It is actually Friday night.  The rain has been coming down hard today. It is raining in my bathroom as well.  Hopefully the landlord will send “the guy” to fix it.  I am not “the guy” and that is for sure. Wife had to have tacos so we braved the elements and got some tonight.

Lots of new additions to the site lately and even more coming early next week.  Should get pretty interesting around here.  I am still waiting for Penelope to come back. For those that don’t remember this superstar here is a something to help you remember.


We are real light on the scheduling for the weekend of the fiesta, so get on in now and get your favorite chica now.  Should be a great time and I am looking forward to showing off new chicas Melissa and Sherry among others. Lyly is making some noice as well and I am starting to refer to Nicole as the “franchise”. Expect Jocelyn to be in attendance as well as many of our superstars.  Hoping Ana will be there and it may be a good idea for someone to schedule her as well. Rose has said if someone schedules her she will come out of retirement.  Who is she kidding, I think she is 20 now?

Spent the best part of my afternoon watching You Tube videos.  Most Bruce doing some covers. Here he is doing a Kinks favorite:





Hope you all stay dry.  Be careful out there and come and see us soon.

Posted on: February 18, 2017Lindo Barre

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