1. Gustavo
    March 30, 2015 @ 5:16 am

    4 out 4 in the elite 8. Not too shabby. So the field is set. UK squeaks by Norte Dame, Wisconsin does it again to Arizona but more impressive this time out. My man Tom Izzo a 7-seed gets past Rick Pitino and his Cardinals, and Coach K has the Blue Devils in the Final Four once again. I’m going with upset and taking Wisconsin over UK in this rematch of last years semi final. All have my fingers crossed for the Blue Devils hoping to stop Michigan State’s run here. If this happens maybe I will put a small wager on the final game on Monday. I believe Dennis likes Wisconsin so if my Blue Devils advance and your Badgers get the upset over UK how about a frosty cold cerveza on the National Championship game Dennis. That would be fun. I wish your Badgers luck and root for Duke and let me know what you think about the frosty cold cerveza idea. Go Blue Devils.


  2. Gus
    March 28, 2015 @ 7:39 am

    And then there were 8 left. I happened to pick 6 of the 8 winners correctly. So not bad. UK dismantled UWV. They look tough. UNC made a game of it but Wisconsin got the victory. Arizona took care of Xavier. I thought Norte Dame would be ready but I did pick Wichita State so that was my lone loss on Thursday. I picked Duke to beat Utah but was a closer game than what I wanted but Duke did get the victory. Michigan State pulled it out over UO in another close game that they were actually trailing at the half. Tom Izzo did his magic once again. Gonzaga beat UCLA which is fine with me since I happen to be a USC fan of course I root for anyone other than Bruins regardless. That is what all Trojans do. UNC State did not pull out the win over Louisville so Rick Pitino has Cardinals one win away from the final four. 6 out of 8 not to shabby. Final four picks are: UK over Norte Dame, Michigan State over Louisville (small upset), Wisconsin over Arizona, Duke over Gonzaga. All very tough games . Two games are 1 against 2 seeds, 1 game has 1 and 3 seed, I believe the other is 4 against 7 seed. See what happens. UK, Wisconsin, Duke, Michigan State. Good luck and Indianapolis here we come. Yeah I wish.


  3. Gustavo
    March 23, 2015 @ 11:50 pm

    As far as the NCAA tournament is concerned I will give you my picks for the next round. UK over West Virginia, NC State over Louisville, Duke over Utah, Gonzaga over the Bruins, North Carolina will make it a game but Wisconsin will squeak out the win somehow. Arizona I am hoping does not under estimate Xavier and pulls off the win also. I believe Tom Izzo and the Spartans of Michigan State will pull off the win over Oklahoma University. Lastly the Fighting Irish will come up a little short against Wichita State and their run will last at least one more game. Not real sure about this one. I like the ACC conference and it’s competitive so the Irish could be ready for this game. I just sense that Wichita State might keep it going for at least one more game. Anything can happen so these games will all be fun and competitive I hope I get at least half right and I would like to see ultimately Coach K win his fifth national championship. Really don’t want to see UK go undefeated, I am not a fan of Calipari. I would like to see him come up one short. Nothing personal I just like Coach K and the Cameron Crazies are fun to watch. Go blue devils.


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