Hope everyone is doing well. It is a rainy messy day here in Tijuana, but who knows what tomorrow will have for us? My motivation today has do do with the fear of the Corona Virus and how we are all handling our concerns and of lives. I want to start by stating that I do not have all the facts, but that does not stop me from having an opinion. I just might be wrong!

As far as politics are concerned I tend to be liberal but I don’t find this to be a political issue, but it is of course a health scare. I am sure conservatives and liberals both do not want to be infected with this virus, and who wants a world epidemic? Hopefully we will have more info real soon and things can return to normal. I feel for the people effected by sports and concert cancellations. The poor guy that works as an usher or the vendor that sells at these events just got the rug pulled out from under their feet. Most do not have sympathy for the professional athlete who is not allowed to compete because he is compensated so well that you have to feel they will be ok. The guys that own franchises are making a business decision that is hurting them financially as well. Sometimes we suggest that these guys only want money, and well they are putting the welfare of others in front of their own desire to earn.

What about the kid who’s team finally qualified for the NCAA basketball tournament and now this event has been  cancelled as well. I guess he can tell his friends that he did not participate in the tournament because of the scare in the year 2020. I feel for this guy as well as it is/was his only chance. Is their a danger? Of course there is. The flu kills people every year. Yet many get over it in less than a week and are back to normal. It is my understanding that this has happened and the people dying have other health concerns and less resistance to illness. Youngsters seem to be able to bounce back quickly. I think most of our world does not want to feel responsible for spreading this illness and are erring on the side of caution.

I believe that if in 2020 tobacco companies can slap a sticker on a pack of cigarettes and still manufacture and sell their products, then why can a sports franchise not do the same? I believe given a choice most athletes would choose to compete and the fans would still come out. We all know there is risk involved, and maybe we do not know how great of a risk it is. I love my sports, but I will be ok, but I love the passion of the game and the excitement it brings to the events. Maybe I am just selfish, but I do think we are overreacting.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks things will be more clear and we can go back to life as we know it. In the meantime I will just lounge around and watch a lot of television. In the meantime the airlines, hotels and vendors will suffer and that is only a small part of it.

Hope to be back soon with something good to say about something.

In the meantime be careful out there and be nice to your neighbors.

Posted on: March 13, 2020Lindo Barre