Today is “kids day” here in Mexico. I believe it is unique to Mexico. Tomorrow is “Labor day” in Mexico but I am not sure things will be different anywhere around town. More importantly May 10 is Mother’s Day in many countries around the country including Mexico. It is a day that we normally have several guys send flowers to their favorite Mothers. Anyway thought you might want to know.

NBA is in their playoffs. I have yet to watch a game, so I have very little to say. Honestly I have not watched 10 minutes of baseball yet, but I do check the standings and scores from time to time. Saul Canelo Alvarez has a title fight on Saturday May 4, and it should be a crazy evening around town. He fights Daniel Jacobs in a fight that some folks think he could lose but Alvarez is a 4-1 favorite.

There is some excitement growing around our next fiesta and certainly I am excited. I hope we have a good number of chicas in attendance and I will be inviting them all. I am sure there will be some new chicas there that I have not even met yet. I know a few of my friends that only visit Tijuana once or twice a year are planning on attending. One thing for sure is the time passes very quickly when we have a party.

Bought a plaque today to place on the door to announce the name of our party room, “The Luis Montano Jr. Salon” Just hope that none of the young folks that frequent the bar over the weekends do not vandalize it. I will have it mounted the week of the party so not to give anyone too much opportunity.

Divina is suppose to get new pics soon and I keep after Sarahi but her regular clients just keep scheduling her so she does not seem to feel a need. I hope that some of our ladies that normally don’t get to the parties do make this one. It is always good exposure and sometimes the ladies miss that point.

Hope to be back soon. Please be careful out there.

Posted on: May 5, 2019Lindo Barre

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