The site has been updated.   I think I may have forgot someone but we will get her back on the site soon.  I believe it is Faby and I will put her back after I finish this blog.

I understand the restaurants are open once again in San Diego, but with different conditions.  I have a feeling that we are going to see more changes than ever before.  I know the buffets are not going to open right away and I am sad about that and Fuddruckers I am guessing will close their condiment bar which was what makes them unique.  Soup Plantation is going out of business and that sucks and I had started eating there in this past year. Some people will embrace this “new normal” and they will be successful wile others will talk about how it use to be and they will fail.    I hope to think “outside of the box” and benefit from the new world we live in.

Tijuana follows San Diego’s lead, but things work different on the South side of our border.  We are suppose to be closed until June 22, but many believe it will be sooner. I am hoping the restaurants can open their dining rooms up and just use social distancing closing every other table.  Bars are more important to the Mexican culture and I don’t see how they can open anytime soon.  The Mexican people are a hard working bunch and I believe they will find a way to get through this.

Some hotels are closed but we will see how fast they open up. Most of the nice and bigger hotels are open but you may need to reserve rooms directly as third party sites are cancelling reservations.   Currently Marriott, Pueblo Amigo and Caesars are close but hopefully they will be open in June. I will update our “new” section often so you can get the latest information.

As far as our business is dong we are doing fine with Abby and Ana Lucia battling it out for top spot.  Last week Ana Lucia did better than Abby, but this week Abby is back in the lead.  The franchise is doing real well as are Divina, Victoria, Dulce, and Tiffany are solid choices.   We have new ladies interviewing this next week and maybe the next superstar will be here soon.

I get that many of you have no interest in visiting during this pandemic, but we will be here when you are ready.  Get things straight at home and take care of your family.  When the time is right, we will be here and we will continue to offer the best in Tijuana and we will be on time as well.   Be careful out there and enjoy the roads when they are not bumper to bumper, because traffic will be bad quicker than you think.  Call anytime and I will keep updating this site.  I hope you like the new look.




Posted on: May 22, 2020Lindo Barre

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