Hi folks. I hope you are all well and appreciate all the encouraging words you send me.

I have had many challenges recently and have made a few decisions regarding my life and our business. We are not changing much that you will see right away, but our site will be change servers within the month and probably have some type of new look. I have been interviewing a lot and decided to slow down a bit and set one day a week for interviews. I prefer to interview in the morning so that I can have my afternoons to concentrate the daily dates and activities around the business. I am super please with the quality of talent we have and after losing Gisselle and Ana Lucia you would expect a lull in the business. Last week we kicked ass and had one suspension and our top lady out with the “time of the month” yet we did more business than any other week of this young year.

I have written a little about my change in eating habits and am sticking to the plan, but not seeing any progress the last 3 weeks. I still weigh myself daily and have bounced around between 188lbs and 195lbs within a week. I am still not eating after 6pm and not drinking anything but water. My blood sugar is in excellent control, and I think the warmer weather coming quickly will aid a little in losing those last 10lbs. Anyway I am not spinning out of control and eating desserts and drinking beer or soda and I am not losing hope on the progress of my weight loss and control.

You know it is time to think about our next party and I think there will be an announcement within the week. I have to find a DJ to help me out as the last party was not smooth for me without a partner in the DJ booth. Big Lou was my good friend and seeing his picture at those events makes me miss him even more. He is dearly missed on many levels.

March madness is coming up with the quickness and I am battling the point spreads each night and enjoying the season even though I cannot watch as much as before with the number of clients we are entertaining. There is a lot less stress when you bet a 4pm basketball game and don’t even know how the game is progressing until the game is over. Looking forward to the tournament this year and the brackets come out in about 3 weeks. Should be a lot of fun again this year.

Some of our newer ladies are getting good reviews from out clients like Victoria, Alexis , Perla and Afrodita. I have several interviews coming up and hope to have fresh faces each week as usual. Abby, Nicole M., Aaron, and Tiffany are all performing at a high level and this is a fun bunch of chicas to work with. I would not be surprised if Gisselle and Ana Lucia come back some day but we are still doing well in their absence.

I am looking forward to the warmer weather and a party most likely in May. You guys keep visiting and please be careful out there. I hope to be back blogging soon and when you are ready we will be here.

Posted on: February 26, 2020Lindo Barre

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