4-3-20 21 (wrote this over both days)

For sure these are very depressing times. I hear so many conflicting reports. For me I am not going to waste much time on it, as tomorrow things I heard today are no longer true.  What I do believe is that self quarantine and social distancing will slow the spread and I should adhere to this as best I can.  I have been crossing a bit but am going to limit it to once a week. I will keep the news section with friends experience.

As bad as things are there are still things to be thankful for.  I have plenty of food and water and I can live very inexpensively in Tijuana.  With technology we have e-mail, Face Book, twitter, Instagram, Whattsapp and most likely other things I do not know about to communicate.  Hell I remember when we did not even have call waiting. Sometimes I see cell phones as a distraction, but they are proving they are useful in 2020 and do serve a purpose.  Remember the day of “long distance” charges?   Could you imagine what our cell phone bills would be today with long distance charges?

I would guess that many of us have learned how much money we go through frivolously.  Or maybe how inexpensively we can live if we really need to.  I have not even bought a pizza yet.  Uber Eats may be in the future though and that would be splurging.   I guess they are benefiting from this shutdown all over the US and Mexico and where ever else they may be. I am trying to find an upside.

I live alone and that helps keep expenses down.  I don’t have to share the television and I can watch all the replay of sporting events I want without having to consider my partner’s feelings.  Honestly I would rather have a lady here but for the time being I think it is best I am alone.  I am thankful for DirecTV and all their programming.  I have recorded and watched “Blinded by the Light” four times already.  I can sleep as late as I like or as early as I like without having to take her into consideration.

I have plenty to be thankful for and although I wish things were normal, at least I have short lines to cross when I need to. Traffic is so much lighter than normal so moving around is easier.  There is fear among the American visitors that they may be singled out for having respiratory symptoms and quarantined.  I would hope that anyone with respiratory symptoms would self quarantine.  So many Tijuana visitors choose not to visit right now and who could blame them.

I have had some serious thought about the problems that can happen because of this virus.  First I considered shutting down the business.  I must have gotten 10 to 15 e-mails a day for the first couple of weeks about are the ladies available and can we cross into Mexico or will we get locked into Mexico. First I started updating the news section to direct those calls to our website.  For whatever it is worth, no chica works for me.  They work with me and not for me.  I work for them as they may be out shopping or at the beach, but I am still working to find clients for them.  Ultimately I decided to work with ladies that want to work.  We are all adults and can make our own decisions.  I have heard from two mothers of chicas that work with me to please help their daughters earn money.  As much as I respect the mothers, I cannot give favors to anyone pleading for help.  If you call and ask for Suzy Q then I will try to see if Suzy Q is available when you want her.  This is the same way I have approached the business for the first 23 years of our existence.

What ever your situation is, I wish you the best and understand your decision to visit or not visit.  We will be here when you are ready to come.  Take time to spend with your family and reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for.  This is not forever and we will get through it.  Be safe and I wish you the very best always.

Posted on: April 4, 2020Lindo Barre