Friday is Mother’s Day in much of the world, but of course the United States always has it on the second Sunday of the month. So if you are interested in giving a gift to your favorite chica for sure it would be appreciated. I have taken ladies out to dinner (do not recommend this unless you have a reservation), bought chocolates or flowers, but most recently have been giving therapeutic massages as gifts from VivaMex on Revolucion close to 4th street on the East side of the street. I paid $40US for a package and it does not expire for a month. I made an appointment for Friday as well, since I know my wife can go on that day. Many like to order flowers from our site and that can be a good option for someone that does not visit that often but wants to show their fondness for a chica.

The Kentucky Derby has come and gone but not without some controversy. The winning horse was disqualified and although I am not a huge fan, it was without a doubt the right call by the stewards. Somehow our President found time to tweet about it and blame it on political correctness. He certainly has never worried about political correctness. I, by the way, did not cash a single ticket on the race.

Gearing up for the June 8th fiesta and all I can say is get your room reservations in as they always go fast for our parties. Looks like we have more dates scheduled for Friday, but several for Saturday as well. Unfortunately Ana Jo will be leaving that weekend but promises to be back soon. Divina has not made one fiesta and she promises to make this one. I sure hope she does. What I can say from experience is that time flies at these events and I will try and make it fun for all that attend.

Will cut it short now, but please as always be safe out there.

Posted on: May 6, 2019Lindo Barre

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