Hope you are all doing well.

Yesterday was my Mothers 96th birthday. She left this planet in 2004 and I miss her dearly. You naturally expect your home or your Father will go before you, but it is never something you anticipate and look forward to. I had made a post about her but it was lost in the hacking of our site. Anyway I always take time to visit with my Mom on both the birthday and the anniversary of her death.

I have been thinking about how many years I have left. I feel like it is less than 10, and everyone tells me to shut up when I say that. I think that is realistic and I am sure the world will be fine without me. I will just concentrate on being a good person and try to stay positive. I do hope that the “Amigos de Santa” program lives longer than I do. We should all try to do something to better our planet or neighborhood when we get a chance. We should do something our children can remember us by as I have several good memories about how I was raised. My Father got 66 years and my Mother got 81. Maybe I will get 70, but what I can say, is that it has been fun.

Some lady took pictures today and I think I interviewed her on January 22. I cannot remember her but I am hoping to have the pics and I am suppose to meet a new chica Friday. I hear she is hot, but the ladies all tell me their friends are hot. Time will tell.

Although we have a lot of dates for the fiesta weekend there are many top chicas available one night or the other. A new trend is to have a date on Friday night and enjoy the party just to check out the talent. Any way you slice it there will be lots of folks at the event and lots of chicas as well.

I am looking forward to seeing you all, and please be careful out there. We should have something to celebrate that night. Be back soon.

Posted on: May 30, 2019Lindo Barre

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