Hope everyone is doing well.  You probably know by now that TJ Amigos is off line and looks like it is permanent.  I have no inside information but it is hard to accept.   So many folks that I know participated on that site and I probably spent 4 hours a day and remained logged on even when not at home.  I think I survived four different owners and my hats off to all four.

Did you see the fiesta is posted for June 2?  Already taken a couple of requests for that weekend and I am sure we will have lots of fun. I again offered a nice incentive to get the chicas to come early.  Should have a good turn out and for sure will be some new chicas that are there to apply.

College basketball is in the books.  Was a great season for me and I will really miss it for another 6 months.  Near the end of August I will be ready to dive into college football and then in September the NFL will start.  I hear in 2020 Vince McMahon will start the XFL again.   Can’t imagine it will have a fighting chance but I wish him well.  Baseball is 10 games or so into the new season, but has not got my attention yet.

My little guy is doing great in the first grade and reading better than I ever could at that age. His progress never ceases to amaze me.   Had a great weekend with him and always the saddest part of the week when I have to give him back to his Mother.   I believe she enjoys her weekends off and she is doing a great job with him.

I have been interviewing lots of chicas, but for some reason all have not got pics.  I don’t have time to worry about that and put my attention on the chicas that want to work instead of those that just talk about it.   I have another interview tomorrow.

I will try to write more often.  I know I won’t be on the TJ Amigos site. 🙂

Be careful out there.

Posted on: April 9, 2018Lindo Barre

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