Hope you are all doing well. Been busy here and not motivated to blog much. I can make excuses all day long but honestly I need to find (make) time to blog.

Really excited about the addition of Perla to our team. She is already getting some attention but so far I have nothing scheduled. I will be visiting with her later this morning about a couple of opportunities. She is quite sweet and seems to be intelligent also.

I have been following college basketball closely and I know those folks from San Diego County are excited about their university’s chances of a long March Madness run. It for sure is possible. They have improved their offense to a team that normally relies on defense. Hopefully both sides of the ball can continue to grow and the attitude and approach is very positive. Soon I will be writing about other teams that are looking good as March approaches. There are a few new teams in the mix or at least teams that are not in the conversation every year like Yale, East Tennessee State, Wright State and a few Mid America Conference teams. It may be the best year for the MAC as a whole, but certainly they have had schools with better teams in the recent past.

Looking to add a hotel to our list of approved hotels and should have some news very soon. For those of you that find Ticuan too expensive you may want to look at Hotel Baja. They have a nice place but no frills but they do have central heat and air and showers with water pressure and the location is not bad. We are looking at another place in down town Tijuana currently to give you another option of a chica friendly place.

I seem to have stabilized my weight but still trying to lose but am currently at 193 and have got down as low as 187.8. Been bouncing back and forth from 190 to 193 for two weeks. I am not drinking beer or soda and only water and not eating after 6pm. I think 180 is obtainable but may take a few more months. Maybe the warmer weather will make a difference soon.

Have to go to an interview now and hope to have more talent soon. Please be careful out there and we are waiting for you!

Posted on: February 13, 2020Lindo Barre

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