Sometimes the mascots of sports teams become very political and people can take offense. I am for the most part of German and Irish decent. That being said I am a fan of “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame. Their mascot is a leprechaun and that is ok for me, but maybe someone can take offense. I have heard of the Irish of being a bunch of drunks, and that is probably offensive to some. For whatever I have never heard any arguments that the mascot or the name is offensive. That however, does not mean that it is right.

You hear a lot about our Native American friends and over the years some mascots have been changed while others have not. St Johns was named the “Red Men” and now are known as the “Red Storm”. I hate to be ignorant but who took offense to the “Orange Men” from Syracuse and they now are the “Orange”? I don’t even know what an Orange Man is. Miami Ohio changed from Redskins to the Red Hawks. I have heard may say the mascots of the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins are racist or offensive and if the original Americans take offense to that, then I am ok with changing their name. Not all Native Americans are upset about this and I suppose some may be disappointed if the names were changed. Personally I am happy to accept any decision. It is not my fight and I am certainly not wanting to offend anyone.

What about the West Virginia “Mountaineers”? I have been to sporting events where there opponent has referred to them as the “Hillbillies”. Maybe their fan base is Granny, Jethro , Uncle Jed, and Ellie May? Maybe their fans enjoy a little of Granny’s moonshine? And it could be that their fan base embraces the idea of being Hillbillies.

I do not believe there is a Floyd Central High school in Indiana any longer, but when they were in existence they were known as the “Super Hicks” and I am guessing not everyone embraced that title.

Here in Mexico, people don’t seem to be too sensitive. It seems just fine to call a man “Gordo” or a women “Gorda”. I have heard dark skinned guys referred to as “Negro”. My neighbor has a dog name “Negro” and that is just how it is here.

I could however see how the shit could hit the fan if a team in Jalisco or Sinaloa was nicknamed “Los Narcotraficantes”. I am guessing that would open up another can of worms.

I remember about 20 years ago when USC beat Oregon State in football by a very lopsided score a headline read “Trojans pound the Beavers”. I am guessing their are others, but that one was particularly funny to me.

I think I will call it a day. Maybe it will be a bit more pleasant weather wise, but all the same please be careful out there and remember our June 8 fiesta.

Posted on: March 28, 2019Lindo Barre

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