and movie theaters will open.  Honestly I live eating out but maybe someone timid about that when it does become available.  Things may never be the same.  Maybe by Christmas I will have more face coverings that shirts.  That may be our new normal.

Our border still has not been closed regardless of what you see on the local news.  The lines are shorter for pedestrians that ever before. If you drive across the border the lines may be long.   I will try and update our news section of the site often.  Hope you like the new site and kudos to our webmaster for getting the changes made.  I believe there are a few more changes in the works.

Please be good out there and have patience with others.  We don’t know what happened in the life of others and how their outlook could be jaded from day to day. Be respectful of all people and try not to judge.  I will be back soon.

Posted on: June 1, 2020Lindo Barre

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