2-19 part II

Hi folks.  Wanted to put in a blog entry to explain my frustration.  First my Vonage has gone out and I have ordered a new box that should be here soon.   So my calls are being forwarded to my cell for the time being.  On top of that the site was off line Friday and I still do not know why.  Anyway the site is back up and you can e-mail or call to make your dates.

There are new chicas on their way.  There was a site that did not stay in business long and the owner contacted me about working for some of their chicas.  I don’t know these chicas but I understand they were new to the business when he hired them and I believe some of them had pretty good reviews.  On top of that I believe Diana will be back soon.

You all know how I love Bruce Springsteen and I have been watching a lot of his you tube videos when he is doing covers of songs from many different artists.   I think he could do a 4 hour show of other folks music and it would be very entertaining.  While watching videos I came across this cover of a popular Bob Seeger song and thought it was well done.

Having trouble with posting so I will put it at the bottom.


Folks be careful out there.  Remember the fiesta on March 11 and keep an eye out for some new chicas.


Posted on: February 20, 2017Lindo Barre

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