I just started watching episodes about the Smiley Face Killer’s. I live a very sheltered life and only leaned about this on the Dr. Phil show earlier in the week. I think I watched 5 episodes this morning and enjoyed it, but those type of shows always get my attention. My biggest take away is that it appears that law enforcement is quick to label the deaths as accidental but I saw a lot to make me think they were murders. What puzzled me is that some did not seem to be so random and if there are a group of Smiley face murders out there, then I am not so sure all of these were from this group. I will be watching more for sure. If this is new to you as well you can find it on the Oxygen Network. It appears to have lots of police mysteries and may be a channel I watch a bit more.

The rain was brutal this week. My roof had a leak into the main bedroom and we had buckets put down to catch most of the water. Our handi-man was here 3 times to fix it. Appears to be ok now. Had a similar problem a few years ago but this leak was in a different area. I heard hail hitting the apartment in a recent downpour but was too lazy to get up and check it out.

Ana Jo seems to be doing real well and guy love her. I hope that Lisa will do well also as she only worked with us briefly in 2013 before a client retired her. She was all natural when she left, but came back with enhanced 40 DD’s and a SUV. Seems to be upbeat and comes back with a good attitude.

I have been watching the knew football league called the Alliance of American Football (AAF). The quality of football is better than what I may have guessed. Seems like the NFL is supporting this new league and that alone should keep them in business for quite awhile. They are kind of selling it as AAA football or the minor league full of players wanting to be called up.

March Madness is coming and I hope to write about the tournament in a future blog. I seem to be slipping a little as with the new family in the house I don’t find myself watching much basketball. Things are going recently well with my wife and her son and my 7 year old visits every weekend.

Hope we start getting some warmer weather. I find myself not wanting to leave in the evenings as it is just too cold. I have put off meeting a friend about 2 weeks now and hope to see him next week.

Going to take off now, but please be careful out there and we will be here when you are ready to visit.

Posted on: February 24, 2019Lindo Barre

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