Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have a great Super Bowl weekend. I will be at my friend Pepe’s restaurant “Muelle 7” en Zona Rio.  You are all welcome if you want to come. Admission is $20 and it covers your food and snacks.

You can google them or look at Face Book to see where they are, and it is close to La Mansion.

Speaking of Face Book, our account is on hold for I don’t know what, but I am going to work on a new one until the current one is restored or terminated.  Will come up with a new name and for anyone that has used our service you will for sure be invited or at least you can seek friendship and be accepted.

We are coming up on Valentine’s Day and remember you can order your flowers with us and have them delivered to anyone in Tijuana.  Lot of guys order chocolates and stuffed animals.  Check the site for details.


Got a lot of new chicas coming around.  Lyly has been approved as a super star provider and is enjoying earning more money than she is accustomed to having.  Still waiting for Candy to get pics and hoping Jocelyn does very soon.  Susana is getting a lot of attention for a new chica and will know more about her this afternoon.

Remember to make your room reservations in advance for our Fiesta weekend for the 10th and 11th of March.  Should be a great time as usual.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and I will be back soon.  Be safe out there.




Posted on: February 3, 2017Lindo Barre

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