Hello Folks. Thought I would write a morning blog since I have been so lazy at night. Well kiss the NFL good bye for a few months and starting Saturday a new league will start called the American Alliance of Football or the AAF. It is suppose to be a lot different with no kick offs or extra points, as shorter play clock and a weird style of gambling. There is suppose to be an app where you can watch live streaming and bet on things like the heart beats of players or speed of running backs. I am not sure I want or at least am ready to wager, but I will be watching to see how competitive the games are. One of the goals is to get some players a chance to play in the NFL.

Well things are looking good for Team Juanita. We just added Amy last night and she is young, speaks English, has no children and is very pretty. Abby just recently joined and today arrive Mary and Ana Jo. Look forward to new pics of these last two and I will meet with them today so I can put more info on our site. Both have a few dates on our calendar already so they should do well.

With talent like Chris, Katia, Dulce, Kimberly and Gisselle we were already ahead of all other agencies but with these four additions the competition is more between our own agency that with any one else. Sarahi is still plugging along with her group of clients that never seem to stray, as well as Ana Lucia who is getting lots of attention. Nicole is no longer the franchise but she is still very good and brings a great attitude to work every chance she gets. Karina seems to have found a new fan club with her green hair and everyone always checks to make sure what her hair color is. Vanessa started a week ago and has already been retired. I am not sure how long that will last and she will be welcomed back if she does become “single” again.

People are asking about our next party and I am honestly not sure, but hoping maybe in June or maybe even May. The room at El Torito has now been named the Luis Montano Jr room and I am so happy to know that is a way we can remember him. So I look forward to announcing the fiestas at that location.

I am looking forward to March Madness and will just mention two teams that may surprise some folks. They would be Buffalo and Nevada and both are full of talent with several seniors on their roster. Will most likely have more to say as the tournament nears.

I appreciate your taking the time to follow my blog and all the encouragement you send me by e-mail. I really want to add more entries, but I am lazy and particularly in the cold months. Please be safe out there and when you are ready we will be ready for your visit.

Posted on: February 6, 2019Lindo Barre

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