Today is Pearl Harbor day.  I am no Historian, and when I ask this question, I am sure many of you will have the answer, but why was Japan compelled to bomb us?  All I really know that on December 8, 1941 my Father enlisted in the Army.  He had great pride in telling me that was his answer to our Country being attacked. I am sure there is lots of different accounts and sides to this historical event, but at least when all was done, my Country helped rebuild Japan.  I have a few Japanese friends and lots of time has passed but it seem like our Countries are great allies today. We often talk about the sacrifices many American’s made to preserve our freedom, but it should be noted that the Japanese are a proud people as well and even had soldiers giving their life as a Kamikaze fighters flying their planes right into instant death proving their love for their County.  My father did not give his life, but I am a proud son of a WWII veteran.

Tomorrow morning there will be a football game played between the Midshipmen of The Naval Academy and the Cadets from Westpoint’s Army.  It will be fiercely competitive battle with each team giving maximum to achieve victory and most likely a game not many will watch.  Not many may be strong as not near as many people will watch that game as watched Georgia and Alabama the week before.  When the game is over the two sides will meet and shake hands and both sides will have life long memories of the competition.  It would be silly for Countries to settle disputes with a football game, but it would not be any sillier than seeing which side can end the life of more people than the other.  Any way I have great confidence in my Countries military and our brand of football as well.  We will defeat you either way, but at least you will have only minor casualties if we decided our differences with a football game.

The fiesta was a great success.  I thought we may have a small crowd with all that has been written about the “Caravan” and peoples fear of being trapped in Mexico.  I get it….I really do.  If you have a wife and family, how are you going to explain the border is closed and you won’t be home tonight.  To a lesser extent that could happen any day with a natural disaster.  The news tells a story every week that I would never have dreamed of 20 years ago.  Remember how our world changed on September 11, 2001?  You know some wealthy bastard took a plane somewhere his wife was unaware of and got stranded and could not get home as he planned. You just never know how your day is going to pan out.

I thought we had about 60 guys at the fiesta, but I have been told it was closer to 100.  I did plan it a little different than usual and I ran over even leaving out the games.  Giving the chicas there raffle winnings took a bit longer than usual or expected.   I wanted to recognize my friend Big Lou, and that was quite emotional and I got chocked up. Big Lou was missed and maybe it was appropriate that the DJ I did schedule was sick and it showed everyone how important Lou is at our fiestas.  If you missed it, there if a picture of Lou hung by the DJ booth and it should stay there forever (or until someone steals it).  Lou, I felt your presence in the room, and I know you will never miss a fiesta from now on.

Football is winding down but there are lots of great games left from the college bowl games to the final weeks of the NFL and of course the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl.  So we have about 2 months left and enjoy it folks because it will pass with the quickness.

I am starting to bet college basketball and my start has not been great, not even good but I can always hope.

I will try to be back soon.  Please be careful out there.  People get nuts around this time of year.  Put 96.5 on your San Diego FM radio on and enjoy the season.  Don’t worry so much about being on time but concentrate on being safe.  Let other folks get all worked up and get home safely and enjoy your families.

Posted on: December 7, 2018Lindo Barre

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