Happy June to all. I hope all is well and it is here. Just walked down Revolucion with my “Leyzaola” T shirt and lots of people wanted to stop me and talk to me. The election is tomorrow and hopefully we will get the desired response.

I want to talk about PLM’s and the discuss those common misconceptions about the term. If you do not understand or have never heard about it then it means Pathetic Loser Monger and is often misused on the internet. In a nutshell that is a hobbyist that wants so much to have a provider as his girl friend that he ignores anything and everything that tells him the relation is not real. One example is that he has a meeting with his provider girl friend and he sees her arrives in a car and kiss the driver with her tongue. Now most of us would at that point realize the relation is not real. The PLM may ask her about it and if she says, “Oh that is my brother, and we have a very close family”, then he accepts that answer. That would be a PLM. He may try to make a provider his girlfriend, and find out she is using heroin and that may not be a deal breaker, but it would if it was a civilian women, but his desire is so strong that he ignores the heroin use.

There definitely are PLM’s out there. They just have that one goal and will ignore warning signs or red flags in pursuit of that goal. I have known a few and they are truly pathetic. Let’s just say that if she was your girlfriend you would know where she lives and be welcome in her home.

Now on the other hand there are those that have no toleration of how others handle their business and those guys are often the first to complain about PLM’s. Often they may see a lady drinking with a guy for a couple of hours and immediately they are mad that he is not cutting her loose so she can spend time with him. Now she works in a bar and gets paid to drink with clients and if that is what he wants to do, he does not need to answer to anybody waiting his turn. Some guys claim that another guy is a PLM because he spends too much money. That is bullshit of course and it just a guy angry because he does not have the same budget. These kind of guys often make statements like, Don’t pay over $60 or you ruin it for everyone. When in fact they don’t want to be shut out because a guy can buy more time and he cannot.

From time to time a guy will want to pay a lady to be exclusive with him. I have had several ladies leave my site for $1000 per week. That is pretty good and especially if the lady can have fun with the guy. But almost always someone will be calling him a PLM. The guy that pays $1000 a week is not a PLM for the amount he pays, but if he accept stupid excuses from the provider when the truth is obvious then he is.

The next topic that I would like to address is toleration. We should be able to accept that we are all different. Our taste and our desires are different. If you look at our website this should be very simple to confirm. Some guys want ladies with no children, and at the same time feel like guys that see women with children are somehow wrong. Some guys like thin ladies and cannot comprehend why a guy would see a heavy lady. Some guys like short, some like tall and some just want to know there is not a penis under her skirt. Hell some guys like the penis under the skirt. There are guys that like to criticize anyone for their choices if she is not the type of lady he likes.

I will write more soon and I want to talk about a few PLM stories and how a guy may be one way in life and pretend to be another on an internet forum.

Please remember that our party is Saturday. Be safe out there and we will have a great time and make some memories.

Posted on: June 2, 2019Lindo Barre

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  1. Very good Observation .I have always been frowned on because when I do see someone I always tip My provider . I also like to have some wine or beers to offer and if it is an overnight date I like to offer something to eat as well. The reason I do that Is that by tipping my date upfront and offering refreshments is that I want her to feel comfortable and not make it seem as a provider/customer situation . At the end of the date we both part ways and if I feel fufilled by my date I will see her again. But most important I want my date to have felt comfortable when she left and respected. I cannot hate on othet gentlemen doing what they do to have a good time. Keep up the good work and I hope to see one of your beauties again soon.

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