Hello folks.

Lot going on and the fiesta is two weeks away.  Have a lot of dates scheduled for both Friday and Saturday and plenty of availability as well.   Should have a few surprises for the fiesta.

Angeles and Keytlin are both due in August and working.  Both are so beautiful, and are getting nice comments from their visitors.  Lea, Gisselle, Nicole and Ximena are doing great and keeping me on my toes.  Minerva has slowed down a little but always ready are are Nina, and Kimberly.  The level of talent is at an all time high, and a couple of ladies are suppose to be coming back.  Lily will be here for a few days early in June and Diana says she is getting new pics soon and will be making her return to Tijuana.

Preakness is Saturday but have no clue who I am betting.  Going to bet a few ponies on Friday and we will see how that works out.  I have watched a little of the NBA playoffs but just does not hold my interest much.  Looking forward to college football.  Very interested in seeing how the new legislation in regards to sports gambling will shake out.  Should be interesting to say the least.

My 18 year old will be visiting soon and hopefully we will have some fun.  We will get some Fuddrucker’s at the very least.  Probably a visit to Tony’s Original New York Pizza and a trip to Parque Morelos seems to be in order.  Who knows maybe we will visit Zona Norte if he wants.  He also is planning on a trip to Mexico City to see his Grand Mother and a few other relatives.  18 years old and where does the time go?

Been visiting the US more often, but generally just to eat of buy groceries.  Maybe will go see a Padres game this summer but nothing planned.  I have been having fun with the pics sending various chicas her pics with my name on her back.

Here is my most recent of Gisselle,Lea, Sandra and Keytlin:  Thought I had Angeles as well, but cannot find it.


Posted on: May 18, 2018Lindo Barre

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